Jeering those who “take to the streets”

Today TPQ features guest writer Martin Galvin with a letter that first appeared in the Irish News on 6 June 2012.

                              Reply to Gerard McGee

A chara

How does Gerard McGee advance Republican unity by jeering those who “take to the streets” the day before a march for Marian Price, which was joined, to their credit, by Sinn Fein ex-prisoners? When did it become “anti-Republican” to campaign for Republican prisoners, including those jailed on Provisional IRA charges or licenses?

It is disappointing to know that Gerry McGeough and other Republicans need more than press statements and Ard Fheis motions, only to find that sincere appeals to put action behind the words in support of Republican prisoners are now misrepresented as an attack on Sinn Fein.

Gerry McGee may see “those within the British state trying to defeat Republicans” but can he not see that part of that British strategy is to make Republicans turn their backs on Republican prisoners?

A “heartbroken” Councillor Anita Cavlan said the party was failing Republican prisoners and had settled for an illusion of power. There are inconvenient questions which arise from her resignation.

Owen Paterson shifts blame for the internment by license of Marian Price and Martin Corey onto David Ford’s parole commissioners, adding smugly that the compromised justice minister serves with Sinn Fein backing. When will the deal to appoint Ford be used to free Marian and Martin or halt brutal strip-searches at Maghaberry?

Diplock trials, internment by remand, and fanciful conspiracy charges are now imposed by Barra McGrory, who appears determined to undo his father’s years of fighting such injustices.

Britain arrests no British troopers for Bloody Sunday or any “unjustifiable killings” by crown forces, but rather than highlighting Gerry McGeough’s case to illustrate this one-sided amnesty, another Republican writes to defend this arrest.

For years Republicans urged the SDLP to threaten withdrawal from councils and assemblies which made them complicit in the administration’s H-Block brutality. Peter Robinson silenced calls to remove the crown’s symbol from British prisons and warder’s uniforms by threatening to leave Stormont. Why is it wrong to ask Republicans to do as much for Republican prisoners held inside these British prisons and brutalized by those wearing these uniforms?


  1. The turnout for the march and rally last Sunday was amazing even though we had detractors like Mickeyboy predicting a small march, and to the credit of the local shopkeepers they supplied bottled water to those marching,it was one hot day, probably the only one we will get this year, what did disgust me was the number of patrons standing drinking in the Felons smoking area, I would have thought that this club in particular would have had the decency to close even if just for the duration of the march REPUBLICAN EX PRISONERS CLUB my fuckin qsf their loyality is to the crown ,half crown that is ...

  2. Martin.

    That is a very well written letter, and, you get to the core of the facts. My point of view is, Adams and Co really believe they are in power and can do things, well its time for them to face reality, they are nothing but puppets for the Brits, Mi5 , and The Orange Order.
    I have maintained since the GFA they had all this planned and were being groomed by the brits, even during the Hunger Strike, they will never walk out of stormont in protest at all the Raids in Nationalist Areas, The Arrest of ex pow's and interned through the diplock back door courts, was this not all suppossed to be behind us?, did, SF miss out on some articulate words?. Its okay saying things in support of Marian etc, Words mean nothing, its action which is required, But SF hands are tied to the DUP/British Crown.


    Ex Prisoners Club?.
    Now that is a laugh, who many FELONS have they committed by just standing and watching with there pints in there hands, that was a fucking disgrace to proper republicanism and to Ex comrades.

  3. itsjustmackers

    Your points are sound. But regardless of how full of shit SF are and the leadership in particular, I don't think there's anything to be gained by starting it all again.

    It's interesting Wayne Rooney and some other English players visited a concentration camp the other day and some other footballers visited protesters in Croatia. Whatever happened to sport and politics being kept apart? Think the Germans will be up for the English if they meet. Of course English muslims and Irish Catholics being held without charge in the UK doesn't count...?

    Before I'm slated...regardless..I still believe a return to violence or support for it, even tacit, is a total waste of time. That's why I have pushed an alternative line to most bloggers on here recently.

  4. My Old Man's a Provo
    he carries a lot of clout
    I haven't seen him lately
    He's busy selling-out!

    laughed at that

  5. Jim Filter Tips Verse;
    My old mans a provie.
    Some called him a brusell sprout.
    I havent seen him lately.
    Hes busy smuggling in snout.

  6. Anthony , Marty.

    Two true verses, i remember 14/15 year old kids stoned out of there heads,if you said anthing to them, there answer was, DO YOU FUCKING WANT KNEE CAPPED, FUCK OF YA FUCKING DICKHEAD ,felt like putting them out of their misery there and then, it was later i found out they were kids of top P.I.R.A. I wont name the club were they got the shit.
    Now i wonder if the bin lids will be back on the streets, We all remember what that signal was for, To be honest, I hope never to hear those bin lids banging again, anyone contemplating a new offensive needs there heads examined, to many fucking touts within the higher echelon planted by the brits and m15/ruc/psni special branch handlers, wtf has gone wrong?. To this very day, i think about all those premature bombs going off and volunteers dying needlessly, i have no doubt in my mind that those bombs were tampered with by the touts handlers, i put this forward, just as a question and i was told, YER TALKING A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS, they got the timers wrong?, wtf, timers were set by the MAKER! They were Fucking compromised. My Mucker wasn't a bomb maker, but paid the unnecessary ultimate price with his comrade on lough neagh in a boat.


    I agree with what you have posted, is that a miracle or what?.

  7. itsjustmacker

    not really a miracle. I'm not really too different to most on here. Just like to tease out the position now and then...sometimes overdoing it a tad.

  8. How about this..... My old man's a provo, he used to be a stick. Now there's no fucking difference when I come to think of it.

  9. John Paul,

    why not! Does anybody remember yer man who used to front for them - Bangers McGurran? he used to be on TV quite a lot.

