An Appeal on Behalf of a Seriously Ill Prisoner

An appeal from guest writer Pauline Mellon who has been a tireless campaigner for Marian Price

Dear All

At this point Marian Price is seriously ill. We would ask that people write to their elected representatives and those in authority to demand Marian's immediate release. I would also suggest that you write to the Justice Minister David Ford, the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, the Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Secretary of State Theresa Villiers. I have attached a letter that can be downloaded or indeed if you prefer, write your own.

For further information on Marian's situation please visit the campaign website on

Please request that 10 of your contacts write to following people also.

Justice Minister David Ford,

Deputy First Minister,,

British Secretary of State,,

Taoiseach Enda Kenny,

Kind Regards

Pauline Mellon

Justice for Marian campaigner

Justice For Marian Price


I would like to draw your attention to a situation that can only be described as a travesty of justice. The situation I refer to is the ongoing internment and torture of political hostage Marian Price. Fourteen years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement a 58 year old woman suffering from a litany of chronic illnesses languishes in isolation under armed guard in a hospital. Her health conditions exacerbated by the treatment she has received at the hands of the Westminster Government, facilitated by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

An assembly set up under the same Good Friday Agreement which promised us that its criminal justice system would deliver 'justice efficiently and effectively', the same Good Friday Agreement that promised measures 'compatible with a normal peaceful society'. Need I remind you that this is the year 2012, internment and torture have no place in a 'democratic and normal peaceful society'. The ongoing detention of Marian Price is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms Article 5 guaranteeing the right to liberty and security of the person, as Marian's ongoing detention without trial amounts to administrative internment.

Marian has spent 15 months in forced isolation which according to experts should not exceed 15 days. Experts state that any longer than fifteen days should be banned and regard this practice as torture. It is clear this practice is in breach of Article 3 this article prohibits torture and “in human and degrading treatment or punishment.”

Marian's detention is also in breach of Article 6 that provides for the right to a fair trial, including the right to a public hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal within reasonable time. The Public Prosecution Service have failed to bring the case that led to Marian's internment forward within a reasonable time frame.

On September 27th Marian's solicitor stated publicly that the prognosis was that Marian's health was "not going to improve". He said she has been examined by UN, prison and defence doctors and their consensus was that she could play no part in court proceedings. With this said, why does Marian Price remain in gaol on bail with no chance of her health improving in an environment which is not conducive for recovery.

As citizens we must ask why have a legal system when an unaccountable politician, with no mandate in the north of Ireland can overrule the judiciary to keep a seriously ill woman in gaol on bail? This politician is a representative of a political system that clearly seeks to contain Marian Price at any cost using methods that contravene the European convention on human rights.

With the use of alleged 'secret evidence' the grounds for challenge are limited. How do you challenge what you cannot see? A credible justice system includes open and transparent justice with human rights protection, something that this alleged normal peaceful society seems to be lacking. Justice is a core element in the establishment of true peace internment is not!

Free Marian Price Now


  1. The following was compiled by Mandy Duffy

    Republican prisoners Roe 4, Maghaberry

    Joe Allen
    Joe Barr
    Packy Carty
    Brian Cavlan
    Martin Connolly
    Dee Duffy
    Paul Duffy
    Shane Duffy
    Dominic Dynes
    Harry Fitzsimons
    Tony Friel
    Sean Kelly
    Alan Lundy
    Brendan McConville
    Sean McConville
    Liam McDonnell
    Mark McGuigan
    Gerard McManus
    Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Barry Nolan
    Brian Sheridan
    Brian Shivers
    Kevin Vernon
    John Paul Wootton

    Gavin Coyle.

    Female Republican Wing - Hydebank.

    Sharon Rafferty


    Marian Price-McGlinchey

    addresses for cards and letters:

    Hydebank Wood
    Hospital Road
    BT8 8NA

    Maghaberry Prison
    Old Road
    Ballinderry Upper
    BT28 2PT

  2. The Andersonstown News has just reported that Marian Price has an
    ecoli infection in her lungs as well as a heart condition.

    If you are in the New York area, one thing you can do for Marian is
    come to a Public Protest Meeting for her, Gerry McGough and Martin
    Corey on Saturday October 27th at 4pm at Rocky Sullivan's of Red Hook,
    34 Van Dyke Street.

    Sandy Boyer

  3. The British are saying, "Look, we can do what we like now", Your Representatives have joined the British Democracy , ie PSF.
    They have brought in new powers of arrest throughout the UK, anyone can be arrested, No evidence needed, just someone saying x,y,z has done this or that, and x,y,z, gets banged up without a trial, these same people could not give a damn how ILL marian is, Its just the same old story, Plod on regardless. Every person is is imprisoned ilegally (interned without trial for more than 15 days) should be brought before a proper court and let his/her peers decide the evidence, But, then again, Marian was released on bail, but re-arrested by You know who. until someone comes up with a new way of fighting this, we are at a no win situation, Im sorry to say that but facts are facts, the british would rather see Marian get worse and worse, just to make our blood boil more and more, I do not have the answers, well i do, but it would not be acceptable in this so called Peaceful inviroment.
    Strong minds need to take strong decisions before it is to late.

    Free all Republican Political. Prisoners.

  4. Pauline says it all for us,all we can do is chip away and hope,our thoughts are with all republican prisoners,Beir Bua..