Hurt and Distress

Daniel Lundy with a letter he wrote to the National Graves Association Belfast on the 14th September 2012

Nothing is impossible until it is sent to a committee — James Boren
To the Committee NGA (Belfast),

At our recent meeting, regarding the omission of my father, Alan Lundy, from the County Antrim Memorial at Milltown Cemetery an explanation that I believe was disingenuous was given for the failure of the NGA (Belfast) to have my father’s name inscribed along with those of his friends and comrades.

At the meeting, attended by my sister Clare and I representing our family, and Joe Austin, Liam Shannon and Anne Murray representing NGA (Belfast), we were informed that my father was left off the memorial because “the Lundy family have never approached” NGA (Belfast) and that this was official policy.

Following the meeting I approached a number of friends who until recently were prominent members of the NGA (Belfast), including Patraic Mac Coitir, Rab Jackson and a former member from Ardoyne. They told me that at no time has this been official policy of the NGA (Belfast), and that in effect our family had been lied to in this regard. This was also confirmed as nonsense by the family of Maire Drumm, who was a Sinn Fein member, assassinated by Loyalists and buried in a family grave exactly like my father. They have confirmed that at no point, either for the old or new memorial, did they have to approach NGA (Belfast) for their mother’s inclusion on the County Antrim Memorial. When asked why you had not sought permission for putting my father’s name on your website, nor needed to be approached by the family for this to be done you said “those names were taken from Tirghra”. This proves our family’s point. My father was a Sinn Fein activist at the time of his murder, as well as an IRA Volunteer, as acknowledged by the Republican Movement at the time of Tirghra. As such he should have been acknowledged on the Antrim Memorial.

At the meeting we were also informed that the only reason that anyone would be omitted from the County Antrim Memorial was if the Provisional IRA said so, or if the family objected. Given that the PIRA never objected and I can state categorically that the Lundy family also never objected, why was my father left off the memorial? And given recent public assertions by both Martin McGuinness and Declan Kearney that the Provisional IRA no longer exists, who are the NGA (Belfast) going to ask permission from now if my father’s name is to belatedly be included on the Memorial?

My father’s omission is especially baffling, given that his name was inscribed immediately after his assassination on the Ardoyne/Bone/Ligoniel Memorial at the Sinn Fein Centre in Ardoyne. He is acknowledged as an IRA Volunteer in Tirghra and is included on the Republican Roll of Honour published in An Phoblacht every year, not the Roll of Remembrance. The Provisional IRA also paid for my father’s funeral.

Effectively, NGA (Belfast) are saying that it is not their fault that Alan Lundy is not on the County Antrim Memorial, but the fault of our family. The facts do not bear this out, and we refuse to accept this explanation. The meeting with NGA (Belfast) has actually increased the hurt and distress that our family is feeling, and the cruel and callous manner in which my sister and I were addressed was an absolute disgrace, adding insult to injury. When we asked for an apology, we were told by Liam Shannon “I don’t think so somehow” and that our family was to blame and NGA (Belfast) had nothing to apologise for. I think that your committee, if it has any morals left, should seriously discuss this man’s ability to deal with the families of our Patriot Dead, given his approach towards my sister and I. Given this attitude, we would find it hard now to accept any apology, as it would be quite clearly an insincere attempt at damage limitation.

To conclude, the Lundy Family are looking forward to the day that my father is rightfully acknowledged for the sacrifice he made for all of the people of the Irish nation by having his name inscribed on the County Antrim Memorial along with his friends and comrades. We look forward to hearing from you as to the date and time that this will be carried out.

Daniel Lundy
(Son of Alan Lundy)


  1. Daniel I hope and I,m sure every other right thinking republican wish you and your family every success on having Vol Alan Lundy,s name added alongside those of his comrades,I,m surprised at Anne Murray she is a lady the other two well!

  2. Alan Lundy (sen) should be included as a right, an ex combatant, ex Sinn Fein, Assassinated by UFF whilst member of Sinn Fein.
    NGA, get your fingers out, you might be able to sit down then, there is nothing to think about, give this brave Republican and his family their rights, AS REPUBLICANS. Is it not bad enough that Alan (jnr) is Still Interned.
    Why are Republicans who don't follow the Sinn Fein line of a British State in Stormont being hounded, Grassed on by those who they fought beside to rid our Island off the British. Its dispicable to turn on your own comrades and ask republicans to grass to the PSNI, They haven't gone away you know, the RUC, maybe it will be one off you lot getting lifted, ON TRUMPED UP CHARGES! think very carefully about it, NO ONE IS SAFE FROM ARREST, RUC now have run of the mill.

  3. I also published Daniel's most recent letter on my own Blog to highlight this despicable ommission of Alan's name from the memorial. The Belfast Graves Association has added insult to injury by refusing to apoligise to the Lundy Clann and given Liam Shannon's Chairmanship of this Committee, he should resign immediately and the remainder hang their heads in shame.

  4. According to today's A/Town News, the NGA in Belfast has claimed the reason for Alan's ommission from the memorial was that his Clann 'did not want him claimed as an IRA Volunteer? Having just spoken to his son Daniel, the Lundy family never said such a thing at the time of his death as the Tíghra book stated....

    Today's article also says that the NGA will now include Alan's name and Volunteer status on the new memorial..

    Starngely enough, they have yet to contact the Lundy's to tell them this but chose to speak to the A/Town News instead?

    Just another excuse by Liam Shannon et el, the mind boggles chairde...

  5. Ardoyne Republican.

    It seems to me Liam is trying to be the big guy in the picture, as for letting Any Town News have the details before informing the Lundy Family adds insult to Injury, and, as far as I'm concerned, That was his intention, A real man would go straight to the Lundy's Family home, Make an apology, and state personally that everything is being corrected. But, yet again, That's Liam!!!.

  6. just to set the record straight, at the meeting with NGA (belfast) regarding my fathers omission from the co antrim memorial, it was put to me that the reason my fathers name wasnt on the memorial was because my family didnt approach NGA (belfast) to ask for his name to be inscribed, which was NGA (belfast) policy. After speaking to ex chairman Padraic Mac Coitir and Rab Jackson they told me that at no time has this been official policy of NGA (belfast), and that in effect me and my family had been lied to in this regard. So giving that, they have come up with this excuse that my family didnt want my father claimed as an IRA volunteer. 3 words for yous, SHAME ON YOU!!!!. My family are proud of volunteer Alan Lundy, always have been and always will. Sinn Fein might forget about my father just because of me and my brothers beliefs, but TRUE republicans will never forget the name Alan Lundy.

  7. Daniel.

    Liam Shannon should resign forthwith , he should be ashamed to walk the streets in any Republican Area, I will never forget your late father (R.I.P.), and I'm sure no one in ardoyne will ever forget him either.
    Best wishes to you and your full family circle, and, continue to do what you believe is right, Its the only way forward because the garbage (PSF) who sit in stormont are nothing but British Spies,since around 1975 , and I MEAN THE LOT OFF THEM.

  8. As usual, how about we begin with some history... Is it true that we are going to discuss what happened in 1948?? Probably not... We are going to discuss what happened in and after 1984... I was conceived!!! ... Nothing truly happen much, aside from that I began with my little... next to no life.