  10. Larry,
    What's wrong, do I detect a wee bit of back-tracking or maybe you not too sure which side your on this week. Or maybe, your just rattled that the Brits thought you too far gone even for a fools pardon.

    In your posts relating to Marian and the prisoners you went a wee bit further than providing an alternative view.
    You blatantly made your usual snide and quite vile comments, then spewed out your usual insults to anyone who challenged you.

    Then you wonder why people like Tain Bo sound superior to you. One explanation could be-they are!

  11. Mackers,
    I should have also said this was another absolutely brilliant letter by Martin Galvin.

    Marin has been amazingly consistent in his condemnation of Brit violations here, he would put some to shame.

  12. Was that Mal Mc Gurran spokesman for the ha ha workers party and cllr on Craigavon ex internee from the 50,s campaign and totally opposed to Costello,if so I think he fell of his perch a brave while ago Anthony..

  13. I know i love my daddy but i think hes goin soft
    There's a half a ton of tobacco stored up in our loft
    Are you goin to be a smoker dad i asked just for fun
    he says dont be an eejit ask the p.s.n.i son.

  14. Treehugger,

    we could do a competition here. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for First and West Belfast for the booby prize.

  15. Marty,

    it was Malachy McGurran. He died about 77.

  16. My oul man's a Provo
    But now he's in a fix
    At Milltown on Easter Sunday
    He was shouting 'up the Sticks.'

  17. Larry.

    not really a miracle. I'm not really too different to most on here. Just like to tease out the position now and then...sometimes overdoing it a tad.

    Shinners throwing a wobbler.

    The culture minister has criticised the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) for announcing a celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in the grounds of Stormont without consulting Sinn Fein.

    Caral Ni Chuilin said she would not be attending the event on 27 June.

    I just love that one, how many faces do they have, might be in fighting to see who shakes Battenburgh's hand, or, a miracle might happen and none of the Shinners will turn up in protest at Marians internment also Gerry McGeough and Martin Corey, I would love to see that happening.

  18. Carrie threw me this one:

    My old man’s a Provo, up at Stormont with the Huns
    I haven’t seen him lately, he’s no time for rebel sons
    He looks really trendy in his Armani and jackboot
    He thinks he’s cooler than the other das, spending all his loot

    The Brits and police ask me, each time that I go out
    They ask me if I seen me da or if he’s been about
    ‘But youse see him more than me’, I say, ‘at policing meetings’
    ‘Giving you the names of those next in line for beatings’

    On RTE last Friday night, Turbidy was heard to say
    Please give us a little history, about your time in the IRA
    They showed a Provo unit but I swear it wasn’t right
    My da only joined Sinn Fein to lead them from the fight

  19. My old man's a minister, he used to be a Chuck, and now his old comrades are on here going buck. He's overseeing British rule , and going to meet a queen, welcome folks to Narnia, the strangest place you've ever been.

  20. By the Carrie, your talent knows no bounds. Brilliant...

  21. My Old man's a Provo
    I am watching him as he sits
    viewing soccer on the TV
    and cheering on the Brits

  22. This is not from me Mackers just passing it on.

    My old man's a Provo
    and now he's stinking rich.
    Getting digs from former comrades
    oh isnt life a bitch.

  23. Nuala,

    we have started something here!

  24. My old man's a Provo
    A republican he has been
    But now he is a monarchist
    Who sings 'god save the queen'

  25. My old man's a Provo, he used to smoke a pipe, now he's down in Leinster house talking loads of tripe.

  26. One from Carrie:

    My old man’s a Provo,
    He travelled far and wide
    Collecting guns and ammo
    Now with the other side

  27. My old man's a Provo
    He used to support the war
    He says he still supports it
    It's just the Brit side he is for

  28. My old man's a provo
    he used to be on the run
    now he just sits in stormont
    licking someone's bum.

  29. My old man's a Provo, o/c was his rank , he just drove out of Connelly house in his British tank.

  30. ouch ...
    he'll be supporting England today then huh?

  31. My old man's a provo
    He's a traitor and a tout
    I haven't seen him lately
    He's busy selling out

  32. My old man's a provo
    he fought for liberty
    now he says he's ready
    to meet the royalty.

    He fought for Irish freedom
    and that we all agree
    was the only thing worth dying for
    on the streets of Derry.

    He swore to fight the British
    till the bitter end
    with every drop of OUR blood
    most willing to expend.

    Then came Good Friday
    the darkest day of all
    when da for all his cunning
    took a terrible fall.

    Breaking every promise
    he had ever made
    he took the plunge with all our guns
    forsaking the Patriot Game.

  33. My old man's a Provo
    He says the cops will set us free
    So he only goes to protests
    To shout Yes, Yes, RUC

  34. From Carrie:

    My old man’s a Provo,
    Well he was before the peace
    Now he’s parted company
    And they done him in his knees

  35. My old man's a Provo
    He always led from the back
    Now he sings God Save The queen
    And waves his little Union Jack

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. only chant i can think of at the moment is what martin McGuinness will sing at his next soccer match.

    C'mon you boys..and the queen
    C'mon you boys..and the queen....

  38. My old man's a provo, in stormount now he sits, my ma says he's a sellout, and he now gives her the shits.

  39. Just came acorss this on the net

    My Old Man's a Provo,
    His face is s a little Green,
    He's just received an invite
    To go and meet a Queen

  40. My old mans was a povie.
    he wore the khaki green.
    Black beret and armalite.
    He was a sight to be seen.
    In the hills of Armagh and Antrims lovely glen.
    He carried his daring deeds .
    Just like the Fenian men.
    Now the touts have taken over.
    And turned the war to bust
    From armalites to armani,s and a life of clover.
    And god save the queen is a must..