Flagging it Up

'What is history? Any thoughts, Webster?'

'History is the lies of the victors,' I replied, a little too quickly.

'Yes, I was rather afraid you'd say that. Well, as long as you remember that it is also the self-delusions of the defeated ... - Julian Barnes

The British these days are no longer as coy about flashing their long haul but conclusive victory over the Provisional IRA. In spite of the eye candy optics and the melodic media discourse that swathed the British Queen meeting Martin McGuinness, the British establishment sketched a backdrop to that meeting which reinforced the image suggested by one commentator that McGuinness was in fact ‘presented’ to the queen.

In a week that saw Sinn Fein make what party chair Declan Kearney described as serious compromises - the massaging of a rout to make it appear as an orderly retreat - the British were victoriously waving the Armed Forces Union Flag from Belfast City Hall for six days. Normally it is only one day but then nothing like rubbing the noses of the vanquished in the sour smell of an adversary’s triumph. And to rub salt into the wounds the party of the Justice Minister joined in. If ever justice had a British state inflection it is here.

The catalyst for it all was a letter from General Sir David Richards of the British Ministry of Defence requesting that all councils across ‘the UK’ fly the flag from Monday last week. Conor Maskey of Sinn Fein expressed disappointment at the council’s decision to approve any British military flag waving never mind six days worth. As did party colleague, and Sinn Fein leader on the city council, Jim McVeigh. In 2009 Gerry Kelly of Sinn Fein can be found protesting alongside Relatives For Justice at Belfast City Hall on the same issue.

All know that despite the reported claims of party leader Gerry Adams that the ‘Queen meets subject’ event was a good day for republicanism, the coat trailing triumphalism of the in-your-face flag waving tells a very different story. But nobody listened to the two Sinn Fein councillors or Gerry Kelly. Nobody had to.

Jim McVeigh objected that it would cause offence to nationalists. He could have elaborated and told his audience just why the British might wish to cause offence to nationalists in the same week that they blow off demands for an inquiry into the Ballymurphy massacre. They do it because they can. It is what they do. And they will continue doing it because there is no one yet capable of mobilising the moral power to stop them. Flying flags in the face of British Army murder victims whose relatives have have just been told to get lost, in the same haughty manner that Geraldine Finucane was dismissed, is not some inane oversight or insensitive error. It is a calculated affront from the victor to the vanquished, reminding the latter of their place in the hierarchy of victims structure. It ethical terms it has echoes of the celebratory Orange dance gleefully performed outside the bookmakers shop on the Lower Ormeau Road where in February 1992 the UDA killed five unarmed nationalists.

Tim Atwood of the SDLP, one of those ‘offended’ nationalists, added his voice to the ‘rejectionist’ cause although in terms less narrow than Sinn Fein, hitting out at war and British militarism in general. He too is being ignored on the question of flag waving. Which tends to put Sinn Fein down on the same lowly rung it long accused the SDLP of appearing happy to perch upon. Nobody listened to the SDLP, claimed Sinn Fein; it would be the armalite not typewriters that would bring equality for the Catholics. ‘God made the Catholics but the armalite made them equal’ and all that. Eaten bread is soon forgotten.

All of this cruelly reveals the paucity of Sinn Fein claims that last week’s events reflected some form of equality or moral equivalence at play. This incongruous assertion was brazenly articulated without even the slightest hint of self-parody by the former IRA prisoner Michael Colbert when he informed television viewers that the head of the British armed forces had met with the former head of the IRA.

The manner in which British forces contemptuously prevailed over his colleagues on Belfast City Council tells a different story: there is only one daddy on this block and it is not the IRA. Equivalence would have meant either one of two things. The British not having the power to flaunt their jingoism at Belfast City Hall; or Sinn Fein having the power to fly the Oglaigh na h-Eireann flag at the same time.

That is a demand unlikely to be made. Untested self-delusions are always the best ones.


