Maghaberry Escalation

Tonight The Pensive Quill features guest writer Helen McClafferty, raising concerns about the escalating situation in Maghaberry and the denial of medical consultancy to Gerry McGeough

Spoke to Maria McGeough today.  Gerry is not feeling well and had to take his heart spray today. It is the first in a long time he has had to take this spray.   His wife Maria is very concerned for him right now.

Today, a massive search was carried out for explosives etc. The dog that came into his own cell during the search had just come from searching the protest cells. His bed and blankets now are covered in dog hair and are wet and dirty from the dog being used beforehand in the protest cells. His appointment with a heart consultant in March did not take place. He has no idea when he will be allowed an appointment. Level of medication is being altered by various doctors who probably do not consult with each other. One doctor took him off the level of medication he was taking in April and two weeks ago another one put him back on the same level he was taking originally?

Gerry is demanding to see one of his heart consultants in Craigavon asap. The two consultants who deal with him in Craigavon are Dr Menown and Dr McClelland.  However, he has not been given an assurance when he will be allowed to see them.

Gerry McGeough is not a protesting prisoner but is in the middle of an escalating protest. Previously, as in the past, excrement on the walls. Now, also being thrown out under cell door mixed with urine. Guards throw cat litter/chemicals over the floors, wash down, mixture of excrement, urine, chemicals and cat litter is washed back into the cells. The dog used today in search came from searching protest cells. Bed and blanket now covered in hairs, soaking wet and stinking as the dog was covered in excrement.

The smell, flies coming in from protest cells onto food etc. In the hot weather, they turn the heating on full blast to make things worse. Prisoners are sometimes forced to walk through this. Cells are cleaned once every six weeks. Guards wear white protective overalls, gas masks. Normal prison staff don't give much bother, when they are seen getting too friendly, they are moved. But the is a riot/search squad on constant standby, they are the ones who go to town. Lot of beatings last year, not too bad this year, but things are escalating again.

Contact SOS Owen Paterson to condemn this type of ill-treatment and demand that Gerry McGeough be allowed to see one of his own heart consultants ASAP:


  1. Helen,

    again, another informative piece that throws light on matters in there. It made me shudder when I read it. I could almost semll the place

  2. From Helen McClafferty:

  3. From Helen McClafferty:

    Labour MP John McDonnell raises topic about Gerry McGeough and the WPA in House of Commons

    The Free Gerry McGeough Campaign would like to thank John McDonnell MP for raising the topic about Gerry McGeough’s case in the House of Commons as requested.

    John McDonnell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what recent representations he has received on the case of Gerry McGeough.

    Mr Paterson: I receive correspondence on a wide range of issues, including the case of Gerry McGeough.

    John McDonnell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what assessment he has made of the implications for the peace process in Northern Ireland of the continued incarceration of Gerry McGeough; and if he will make a statement.

    Mr Paterson: Mr McGeough’s appeal against the judgment in the Government’s favour in his judicial review is due to be heard by the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal in June. It would therefore be inappropriate for me to comment further pending the final resolution of that matter.

    John McDonnell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will review the case of Gerry McGeough under paragraph 20 of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Mr Paterson: Paragraph 20 of the Good Friday Agreement bears no relation to the case of Mr McGeough

  4. The statement from Cógus POW,S is a disgrace that over 30 years after the "BLANKET"protests men are still subjected to this disgusting sexual humiliation. and those who carry it seem to to answerable to noone, qsf,or the Queens Shilling Fenians should have put a stop to this at the beginning .it is a fucking disgrace that in 2012 with the technology that is readily available that the bigots who invest the nips can continue to behave in a manner we thought that was "confined to the dustbins of history"Ford should be sacked and the agreements honoured immediately

  5. Gerry's situation is more bareable than that of a protesting prisoner who lives in a dirty cell. His description of Roe House paints a harrowing picture of hardship and degradation. Some of us have personal experience of and living in our own waste and it quite simply horrible. When will the local power brokers at Stormont bring an end to this misery?

  6. The treatment of Gerry Mc Geough is disgraceful. Martin Corey is also undergoing a very bad time in the prison, frequent cell searchers and accusations that stuff he has signed in has not been recorded therefore smuggled. Absolute bastards and they are getting away with it.
    What about the protesters though how terrible must it be for them, I shudder to think what the dogs were doing in their cells.
    Then you think of 'Big Pompous' strolling about still exhaling the same United Ireland hot air. I bet his brother is not the victim of too many cell searches or smuggling accusations.

  7. im not feeling well...ive a hangover..i might beg for a pardon.