An American View of Harassment of the Irish People.

Tonight TPQ welcomes guest writer Mary Barnes Price with her view on ongoing British state harassment of Irish citizens.

As an American, watching from afar, I find myself increasingly shocked at how the Irish people are still being treated as of today. There are a lot of Americans who believe that the peace process actually worked. They do not hear about the things that are still happening to this day.

When I read the article in which Davie Hyland, was himself searched and harassed by the PSNI while trying to help other people who were being harassed at the same time, I just shook my head. I cannot believe that these things are really happening in the little towns in Ireland, where soldiers around the towns and the police search men, women and children, terrifying them and not finding anything.

When I actually try to visualize what it would be like in my own home town here in the United States of having to face soldiers and searching as you leave in and out of your little town, and having your homes searched and helicopters flying above, I cannot fathom it. The things that are happening in Ireland at this time are things that I know if it were a third world country, our country would impose sanctions on them for treating their people that way.

These things are unknown to Americans, because the news media does not report these things. If it were not for the Internet I would not know these things. It is time that the world knows what is really happening there, and the cruelty that these people have to endure day after day in their own homes where they should be safe.

I was also surprised recently to hear that the UN wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton expressing concern about the brutal way police in this country were treating the Occupy protesters. If the UN can notice what's happening in this country. Why are they not protesting the way the Irish are being treated? The world has become a smaller place, thanks to the Internet. The truth is starting to come out and hopefully will be used to help people in these situations.

No one should have to be treated this way.


  1. Mary,

    thanks for this contribution. We appreciate you posting it here.

  2. Mary to make things even worse big Percy the Harold Shipman stand in has left the people here like a latter day O Neil, the difference being that O Neil left in the hope of returning and avenge us for all the wrongs committed against us,The bearded one only returns to collect his prize money from his Barony.the only hope we have left in the Pandora box that is the gfa is our "WEE Larry" and JJ both these comrades can and have driven the sanest doolally....

  3. Mary.

    That's a nice piece and it's appreciated, as for those in the U.S.A. not knowing what is happening in the province of Ulster, Its called, Suppression of the information, A well used weapon within the British establishment, The people living in Mainland U.K. , ie, England,Scotland, and, wales are in the same boat, its the British intent to not let any news into the Mainland U.K. and world News media, sometimes it doe's get out, But, just like any other country, the norm is, Today's news is tomorrow's history, that's how the British think. Nothing has really changed in the North, same old police but with a different name P.S.N.I. = R.U.C., Nationalist's areas still being raided, people being dragged from there homes, flung into the back of the Brits Paddy Wagon, Locked up, Brought in front of a Diplock (non jury court) and remanded = (interned without trial), and Interment was supposed to have ended after the so called GFA, (Good Friday Agreement), believe you me, there was nothing good about that agreement, It was sinister to say the least.


    A US appeal court has ruled that interviews given by former IRA bomber Dolores Price can be handed over to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

    This is a sad day for all concerned.

  5. Itsjustmacker,

    it is that for sure

  6. Anthony.

    Yes its for sure, Its to be handed over next month, BC not appealing it because they say Dolores broke her agreement by giving an interview to the press, but they are appealing the rest.
    Click on the link, or, copy and paste into your browser.
    Sorry about this bad news a cara. I thought someone would have phoned or emailed you.

  7. Itjsutmacker,

    we had the verdict the minute it came out last night. We will have to see what can be done.

  8. Wonder when Mary wrote that-20 years ago-

    " where soldiers around the towns "
    " Having to face soldiers "
    Mary says that these are not known to americans- aye they are not known to me either today, and i live here-

  9. Anthony.

    I hope it all turns out OK for You and your family, typical British/USA tripe. Not one word about it in the Mainland British Media.
    Dolores should have kept her mouth shut, but, then again, maybe she was getting back at someone in PSF in the higher echelon?.

    Good luck a cara.

  10. @MBarnes-Price Yes it is shocking but it is OLD news shocking because it has been going on forever & a day. Ramped up more to suppress any dissent & up media blackouts on harassments, deaths in custody or out of custody and so forth are all put thru the Brit sanitizer machine before & if they hit media reporting. A primary example of the horrors of suppression & subjugation by the standovers is the incarceration & ongoing living death murder of Marian Price & then all the others incarcerated – Diplock Court like itsjustmackers pointed out. The most hideous part is that it is our own people who have betrayed so many... Who's republican & who is a traitor/windup spook - who is yanking whose chain?... History burps and repeats...

    Whilst the internet is brill as one can bypass bullshit & gleam the truth it is also at the cost of your own security (insert hysterical cackle here!) The internet is ALWAYS monitored & even a relatively innocuous article such as yours will be no doubt be scrutinised by chinless wonders.

    You dared to question the systems & strategies & have a voice. Your name & details will probably be entered in the of no significance book by the spooks alongside hundreds of others like meself included. You have now the title dissident on your head. Does not take much does it!!

    What you write on is a microcosm of the macro as all over the world suppression is happening... The powers that be agendas must be adhered to & the repercussions are severe for those who dare to breach them. RE: ‘I know if it were a third world country, our country would impose sanctions on them for treating their people that way.’ Sounds noble but it is actually the US who has decimated countries for monetary agendas... supports Zionism and so forth. The UN is merely a showprop.

    RE ‘When I actually try to visualize what it would be like in my own home town here in the United States of having to face soldiers and searching as you leave in and out of your little town, and having your homes searched and helicopters flying above’

    Yes and it is 2012 so imagine how older Irish feel – it has never ended. Brendan Hughes was right when he said GFA =’s Got Fuck All.
    To be cowering in silence is what they want us to be.

