New On-line Republican Discussion Forum

Today The Pensive Quill carries a plug from guest writer Alex McGuigan a Belfast socialist republican for a new republican discussion forum

A new on-line Irish Republican discussion forum has been launched this week which looks very promising.

Unlike another well known forum which has featured regularly in the media, for all the wrong reasons, this new forum is not a Provisional Sinn Fein asset and has a decidedly non-partisan administration and moderation team made up of grassroots members from a variety of anti-establishment Republican parties and independents.

The new discussion forum's web address is:

And although it is early days the new forum is utilising modern software that has none of the hang-ups from 'free-forum' platforms. I know the founders of this forum personally and would have no hesitation in recommending their forum as a safe place for comradely discussion on issues affecting the Irish working-class, the wider national liberation project, international politics and culture.

Alex McGuigan,
Belfast socialist republican


  1. I can't get that link working?


  3. I'm not very technical, but this appears to be the correct link:

  4. Sib I clicked on the link and registered ,waiting now for conformation,shall be interested to see how this pans out.

  5. Alex,

    just edited your piece and put the new link in. It works

  6. Thanks Anthony,

    I registered for the new forum and it is very promising.

  7. Is it just me? , but I can't find a link for new members to register.

  8. John Paul top left hand corner it says welcome guest then beside it register.

  9. Here,s one to open the debate, Martyboy has shown his true colours at Stormont during the week, he refered to Derry as Londonderry three times, now as they say if it aint in you it wont come out..

  10. Is it not possible to have a look in before registering? It's a bit 'pig in a poke'ish to have to register before you can look to see if you want to register in the first place.

  11. I wish the new forum well however Alex should clarify the situation by telling people that the IRSP have nothing whatsoever to do with this forum. Alex is promoting this new forum as an individual and by tagging his membership of the IRSP on this article people are being left with the impression that the IRSP either endorse or are connected to the new forum in some way. The IRSP have their own forum and that is the only forum that represents their views.

  12. Alex Mc Guigan needs to clarify to everyone the fact that the IRSP are not involved in any way with this new forum. Personally I wish this forum well, hopefully it may add to debate, however Alex is acting in a personal capacity by endorsing this or any other forum. The IRSP have their own forum and are not connected to this new forum.

  13. Recent events are a reminder that there is no such thing as a safe site, the profile building and intelligence gathering by the British are something that posters on any site need to be aware off. During the policing debate the IRSP amongst others pointed out the of MI5 aspect of these so called new policing arrangements, the Sinn Fein leaderships comments at the time via Declan Kearney and Gerry Kelly attempted to minimise and downplay MI5's role, no surprise there. Posters on sites such as the new one and also the one which is administered by people loyal to Sinn Fein need to be aware of the dangers involved. Personally this is the only site I have found that provides insightful analysis.

  14. new forum address is.

  15. both addresses seem to work Gerard

  16. Let's hope the new forum admins don't get any late night nasty excremental or beer bottle incidents.
    Fair play, I signed up and its good to post on a forum not dominated by prm loyal drones, bullying cliques or division created.

  17. I thought the IRA was responsible for the "excrement incident". Isn't that what Mrs. McIntyre claimed in court documents relating to BC case?

  18. Republican Socialist,

    'Recent events are a reminder that there is no such thing as a safe site.'

    Something everyone should bear in mind.

    'Personally this is the only site I have found that provides insightful analysis.'

    Which is unfortunate because more insight and analysis is needed rather than less. That people think there are so few sites offering it shows how bereft of ideas the project is.

  19. Irish Republicanism

    By Liam Ó Comáin

    The concept of Irish Republicanism
    Contains the objective of ‘peace’
    And ‘justice’ at a national level.
    In fact the flower of peace
    Arises from the soil of justice
    For without justice peace is not real.
    And for Ireland authentic justice
    Is the reality of the Irish people
    Self-determining their own future.
    Without interference from any other
    Foreign country or entity.

    A situation in which the Irish nation
    Is governed by its own people
    For their own people.
    A reality which should be the norm
    Throughout the world in relation
    To all nations.

    In this day and age imperialism and its
    Anti-national character should be dead
    And buried based upon the death and
    Destruction of its bloody history.
    A death to be followed coupled with
    The concept of authentic democracy:
    That is government of the people
    By the people and for the people.

    Thus, no external country or a combination
    Of countries nor, indeed, any section of an
    Occupied country whose allegiance is to
    An external country should have the power
    To prevent the unity and the onward march
    Of a nation. Which implies that ‘republicans’
    Who enter an institution under the auspices
    Of those who are not ‘national’ are pseudo
    Republicans who prevent national liberation.
    Being an obstacle to government of the people
    By the people, for the people. Of course there
    Are those who claim that such is a stepping
    Stone to freedom but sadly it lacks other stones
    And the next step is into the mire of hypocrisy.