Airbrushing Out Alan Lundy Would be Vindictive

A letter from Daniel Lundy to the Liam Shannon, the Chairperson of Belfast National Graves Association written on the 3rd September 2012.


As Chairperson of National Graves Association (Belfast), I feel it is necessary to bring to your attention a matter that has caused our family undue suffering and distress.

My father, Alan Lundy, was a dedicated lifelong Republican activist. He was assassinated by a UFF death squad with the assistance of the British State on 1st May 1993, while working in the home of his friend and comrade Alex Maskey. At the time of his death he was a member of the McCaughey/Saunders Sinn Fein Cumann, and has been acknowledged at Tirghra and in Republican publications as also being an IRA Volunteer. He was also a former Republican POW.

While visiting my father’s grave, along with other family members recently, we decided to visit other graves of our patriot dead and also stopped to admire the newly erected County Antrim Memorial. To our astonishment and disgust the name of my father had been omitted. As well as the deep hurt that this has caused our family, it has also led to feelings of anger and betrayal. My father, who was a loving husband and has missed out on seeing his many grandchildren, dedicated and eventually sacrificed his life for the Republican struggle, and now NGA (Belfast) fail to see him worthy enough to have his name inscribed alongside our other patriot dead, including many of his friends and comrades from Ardoyne, The Bone and further afield.

At a recent meeting with Stormont Minister Gerry Kelly, on the separate matter of the internment of Alan’s son (also named Alan), he stated that as he viewed myself and my brother were, in his words, “political opponents of Sinn Fein” he and his party would be doing nothing to support our family in their campaign to have my brother released. As NGA (Belfast), as opposed to the nationwide National Graves Association, is led and directed by Sinn Fein members and to a Sinn Fein agenda, we have to ask does this snub now also extend to the memory of our father, husband and grandfather?

Alan Lundy, my father, was a lifelong member of the Republican Movement, as both an IRA Volunteer and Sinn Fein activist, until his assassination. To airbrush his contribution to the Republican Struggle, due to the political allegiances or lack of, of two of his sons is petty at best and purely vindictive at worst. But most of all it would a betrayal of the man himself and what he stood for, a courageous, dedicated and disciplined Republican who ultimately gave his life for his country, leaving behind his wife and five young children.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.

Daniel Lundy
(Son of Alan Lundy)


  1. This does seem petty and is in keeping with todays qsf,Shannons reply should be interesting.good luck to the Lundy family I hope they get the respect they deserve and Alans name is added to a much to long list of sound people.

  2. Their masters are now clearly and without doubt Britain,McGuinness shook hands on that.

    If one of my family members had paid the ultimate price I'd definitely not want someone no better than the worst informer tending his or her grave.

  3. To differentiate one fallen comrade from the remaining fallen comrades is disingenuous and a gross dereliction of duty to all fallen comrades, and to the whole Lundy family circle. It just goes to show how low PSF will stoop.
    This is a downright utter disgrace and the people should stand up and be counted, they should also show in strong words there dismay and disbelief at a fallen comrades name which will not be added. I am of the opinion that this is an order from the high echelon of PSF.
    Gerry Kelly should not be allowed to walk the streets of ardoyne because he failed in his duty , as a so called republican, yet he refused to assist a family who supported the republican movement since the beginning of the struggle, to disown one of your own ex comrades, now (deceased) Alan Lundy (sen) R.I.P. is sinking to the lowest depths known to any human being, for PSF MLA's to put careers before those who voted for them is gross to say the least, how much more does the Lundy Family have to suffer, Alan (jnr) now sits in a cell, charged, but no evidence can be produced, just on the word of one PSNI/RUC man. Internment is well back on track and PSF is not bothered who gets lifted, as far as they are concerned , If you decent then you get lifted, they will make sure of that.

  4. Alan Lundy is on the Roll of Honour
    as a member of Sinn Fein- are other
    fallen belfast Sinn Fein members on
    the memorial-

  5. At a recent meeting with Stormont Minister Gerry Kelly, on the separate matter of the internment of Alan’s son (also named Alan), he stated that as he viewed myself and my brother were, in his words, “political opponents of Sinn Fein” he and his party would be doing nothing to support our family...

    I do not know anything about Alan Lundy (junior) but I thought I read it wrong but if true then Gerry Kelly comment seems more motivated by political resentment and prejudice than the any concerns in the interests of justice.

    Move over Michael Howard and Anne Widcombe.... UK Conservative bigotry rocks!! Keep it lit Gerry!!

  6. Seems to be a theme developing about the status of our dead. Very recently the Derry SF leadership let the family of a dead volunteer know in no uncertain terms that they, SF, own the grave in the Derry Republican Plot in which the dead volunteer is buried in.

    As it turns out, surprise surprise, they lied. The grave, as with some others,was quietly bought by a citizen who considered it the least they could do for those who paid the ultimate price

  7. Anthony.
    I know this is off track, sorry.
    Do you know about this.

    Irish groups seeking alliance with Boston College?.

  8. Real sad state of affairs for the Lundy Clann to have to experience this snub from those who are supposed to properly honour those Belfast Republicans who were killed during the recent Conflict.

    A full and open apology from Liam Shannon and Alan's name included on the memorial ASAP.

  9. Itsjustmacker,

    we were aware of it. Thanks anyway for keeping us in mind

  10. joe austin said you have to request to the belfast nga or ask the "army" for your loved ones name to be on the new county antrim plot, i wonder who in william orrs family they asked???funny that Alan lundys name is on the belfast national graves webpage roll of honour without any request from the family??he was cut down outside alex maskeys home on all he can say on the matter is no comment.hope the lundy family stay strong as Ardoyne is 100% behind them and not the quislings who stopped being republicans years ago.

  11. I would ask Joe Austin just what army one would ask to have the name of Alan Lundy added to the co Antrim memorial surely not the one the bearded one says has gone away,and sure wasnt the nga not supposed to be party political.