The PSNI have raided the home of Derry’s Sinn Fein mayor Kevin Campbell. Party colleague Raymond McCartney stated that it was 'inexplicable'. Only if he fails to understand what his party signed up to when it agreed to legitimise and give political cover to British policing operations in the North of Ireland.

So why did the PSNI target the Sinn Fein mayor of Derry? Because they can, and because Sinn Fein can’t stop them. Gerry Adams in seeking to dupe the party faithful into supporting a fully armed British police force promised 'if this motion goes through at the ard fheis, it is about putting manners on the police.' He succeeded. The force seems full of bad manners and Derry people in particular, although not exclusively, appear to be bearing the brunt of that. When Mayor Campbell charges that the PSNI raid transmitted the 'completely wrong signal' about policing in the area, did he regret not heeding the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller after earlier PSNI aggression to which his response reportedly was that the cops were only doing their job? They are still doing it. That job is to pursue those – apart from state actors – who break British laws.

They could of course stop doing it the way they are and take an alternative approach which:

would be for detectives to ring up senior politicians and to ask which suspects could be vouched for and which it would be wise to pull in for questioning. That is just the sort of old boys' network that republicans claimed operated between senior unionists and the RUC under the old Stormont.

But Sinn Fein didn’t get to pick and choose when they signed up. That was a victor’s spoil which Sinn Fein don’t get to share in. They signed up to be policed.

Raymond McCartney, for his part, hardly needs reminding just how dangerous a police force can be in the absence of political muscle to restrain it. And Richard O’Rawe on this blog only last night flagged up the political impotence of northern nationalism in the face of an aggressive British state assault on the culture of rights. It was the same British police force, then operating under a different name, which mercilessly beat a confession out of him in which he admitted taking part in two conflict killings. He was later acquitted but only after spending almost two decades in prison.

Yet Raymond can’t understand. Perhaps he might now that the PSNI ‘have met with Sinn Fein in the city this afternoon to discuss police actions.’ The inexplicable might just become explicable.  At the meeting the British police will have told Sinn Fein, diplomatically if they are in a good mood, that we can arrest you and you can’t arrest us.

The raid on the Campbell home was part of a wider police operation targeting Republican Action Against Drugs.  This body in the North West has proven a serious embarrassment to both the PSNI and the Justice Minister David Ford. If only to spare their blushes a high profile counter was always in the making. Why Mayor Campbell should attract the attention of the police is anybody’s guess.

Maybe it is too cynical to raise eyebrows at the thought of the PSNI gathering outside the home of Mayor Campbell on the evening of the Twelfth. Nevertheless, it is hard to push away from the mind’s eye the image of the cops figuratively priming the Lambegs in anticipation of the march into Campbell’s home. Moving against RAAD during the Twelfth festivities is a ploy hardly designed to annoy political unionism. Rubbing the nose of the Catholic Mayor of Derry in it while doing so has an echo of This we shall maintain. Campbell rules but it is Gregory not Kevin.

Sinn Fein started out by sucking the truncheon. Can they really claim to be surprised at now being forced to swallow?


  1. This will add to the growing sense of embarrassment being felt by many Sinn Fein members on the ground. The decision to search Kevin's home would have been taken at the highest level because of his position as lord mayor of Derry. He must be feeling rather foolish having justified similar police actions against his neighbours in the recent past on the grounds that they (the PSNI) "are only doing their job." Kevin believed he had left the bad old days behind thanks to the new dispensation. After all, did not Gerry and Martin promise a new dawn for policing and justice?

    Increasingly, the activities of MI5 reveals an accountability deficit within the political system. The promise to put manners on those responsible for delivering 'law and order' was as hallow then as it is laughable now. From the reports I have read there were few manners on display in the Campbell household.

    This police action is to be condemned like any other.

  2. The p.s.n.i intelligence [dont laugh] believed that there was another person in the house along with mayor Kevin Campbell- when they first came to his door-step the mayor told them that he was alone- the p.s.n.i huffs then went back to there cars which they stayed in from 10.30pm to 4.30am-then they raided the house under the prevention of terrorism act 2000-
    afterwards the p.s.n.i declined an interview with the BBC whilst Sinn Fein spoke to the media because they were not in the wrong and had nothing to hide- some of the p.s.n.i were very open in what they said to Republicans who had gathered outside the mayors home whilst the raid was on-
    you would nearly think that half of them vote Sinn Fein- good cop-bad cop-you would think that they could come up with something new-

  3. what are you talking about Michaelhenry? How long can you go on defending the SF leadership? Take the blinders off they are a total embarrassment.

