Put her in to get her out

New York attorney at law Martin Galvin with a letter that first featured in the Irish News on the 8th October 2012

A chara
If Marian Price or a surrogate nominee were to stand on her behalf for the soon to be vacated Mid-Ulster seat, it would present Sinn Fein with opportunities that should not be hastily disregarded.

Again last Friday, Martin McGuinness told the IRISH NEWS that the British were under no illusions about Sinn Fein’s commitment to see Marian free. Yet Marian, like Martin Corey, remains in prison. Apparently Sinn Fein appeals against Internment by License, even those personally conveyed by Martin McGuinness, mean as little to Theresa Villiers as they did to Owen Paterson. 

If Sinn Fein held real political sway with the British, and wants, indeed demands, an immediate halt to Internment by License, how can the British simply carry on regardless and ignore them?

The British obviously believe they have tethered Sinn Fein to posts in Stormont and on constabulary boards so tightly, that the party can no longer break ranks with the crown and walk out, even at the price of sitting still for Internment.

Unionists are so emboldened that Peter Robinson thinks himself worthy to lecture Republicans on the names we may or may not use   for the British ruled portion of Ireland, while Mike Nesbitt misinterprets the “sorry initiative” apologies for specific IRA operations as a sorry admission that the entire struggle was criminal and illegitimate.

Sinn Fein‘s own roots in using British elections to campaign for Republican prisoners, go back long before Bobby Sands MP, and the slogan “put him in to get him out” was used to fight for  the freedom of Republicans interned after the 1916 Rising.

Today the party seems reluctant to break ranks and challenge the British by a walk-out from Stormont or constabulary boards. Standing aside for a Republican prisoners’ representative in Mid-Ulster would provide a middle ground requiring no walk-out from any seats and merely substitute one abstentionist candidate for its own.    

Backing this type of bold initiative and showing the political leadership necessary to “bring them home” and end Internment would show the British, Unionists, and all shades of Republicans that Sinn Fein will not sit still for Internment. It could mean freedom for Marian and Martin and for other Republicans who will be next on Britain’s list if we do not end Internment by License now!


  1. I don't believe for one moment that Sinn Fein can do anything to get anyone who is Interned out of Prison, Not after todays news that two Sinn Fein Men are to be charged with being members of the I.R.A and other charges, something is not right for these two men to be charged, Its either the British Saying, we are in charge you do as we say, or , an internal feud within Sinn Fein, lastly, it could be members of Sinn Fein who are Anti Treaty and used Sinn Fein as a front, its hard to fathom. There would be a major problem if Marian stood for election, in that, she is classed as being to unwell to attend court, (and we all know she is very ill) , but, the British could not care less if she stood and won, they still would not release her, Remembe(Hatchet) Thatcher didn't give two hoots when Bobby won that seat, but Special branch and MI5 were running around scratching there heads trying to get info on what was going to happen next, exactly the same would happen again, and, thats the bottom line, Im not a man of big fancy words, but i say it as it is. We will only find out when Seamus Finucane, brother of the late Pat Finucane , the solicitor who was gunned down by loyalists in his own home, and ,Padraic Wilson, who was the leader of the IRA in the Maze prison in the late 1990s and is currently Sinn Fein's director of international affairs. three others have been charged as well two women and one man with an address in London, England.
    So, I am very curios as to the outcome of this case, Its either the make or break for Sinn Fein, But Naturally Yer man himself, Gerry (TD) will denounce the two arrested, or just deny any knowledge of there activities.
    So lets all wait and see what happens, will the be remanded (interned) or given bail?. I for one, and a few others hope they are Anti Treaty and used Sinn Fein as a front.

  2. Itsjustmacker-

    You have made more claims against Sinn Fein than has been made about sir jimmy saville-
    " the make or break for Sinn Fein "
    thats been said so many times-guess we will have to keep making-

    Wonder why anti Sinn Fein martin galvin wants Sinn Fein to stand aside at the next mid ulster election-if marion or her poxy sorry proxy candidate gets the seat then that will show all the support that she has-let her stand with the rest of them-let democracy speak-its not 1981 you know-

  3. The British obviously believe they have tethered Sinn Fein to posts in Stormont and on constabulary boards so tightly, that the party can no longer break ranks with the crown and walk out, even at the price of sitting still for Internment.

    A very discerning line

  4. Jimmy Saville unfortunately fitted the catholic paedophile of Irish exctraction profie perfectly.

  5. Itsjustmacker those named yesterday are charged in relation to the activities surrounding rape allegations by Joe Cahills niece,this is already in the public domain a cara,no matter what the outcome is this is another damming indictment of how totally useless PRM were in protecting this community,in fact one of those named is the alleged perpetrator.as this whole thing unwinds we will see that the republican section of our community have been deceived by thugs and bullies masquerading as freedom fighters,also it will be of interest to see if Padraig Wilson has his licence revoked,
    Mickeybroy we talked about this on FB I think Quisling $inn £ein will stand unless they are of the opinion that they will loose the seat,if this is the case then they will surely hook on to Marian,s campaign,Knowing Marian I dont think she would have the slightest interest in British elections,hence a proxy may stand for her ,I suggested Pauline Mellon as the perfect candidate .as a tireless worker for Marian,s campaign and someone without any political baggage,Pauline has said the she is not interested therefore whoever runs for this seat should do so solely on the issue surronding internment of republicans and that may soon include Q$£,s Padraig Wilson

  6. michaelhenry.

    "we will have to keep making-"

    that's the problem with SF, "£" before helping those who voted you's in.

    I will skip the "Poxy" comment.
    Its worthy of nothing.

