This & That: Take 13

The Price of Peace

Recently Dublin was the stage for a rally in support of Marian Price, currently interned by the British government in the face of protests from an ineffectual nationalist component of the Northern executive. She has been in custody for over 500 days, held without trail and on the basis of information considered so sensitive she is not allowed to access it and accordingly make a defence in a court of law, even a British one where law has frequently proven little more than an invitation to break it. 

This highly classified information seemingly had no value prior to her holding a bit of paper in a Derry cemetery. How it is supposed to have transformed the risk she poses we are left to guess. The British police, had they really possessed sensitive information, seem not have thought it worth the paper she was waving when they failed to do anything about it prior to the cemetery incident.  What happened in a Derry graveyard is simply an excuse for holding her, not a reason. 

If the price of peace is Irish citizens being interned by the British state without trial, then it illuminates even further just how miniscule the achievements of the Provisional IRA campaign have been. No one died marching through Derry so that the British state could have the right to intern.

                                                                    The Prince of Peace

Strangely enough the man Marian Price has openly stated sent her on the bombing mission to London, in 1973 for which she is currently being held in prison almost 40 years later, is the current TD for Louth, Sinn Fein boss Gerry Adams. 

The former IRA leader has since moved on with his life, even if others continue to serve life for the activity he directed. The extent to which he has moved on can be found in his praise for the Garda response to the Real IRA funeral of Alan Ryan. For decades Fine Gael, the unionists and the British government was telling him this was exactly how republican funerals should be handled. 

If this is how Mr Adams feels about IRA funerals perhaps he could explain his presence at so many or how he came to be central to organising resistance to the British state during what was termed ‘the battle of the funerals’ in the North. Mr Adams was at many IRA funerals including that of Bobby Sands, where masked and armed IRA members staged full blown military displays including the discharging of firearms in public places. In fact his brother was shot and injured by British Army at one such funeral and later imprisoned, accused of being a member of the firing party. 

Legitimacy like treason is just a matter of dates.

Demanding Dublin Apologises

Peter Robinson has called on the Irish government to apologise for kick starting the Provisional IRA. Listening to the North’s first minister you would think the Provos were a Dublin based phenomenon launched from the wealthy pockets of Fianna Fail businessmen and not from the ashes of burnt out working class homes in the backstreets of Belfast. It is a unionist attempt to shift culpability for the conflict south and allow those with responsibility for the North, unionism and the British state, to evade blame. 

Moreover, we know for certain that Micheal Martin was never a member of the Provisional IRA while Robinson’s deputy was the organisation’s chief of staff for almost 5 years. Will he be demanding an apology from the Derry Catholic?

In any event the DUP leader need merely hold his wish. It is only a matter of time before the Provisional leadership apologies for launching itself while denying that it was ever part of what it launched.


  1. From:

    Sandy Boyer, Michael Patrick MacDonald – Free Marian Price Campaign, US
    Martin Galvin, Helen McClafferty – Free Gerry McGeough Campaign in the USA
    Joe Flaherty, Pat Williams – Release Martin Corey Campaign, US

    We’re proposing an indoor public meeting to demand the release of
    Martin Corey, Gerry McGeough, and Marian Price on Saturday afternoon
    October 27th, which is an international day of action for Martin

    We hope you’ll join us for a planning meeting on Thursday October 4th
    at 6pm at O’Lunney’s Time Square Pub on 45th Street between 6th & 7th

    We’re suggesting that there be a speaker from each campaign and
    possibly a speaker from the AOH. We also think there should be music.

    We need your ideas both on the content of the meeting and how we can build it.

    It should go without saying that we are defending these prisoners’
    human rights, not supporting or opposing their politics.

    We hope to see you on October 4th at O’Lunney’s.

    Sandy Boyer

  2. Must be one fucked up state when a very very ill 58 year old woman can be deemed a threat,why not burn her at the stake and have done with it,then we could get on celebrating the centenary of the" black north"Pete the punt doesnt like it being just called the north.The bearded one and Martybroy by their statements and presence at so many republican funerals gave legitimacy to the struggle hence the greater their treason,history will not judge these two quislings kindly,I think this crap about an apology from the dup is nothing more than a blind to hide and distract from the public the fucking awful job they are doing administering brit rule here, Stormont is a total waste of money and the wasters who inhabit it are a waste of space.