  4. Michaelhenry,

    good stand up comedy.

  5. This is called the dog biting the dog. I don't think the Shitters understand irony, but they sure as hell do now.

  6. Michaelhenry can you explain why after it was discovered that Kevin was in the house alone the ruc decided to continue the search and remove items? or did they suspect that someone that runs about with a derry city council laptop and 3 mobile phones paid a visit to kevins house and left the items there before there arrival?

  7. rather than them putting manners on the police the brits have put the mannerisms and behaviours of little brittons into the sinners.

    mc guinness is deputy/joint prime minister and in his prisons lie martin corey and marian price: interned.

  8. 'Sinn Fein started out by sucking the truncheon. Can they really claim to be surprised at now being forced to swallow?'

    michaelhenry...answer that on behalf of SF if you would.

  9. Alec,

    "He must be feeling rather foolish having justified similar police actions against his neighbours in the recent past on the grounds that they (the PSNI) "are only doing their job."

    To say the least its quite possible that the Mayor was targeted because he did indeed make that remark. The PM and SoS recent declaration that the Peace Process was over was only really reference to SF and was a signal to them. They are playing with them.

    I think the whole of Derry was reassured by the fact that the Shinners sent Andrew Mc Cartney down to sort the Peelers out in the aftermath of the raid.LoL The peelers must have been shaking in their boots.

  10. Sean paul-

    I cant explain a cops wit [ or lack of any ]
    maybe santa come early and went down the chimney and left those presents-

    Larry Hughes-

    The p.s.n.i hid behind their big truncheons and were to afraid to be interviewed by the BBC about this incident-they are only the cops you know-

  11. Post no #17. "(the PSNI) "are only doing their job." I have linked his SF colleague Colly Kelly to that comment. Everyone attributed it to Kevin however Kevin was very critical of the psni raids and issued a statement to that , maybe that is the real reason why the psni raided his home. They're reversing the Adams comment of "putting manners in them".

  12. michaelhenry,

    'you would nearly think that half of them (RUC) vote Sinn Fein'

    Who really cares what brand of unionism those thugs vote for?

    All unionists are the just fifty shades of Orange, from DUP to PSF!

  13. Kevin would have to support the, RUC/PSNI because PSF signed up for them and had the name changed, and , THAT'S ALL WHICH HAS CHANGED. They also have MLA's on the policing board, a lot of good that is doing!, But it should make people think, why on the 12th night?, are they the, RUC/PSNI saying , Yes, we are still the billy boys!. If Kevin is hanging about with someone who is on the wanted list I'm sure PSF Leaders will warn him away from him, even though he could be his best friend, Glory before friends. How deeper are they going to sink?.

  14. michaelhenry
    i fear you and the rest of SF have grown to enjoy the 'taste'.

  15. Michaelhenry.

    Is it not best to get facts right before posting, You stated that RUC/PSNI went to kevins house at 10-30pm, and then waited in their cars until 4-30am before raiding Kevins home.

    Now this is what Kevin Stated, Its From.

    He says the raiding officers did not tell him why his house was being searched but that the warrant he was shown had 'prevention of terrorism' written on it.

    "They came to my door at 10.30pm last night," says Mr Campbell. "They asked me who was in my house, I told them I was alone. They didn't believe me and came on in. They searched the house, took away laptops, mobile phones, a video camera. They didn't leave my home until 5.30am this morning. I was under seige for seven hours.

    Now, Is that not the old RUC?.

    Michael, Take the blinkers off.

  16. Interesting video from 1972 following the Sticky ceasefire - which, for some reason I can no longer get to work, crashing plug-ins or something...

    In it a young Marty McGuinness talks very much like today's Republicans who still believe in armed struggle, while John Hume talks exactly like the Marty McGuinness of today.

    If only journalists had the guts to keep pushing Adams and McGuinness on - 'Do they now believe that Hume, Fitt and company were right after all back then and why did it take the Provo leadership so long to come to that realisation?'