  1. This post reminds me again of the delusional crap qsf come of with from that eejit Cahills fist waving crap about having won the war,to it then being reduced to a conflict over equality,lies lies and more dammed lies, the brits are doing what they are doing ,not out of some childlike spite but as the devious bastards they really are they are house training their puppies,and every so often they need to rub their mutts noses in their own shit, the humiliation qsf have to now endure is entirely of its own making it sold the republican cause and its people down the river for nothing more than a few kudos and a chance to sit in the big house and play at being "the man" the brits must have been reminded of the early days of the American colonies when they cold buy the likes of New York for a handful of beads.what they are doing to qsf is teaching them what exactly is their place and that is to do as they are told sin é

  2. I meant to add that is why we now are having the lol demanding a march in Dublin, the never ending saga year on year for the people in flashpoint areas to have to endure marches from these bigots,the refusal by the dup arch bigot Mc Causland to free up the land that was Girdwood barracks properly to ease the massive burden on the housing waiting list in north Belfast,the treatment of republican prisoners,the internment of Marian Price and Martin Corey,the refusal to prosecute those responsible for the mass murders in Derry and Ballymurphy, shoot to kill and collusion,and even better they have a puppet in the form of the poison dwarf Barra Mc grory to front their vindictive campaigns and keep stump about their own murderous activities,like qsf,s miserable response to any nationalist concern from the prison issue to housing /jobs etc pathetic,and compare this to Peter the punts response to the threat of the removal of the crown from the badge of those thugs in the prison service,we the nationalist people are now paying the price for qsf,s abysmal failure in negotiating surrender terms which could have left us with some dignity,flag waving for the boys in uniform may just be the start of it.the only positive thing on the horizon that I can see is that at last the people are awakening as like from some trance to the reality of the situation and are more and more beginning to ask awkward questions to which qsf have no answer for other than "its the peace process" or move on crap.

  3. Marty,

    does QSF mean Queen's Sinn Fein?!!! I see Dixie is referring to the as the Queen's Own. How appropriate that label looked

  4. Anthony Queens own is entirely apt and sure if its how one feels about them why not,sure they call themselves republican with straight faces,I just prefer to recognise them as the quislings they really are.

  5. No matter what interpretation,history bestows upon our recent past,one fact is clear and unambiguous-the british brought PSF and its cohorts,to its knees-and its cadaver now lies rotting in its own cesspit.Compromised by touts and mesmerised by power,PSF were led like'blinkered horses to foul ponds'and forced to drink filthy waters.The brits and their orange ku klux klan'still wont 'have a fenian about the place'in an effective decision making position, in banking and finance,the judiciary and mainstream media.The trick you see is to 'shoe in'lackeys and create a make believe 'equality'fit for public consumption.The jews have perfected this technique in US Britain and Europe for over a hundred years now and continue to do so.You'd have thought Adams and co would have expanded their historical analysis beyond 1690 and 1916 to factor this in.And so where are we now? Exactly where we were always going to get to-with or without armed struggle GFA or peace process etc.And whilst republican prisoners languish in british jails, and Martin confronts his Masters on such an issue,and they spit on his face,and he asks'is it raining?'before he leaves humiliated,we begin to see that we were led all along by fools conned by knaves.And that is the tragedy of the republican cause.

  6. Why not just call them "Queens Sad Failures!, I think that would be more appropriate, Time to move on, and, Vote the traitors Out, That would put a massive dent in there bank account, but, then again, I forgot to mention the GREAT Bank Job. They can fool all of the people some of the time, but, they cant fool all of the people all of the time. So, Time will tell. At least Mc Guinness admitted he was in the RA, Gerry does not have the guts to admit it, The brits Know, We Know, He was. He was the Commandant , always gave the orders, but, never showed his face when the dirt was being done, Most of the times on Innocent Republicans, the called dissenters. Is that a plant in the photograph of Him wearing a Caubeen!, We have all been duped by Adams, the brits. FFS, its time the multitude spoke out and stopped fearing the , so called Hardmen, On there own, they are wimps, the days have passed when you get visited by six to ten blokes to show one person who is in charge, Money may speak, But, Hearts speak louder. I am not a man of fantastic words, I just speak my mind, Im just an Auld hand!.

  7. 'The jews have perfected this technique in US Britain and Europe for over a hundred years now and continue to do so.'


    Perhaps you could explain what you mean here?

  8. Mick,

    spot on.


    Who are 'the Jews' and what is it the technique that they have perfected?

