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Gov't Punts on BC Appeal

The United States of America is, like, real busy and stuff.

 On May 4, Boston College filed an opening brief in its weak, half-hearted appeal of the district court's decision regarding the second set of Belfast Project subpoenas. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston owes a reply brief on June 7. On June 5, presumably wearing a beanie with a propeller on top and sucking its sugared thumb, the government filed a request for a 30-day extension. Two days before his brief is due, the AUSA handling the thing informs the court that he "has not been able to begin work on the government’s response in this case."

Has not been able to begin, he says.

The bizarre thing is that, first, BC's appeal is one of two appeals in the same case, since the Belfast Project researchers broke off from the university and filed their own appeal that got to court before this one. And second, the government stumbled into ongoing disaster when it argued that other related appeal before the same court. So they're already on bad footing, and the obvious next step if they cared about the matter at hand was to come blazing back with their best work in the next outing. Instead, they've signaled to the court that the thing they handled poorly last time is now their last priority, and man, judge dude, we totally know we had a deadline thing on this appeal thing, but we were totally busy with our calculus homework, man, can you cut me a break just this one time?

Even the Department of Justice knows it has a dog on its hands.
Govt Punts
UPDATE: The court has granted the request for an extension. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston has until July 6 to file its reply brief. It's a murder investigation! Feel the urgency! 


  1. Everything Mary Daly has said I have already said here on TPQ, so in that regard yes the importance of the oral history currently held by B.C must be seen as a vital start to piecing together our recent past and like the war of independence records should be treated with the utmost respect, Ed and Anthony and the other researchers should be encouraged in this work which is time limited rather than hounded or threatened.B.C.and the U.S government should be standing by this work.and asking the brits to open their own intelligence files instead.

  2. CNN,s documentary was excellent Anthony,and as Plum Smith and Richard O Rawe have rightly said no smoking gun would be revealed or anyone prosecuted on the evidence from these tapes,while the Mc Conville and the Finucane families deserve the truth about the events surrounding their loved ones murders,this path will most likely lead to a dead end for the Mc Convilles and I dont think the bearded one will be any more embarrassed than Martyboy was during the recent presidential elections in the republic,after being confronted about his past,as much as I would love to see the bearded one and his cronies get their come-uppances this is not going to happen with the handing over of those tapes,it will actually work to the qsf ex prm,s advantage and make those who have a story to tell say nothing.on a final note I see Seamus Mc Kendry has got himself one very nice house , where did he get the dosh for such a pad its a long way up from Springbank in Poleglass mind you he was very close to the womanising parish priest Mac Williams

  3. Marty,

    I too thought CNN did a good presentation. It is only the second TV thing I have done in about six years - both down to BC issue.

    As for Seamus McKendry, I bear him no ill will. Seems he is just trying to do the right thing by his wife.

  4. Both yourself and Ed came over really well Anthony I think you have won the argument but how independent the US courts are well ? if I have a criticism or a question it would be a cara ..Have you ever tried Weedol?

  5. Anthony.

    you and Ed came over extremely well on those clips, I have downloaded Parts 1 to 3, I also have the full documentary Voices from the grave.


    I like your bit about Mc Kendry , from Poleglass to riches, but as Anthony stated, He is just sticking up for his wife, thats what any real man would do, or, does he see £ signs in it.

    Its such a pity that the 26 counties had to be bailed out, Partly by the british, I wonder if this had not have happened would the Irish Government take the British to court to hand over secret documentation held by MI5/MI6 to reveal the spies names, also as to why Not one of the Crown Forces were charged for all the atrocities they have committed.
    also the R.U.C. murders of Catholics, the UDR on patrol, all of them, UVF Members. I presume this could only happen through the E.U. courts, but then again, they would produce thousands of A4 sheets with everything blanked out.

    I am of the opinion that if these tapes ever get into the hands of the british, they will have a field day, pressurising the Irish government to have adams expelled from dail Eirean, food for thought that would be, so, if the brits get the tapes and nothing is said about the Adams fella, then actions speak louder than words.
    But, I hope they never get their hands on the tapes.

  6. Anthony one hell of a head of steam building up behind you and Ed here,your campaign is being compared to that of the Mc Bride principles.that should give you both a lift a cara.

  7. Marty,

    there sure is. Much of it down to the endeavours of Carrie. Hope it comes to something positive

  8. There,s only going to be one loser in this affair Anthony and thats B.C.

  9. Marty,

    'There's only going to be one loser in this affair Anthony and thats BC.'

    They came out of it badly. Let's hope the British police lose also

  10. The argument that they put forward ie,that they are following the evidence is a lost argument when the dogs in the street know that if they were serious then they would have to go no further than that big new multi million pound building that houses mi5 in Palace barracks, Belfast save them the cost of running to America.this seems to me more political than any serious attempt to uncover anything to do the Mc Conville case.and therefore the psni are nothing more than pawns in someone else,s dirty little game,

  11. Marty,

    Spot on. Oral accounts are crucial to a better understanding of history. Would we be better off not having heard the voices that Mark Baker brought to us from Vietnam or the voices that Jean Hazfield brought to us from Rwanda. One reason that some oppose oral history is that it is an obstacle to the version of the truth they want out there. Yet there is nothing to prevent them challenging the accounts recorded in oral history. They simply don’t want to accounts to emerge even to be challenged. They want them suppressed. It is not as if oral historians are claiming their histories are the definitive account. Far from it.
    I too thought the CNN gig went well. BC looked pretty hopeless. Jack Dunn has a serious credibility problem. SF did itself few favours by declining to go on.

    Weedol – now that might be a solution. I have never tried it but if you are sure it works I will let Carrie try it first!

    Glad you thought so. Voices from the Grave was a good piece of work.