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Sinn Fein has without doubt something to say about austerity and the economic woes that beset the country. But as always with the party, it is hard to believe that it believes what it says. This scepticism is particularly pronounced when its leader is speaking. During the course of a lengthy television debate on Sunday evening Labour Party leader and Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore dismissed him as a liar. Well used to having that said both about him and to him the Adams response was something to the effect of ‘you better watch yourself Eamon.’ Akin to his ‘don’t get smart Sharon’ threat to a Northern journalist, he seems oblivious to the suggestion that what works in the backstreets of Belfast is unlikely to succeed in a Dublin TV station.  A natural bully, the Sinn Fein leader was left in no doubt by Gilmore that a resort to the heavy handed would make no headway either.

It would be reassuring if the case that Adams represented were to trump the one articulated by Gilmore. There is no question that the austerity package being defended by Gilmore will work. But who it works for is a more important question. Certainly not the poorest, the most vulnerable, the unemployed, the almost homeless, the already homeless, the debt ridden, the sick. There is a category of people in the here and now who will not feel the strangulation of austerity. Sure it will work for them. But far too many people are scraping by outside that category.

Sinn Fein would be all the more effective if what it said was believable. But here again, at a time when accuracy is badly needed, it has been caught dissembling. ‘The oxygen of publicity which makes Gerry Adams go rigid with excitement when he gets close to a microphone or TV camera’ is not going to excite the electorate into voting No.

Towards the end of April the Yes camp must have been exhilarated watching the Fine Gael Dublin Central TD, Paschal Donohoe at a Sub-Committee session on the Austerity Referendum drive a coach and four through the contents of a Sinn Fein anti-treaty leaflet which dishonestly recruited to the No Campaign three economists who in fact support a Yes vote. His task was made all the easier that Adams rather than Eoin O’Broin or Pearse Doherty stood in the breach to defend the pass.

In its leaflet Sinn Fein cited Karl Whelan as saying ‘the economics of this treaty are pretty terrible’. What the leaflet did not say was that Whelan added however, ‘I think that, on balance, the arguments favour Ireland signing up to it’. The leaflet then quoted Colm McCarthy as having said that ‘as an exercise in addressing the eurozone's twin banking and sovereign debt crises, the fiscal compact makes no worthwhile contribution’. It did not inform the readers it was trying to con that McCarthy had also said that the treaty nevertheless remained ‘the correct response, unavoidable and in the country's best interests’.  Sinn Fein also recruited Seamus Coffey to its cause but concealed from its readers that Coffey argued that ‘there is little to be gained from rejecting the Treaty’.

This paved the way for Paschal Donohoe to say that:

All three of these experts have said while they have some reservations about the contents of the Stability Treaty, a Yes vote is in Ireland’s best interests ...  Sinn Féin should withdraw this leaflet and explain why they have misrepresented three impartial experts to support their claims ... this all says an awful lot about the many weaknesses in Sinn Féin’s argument ... now they are resorting to misrepresenting the views of others.

Despite the best efforts of the United Left Alliance to make a serious intellectual critique of the Treaty in its advocacy of a No vote Sinn Fein’s shambolic presentation of the argument amplifies Enda Kenny’s attempted rubbishing of the No Campaign as ‘absolute nonsense and economic lunacy of the worst type.’ It also renders plausible the Eamon Gilmore reference to the tooth fairy economics of Adams.

There is the sense that Sinn Fein would be more comfortable calling for a Yo vote, where the party could be all things to everybody, a bit of yes here, a touch of no there. We know only too well that if in government the party would be implementing austerity every bit as vigorously as it is doing on behalf of the Tory cuts in the North despite promising never to do so.

Sinn Fein’s best shot at selling the No Campaign, a campaign worthy in itself, amounts to bamboozling the electorate. It adds ballast to the Irish Times analysis that defeating the treaty appears to be Sinn Fein’s sole objective, taking the legs from below Fianna Fail en route. In its endless quest for power, just to have it rather than do anything positive with it, wider society is to be first hoaxed and then hobbled.


  1. Laughing my nuts of at Gerry I,vegoneawayyeknow,the arrogant fucker should know by now to stand aside and let someone like Pearse Doherty who knows what he is talking about give the party,s position on these austerity measures,that is if it really has one,the business with the no leaflet is a throwback to the old kitchen cabinet way of distorting the truth,did trickey dickey think this one up while Brownie gave a little whistle,I can see wiser and more ambitious people making a pact to move the bearded one upstairs out of harms way before the big push for power comes round again,what was once psf,s biggest asset has now become its biggest ass.

  2. SF have no real policiy to my mind. Theyd wreck the country just to bring down a government and feed their election addiction. At least they are killing anyone to fight elections recently.

  3. Statement from the Communist Party Of Ireland

    17 May 2012

    Press statement

    An arrogant and out-of-touch Government whose only strategy is to bully and terrorise the people and if that fails, make them vote again.

    How can anyone take seriously this government’s campaign and what it says about the Permanent Austerity Treaty?

    The minister for finance, Noonan, dismisses the impact of what is happening in Greece and the deepening crisis that the people of that beleaguered country have been plunged into, and its possible effect on our own country, by reducing his comments to “Sure we only import feta cheese.” That’s coming from someone who has his wealth invested in German government bonds.