  9. Powerful piece Mackers. In fact it's the best article I've read in ages.

  10. AM and OrganisedRage - I would refer you respectfully to my observation that 'the trick is to shoe-in lackeys and create a make believe 'equality' fit for public consumption'
    You see,in order to control 'dissent' of one kind, it is nessesary to create 'dissent' of another.Now if we follow the 'golden rule' that 'the man who has the gold makes the rules'then its prudent to accept that those with economic power weild the greatest influence in decision making.
    As an example; In 1917 the mighty European nation of Russia had been taken over by the forces of international jewish bankers,led by Jacob H Schiff of Kuhn Loeb&co. Of course our sanitised history books,for the most part,written by jews and definitely published by them, tell us it was a bolshevik revolution of the proletariat.They omit to add that of the 388 members of the revolutionary government, 16 were real Russians.The rest were jews, many of whom were from the Lower East side of New York,shoe'd in by Schiff,Trotsky and of course Lenin.Starting to get my drift? Maybe not completely? Well hold on.
    Now, in order to complete the destruction of Europe and gain complete control,they had to factor in, a controlled opponent. This was to be Germany.Economically crippled and physically dismembered by the zionist war machine in London and Washington,{a consequence of the Balfour Declaration which promised the jew,Rothschild Palestine} this same parasitical cabal of criminal jewish bankers led by Warburg and aided and abetted by Kuhn Loeb and JP Morgan proceeded to finance Germany's rearmament and the rise of Hitler.
    Result:The destruction of Europe-The deaths of over 55 million people-
    The creation of the apartheit criminal state of Israel-
    The slaughter of millions, in jewish {not just zionist}orchestrated wars up until today.-
    The force feeding of the 'Holocaust' lie so that we can be jailed in Austria,Holland,Poland,Lithuania,Luxemburg,Belguim,France,Czechrepublic Germany,Spain,Switzerland,Lichtenstein,Hungary,Romania etc.for even questioning this lie.-
    And of course a bunch of rich criminal jews who own the money supply,the law and the media through:TV Radio Newspapers The World Bank,IMF,Bank Of England,all euro and us banks,the Fed res,Insurance,Pensions,multi national corporations,Supermarket conglomerates,sport,the internet,british US and European legal systems,the UN NATO etc.
    Politicians are not decision makers ANYWHERE in Europe or US.They are the puppets of their jewish controllers. 85% of British MPs are members of 'Friends of Israel'.Maybe thats why Adams, McGuinness and their cohorts, shit a brick, when the zionist orchestrated 9-11 attacks happened, and their jewish patrons in US ordered them to 'join the club'or be forever cast into the wilderness.Now they too, can be our '16 Russians'in our revolutionary government.Get the picture now lads?

  11. Truthrevisionist,

    sounds like real revisionism there. Comes across as another Jew hating rant. Jews build the gas chambers as well and dress up in SS uniform just to give the Nazi Party a bad name?

  12. truthrevisionist,

    Thank you for your posts on this thread. I could not agree with you more on this topic.

    The Jews have always had a mysterious role in history, and, at least for the last 2,000 years it has been one of unmitigated disaster.

    I was particularly interested with your summary of how the Jewish question impacted on the GFA.

  13. As quite a few of you were involved yourselves with SF/MI5 for years before they split from you, so I’m hoping that you may be able to enlighten me as to what is the normal process for calling for a leadership challenge within SF/MI5? - do I have to ring London and seek permission?

    Seriously, what is the process for challenging the current leadership?

  14. Truthrevisionist

    Mackers offers a fairly robust freedom of expression on his blog and I think that the least that can be returned is a degree of responsibility for what we express. Responsibility for, among other things, some evidence or other rationality for what we say.

    Your post spins off on a weird tangent of racism dressed up as a hidden truth. You offer no sources or other proof that support your horrible thoughts and David Icke style conspiracy sites don't count by the way.

    Back on topic.

    Enjoyable read Mackers. Its crystalised perfectly my thoughts I've felt over the last few years especially that the atmosphere surrounding the political debate in Ireland has been distinctively unionist in character. Painfull for me is that it's not that the unionist argent is stronger or even morally stronger; it's because of the complete strategic and principled volte face committed by the leadership (and many willing followers) of the PRM. So dramatic was it that the original arguments for democratic change on the island have are lost to the wind.

