Chris Bray: Hot Pursuit

I accuse you of murder! And I will not rest until I bring you to justice! But, anyway, you're free to leave. No big deal.


On Wednesday, federal prosecutors will walk into an appellate court in Boston and tell a panel of judges that they are seeking evidence in an exceptionally serious crime, the murder of a widowed mother of ten who was taken from her home in Belfast and shot in the back of the head by members of the Provisional IRA. Because they are aiding police officials in the United Kingdom with such an important investigation, they will sound a note of urgency: The matter before the courts must be brought to a conclusion, because murderers must be brought to justice.

They will be full of shit.

There was a murder, and it was awful. A widowed mother was killed, and ten children were left with no parents. But is there a murder investigation underway? Is the Police Service of Northern Ireland working to bring killers to justice?


  1. On the evening news this evening a report from an investigation into how the HET handled their investigations into security force killings by the UU concluded that members of the armed forces were given preferential does this come as a surprise to anyone?

  2. Dr Patricia Lundy is a senior lecturer with the University of Ulster and spent more than two years reviewing how the cases are re-investigated.

    She has produced a report which has questioned the independence of its work.

    "I don't believe it is independent. The research indicates that the interviews with soldiers are not impartial, they are not effective and they are not transparent," she said.

  3. Vincent Kearney

    BBC NI home affairs correspondent

    The HET is reviewing more than 150 killings of soldiers Continue reading the main story
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    HET 'should be retained': Orde

    The independence of the Historical Enquiries Team in investigating killings by soldiers during the Troubles has been questioned.

    A report from the University of Ulster has claimed soldiers are given favourable treatment and said the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) does not investigate the cases properly.

  4. The appeal in Boston by myself and Ed Moloney goes ahead in the morn. Let's hope it succeeds

  5. Anthony,

    hopefully the courts will be prudent and deliver a fair result that will protect the rights of academic research.

  6. As the above link shows Carrie is doing a great job in the States fighting this issue

  7. I hope the judges see sense and rule in your favour Anthony. There is more than enough information out there already in public domain for the HET to at least quetion Gerry Adams about the role he played within the PIRA & the shooting dead of Jean McConville.

    As far as I can make out (stand to be corrected)..They'll make violent republican groups more angry than they already are..

    I doubt people will see you as a tout or other...

    Both you & Ed entered into the project with nothing but good faith.

  8. Frankie and Tain Bo,

    Much appreciated

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  10. Liam,

    your comment is probably better placed as an article on the blog where it will be more widely read. If you don't get back to us we will just post it as a comment

  11. Anthony:

    Good luck with the appeal.

    Carrie is doing a fantastic job.

    What saddens me is, when Jean Mc Conville was killed, The ruc didn't want to know anything about it, to them it was just another Fenian (as they say). But the ex ruc are now within the het, staring up crap for everyone for their own satisfying witch hunt.