What a tangled web

Guest writer Sean Doyle reflecting back on Martin McGuinness meeting the British queen. The author is a socialist republican in the Wicklow branch of the Independent Workers Union and a member of Clann Eirigi.

Personally I believe Martin McGuinness shaking hands with the queen of England and head of the British crown forces in our occupied 6 counties is hard to comprehend. Equally difficult is the realisation that their post-Good Friday new constituents of a new emerging rich middle-class nationalists, taking into account Sinn Fein’s astute political machine, consider it a vote friendly and populist gesture.

Which makes you consider the pace of their transformation to an establishment party must leave a lot of people unrepresented and creates a void. Options: status quo of predatory greed and exploitation of the most vulnerable and the preservation of the heart and cause of generational misery, the holy grail of capitalism the free market; or build from the bottom up.  A no brainer.

I am prepared to run the risk of negative comments e.g., locked in a time warp bitterness blinding judgement, refusal to credit Peace Process and warmongering. My opinion on royalty is rational and logical. I believe it is a leech a drain on the taxpayer of much needed resources that would be better spent improving the living conditions of ordinary people e.g. by reversing the new Welfare Reform Bill which is a devastating blow to those living on or below British governments own guidelines on poverty and may in fact be in violation of the International Convention On Human Rights.

I also contend royalty is the epitome and essence of class distinction. To recognise royalty you accept the status of nobility and gentry; also commoners and peasantry completely at variance and abhorrent to my views on equality. So let’s address the following:

I believe the nature and composition of The Good Friday Agreement has almost become a taboo subject. Due to the entwining of the peace process and the social process which I contend was deliberately designed this way to dissuade people from challenging the social process and stifling criticism for fear of being labelled anti peace or dissident.

This stranglehold and black and white polarization by the architects of a new executive in the Good Friday Agreement must be broken. What is embodied in its framework is national coercion and social subservience. It must be challenged!

Once again in our history the national question and the class struggle have been forsaken by collaborative capitalist’s intent on preserving an unjust and unequal society.

James Connolly’s analysis and solution was profound. 'The freedom of the working class must be the work of the working class.' We live in a society where everything has a price even peace is the price of denied justice. We must not succumb!

Even if it garnishes the attention of the PSNI and possibly the brutal prison regime which I am assured still has the support of the new administration which agreed to the power remaining in Westminster on prisons, policing, taxation and foreign affairs etc. Yet another serious omission in the Good Friday Agreement.

As one who voted NO in the referendum to abolish articles 2 and 3 from the 1937 Constitution that defined the national territory of Ireland as incorporating all 32 counties and their territorial waters. I cannot accept any less no more than I can accept our people to be burdened with the gambling debts of banks, bondholders and speculators as a Socialist Republican striding for the twin objectives national freedom and social justice which has been disconnected due mainly to foreign occupation and partition.

James Connolly said; 'Any nation who enslaves another it itself cannot be free.' I believe we cannot have a free country without a free people. Out of the ashes of human sacrifice and hunger strike martyrs we have a duty to pursue the vision that sustained them a 32 county socialist republic.

What has been achieved so far for peace is an end to the Orange state recognition of British rule over our 6 counties. The establishment of a sectarian state enshrined in The Good Friday Agreement. Stating that each decision must have a minimum of 40% supports of those who register as unionists and 60% nationalist or vice versa. Those who declined to register as neither their votes will not count when it comes to deciding if cross community consent has been obtained. From a Socialist Republican perspective we would not count.

I often remarked had the republican leadership been committed to a socialist alternative in advance and initiated an educational programme to this effect they would have been ready to engage in this campaign when they decided they could no longer sustain their military operations.

Throughout the 32 counties opportunities to pursue such a policy were ripe with corruption scandals in planning, the Galway tent and subsequently the whole banking crisis etc. I read the book The Lost Revolution and spoke to one of the authors Brian Hanley. I suggested there was plenty of material out there for Lost Revolution Part 2.

I believe it is time to speak out and reach out to others who share our goals. Together we will dust ourselves off and build for future generations a society of equals of justice and equality and fair distribution of wealth and resources.

We must engage with like minded people throughout all Ireland identify the real enemies that divide us and keep us subordinate by means of religion or privilege of class foreign or native.

Build trust through honesty and complete declaration of intent while working on class issues of the day and sharing our vision of tomorrow when a handshake will signify comradeship and not recognition of Westminster dictatorship.


  1. The old saying "if its not in you it wont come out" so true when it comes to talking about socialism or republicism and Martyboy McGuinness,and his cronies in qsf,to me they are nothing more than carpetbaggers,just like the rest of the politicos here,only in their case the blood dripping from their hands is still warm,when Martyboy groveled to Liz the brit he did so for every member of qsf,and in turn gave the two fingers to everyone over the generations who have laid down their lives trying to shake off the English yoke,I seriously doubt that their is anyone slightly left of centre in qsf who are not only deeply embarrassed by the leadership,and wondering how far right can this party swing,I think they will eventually outdo Fine Gael.the only ism qsf can honestly talk about is revisionism,great post as usual Sean..

  2. Attempt no 2;
    Another example of how far along the revolutionary road the boys /girls of qsf have come,Bangers Morrison has now become a tea boy for the psni/ruc as witnessed at the Feile lecture in St Marys on Tuesday evening..would love to hear what Connolly ,Mac Diarmada,Sands etc would make of these creeps...

  3. I listened to him struggle with Malachi O'Doherty on some radio show the other day. It simply isn't possible to state you don't know if the IRA carried out the Claudy bombing and expect to be taken seriously. Something to bear in mind when he next tells us he doesn't know of a Brit offer during the hunger strikes

  4. Yeah Anthony Disney has asked the gruesome threesome Adams,Mc Guinness,and Bangers to star in their followup of the Lion King,its called the Lying Bastards...