    The commonly stated assertion that we are back to normality or are becoming more normal again actively asserts that what was before the recent war was somehow normal. Moreover the retarded democracy we have now is something to cherish. For many it is.

    This flag waving and British jingoism in Ireland is the institutional wooing of a largely indifferent flock (and I hope I'm not being too unkind) into the normalcy of imperialist misrule. For those who are concerned and what change or justice for past wrongs, it's a big 'Fuck You' on a flag pole.

    I honestly find the sense of impotence to challenge this ideological fort built with its new PSF buttress very demoralising.

  15. AM, draw me a picture of a gas chamber or show me a picture of one.It was a physical impossibility to gas 10,OOO people a day in those crematoria {which i've seen}at Auschwitz, never mind burn and dispose of them.Not one single scientific piece of evidence exists to prove gassings.No bones,no scientific fragments,no written evidence,just heresay from so called 'survivors'.Zyclon B was used as a de-lousing agent for clothes of prisoners,and in the actual so called 'gas chambers' no one has ever found any 'Prussian blue'-the residue of zyclon B.I would refer you to the'Leuchter Report'presented to the 'Ernst Zundel trial in Canada some years ago.I would also recommend the film One third of the Holocaust.AM, if these ,'killing factories'had existed after the war why did neither,The Red Cross,the Pope,humanitarian groups or allied governments -at the time-refer to them.In Churchill's six volumes on WW2,Eisenhowers'Crusade in Europe' and DeGaulles' memoirs {approx 2O,OOO pages}why is there not ONE single mention of 'gas chambers'?I can further supply you with documented proof that the world jewish population actually increased between 1938 and 1948.So where did the 'six million myth'come from?It came from a jewish controlled media that has built an industry on a lie and used it to justify the genocide and rape of Palestine and countless other countries in a never ending quest for greed and power.AM I'd ask you one question.Where did you first learn of the so called 'holocaust'?And from whence have you been informed ever since?

  16. Mackers,
    This is is a great and very thought provoking piece.
    The sad irony of this ridulous cloth vendatta is, if Sinn Fein were to nail their colours to the mast surely they would have to be the same as the ones they are objecting to.

    Sometimes, you have to pinch yourself quite hard to appreciate the shallow rubbish and emptiness which is being sold to the people as politics.
    These days the pinch can be quite hard, especially when you can't get to the remote ontrol before these people Sinn Fein get to the end of a sentence.
    In the case of Micky Culbert only one panacea will suffice, quite large measures of vodka and a sound proof room.

  17. Truthrevisionist,

    you views would find a more hospitable environment on one of the many Nazi sites that exist. I find it difficult to even read this stuff before letting it up on the site. I notice that you are so confident of your position you don't hide behind a pen name.

  18. John,

    you have the courage to use your name for whatever views you have. But I doubt you will find people willing to engage with you if go down the path I suspect you might be.

  19. Truthrevisionist's posts are ludicrous but they offer a perspective on the advantage that power structures share from coupling healthy discerning and dissenting views of power and its manipulation with a psychotic tin-foil-hat bomb-shelter-denizen outlook on everyday life.

    It distracts from important questions to call to account those in government and/or who wield political power and influence -- made up of course from human beings who are by nature ego-maniacal and corruptible -- and discredits any legitimate critiques or evidence of government duplicity in questionable actions.

    EXAMPLE ... Might there have been intelligence of the 9-11 attacks prior to that hawkish elements of Baby Bush's regime allowed to happen to allow America to mobilize towards war? Its been widely proven that such actions or rather LACK THEREOF were (not) taken by FDR at Pearl Harbor so that he could galvanize jingoistic military support against the Japanese. [And yes I will say that both the WWII-era Japanese and the Taliban were very immoral foes in their war crimes and intolerance, but the sacrifice of citizens raises moral questions]

    I'm not sure yet if Bush made that questionable call.

    But I do know that trying to tie it into a Crackpot Bomb-Shelter CIA-Mossad-Zionist World Conspiracy at the same time as denying the Holocaust severely discredits any serious efforts to raise important and as-yet fully-answered questions about one of the most bewildering and devastating acts of war on American soil.

