Chris Bray: US Courts Deferring To The Government

Chris Bray with yet another good piece on the Boston College crisis. In this piece Bray outlines how courts tend to give way to governments on matters of foreign policy

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  1. Robert,

    I saved this comment from another thread but as with a comment by Tain Bo earlier I no longer know which thread!

    'I remain, entirely, unconvinced that an attempt to arrest Sinn Fein's
    recent electoral success in the Republic, by embarrassing Adams, is the driver for the issuing of the Boston College subpoenas. It appears so at variance with the idea that he is a nurtured and protected asset. If that truly is Adam's position it follows that this affair is more likely about accessing, controlling and ultimately neutralising potentially damaging material against Adams.'

    Interesting take. It seems you are not of a view that there was any good reason behind the subpoena