Chris Bray: Boston College Faculty Call for an Investigation

Boston College Faculty Call for an Investigation -  Boston College Sleeps Through the Whole Thing

An online petition created by the Boston College chapter of the AAUP gives you a chance to join their call for an independent investigation of the Belfast Project.

The petition also gives outsiders a window onto the institutional culture of the university: The chapter took a unanimous vote, on Feb. 27, to ask President William P. Leahy and the board of trustees for an investigation, but they decided to seek wider support when the president and the trustees didn't bother to respond to their letter.

Letter from the faculty? Ah, just toss it into the round file. What's for lunch?

The place is run like a duchy. That's why bad decisions aren't debated and corrected. It isn't working.


  1. Just signed the petion, also

    I know how proud you are of Carrie, she is a very intelligent Lady.
    I listened to her interview, and, she knows exactly what she is talking about.

  2. *Chris Bray: Boston College Faculty Call for an*

    Thanks for that comment. She does a great job and is just back in from Boston this morn.


    She was outstanding. We would never have got so far without her. She has done the work that BC never did, pounding the streets and moving those capable of brining influence to bear.