Chris Bray: Scarce Solutions

"The game is rigged. But you cannot lose if you do not play."

-- Marie Daniels

Judges are careful people, and it's always an interesting moment when they say things they don't need to say. At a district court hearing on Tuesday, Judge William Young ruled that researchers Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre do not have legal standing to sue Attorney General Eric Holder and a federal prosecutor in Boston who has sought to enforce subpoenas for confidential archival materials on paramilitary organizations that were active in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.


  1. Chris is a good man to have in your corner Anthony

  2. Excellent post a cara, and as Chris says the outcome of this action and BC,s refusal to defend this project will be to have archives full of totally useless shit.

  3. Jean Mc Conville's family want the Boston tapes released.The provos gave her a trial in a kangaroo court and then murdered her.Lovely people.Even Shivers and Duffy didn't suffer such a cruel fate .

  4. Sandy,

    You seem a little disappointed the non-jury kangaroo court system did not send Shivers and Duffy to the grave or as you suggest they should suffer the same fate as Jean Mc Conville. Where exactly is the correlation between the Duffy & Shivers case and the Mc Conville case? Perhaps if the highly efficient RUC had put one, one tenth of the effort into solving the Mc Conville case as they did with the Duffy Shivers case then the PSNI certainly would not be relying on what is allegedly in certain tapes.
    Naturally, the Mc Conville family would want any information regarding the execution that may be pertinent to their mother’s unsolved case. Where exactly would the PSNI find any information on the case in the UVF tapes?

    This unfortunate mother of ten is a victim not just of the IRA but also more directly became a victim of the British dirty war and their very persuasive ways of recruiting and manipulating people into working for them. How much sleep did the British recruiters lose over the death of any of their victims on both sides?

    Did they protect the people they used in their dirty war no! They were expendable and if cases went unsolved or I should were not investigated properly the reasoning behind that would be to protect the practice of using people as informants that would make them both directly and indirectly responsible in any deaths caused in the use of informers.

    The only disappointment Brit intelligence would have when any Republican or Loyalist informers executed is that they lost a resource. Then there are the questions of informants having served their purpose and the simple Brit solution throw them to the lions where they would be a headline for a day and forgotten tomorrow as both camps only have one rule for informers.

    It is almost endearing that you act sympathetic to the Mc Conville family and their request and then expose your obvious bitterness that Shivers & Duffy deserve the same fate.
    The court under British law found Duffy innocent so why mention him apart from the fact your post has nothing to do with BC case but just a simple excuse for you to spout at the Duffy, Shivers verdict.