Scurrilous and Outlandish Allegations

TPQ carries a Press Release from the Irish Law  Democracy Committee (ILDC)

*                  The Irish Law & Democracy Committee

We, the Irish Law  Democracy Committee (ILDC) would like to take this opportunity to respond to a number of assertions that have been made in regard to our Committee in recent days.

Scurrilous and outlandish allegations have been made by Nelson McCausland MLA in respect of our Committee’s human rights activities.

 Our Committee wish to set the record straight.

The ILDC was established by a group of Queens University Law students in September 2010, who came together as a result of a shared concern over current failures in fundamental legal rights and freedoms. The membership of the society is open to all with an interest in law, human rights issues and democratic governance, and now consists of a number of legal professionals and human rights advocates of some considerable standing.

We are a broad based human rights group, who are committed to the upholding of legal and democratic rights. We believe that legal and democratic rights can only be acknowledged, accepted and upheld through the common promotion of human, legal and democratic rights, through the broadening of understanding of human rights and democratic values and campaigning on human rights issues and against human rights abuses.

Nonetheless, we recently initiated a process whereby we would, on the request of communities, observe contentious parades in communities where there was opposition to those parades. As a result we have observed parades on the Springfield Road, Short Strand and Ardoyne. Our findings will be documented in a report of our entire activities this year in regard to the parading issue, and will be published in November 2012.

We request that we be judged on the content of our report rather than through unsubstantiated and uncorroborated assertions in what was a subjective and personal attack on our Committee.

We respect the democratic and legal process, as well as the freedom of speech however, we request that others do so to, and that they would refrain from felon setting which would compromise the safety and integrity of our members and our Committee.


  1. The allegations can be seen on Nelson McCausland's blog -

  2. Nelson McCausland is determined to impose his Jurassic view of the world on anyone he takes exception to. We have already seen his dishonest apologetic on behalf of the bigot band outside the Church in Donegal Street. He wants to ensure no accountability or transparency.

  3. If you read a book, you are to be feared and despised in Nelson's wee world. He is the witch-finder general, and makes Ian Paisley look liberal and forward-thinking. Paradoxically, he in all probability, has done more for the nationalist cause that anyone.(Fund raisers in New York will testify to that!) Long may his rantings continue.