    In the nature of this blog that question becomes awfully important with the way that the Troubles devolved into a British MI5-scripted "Dirty War".

    Any kind of meaningful call for disclosure into the identity of English informers, the nature of their service to MI5 and The Crown, into RUC and Military Collusion with Loyalist Death Squads is undermined if connected to a "Holocaust Never Happened" "9-11 Mossad" "Zionism" Internet mentality.

    This is a little more esoteric version of how those in power are currently trying to pigeonhole any anti-GFA/PSF/PSNI political support into overt expressions of encouragement for dissident Republican violence despite the fact that there is a political grounds and legitimacy for such dissent while at the same time decrying a continuation of armed conflict.

    In the same vein, while asking legimitate and factually based questions of collusion and informers and "Dirty War" tactics, we can't allow people to stereotype the pursuit of evidence and facts as Ruby Ridge lunatics denying that the Holocaust ever happened.

  20. AM,- Truth does not require the support of legislation - only falsehood does. One mention of the 'J' word and and you scurry to your bunker under the pretext of'racism' or 'nazis'.Live in Gaza,or try being a 'shepardic' 'arab' or negro jew in Israel and you would see what racism and a nazi state look like.You see Mackers,when we in this country finally begin to 'internationalise' our mindset and remove the blinkers of subliminal corrupt indoctrination,then,and only then will the true picture emerge.Ask a kid in a school in Ardoyne or the New Lodge or Ballymurphy to explain the 1845 Irish Genocide and he will struggle.Ask him about the 'holocaust' and every lie from 'Schindlers List' to the forged dairy of Anne Frank{written in ballpen,which wasnt invented until 1949] will be regourgitated.Get my point yet?

  21. Well it seems the big British/Unionist con has now started.

    The PSNI/RUC are to investigate themselves and the British Soldiers who committed Murder on Bloody Sunday.

    IF They find that a prosecution is possible , it will be handed to the Prosecution services for them to decide if it is worth prosecuting!.

    So now we have it in one big gigantic picture, The British will investigate the British and no one will be prosecuted, or, they will find this scenario, A prosecution would have been possible, but, That person has since passed on (deceased), and in fairness to his family, it would not be in the interest on security grounds to name the deceased soldier.

    But wait one minute, what is the real reason for HET to investigate Bloody Sunday, they cant use anything which was said at the final enquiry which found the soldiers fired first and that none of those who were murdered were armed, but that inquiry also found that Mc Guinness was there that day and was "possibly armed with a Machine Gun".

    This is were it is all falling into line, Peter Robinson the First Minister, "Mc Guinness's Mate!!!!!, has stated That The HET Investigation must also include, "WAIT FOR IT" , His mate!!!!!, the Deputy first minister , Martin Mc Guinness. Now the big British/Orange Lambeg is being beat once again, and it is playing the tune, We Are The Billy Boys" , You have signed to an agreement to accept the Commander in chief of all British Forces, Lizzie, to be YOUR CHIEF, Now, You will do AS WE SAY, "A NATION ONCE AGAIN", that Nation is the 6 counties Orange State, The masters have hoodwinked the puppets "PSF" once again.
    So were is normality ?. We still have the old Police system, it just changed its name, We are still under the Union Flag, Catholic area's are still being swamped by the Same old Police force, Intimidating ,name calling, wrecking homes in raids , dragging men and women from there homes and tossing them into the back of "THERE PADDY WAGON" , Interned , and PSF MLA's just stand and watch this happen.


    Seriously, what is the process for challenging the current leadership?

    "Join RSF"


    I dont mean any disrespect , but i believe when truthrevisionist wrote that post , you automatically Thought, JEWS = JESUS, He was not quoting Religion as per say. I read it as, The Old British Skin Head Type Nazi's.

    Tomás Gorman.

    Well Said.


    Your piece is excellent, and, I'm sure you have a good beginning for another book from it, I hope you do write another book.

  22. Itsjustmacker

    Technically your right that evidence gathered at Saville can't be used in prosecutions but what the enquiry did was establish legally the fact that the paras murdered unamarmed civilians.

    The PSNI can now gather other evidence from third parties to build a case to prosecute those responsible.