    There's not one member in SF who could hold a candle to Marion, The suffering this woman has gone through even belittles me.

    "its not 1981 you know-"

    Now that's cheap, coming from you.
    Since it's your party who let men suffer a brutal death on hunger strike when they could have called it off, they put there own political fame before anything else, THAT IS FACT.

    as for Seamus and Tony, this goes back over ten years ago, now , Your friends in the psni with your other friends ex RUC special branch who are on a witch hunt within psni and het whom your party supports, will stop at nothing until they get who they want, that's anyone connected with SF and they will go back as far as they want in time, because everyone of them took documents with them on receiving there vast redundancy payments, but now they are back at the helm. Watch Out ,RUC Special Branch are Still About.

  7. Re My last post in reply to michaelhenry.

    I typed "Tony" instead of "Padraic"


    Thanks for the info, I forgot about Joe's niece making those allegations, I cant see Padraic's license being revoked, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, although they are low lifes.
    It would be very hard to find a suitable canidate to represent Marian on the Internment ticket, I would suggest another ex female prisoner, thats if SF don't put anyone forward, if they did, and Someone was put forward to support Marian, I am of the opinion that SF would lose it.

  8. I think we need face facts, it is unlikely, in the extreme, that Marian, or an agent would take this seat but, this was a DUP seat, SDLP are poor here and think of the look on MI6's face were his seat to go back to militant unionism?

  9. michaelhenry,

    you've a brassneck showing your face after the remarks you made about Paul Quinn, you hypocritical piece of shite.

    'Quinn sore bones' you said...

    What I find amazing is that you are a fecking PSF councillor sitting your arse in Cookstown while spending your time talking complete balls on every internet forum going including Politics ie.

    How do I know, I know because you not only post over in the shinner forum using your real name but a blind man/woman could see you are one and the same from reading your comments, many of which you've duplicated there lol.

    Also on Facebook you made a comment that exposed you for the waste of space that sits on councils for Adamsism...

  10. Dixie;

    Do you find it amazing that MichaelHenry

    A) is a SF councillor who should be doing council work instead of trolling forums that are way beyond his level of intellect
    B) talks complete balls on t'internet
    C) is neither, creative, clever or articulate enough to rewrite forum posts
    D) all of the above

    Answers on a postcard.

  11. Yes, good to see people catching on to Johnny-come-lately michaelhenry (The was is over, now I'm a republican). If he can defend Adams, next he'll be defending Jimmy Savile.

  12. Seems to me SF are a none entity at this stage. They have tarnished the name republican forever, sickened the nation off Irish politics for good, them and what passes for government. If you lay with dogs.....

  13. Dixie-

    Good to see you keeping up with the old reading- what you find amazing other people could not give a hoot about- dont tear your eyes out just by reading my few comments-

    Belfast Bookworm-

    I will do what i want to do- you might have a little say over yourself but you have no say over me- if AM or anyone over any site does not want me to write comments all they have to do is ask me to stay away or give me the boot [ hope not AM lol ]

    Tom cassidy-

    How have people caught on to me-?

  14. Are all SF councilors in Cookstown related to Quazimodo or something? i googled it to try and guess what michealhenry looks like...they are all hidden lol

  15. MH, I doubt very much Anthony Mc would ask you to stay away as he's very much anti censorship.. No matter how ridiculous the poster/posts, which is of course to your benefit.

  16. Larry,
    Many a true word said jest!
    I think you are a lot nearer the mark than could ever imagine.

  17. itsjustmacker

    About the charges of Wilson and co. There may be a new policy in the reinvented SF to weed out those oldies still hanging around who were present during the conflict. It doesnt do a democratic, constitutional British domestic party any good to have twits in it who delude themselves they are in a revolutionary movement..involved in some kind of 'struggle'. How embarrassing.

    Belfast bookworm

    re mackers and free speech...im living proof of that sober and dwunk..tho at times i would have benefited from some censorial good judgement lol.


    they must live in the house of broken mirrors and pay a hefty ugly tax as well as drinking in the bar of broken promises, not the bar of broken dreams dreams, they never really had one. They had a dirty wee scheme.

  18. I notice Michaelhenry didn't deny being who I said he was or having made the nasty comment about the brutal murder of Paul Quinn.

    Typical hypocrisy of the Adamsites, condemn killings when it suits their agenda but make fun of those murdered by their own killer squads.

    Then again they attack the Catholic Church for protecting paedophiles and rapists yet attack anyone exposing members of their party for doing exactly the same.

    Imagine the outcry had priests went on internet sites and branded those young people who exposed the paedophiles in the church as 'touts'.

    But it's only to be expected from a dictatorial shower such as PSF.

  19. Michaelhenry

    No. We don’t want rid of you. You are more than welcome to state your mad views!


    I don't believe for one moment that Sinn Fein can do anything to get anyone who is Interned out of Prison

    Probably right. The limitations of SF as a force for change has well and truly been demonstrated. But I don’t think this charge has any bearing on it one way or the other.

    I for one, and a few others hope they are Anti Treaty and used Sinn Fein as a front.

    Save your hopes. Have you ever heard of either Seamy or Padraig disagree with anything the leadership ever said in the entire history of the struggle? Even one little thing?

  20. Michael Henry/Anthony:

    'No. We don't want rid of you. You are more than welcome to state your mad views!'

    Agreed. In fact MH, you're a great dissident propaganda tool.

    I oft times wonder if the Shinners know you're out!

  21. Belfast Bookworm,

    I often wonder why the Shinners let Michaelhenry loose here given that he doesn’t exactly sell the image too well

  22. He's an escapee - from what or where I'm not yet certain - but he has to have escaped.