Chris Bray: An Aside

I warn you in advance: I'm mostly repeating myself, here, on a matter of personal concern that you will only want to know about if you're closely interested in the saga of the Boston College subpoenas. If that's not you, then here, watch this soothing music video instead:

Swimmer: Solo Version


  1. Here is what the shinners think:

  2. 'think'? I thought that was treated like a banned substance in the party

  3. LOL.

    Anthony, in your opinion with the resignation of Bertie Ahern, do you think there will be a resurgence in support and votes for Fianna Fail, and would you expect that to come at the expense of Sinn Fein and the smaller parties?

    I don't think Fine Gael will lose ground to Fianna Fail for the next few elections, that said will Sinn Fein make more gains in the next elections in the Republic???

  4. Ranger1640,

    Sinn Fein are not on the rise because of what they offer, but rather because of what the others have failed to offer. SF would be every bit as dirty and corrupt as Fianna Fail. Set aside the ideological politics of it and it is plain to see that Adams putting his brother in positions while believing him to be a child rapist is every bit as bad if not worse than what Ahern did. SF are eager to displace Fianna Fail but I don't see it happening. Fianna Fail have deep roots and this was shown in the Dublin West by election and in the Sean Gallagher vote. McGuinness was not even at the races.

    SF will try to play up the real input of Adams while he will try to suffocate any autonomous development within the party south of the border. Which I think will strangle its chances. I was in West Belfast yesterday and it looked appalling. Dirty, dilapidated, menacing. I have to agree with Robin Livingstone and Brian Feeney - West Belfast suffered badly under the reign of its former MP. He will bring only the same to the South

    Ahern getting out before getting the boot has been done by agreement. It saves a lot hassle and a PR disaster where Willie O’Dea types would hit out at Martin for pissing on ‘one of our own.’ Given the circumstances it is the best move FF could have made for now.

  5. 'think'? I thought that was treated like a banned substance in the party'


    Myself I support the legalization of banned substances.

  6. Mick,

    totally at one with you on that