Chris Bray: Called to Account

A librarian and a professor claimed half of the royalties from a book based on a research project they had nominally overseen, saying they would use the cash for the support of further research at their university. Then they took the money for themselves, and they didn't tell the university they'd done it. Years later, lost in the dark, the university made an outrageous attack on an outside researcher it had hired for the same project: the university's spokesman publicly denigrated the researcher for making money on the book that resulted from the project, without mentioning that the professor and the librarian had done the same. He made that false claim because he didn't know it was false, since the professor and the librarian had never mentioned that they profited from the book (and because the exceptionally reckless spokesman was making a serious personal attack based only on his uninformed assumptions).


  1. AM
    I have just read the transcript from RTE on the interviews, I would say, without a doubt, Ed Moloney came out on TOP.
    He Kept 50% of the Royalties and gave 25% each to the other two, as he promised he would, he presumed that the other two would put their 25% each back into BC. But they Didn't.

  2. Ha ha, greedy bastards caught with their hands in the till,

  3. Marty,

    it is the way they sought to shaft us on the confidentiality clause. They are sort of caught out now.

  4. itsjustmacker,

    and yet they will all try to brass neck it