    Will this happen?

    In the current climate of British supremacy and "we were right all alongism". I'd say you have two hopes and one of them is Bob.

  23. Tomás.

    I know the Para's Murdered those civilians on bloody Sunday, they also done the same in Ballymurphy.

    "The PSNI can now gather other evidence from third parties to build a case to prosecute those responsible.

    Will this happen?".

    The other answer = It wasn't Bob Hope, so its "NO HOPE".

    HET are after Mc Guinness, i have no doubt about that, If they interrogate him they will ask about the machine gun, which saville entered into his enquiry about Bloody sunday, But Mc Guinness denies he had a machine gun, and, to be honest, I reluctantly have to say , I believe him, No One had anything like that in the early days.
    If Questioned ,Will he be Remanded (Interned). I cant answer that, but it might be a wake up call for PSF, But, Then again, we all know which flag is flying in the province of Ulster, and its not the Starry Plough, nor is it the Oglaigh na h-Eireann flag, but i sure as hell wish it was.

  24. Itsjustmackers " no one had anything like that in the early days"sorry to correct you a cara there were a few machine guns ie, Thompsons knocking around Billy Reid was KIA when his jammed, the tout Donaldson is reckoned to have shot Billy Mc Kee with one in the battle of St Matthews.and of course there was at least on Lewis gun kicking around the murph..

  25. Itsjustmacker

    Not sure if i made my thoughts clear in my last post. We both agree that those in Derry and Ballymurphy were murdered in cold blood (as it turns out with a degree of assured immunity from prosecution) by the paras. Now whilst the evidence gathered at Saville can't be used in prosecutions against the paras, it's verdict legally asserts that the victims were killed unarmed and innocent. This technically opens the way for the PSNI to gather other evidence not given to Saville to bring new proceedings against the paras. Now I don't believe that this will happen. Mackers post above illustrates exactly why.

    Nor do I believe however that the HET or British establishment want to undermine McGuinness presently. He's much too useful an ally who aids in positioning the dialogue within the parameters of occupation and colonialism.

  26. Itsjustmacker,

    'But Mc Guinness denies he had a machine gun, and, to be honest, I reluctantly have to say , I believe him, No One had anything like that in the early days.'

    On the 26th January 1972,RUC officers Peter Gilgunn and David Montgomery were murdered in the Creggan by the IRA using a Thompson machine gun. It is this weapon that he is alleged to have had in his possession four days later on Bloody Sunday. A variety of automatic weapons were widely used at the time.

  27. Anthony,

    'The catalyst for it all was a letter from General Sir David Richards of the British Ministry of Defence requesting that all councils across ‘the UK’ fly the flag from Monday last week.'

    It appears to me that the decision to fly this flag was democratically arrived at. That it was displayed across the UK would mitigate against any idea that it was flown in Belfast solely in an act of triumphalism.

  28. Robert,

    in what other part of 'the UK' did the British armed forces inflict mass murder on a civilian population? By including Belfast the British Army were flaunting it.

  29. Anthony,

    '..in what other part of 'the UK' did the British armed forces inflict mass murder on a civilian population? By including Belfast the British Army were flaunting it.'

    Evidently the events of Bloody Sunday were never replicated in any other part of the UK. I can appreciate the basis of your objection in this regard without entering into the mass murder of civilians by Republicans, which you readily accept.

  30. " I can appreciate the basis of your objection in this regard without entering into the mass murder of civilians by Republicans,"

    ...but you just did.

    The killing on all fronts is the result of imperialism here, not vice versa.

    But enough of your bland trolling.

  31. Tomas,

    Robert is anything but a troll. While disagreeing with him on many points on the Quill, he has been a very consistent advocate for his perspective.

  32. RE AM said...
    John, you have the courage to use your name for whatever views you have. But I doubt you will find people willing to engage with you if go down the path I suspect you might be.

    I don't know if it is courage rather more deluded surety he is utterly right & totally privy to a heightened knowledge (insert chortle here)& insights.

    NB JihadJohnMcGirr is now
    Your words betray you John McGirr & show the extent indoctrination of religiosity has on you. Poisoned you up they have. Mind you no surprise the cardinals & priests did cosy up with the Nazis & thats a fact.

