Renewed Appeal for Gerard Anthony Daly

Tonight the Pensive Quill featured Guest Writer Belinda Daly who renews her appeal for her missing brother Gerry Daly.

Missing Person Bailieborough, Co. Cavan, Ireland.

The family and friends of Gerard Daly (43), known to his friends as “Gerry”, are renewing their appeal for information regarding his disappearance. Gerry, a resident of Bailieborough, Co. Cavan and originally from Tallaght, Co. Dublin has been missing from his home in Bailieborough since Sunday, 26th June, 2011 under undeniably suspicious circumstances.

 Gerry, a father of three young children was last seen by his partner on the evening of the 26th of June. At approximately 6:00PM that same evening Gerry’s partner left Bailieborough to return to her own home. That was the last time that anyone has allegedly seen or spoken to Gerry.

After having difficulty reaching Gerry, and her increased concern for his safety, Gerry’s partner contacted the Gardaí and reported him missing. Bailieborough Gardaí along with Irish non-profit organizations Searching for the Missing in Ireland and International, and Irish Search Dogs in collaboration with countless other local, national and internationalagencies has conducted exhaustive searches for Gerry utilizing every possible resource available to them.

Despite land, water and aerial searches for Gerry, scores of face-to-face interviews and repeated national and international appeals for information, there has been little clue as to how or why Gerry Daly disappeared. Gardaí have ruled out the likelihood of suicide and abscondment.

Despite the countless man-hours and resources devoted to finding Gerry Daly, no association with criminal or Para-military activity has been made. Gerry Daly appears to have vanished into thin air, despite his physical stature and strength. Both the Gardaí and the Daly family believe that one or more persons known personally to, and trusted by Gerry is withholding critical information related to his disappearance.

Gerry is a carpenter and builder by trade but his true passion lies with his breeding and training of German Shepherd dogs. Gerry is well connected throughout the dog-breeding community and has participated in, and received awards for showing his dogs. He is also an experienced sub-aqua scuba diver and belongs to local dive clubs. When last seen Gerry was wearing a blue polo top with yellow strips, black work boots, a G-shock watch. He is believed to have been wearing a gold chain with a Celtic cross on it at the time of his disappearance. Gerry has multiple tattoos on his arms, including a scorpion, an Irish flag and a stick figure drawing. Gerry was carrying a black and red Nokia mobile phone at the time he disappeared.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Garda confidential line on 1 800 666 111 or Searching for the Missing in Ireland and International Confidential line on +353 0852092119


  1. Belinda I thought of your plight yesterday when I caught a piece on the rte news about a body recovery,as it turned out some other family are now able to grieve, hopefully if its that way you and your family will be giving the peace you deserve, my only advice is and I,m sure you are already doing it is to make a nuisance of yourself with all the relevant agencies i.e. garda. t.v and press. good luck with your unenviable task hon and keep your chin up ...

  2. This poor family must be going through hell. Hard to imagine how horrific the 'not knowing' would be.

    Reminiscent of some parts of our own murky past. I hope the family get peace of mind one way or another.

  3. If anyone has any information, PLEASE tell someone, even if it seems pointless or irrelevant. This man is my uncle, unless you've been through this before, you cannot begin to imagine the pain and torture my family goes through every day. Please help us find him...

  4. Please, if you have any information, please tell someone. No matter how irrelevant or unimportant it may seem, it may be the missing piece we need to find him. This man is my uncle and unless you've been through this or something similar, you cannot even begin to imagine the pain my family, especially my grandparents who've lost their son, has to go through everyday. Please help us bring him home.

  5. Tonight as I write to thank you all for your continued support, I am tearful to see Aisling's plea for Gerry's return.

    The affect Gerry's disappearance is having on the children in our family is devastating. Gerry himself has three young boys who need to know that their Daddy didn't leave them beacuse he doesn't love them. They need to be able to hold their heads high, be unashamed for his death and have a place to grieve & chat to their Dad. We all do.

    Once again, I beg you all to continue to help us in our search for Gerry. 7 months is a long time not to know.