  17. As for michaelhenry...

    Today PSF is full of michaelhenrys, people who try and keep to the script they were given and do so badly.

    And it's not just the bargain basement shinners - those whose loyalty is bought by low paid jobs - but the likes of Declan Kearney, so called leadership figures who are themselves led by the nose.

    Kearney recently showed that even on the question of persuading about the merits of a United Ireland that if the script wasn't in front of him he is reduced to the role of a boxer hoping to tire out his opponent by running round the ring.

  18. Anthony,

    'Why Mayor Campbell should attract the attention of the police is anybody’s guess.'

    I will hazard a guess that RAAD operates with the material support of members of Sinn Fein.

  19. Dixie.

    If you have downloaded the video from the BBC news.UK website you will need an update of Real Player from the BBC, I downloaded it Years ago, I use VLC Media Player, you can get it for free from.!j4A4vq1BAAKLOkMAAAltVQAAbPdCAABx7Q-A

    copy the above link and paste it into your browser address bar.

    with reference to the video, As Martin Speaks with the authority of the PRM, Stating that there is no cease fire, How come he wasn't arrested for that!!, and yes They always new Hume , Fitt were right, The reason they waited so long is, (In My Opinion), they wanted everything to be exactly right for them to Jump into Power and accept the Queens Shilling, they did not give two hoots who died on their way to Glory Hunting, Gerry (Never Been In The RA) Ha ha, made sure any dissenters were put down., Even Touts Killing Touts., All which is happening now should be a wake up call to PSF, they should now realise the are no longer immune to RUC/PSNI harassment or Arrest. I'm sure the RUC/PSNI laughed at the PSF delegates who went to complain.

  20. Robert,

    it has been said but I genuinely do not know. Would I be surprised? Not in the slightest.


    they land no punches and even the ringcraft is not good.

  21. itsjustmacker I have VLC and had it for some time. I got that video to work on it and it did until the part with the ladies being interviewed then the audio seemed to stick there each time I played it.

  22. This is all very well and good bashing the Shinners, but for Chissakes, give us an alternative.
    I believe that most of you posting here are opposed to military action, so where does that leave us?
    Why havent the various factions opposed to the Sinn Fein sell out of Irish Republican principles and objectives not decided upon a common course of action to oppose the emasculation of Republicanism.
    Where is the intelligent, articulate, charismatic, and unifying leadership to oppose the charlatans in Sinn Fein?
    How do we build an alternative to Sinn Fein and the SDLP in Republican neighborhoods and in the diaspora abroad when we are viewed as disorganized, political malcontents opposed to peace?
    Sinn Fein' success has been carefully crafted, building influence in social, political and media circles. They are a powerful and formidable force. We can continue to bleat about all that is wrong with Sinn Fein on internet blogs, or we can start asking the various hues of anti treaty Irish Republicanism to abandon their egotistical jealousies and differences in favor of building a united opposition and political alternative to Sinn Fein.

  23. Anthony,

    The idea that this may be about ingratiating Kevin with growing anti Sinn Fein sentiment in the locality is something that occured to me?

  24. Robert,

    I am simply not clued in enough to know. But it sounds a tad conspiratorial. That does not make it wrong!

  25. In my post about Kevin stating that RUC/PSNI were at his home from 10-30 pm until 5-30am the next morning.
    Now he is saying on the BBC News Northern Ireland, That;

    "I told them categorically there is nobody in here. I'm the mayor of this city and my integrity is at stake.

    "They obviously weren't accepting that. They arrived at half past ten and kept the house surrounded. At ten past four someone made the decision to raid the house..

    So which one is true Kevin, can you enlighten us please.
    is it this one ;

    or is it this one;

    I'm sure everyone would like to know.


    If you go to that link and download the latest version of VLC it should play your clip, if it still wont play then i suspect your video is corrupted.

  26. Rob

    Kevin Campbell also made that statement in January, as can be seen on this link...

    I've taken the main parts of it from the article in which he was quoted...

    Clean-up underway after riots in Creggan

    Rioting lasted until 10pm when the police finished their searches in Kildrum Gardens and moved out of the area.
    It is believed that some members of the Creggan community were angry over PSNI searches of a home which they say started at 3pm and lasted until 10pm.

    [...]Local Sinn Fein Councillor and Deputy Mayor Kevin Campbell says elderly residents in the area were terrified.

