Travesty of Justice and a Disgrace

Today The Pensive Quill features a letter on the ongoing imprisonment of Marian Price. It was written by Marie Flynn, Kate Mc Kinney and Eve Brady, former republican political prisoners in Armagh Gaol. An edited version of this letter originally appeared in the Irish News on 5/05/2012

Marian Price is a 57 year old woman and a mother. Marian suffers from chronic ill health conditions and despite recommendations by medical professionals to have her transferred to an outside hospital she remains in a prison cell. She is NOT receiving adequate healthcare.

Marian Price is the victim of wilful neglect, psychological torture, internment, and political vindictiveness and should be freed immediately.

We the undersigned ex-POWs call on all elected political representatives, activists, ex POWs, trade unionists, community groups, and individuals who care about human rights to help in the demand that Owen Paterson secretary of state for N.I. to immediately release Marian on humanitarian grounds.

Her continued internment and isolation is a travesty of justice and a disgrace; that in a so called democratic society a person so clearly unwell and no danger to any part of society can still be incarcerated at the whim of a single unelected individual.

Marie Flynn, Kate Mc Kinney and Eve Brady, ex Armagh POWS


  1. great to see old comrades of Marian refusing to forget what prisons are all about

  2. Marian,s plight got a good mention on the Sunday Politics Show, Alban McGuinness and Martín O Muilleoir from what I saw spoke well on her behalf, from the the Alliance some groveling dickhead like the rest of his party "sos knows best " shit,Peter Weir from the Dup well as you would expect hang em all, at least Marians situation is being kept in a high profile and hopefully this momentum will increase and Marian is released before her health totally gives way its that serious.

  3. Internment and arbitrary Executive detentions are an absolute abuse of power that must be opposed.

    The Courts must be commended for 1) determining that she should be released on bail pending any due process and 2) ultimately dismissing charges when due process was so blatantly being violated by the PPS.

    I find it strange that the Court's have done more to championed Ms Price's human and civil rights more than Sinn Fein. Given their hsitory, Sinn Fein's passive executive participation in the continuance of Diplock Courts, or Exectutive detentions is equally obhorent.

  4. AM

    That is what comradeship is all about, its exactly 1 year today since Marrion was arrested and interned, I never thought that Internment would be used ever again, nor, the Diplock courts, sad times and the puppets PSF cant or dont want to do anything about it. By the way, I have taken your advice, decided to be cool calm and colective, making myself ill with anger does not help me one iota. Free marrion Now

  5. Mackers,
    When I think of 'Spartans' I think of the women who composed this letter. I have travelled quite a bit with them recently as we campaigned for Marian's release.
    All of these women have battled and continue to battle with degrees of very bad health.
    Eve and Kate have spent years working tirlessly and in confidence for women ex-prisoners in dire-straits.
    Marie is another trooper, nothing is ever too much.
    They stand a thousand per cent behind Marian and behind the prison struggle in general.
    Fair play to them all.

  6. From Sandy Boyer:

    Our organizing meeting for the Marian Price campaign will be held tomorrow,Monday May 14, at 7pm at O'Reily's Pub and Restaurant, 56 West 31 Street
    between 6th Avenue and Broadway. We'll be on the 2nd floor and there will be waiter service available so we can order food and drinks. I'll be there
    by 6:30, so if you're early come up and join me.

    I've attached a very disturbing article about Marian's condition by Suzanne Breen in the Belfast Telegraph.
    Plea for republican Price 'gravely ill' in prison despite case's collapse

  7. Who would ever have believed this? SDLP make statement on Marian while her ex-mates in the Shitters keep their dirty mouths shut.

  8. Sam watch them grovel and become the real quislings they are in the next few months when their loyalist mates decide to really rub the shit in with their jubilee and covenant celebrations,they will support and bankroll all this crap, in turn will say that they shall expect to be given the same treatment when it comes to the 1916 centenary celebrations, but I think the loyal brethren will have none of it and qsf will once again be shown up as the dipsticks they really are.the belated and little lip service that they have shown to Marians cause is as to be expected from people of no principle or backbone.

  9. Sam
    Nothing bothers me anymore what, as you call them, The Shitters, do anymore, well before the 1981 hunger strikes, PSF had there agenda set out, Now, this is my opinion, but with a few others, PSF thought they could get like minded loyalist to accept that a SIX COUNTY DEVOLVED FROM THE BTITISH would win FREEDOM! and, equal rights for all, But, Thay also had a second agenda, which they jupmed to, IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM, now Gerry knows he dropped one massive clanger, so what did he do, He got elected in a no loose seat to be a TD in Dail Eireann, and, did'nt Martyboy try to become President, ask yourselves why?, they are in a win/win situation, but, thats just them two, the rank and file will be left to the brits, ie, license revoked/Interned, then there would be a massive revolt, and, I would not be going to either of those two pieces of Money Grabbing british touts funerals. Alban is a very astute polotician, he detests violince, but, if he sees a wrong being done, he will speak his mind, I hold my hand up to him, allthough he is classed as a british MP, He is the help that is urgently needed.

  10. Just click on the links below and sign. There is a 'privacy' option as well.


    British Prime Minister David Cameron: Implement paragraph 20 Weston Park Accord. Release Gerry McGeough.
    Join 4,000+ Petitioning for Marian Price Interned Without Trial by Britain


    United States Attorney General Eric Holder: Withdrawal of the subpoena he issued on behalf of the British government

  11. Nuala,

    Absolutely right. No PPP (Please Peter Policy) with those women.

  12. Marie had a brief conversation with Marian on the phone yesterday, told the woman that we were all pulling for her and to keep her chin up,hearing Marian gave Marie a lift,Hearing Marie may have made Marian think about those worse of than herself namely me,!

  13. itsjustmacker

    ‘but, thats just them two, the rank and file will be left to the brits’

    That’s at the heart of it I think. Another Top Mans’s Agreement?