U.S. Official Behind Boston College Subpoenas Shielded Bush Torture Team

Today TPQ links to a detailed article by Ed Moloney which asks very serious questions of the US Official with responsibility for overseeing the pursuit of the Boston College archive on behalf of the British Police Service of Northern Ireland.  The article first appeaerd in The Broken Elbow and was reproduced in the Boston College Subpoena News.

March 2011 was a busy month at the Department of Justice’s International Affairs Office (IAO) in Washington D.C. The British Home Office had just started the process of serving subpoenas on Boston College’s Belfast Project archive and its officials had begun liaising with the IAO’s staff. The subpoenas were routine matters covered by the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between the US and the UK and it is unlikely that at this point they were causing the office’s director, Mary Ellen Warlow any grounds for anxiety or concern.

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  1. From Helen McClafferty:

    Former president Bill Clinton is set to make his first ever visit to Cork later this month to deliver a keynote speech at a planned investment conference attended by business leaders and philanthropists. The visit, expected to take place on June 22, according to the Cork Examiner, is being organized to coincide with the Worldwide Ireland Fund’s annual conference in Castlemartyr. The speech, according to the report, is the biggest annual event in the fund’s calendar.

    Mr. Clinton's Office:
    PH: 212-348--8882
    FX 212-348-9245

    You can also leave a message on his Facebook page. "Why Should America Continue to Fund British Persecution in Ireland, Unionist bigoted behavior and allow the British Government to interfere with our American academic freedoms in the USA: Re: The Boston College Subpoenas"?


  2. Am

    IRA Taped interviews

    Anthony , That's an excellent piece , My memory must be going, I cant remember the 1976 part about the RUC and the weapons embargo.

    It seems Warlow is Pushing to have the tapes handed over to the brits.

  3. Man, this article leaves me with "less than no" confidence in Eric Holder and the DoJ's ability to contextualize this can than the "none" I had before.

    Just goes to show that our best hope is to get our representatives to contact the State Dept and the Clintons. They aren't perfect, but they took both sides of the Irish Conflict into account before.

    Can you imagine though if the Bushbama Regime(s) had been in power in the 70s and 80s? Average residents of Ballymurphy, Derry, Monaghan and Dublin might've been re-classified as "enemy combatants." Yikes! Given our history and heritage, I would say that us Irish-Americans have a special onus to guard the brand of freedom and human rights that America is Supposed to be presenting to the world at large.

  4. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/06/19/ecuador-says-wikileaks-founder-seeking-asylum/

  5. The Ballymurphy massacre by the paratroopers of the British Army in 1972, the relatives have Again been refused a Public Inquiry, When the British Prime Minister, David Cammeron Apologised in Parliment and live on TV , and admitted collusion within the British Forces for the Bloody Sunday Massacre, also the Pat Finucane Murder , he did not state, Nor Did Any Member of The SDLP ask if any of those Paratroopers were to be prosecuted, Now Secret Documents have been found which gave British Forces, Including the RUC ,the right to shoot to kill and be free from prosecution.

    Now This.
    Questions in the Dail.
    Éamon Ó Cuív.

    For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 28th February, 2012.
    Ref No: 10899/12


    Éamon Ó Cuív.

    Proposed draft legislation by the British Government to deal with this specific issue as referred to in paragraph 20 of the Weston Park accord was formally withdrawn by the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain MP, on 11 January 2006. The draft legislation, the Northern Ireland (Offences) Bill, had been opposed by the majority of the Northern Ireland Assembly parties and the Secretary of State was compelled to withdraw the legislation when the only supporting party, Sinn Féin, could not accept certain aspects of the proposed legislation. As the Government was committed to introduce proposals only in tandem with the British government and in accordance with the consensus of the democratically elected Assembly parties, the withdrawal of the Bill meant that the proposals for dealing with the matter in this jurisdiction were also withdrawn.

    That's why Republicans can be arrested For Nothing and Interned without trial, Its all being done right under the noses of SF.

  6. Sorry, I failed to include the information in the above post was gleaned from The Gerry McGeough Family Fund, http://www.freegerry.com/index.html

    I believe it is being run by Helen Mc Clafferty, and if i may say so, she and her committee are doing an excellent job.

  7. The british can't say that is only a memo ,and that it was only a discussion. It also proves that they used the UDA/UVF/RUC/BA to act and collude with each other, UDA during the day = UDR roaming execution squads at night.


    After 17 Years incarcerated and nearly 40 years later

    A Belfast man, who was the last person to be sentenced to death in the United Kingdom, has been cleared of murdering a soldier in 1972.

    Liam Holden spent 17 years in jail after being convicted. His death sentence was commuted to a life term.

    At the time, he told the court he was forced to sign a confession after soldiers threatened to kill him and used water torture on him.

    On Thursday, the Court of Appeal in Belfast overturned his conviction.