    The No wash/Dirty protests protests inside Maghaberry against
    beatings, strip searching, torture and now the Chemical spraying of
    cells, continues, Likewise, on the streets, solidarity also
    continues. The Prisoner Solidarity Group will hold a picket at Daunt
    sq @3pm Sat 29th.

    We again call on those that have supported the pickets in the past to
    come and join us this Saturday and show a united front against the
    recent Political Policing by the Special Branch. PSG activists and
    supporters have received summons and fines for white line pickets and
    postering, all very basic activities that all groups should defend.
    Defend Cork's right to Peaceful protest!

    Victory to the Prisoners!
    Beir bua.


    PSG-Cork City

  4. The headlines in todays Irish News says it all really about how well the dup/q$£ partnership in administering brit rule here is doing and how much the "peace process" has really bedded in 60% of the people living in the shadow of the "peace walls" say "Leave Them Up" this if anything must be a true indicator of how much confidence the people really have in the so called gfa.and believe it or not the number of walls have increased since 1998,some used to say when referring to that useless Brit inspired agreement that "it was the only show in town" well from the report in todays paper it looks like this show is more of a circus and like all circus,s they ship out once the money dries up.

  5. Anthony may I through TPQ ask Sandy Boyer to bring on the wee Derry lass Pauline Mellon on to his radio show,this woman has at every meeting and march that I,ve attended has been outstanding in her address for the free Marian Campaign.I dont think Sandy will get a more dedicated and eloquent speaker who has given so much time and effort to this campaign to give an interview on Marians plight.Her address in Dublin was outstanding. ..

  6. Page 3 Wednesday,s Irish News
    Kenny finds iphone more interesting than the pope....TO FUCKING RIGHT!
    The wife said to me "lets have a role play and lets play I,m in confession and your the priest",she then said"forgive me father for I have sinned" I quickly replied "all is forgiven do you have a son?"

  7. Quisling $inn £ein,s dyke Ramsey and the dup,s hawk Wells are going on an all expenses paid trip to Cuba to see how that island in the sun health care system works,so a warning to all who are or will be sick and live in norn iorn without private health care,Learn to swim,because you will be probably be put on a leaky boat and sent floating towards the mainland!.

  8. It has just been confirmed that on top of her many serious illnesses
    Marian Price has E. Coli in her lung. Doctors at this point are trying to trace the source of the infection/ bacteria.

    Marian has been moved to another area of the hospital where she will
    under go a heavy course of intravenous antibiotics for a second time in a matter of weeks.

    Her family say she looks terrible and that they are desperately
    worried about her. Please keep Marian in your thoughts and prayers.

    This makes our meeting on Oct. 4 at O'Lunney's to plan action for
    Marian, Gerry McGough and Martin Corey even more urgent.
    Sandy Boyer
    Free Marian Price Campaign, US

  9. Court hears Marian Price 'is too ill to stand trial'
    Thu, 27/09/2012 - 14:39 -- Editor

    DERRY Court heard today that Marian Price is too ill to stand trial.

    Her solicitor Peter Corrigan told Judge Mervin Bates sitting in the
    Magistrates Court that the veteran republican was so ill that there
    was a fear she might give inaccurate instructions to her defence team.
    He told the court that the prognosis was that she was "not going to
    improve". He said she has been examined by UN, prison and defence
    doctors and their consensus was that she could play no part in court

    Ms Price, appearing on the court lists in her married name of
    McGlinchey, has been charged over an Easter Commemoration rally in the
    City Cemetery in April 2011.

    The charges against Ms Price and three other people had been dropped
    in May. The charges were then reinstated by the Public Prosecution
    Service (PPS) in September and all four will now face the original
    charges again.

    The case was adjourned for three weeks.

    A number of people held a protest outside Bishop Street Court House
    this morning in support of Ms Price. The Prison Crisis Group held up
    placards with the words 'I am Marian Price' and wrote the same on the
    palms of their hands.
    Sandy Boyer

  10. Benny the bads butler has gone on trial for stealing the popes secrets. he said god told him to do it because of the corruption in the church,this could be great craic if they dont slap a D notice on proceedings,