    Young Ryan wanted to know why Ireland is so fucked up? Here's looking at you 88JihadJohnMcGirr.

  33. The RFJ protest about the flag took place two or three years ago. It is worth considering though why SF felt the need to hide behind that organisation's skirt and avoided doing any kind of protest of its own.

  34. Con ghaileach,

    thanks for that. Mistake at this end. It will be corrected. Appreciated

  35. Tomas,

    '.but you just did.

    The killing on all fronts is the result of imperialism here, not vice versa.

    But enough of your bland trolling.'

    'Boredom is a mask frustration wears.'
    ― Neal Stephenson, Anathem

    Good afternoon. Aside from the observation contained in the above quote I don't wish to reciprocate with insult however there is no way of accounting for how one's opinion may play out in the minds of others or what sensibilities maybe offended. That may have been the effect but not the intent

    In my succinct comment I offered no further details on the issue of Republican mass murder of civilians. I therefore, outside of flagging, did not enter in, as stated. I hardly need to, given it is an issue that has admirably punctuated much of Anthony's writing. The causation of the killing is perhaps another debate.

  36. Marty

    Itsjustmackers " no one had anything like that in the early days"sorry to correct you a cara .
    An awful lot of info in that post a cara! and there's me trying to butter things down.
    There's not much i don't know , but i prefer to keep it to myself, would hate the thoughts of HET = all those ex ruc/special branch torturers in castlereagh gleaming over stuff like that.


    Seems on that respect, you no more than i do on that subject, though I knew about the two ruc men.

    I agree with all aspects of your post, i was just trying to verify it in that last post, if the don't question Mc guinness then that says a lot to me, But Robinson is adamant to see it through.

  37. Itsjustmackers ,A cara there is not much information in that post that is not already in the public domain plus the fact that Donaldson was a brussell one of many, so in the end S/B mi5 etc were probably better informed on the weapons at the disposal of all groups here than anyone else.

  38. Marty.

    I understand, and, I agree with your last post, Too many Donaldson's still about today though, its just figuring out who is who, and, that's what the Brits Planned for, misinformation by PSF and the Brits was a war on it's own, which led to so many volunteers being assassinated, especially by re-primed Explosives by handlers, handed over by the Touts prior to the ASU carrying out the OP. Sad days to remember, but as the old saying goes, you can turn back the clock, but, you cant turn back time. They are in my thoughts everyday a cara.

  39. Itsjustmackers ....revenge is a dish best served cold,we must learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes of it .......

  40. Marty.

    Revenge is not a word i like, in the auld days i will admit it was, but i realised it was showing me a one road view with blinkers on, but today i view it as, A sentence to be passed on those who betrayed our nation and comrades in arms, I might be old, But, I can still pull the auld scoop on, i call it my thinking cap, but, then again, i would probably need telescopic sights , unless Adams lent me his Glasses (Binoculars). Yes I am very bitter about those volunteers who were compromised and assassinated ,by PSF/P.I.R.A. British Agents. I don't want to see today's children starting a new war, they could never survive it, 50% would be British Agents. and that is a very sad thing for me to say as a Dedicated Republican.

  41. The reason there are Union Flags flying is because you live in a part of the United Kingdom. It's nothing to do with "rubbing it in the face" of nationalists, just as flying the flag of our country in England, Wales or Scotland isn't about rubbing it in anyone's faces there. The sooner you either get that into your thick head or move to a country whose national flag you're not offended by the better.

  42. SMH,
    Your words betray you John McGirr & show the extent indoctrination of religiosity has on you. Poisoned you up they have. Mind you no surprise the cardinals & priests did cosy up with the Nazis & thats a fact. ‘

    I hadn’t intended to reply to this, but as I see you are posting it up elsewhere, I will take thirty seconds out to set you right.

    I have NO INTEREST, whatsoever in racial theories, (largely based on false theories of evolution and false philosophies of the nineteenth century).

    My opposition to Judaism is based on the fact that 2,000 years ago they crucified my God. Their hatred of Jesus Christ persists to this day, and they undermine Him as and where they can from New York to the Nazi state of so-called ‘Israel.’