    [...]"The community has to come first. The police were there to do a job. There is no need for this nonsense. I would urge whoever orchestrated this riot to get a grip and move on."

  27. I remember in the Kesh reading all those history books about the formation of the Free State, and in particular the rat’s ballbag, de Valera. I used to ask myself how the hell did republicans allow such a creature to be formed without doing anything about it? Good job I wasn’t born back then. It wouldn’t have happened on my watch. I’d have fixed the bastard. Then the strangest of things happened. De Valera was reincarnated, and came back wearing a beard, and more slippery and devious than ever. All on my watch…

  28. Dixie

    'If only journalists had the guts to keep pushing Adams and McGuinness on - 'Do they now believe that Hume, Fitt and company were right after all back then and why did it take the Provo leadership so long to come to that realisation?'

    RTE's Miriam did just that when she interviewed him on her show. When MMcG went on his speel about being 21 and defending Derry etc, Miriam interjected to say John Hume didnt do that. After she let him finish his speel she then asked him to confirm that his position now was that he had come round to John Hume's position. McG looked completely stumped.

    Whether other journalists would persist with such a line remains to be seen. However those couple points made by Miriam is most likely the conclusion that any reasonable person would come too. And MMcG et al already know that historic review will see it like that as well - hence their over the top continuing reference to their input to the peace process etc

  29. don't need a new republican party/movement. cut out the 'political trajectory' vote SDLP.

  30. A short documentary on the Ardoyne-Crumlin road march 7/12/12 or 12/7/12 (Atlantic-depending):

    And a picture:

  31. I wonder if this search and seizure is so "inexplicable" what adjective will they have to utilize when the Belfast Project Subpoenas come upon them? Hopefully that's the worst case scenario, though ...

    I understand where people wouldn't mind seeing PSF leadership hung out to dry ... Problem is where that would damage further academic studies and oral projects, not to mention the security risk to Our Man Here AM ...

    From across the pond, AM, you did the right thing trying to provide a clear picture of the Conflict for history and posterity and I'm embarrassed by my government's effort to railroad you guys.

    I can only hope that Moloney's editorial is correct in that we can build on Turrella's ruling that the Troubles were Political in Nature to appeal to our Representatives.

  32. I see in todays Derry Journal that Mayor Campbell and PSF are still bleating about the injustice of it all...

    ‘Police should admit they got it wrong’ They scream. 'And we want a sorry!'

    Well OK the 2nd part wasn't exactly that. They spoke about apologies and things like that but it was whinging all the same.

    Whinging in a way they should realise that where they not on the same side, poor Kevin would be in Maghaberry for the next 2 years or so not knowing what he was charged with.

    In raiding the Mayor's place the PSNI were just letting his likes know that the Brits might have given them a bit of power over policing and justice but in fact the old British Secretary of State can decide when he wants to pull the plug on that power.


  33. The 'Say Sorry to Kevin Campbell' Campaign will be launching a series of protests across Derry beginning outside the next Policing Board meeting.

    Supporters are asked to attend carrying 'Say Sorry to Kevin' placards and sing 'Say Sorry to Kevin or we shall not be moved'.

    We also remind our supporters that this is a peaceful protest and any chants most be civil and kept to a whisper.

  34. AM.
    It looks like the psf puppets strings are ' "rather than being shortened more" ,They are about to be cut!.

  35. Dixie - thanks for that post, I reckon that he either said it personally following the SF mantra or it was the backroom boys releasing similiar statements under the names of both councillors (which we all know happens). Either way he hasn't denied saying it so he deserves to be condemned for the comment. Maybe now he will be more careful before allowing statements of this nature to be released .

  36. Inexplicable


    I had the same experience. I used to look at what the Sticks were doing and saying and thinking much as you did about Dev. I always wondered how the Stick membership could buy into what was obviously a load of lying bollix. Then it happened in front of our eyes. Joe Smith made up a scam religion called Mormonism in front of people’s eyes and still they bought into it. It seems to be a regrettable part of the human condition.

  37. Christopher,

    ‘you did the right thing trying to provide a clear picture of the Conflict for history and posterity and I'm embarrassed by my government's effort to railroad you guys.’

    Thanks for that. It is reprehensible that this situation has come about.