    Now where is that fukkin 'higgley piggedly’ahaha 88JihadJohnMcG so we can all go him again lolz so carthartic! Tis but jokin JohnMcGirr if u read this – don’t u be getting the notion that you be suffering persecution for the Lord now! And wif a swish of me heretic fingers i am gone.

  11. Itsjustmacker,


  12. michaelhenry

    'Mary says that these are not known to americans- aye they are not known to me either today, and i live here-'

    must say I totally agree with you. I think the writer is confusing 2012 norn iron with Afghanistan or Iraq. But, some people can't survive without a 'whinge' fix.

  13. truthrevisionist has left a new comment on An American View of Harassment of the Irish People at 4:24 AM, July 08, 2012


    Thank you kindly for your observations on the occupied six counties.You feel strongly ,that the US 'would impose sanctions' on such countries 'for treating their people that way'.

    May I suggest that you step back and take an introspective look, at the ongoing genocide being perpetrated on the Palestinian people, by the criminal state of Israel, fully sponsored by your own government, to the tune of $6 billion per year and rising.

    May I also remind you that Israel has broken more UN resolutions than any other country in UN history.

    Thanks to the influence of the powerful jewish lobby group AIPAC, your government has vetoed 42 UN resolutions against this renegade state, and continues to support the 'bulldozing' of entire villages and the systematic slaughter of the innocents, to placate their zionist masters.

    Mary, remember what George Bush Snr. told reporter Sarah MacClendon: 'If people really knew what we're doing, they'd drag us out into the streets and hang us.'

    I like yourself, believe the American people have been anesthetized. Having worked and lived in the US at various times. I was often shocked at the 'sanitised' versions of history and events, that intelligent people were force-fed, by the mainstream media. The future for your great country, can only be assured if people like yourself, are prepared to confront the zionist, criminal cabals that control and own this media and pollute every facet of American life. If not, just sit back and listen to the 'bulldozers' in far away places, until they come to a town near you, and it's your turn to cry.

  14. The author is very on-point regarding the amount of general American ignorance to ongoing political strife in the 6 Counties, even among those proud of their Irish heritage.

    Remember, this is the country that brought the world MTV, Cable News Networks and Sportscenter. All you need to know about your world summed up in highlight videos between commercial breaks!

    Perhaps the reason why Americans are not aware of the continuance of British oppression is because it is now rubber stamped and sanitized by the Peace Process. Without the whirring helicopters and Land Rovers and troops on patrol, we are not getting sensational enough soundbytes. To have to explain the subtlety of Backdoor-Internment is to already have lost many people in your audience to the significance of the plights of Martin Corey, Marian Price, and Gerry McGeough. This isn't to say that many of us aren't very aware and upset by what's going on. Its just to say that it isn't the Cause Celebre of the time.

    Furthermore, it helps when the British don't need UFF or UVF Death Squads or SAS Shoot-to-Kill platoons to do their dirty work. Why bother when they can have Eric Holder and the DoJ to play Fast and Furious with the MLAT to exact revenge on ex-belligerants?

  15. Christopher Conley Jnr

    'Furthermore, it helps when the British don't need UFF or UVF Death Squads or SAS Shoot-to-Kill platoons to do their dirty work. Why bother when they can have Eric Holder and the DoJ to play Fast and Furious with the MLAT to exact revenge on ex-belligerants?'

    Not to mention SF. They have their noses so far up the PSNI backside they can't see the arresty squads coming for them too.

  16. Itsjustmacker,

    There was a lot of unethical behaviour involving journalists. Are you aware that one journalist who pretended to have heard Dolours’s BC tape went on the net under a pseudonym to argue for the tapes to be handed over to British police?

  17. AM.

    Anthony i am not aware of that, but, as you say that, we know how the Brits work at underhanded journalism. I presume you know the name of that Journalist. Are they not supposed to write everything in shorthand so as they get word for word as it is spoken to them.
    Its a pity Kevin was not recorded on tape when he made the accusation about the times, Maybe michael henry is right, but, I will wait to see which one is correct.

  18. Christopher conley, jr.

    What the peace process does is suppress narratives it finds inimical. That is just about everything that questions it. It leads to a situation that state repression is not interrogated and scrutinised because of the need to pretend that Peace Process solved all these problems. The reason the British state is not as repressive today in form (set apart the content) is because it does not face the same level of threat. Were republican political violence to be pitched at the same level as during the conflict years you can be certain the British state would be every bit as draconian and the PSNI, as the front line enforcer of British state policy in Ireland, would be every bit as heavy handed as they were when called the RUC. That seems to be stating the obvious. The concessions to an IRA surrender fool only those who want to be fooled. British state instinct makes itself manifest in the behaviour of Owen Paterson in respect of Marian Price and Martin Corey.

  19. Itsjustmacker,

    Everybody knows the name of the hack. It is in the public domain. He called for the tapes to be handed over using a bum name and got caught out.

  20. AM.

    These two are fucking scum.

    Allison Morris of the Irish News and Ciaran Barnes of the Sunday Life.

    Thanks for that link Anthony, I did not know who it was, I don't have the patience nor Time to go from blog to blog.

    I am under the name of Itsjustmacker, But if you want my real name, I can Email you from My Gmail account, which is in my own name. I know its hard to trust people who don't use their real name, I have a reason and it is HETh if you get my drift.

  21. Itsjustmacker,

    whatever the role of Morris, and I don't think it was proper, she was not sneaking in under a bum name and calling for material to be handed over. That was the most despicable thing about that particular aspect of the saga.