    Three religions, three standards.
    Catholicism MUST be attacked at all times, always; Islam MAY be attacked within strict limitations; Judaism MUST NEVER be so much as criticized and is off-limits, always and everywhere. The ultimate sin of the modern world is to utter that sacred ‘J’ word, to use an expression of another poster.

    That is what I call treble standards.

    But, SMHeretic, don’t tar me with your lack of understanding; a trait which dogs you whenever you post. If I attack Judaism it is no more ‘racist’ than if you attack Catholicism.

  43. John,

    ‘I have NO INTEREST, whatsoever in racial theories’

    I think that’s accurate.

    ‘My opposition to Judaism is based on the fact that 2,000 years ago they crucified my God. Their hatred of Jesus Christ persists to this day, and they undermine Him as and where they can from New York to the Nazi state of so-called ‘Israel.’’

    Which I have long felt is your religious opposition to Judaism as distinct from any racial hatred of Jews. You don’t strike me as belonging to the Julius Streicher fan club.

    ‘If I attack Judaism it is no more ‘racist’ than if you attack Catholicism.’

    I think you sum up the core of your position here. I have never liked the idea that because people criticise Islam they are racist. I think the same latitude should be extended your position.

  44. Jon.
    We live on the island of Ireland. Partitioned , yes but an island all the same. Now under the terms of the flawed belfast agreement I, as a native of this island can make my own mind up as to what nationally I wish to be. You say I live in part of the united kingdom I say north of Ireland. Can you tell me Jon, what is the proper flag of this state? And where should we move to so we are not offened. ???

  45. Jon.

    If you are British, and, hold a British Passport, Just look at the front cover, It States, "UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN" and NORTHERN IRELAND , this staes that The North is not part of the United Kingdom . Northern Ireland , ie , The Province of Ulster, one of the four provinces of the Island of Ireland. How does that make us British, I hold an Irish Passport, yet I am from Northern Ireland, Just like Hundreds of thousands of People in Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant and other nationalities alike. Thousands of Protestant Pensioners Applied for and got a free IRISH Passport when it was available, but due to the economic climate the free passport was withdrawn for Pensioners.

  46. Robert,

    I retract and apologise. It was a rash comment borne of fatigue after a long shift at work and to be honest i scanned your comments before shooting from the hip.

  47. Tomas,

    Thanks for that.

    Strength of character? Character I've heard it said is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. Humility is a show of strength when everyone's looking. Fair play to you and all the best.

  48. Robert,

    no bother. Merely doing for you what you would do for me

  49. Robert hope your bunions give you jip tomorrow a cara, and go celebrate the wee tail end gunner in peace where he is appreciated ...talk the wise words you use here to inform your fellow Irishmen that the road we should be walking is the "One road"

  50. Marty,

    '...hope your bunions give you jip tomorrow a cara..'

    To boldly go where we're not welcome.

    “To the glorious, pious and immortal memory of King William III, who saved us from Rogues and Roguery, Slaves and Slavery, Knaves and Knavery, Popes and Popery, from brass money and wooden shoes; and whoever denies this toast may he be slammed, crammed and jammed into the muzzle of the great gun of Athlone, and the gun fired into the Pope’s belly, and the Pope into the Devil’s belly, and the Devil into Hell, and the door locked and the key in an Orangeman’s pocket.”

  51. Nuala,


    ‘Sometimes, you have to pinch yourself quite hard to appreciate the shallow rubbish and emptiness which is being sold to the people as politics.’

    I know that feeling. I always recall when the Sticks were doing this sort of thing and thinking ‘they can’t be that daft to believe any of this.’ It shows what can happen to the thought process when it is ravished by the Stick virus. I talked to a quite a few Sticks about how they ended up believing what was utter bollix and they put it down to groupthink. People were more afraid of being isolated than they were of being wrong.

    Christopher conley, jr.

    It often happens with the bigot, they dive for the first source that reaffirms their prejudice and ignore the vast body of evidence already out in the vain hope that the rest of us are somehow unfamiliar with it. Denying the Holocaust is on a par with denying evolution.

  52. Itsjustmacker,

    thanks but I doubt if I will write another one. The collapse of the republican dimension of the Provos is so well documented by this stage.