Chris Bray: Obvious Lying Tends to be a Bad Public Relations Tactic

Yesterday, in this post, I discussed a videotaped interview that RTÉ conducted with Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn, who babbled an unusually large amount of vicious bullshit, even by his usual standards.

Today, that video is gone. Go look.

RTÉ apparently figured out that they had been used as a vessel for a series of dishonest and personally nasty claims that were easily disproved. Good for them, but if only they had figured it out before they posted the video in the first place.


  1. AM
    Did you see the letter from Danny Morrison in the Irish News the other day? I don’t buy the Irish News (or any of the other local rags), but it was lying on the table in the house, I think someone had brought it in and left it there. Far be it from me to second guess someone, but could yourself and Ed Moloney not have investigated the legal ramifications more fully? You know, to make sure it was iron clad and that no one could touch it? As I say I wouldn’t second guess anyone, and maybe you could explain it a bit better. Anyway, Morrison’s letter, in my view he pretended to be more concerned about the interviewees welfare (regarding court cases etc.) than anything else. But, scratch the surface, and he had barely disguised glee in that he hoped the Heavens would fall on your and Ed Moloney’s heads. He seemed more preoccupied with your attacks on SF etc. (God forbid that anyone should criticise SF, it turns you into a “dissident” an alco, a mental case or a tout or all four!). His comments about “comrades” gave me a sardonic, sneering, and sarcastic “laugh”, the way he and SF treated erstwhile “comrades” were/are, is/was despicable, i.e. if they didn’t agree even in the slightest with the Adams/McGuinness analysis of anything/everything, they were branded as… see contents of brackets above!

  2. Somebody made a remark about the Vatican being involved in all of this,maybe they are not but one thing is remarkable in similarity these institutions all know how to lie with gusto the brits and qsf have some serious competition a cara.

  3. Belfastgit,

    Somebody rang to say there was a deranged letter in! Given that ten out of every nine people don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, it will hardly concern anyone associated with the BC project.
    We felt with a university law school and the legal assurances they were content to give, we had the legal angles covered. Unfortunately it proved not to be. So sure were BC that they were covered the subpoena hit them like a bolt out of the blue – same for us. Oddly enough your term ‘iron clad’ was the precise language given by BC to the loyalists.

    Morrison has his own troubles given the self-destruction of his own narrative on the hunger strike. He uses the BC issue as a smoke screen. And he probably is quite unforgiving that BC’s oral history was the catalyst for the demise of his narrative. I suppose having to go through the rest of his days in the knowlege that everyone knows what he did to the hunger strikers is a huge burden to carry. And I have the feeling that they will ultimately hang him out to dry on it - it will all have been his fault. The boss didn't know what he was at. Usual nonsense.

    Moreover he has sought to assist the Brit case in the matter of the subpoena, making the argument that they wish to be out there. I guess we are no longer surprised why. You are right he is not in the slightest concerned about the interviewees. How could he be when he has labelled them touts?

    As for their labelling strategies, you summed it up.

  4. In todays Sunday World ,Suzanne Breen has an article headlined Take The Lie Test Gerry, it tells us Richard O Rawe has called on Adams,Morrison, and McFarland to take a polygraph test this is supported by the IRSP and Mickey Devines daughter Louise, could you imagine the headlines the next day if they did,POLYGRAPH MACHINE MELTS....a spokesperson for the polygraph company stated "these machines are not capable of handling a continuous set of lies and we didnt get past their names!

  5. Marty,

    that is funny.

    I am still sorry that Bik is caught up in all of this. I have always thought he was a decent guy. I would love to hear him tell it as he genuinely saw it. While it is easy to imagine the others doing high fives as the boys were dying, their minds filled with thoughts of elections, limelight and political careers, Bik never struck me in that manner.

  6. I hear on this evenings news that Ian Paisley is in hospital hopefully on his way out slowly and painfully to,also it comes as no shock that his cronies qsf mla,s are asking after his health and wishing him a speedy recovery rather than the trip to his hell,he has blood on his hands as much as Mc Guinness and Adams,