    He had an alibi but the judge sentenced him because of his forced confession.
    Its about time some news from the North has hit the english and some world Newspapers, lets see what action is taken against those soldiers involved.
    This should prove to the world what the Brits were up to then , and still are to this very day, by scrapping section 20 of the Weston Park agreement and re-arresting ex Republican POW's and interning them.

  8. There it is in writing about the collusion. When I read this report I wished my granddad was still alive to tell him his beliefs were vindicated; he had the book on collusion THE COMMITTEE in hard copy sitting on his piano next to a picture signed and addressed to him by the US Postmaster General of himself and Ronald Reagan shaking hands with the President of Notre Dame over the issue of a Knute Rockne Stamp ("Yo Granddad, Reagan was kind of a jerk" "Maybe, but he made a nice stamp" "Fair enough")

    But then I look at the return of internment (it never went away you know) and with Martyboy getting ready to shake the Queen's hand, it makes me think of talks with him over his kitchen table when the GFA was first signed and him feeling it was going to be "We Celts" all over again and going through the history of rebellion, defeat, sellout all the way back to Sarsfield and the Siege of Limerick and that this was the tragedy of Irish history that he hoped I would see the pattern broken but not to hold my breathe and I hope he's resting in peace.

    Of course this is from across the ocean, so ... And yet here is my government trying to rubber stamp this collusion with its pursuance of the Belfast Project.

    No wonder Eric Holder identifies with the RUC when he can let Justice Department guns walk across the US Border to Mexican Cartels like the UDR weapons that made it to the UVF/UDA. Who better for America to take lessons on Empire Building from than the initiators of "The Dirty War" ?

  9. Christopher.

    Pleasure to read your post, But the bottom dollar is, It's in Our Irish Blood to fight each other, just as Muslims are fighting each other across the middle east, the problem is, The Chiefs always win , and not all the foot soldiers agree , Now here is one for you, and, everyone else who do not know, SF MLA's who apply for expenses and receive those expenses are not allowed to keep that money, they have to put there expenses into the SF pot, then they receive an amount designated by SF Accounts (QM), they are now being investigated for breach of rules by the brits for applying for full expenses, but, donating some of those expenses to Gerry and Co, supposedly to SF coffers, but thats not the end of it, SF TD's in the South have to do the exact same, so I wonder whats going to happen there, Maybe Gerry the Bearded , Oh so Holy one needs a new mansion!, No maybe I am wrong, They are saving it all up to buy the British Monarchs Jubilee present, for MatyGirl Mc guinness to get a Knighthood, and i am not joking.

  10. Itsjustmacker, I'd believe you. I was gonna make some jokes on facebook about McGuinness's quote-unquote "indignation" towards the sudden plans for the 20,000-plus Stormont Jubilee party, ie did it insult his politics, or was he mad that he didn't have the time to pick enough Heather-flowers for a bouquet for the Queen?

    Plus the remark "The Chiefs always win" reminds me of a line by John McCutcheon American folk singer in a song "Christmas in the Trenches" written from the perspective of a Liverpool Irish British soldier in WWI who experienced the Christmas Truce (and of course we all know how well that participation worked out for the Irish conscripts and home rule ...)

    "That the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame"

    There's something more tragic though about the Irish history that it usually Irishmen themselves who turn against each other. And the more I read and pay attention to current news I feel like the stories of proud patriotic gestures that were glorious yet futile like my granddad taught me from the Young Ireland Movement to the Fenians to the Easter Rebellion and so on are unfortunately unfurling before my eyes ...

    And there's this, too ... My granddad was ever-proud of Irish-America's Statesman's reception of DEV, not for what it came out later that politics truly were but for what they believed he represented at the time.

    So then, did Irish-America welcome a new DEV in 1994?
    "The more things change ..."

  11. Itsjustmacker

    ‘Republicans can be arrested For Nothing and Interned without trial, Its all being done right under the noses of SF.'

    It highlights the extent to which SF failed yet tried to hoax everyone into thinking it had succeeded.

  12. Anthony remember that eejit Joe Cahill shouting to all the queens groupies "we won" what they didnt hear"yeah fuck all"and the secrets that lie behind Omagh well can you imagine the ones behind Dublin/Monaghan ,etc,

  13. Christopher

    "That the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame"

    So often the way of it. Great line.


    I remember so well Joe Cahill trying that crap of having won the war. Pat Kenny hit me with it and my reply was simple – ‘if it is won why do they not say it is over.’ That weekend he hit big Shipman with it on the radio. Harold was not in the slightest amused. Called me a few names and the like.

  14. Am.

    Interesting link, and, reading,

    Baxter has been on a witch hunt for Adams and Mc Guinness for a long long time, He advised the Children Of Jean Mc Conville to take Adams to court, I wish that family realised that Baxter couldn't give two lumps of Shit about them and there loss, they are being used as scape goats . RUC never once, looked into the disappearance of Jean, I wonder who baxter was in collusion with!. He needs to let sleeping dogs sleep, who is looking into all the murders and collusion throughout the RUC.