    This is followed up by another senior minister, Richard Bruton, who is clearly of the mind that no matter how the people vote there is simply only one acceptable answer, namely Yes, and if it takes one or more referendums, then that is what will be done.

    As they continue to terrorise the people, using the example of what is happening to the Greek people at the hands of EU bankers, they hold this like the sword of Damocles over the heads of our people. They care little for the plight of our people and the destiny of our country and even less for the savage attacks upon the Greek people.

    They continue to follow orders from the Chancellery in Berlin, whose primary strategy is to sustain the euro and the German and French banks at all costs, regardless of how many children in Irish schools faint from hunger. (This happened recently in Cork school) Statement ends.

  4. aren't that should have read...typo

  5. Well i've another year at University to get through, so for purely personal/selfish reasons I'm voting YES. In 12 months the place can self destruct all it likes, I'll be outa here.

  6. Marty,

    You know how they operate and the authoritarian mentality that drives them. I am still of the view he will not go without a fuss. Do you think he sent Dr Death into the jail on July 5th, 1981 to administer the coup d’grace to the hunger strikers’ if he wasn’t determined to get his way at all costs? Those Shinners I have spoken to who think they can reign in his ambition don’t seem to fathom the ruthlessness of him.

  7. Totally agree with you re his ruthlessness Anthony,but the bearded one is also a cute hoor,he is almost if not at his sell by date, and like bLiar he may have an eye on the after life ie ,endless rounds of after dinner speaking,a run at the next presidential election, a senators seat, and the good craic in a comfy lodge in Dun na Gall,either way the movement is a brutal place at the top and the bearded one knows that,and ambition is a deadly enemy,and as you know Anthony there is now plenty of ambitious carpetbaggers up there and the bearded ones ace card "the army" is a busted flush,so they now have little to fear from the man who never was.

  8. Marty,

    you could be right on this one. Just having observed his career journey for so long I tend to feel he would see SF sink quicker than let somebody else get the goodies.

  9. Not if he is hon president for life a cara..

  10. How can cutting people's income and susequent lost spending create a recovery ?

  11. It is real power he wants Marty or at least the feeling of it. He was C/S for 3 months but knew the real power lay elsewhere.

  12. Aye a cara he is power mad thats for sure but again the cute hoor knows now the real power lies with Brussels and the Germans to be exact,so he is or would be willing imo to swap puppet power for glory,adulation, he can then prance around the world as the man who brought peace to Ireland,

  13. At this stage having listened to all the arguments I for one think that it doesn’t matter Jack if we vote Yeah or Nay , the Germans and French will still have the last say no matter what . The only reason and which I feel could be very important reason for voting yes is that we could obtain money at a cheaper rate.
    Having listened to Gerry Adams spout the same rhetoric that he has been saying for the past 40 years to an audience that already believe what he is going to say before he even says it makes no sense at all . Adams and co have done very little for West Belfast other than make it more British than pre 1969 so by being negative comes very naturally to them. They should make this their party motto “do nothing and we will always be right “

  14. Boyne Rover re motto;whatever way the wind blows...I think voting no is really the best option for the people in the republic,if nothing else it will show those in power that the people are not sheep, the country is fucked and up to its neck in hoc through no fault of the working class,to say no and stick with a no then with those other countries in the same position as the republic may be able to renegotiate a much fairer deal than what is currently imposed on them,it should not be left to future generations to pay for the greed of the few .

  15. Would love to agree with you Marty but unfortunately we are were we are and we do have to pay for the mess of the powerful and greedy. The powerful men with money were bailed out by the government on behalf of the people who voted them in. No one who is responsible for the debts left behind will ever serve a moment in jail that’s for sure, so as always we the working people have to pick up the tab. Telling them we wont pay back the money we have already promised is a lost cause one way or another we pay always have always will. If the government of the day had said no to the banks and let them sink we would have been in a much stronger position to negotiate. What really annoys me is and I am being selfish here, my kids and grandchildren will be paying for their greed for many years to come.

  16. Marty/Boyne Rover,

    I would vote No but the wife would vote yes. So as we cancel each other out there is no point in voting. It would just amount to a Yo vote. On the night I could tell her I am going to the shop and sneak into the polling station! Big Percy has been telling the people of Louth he has an alternative to the Yo vote. He wants everybody to vote Nes.

  17. Anthony do what any good republican would do in such circumstances,Vote early and vote often..

  18. Boyne Rover,

    ‘What really annoys me is and I am being selfish here, my kids and grandchildren will be paying for their greed for many years to come.’

    Selfish? I would say focussed. If people are not prepared to lookout for their family what will they look out for? I feel selfish for not having looked out for mine for years while looking out for the IRA, Sinn Fein, republican politics and the like. Imagine having my ma run to jail for 18 years for my politics not hers!

    That said, I would still vote No

  19. Yes Boyne Rover nothing all all selfish in looking out for your children,life is hard enough without them being saddled with debts incurred by the rich and greedy,I would hope the no vote carries the day,there has to be a more fair and equitable deal that involves making the economy grow through investment rather than selling of everything of value and taxing the people for almost everything bar the air they breathe.I think we should tell Brussels to f##k of,declare war on America,let them invade us and like Germany and Japan we will be made.

  20. Looks very likely that Greece will pull out of the eurozone, at last we may be seeing people taking control of their own affairs,Ireland should follow suit..