Chris Bray: Obvious and Dangerous Lies from Boston College

Tonight The Pensive Quill links to an article by Chris Bray on his excellent blog in which he damns the Boston College figures who wrote a column in yesterday's Irish Times. Bray cuts to the chase and slices through their self exculpating narrative with a swingeing piece of analysis which pulls no punches about the mendacity employed by Boston College as it continues to evade its responsibilities.


  1. Tain Bo,

    'I have been following his blog and he is doing an excellent job exposing BC. For anyone interested his blog is well worth following.'

    A comment you made elsewhere which I took a note of but can't be bothered trying to chase the origins of (!!!) and which I have to endorse. He is an excellent writer who cuts through the muck with such insightfulness.

    I have been well behind in my responding to comments due to being up to my eyes in the wider fight to protect the archive.

  2. The more I read about Hachey and O,Neill the more I would like to see their bank statements.i.e, have they been receiving any large unexplained bungs or have they been compromised in some other form,it certainly looks that way to me, these guys cant be as incompetent as they appear to be,their actions and statements/lies are highly suspicious and not in keeping of what one would expect from men in such high responsible positions .Boston College must be the laughing stock of the academic world and it would be in their own interest to investigate these men/mice .

  3. Marty,

    'bank statements'

    An interesting observation.

    Watch this space

  4. Anthony,

    It is on the “Chris Bray BC’s Reckless Negligence.”
    I think most of us Quill followers understand your position and do not expect a response under the circumstances. My comment was merely pointing out that Bray and his blog is extremely insightful for anyone interested.