Chris Bray: Howlers (Part One)

The government has filed its brief novella in the legal appeal by Belfast Project researchers Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre. Ted Folkman has already posted his legal analysis, noting some things along the way that surprised him: "Most boldly, the government goes for it and argues that there simply is no First Amendment academic’s privilege."

Of course, the government is quite boldly going for it in arguments against the First Amendment all the time, these days, so I take that boldness as part and parcel of a larger assault on civil society. In 2012, the pattern is well established: Yes, government is going to boldly go for it and argue against our First Amendment "privileges." (See also.)

In any case, my plan was to read the government's brief this morning and then write a long post about it. But the government destroyed my plans with the raw power of their comedy gold, and now I'm just going to start posting as I go through the awful thing. The government's novella is below, if you feel like tasting your own bile. While laughing! It's sort of a repulsive comedy effect, and someone should add the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts to this page. They've earned it.


  1. There you go Anthony all that worrying about nothing BC is going to forcefully fight this case so no need for you or ED to be concerned, and Ireland will be a socialist republic 2016.

  2. Marty,

    they are pretending to appeal while really hoping to acquiesce with a better excuse than they would have were they not in the appeal

  3. Your posting in Piobaire Hamelin was so lovely that I didn't want to pollute it with politics. So I put this comment on your post of yesterday.

    I saw an article about the Irish government's refusal to cooperate with the investigation of the 1979 "Warrenpoint ambush" in the March 15 Intelnews and thought you might be interested.


  4. TPCB,

    read the case a day or two ago. Will look at the piece you linked to once the kids are off to school.

    Polluting with politics! I always disliked it when I would write an obituary and people would come in and 'pollute' it with topics totally unrelated to the matter at hand. It is not as if there is a shortage of places to post the comment. I appreciate you not wanting to 'pollute' the piece on the school drama.