Chris Bray: Nom Nom Nom

Tonight The Pensive Quill links to Chris Bray as he describes the actions of the Assistant U.S. Attorney in pressing for even more of the oral history archive at Boston College.

In a remarkable Saturday filing, Assistant U.S. Attorney John McNeil burps, pats his full belly, and orders a few more courses. The Department of Justice is not satisfied with a court ruling that hands them fully a third of the nominally confidential IRA interviews archived at Boston College.


  1. I've been watching the events involved in this case and some aspects of it strike me as rather incomprehensible.

    Most important, why would evidently senior IRA members even think of putting their trust into an American university, particularly into one with such close ties to the government apparatus?

  2. Pied Cow hindsight as they say is a wonderfull thing the oral history project is a truly worthwhile project and necessary if we or future generations are ever to make sense out of our recent past,I recall the interviews on RTE of recollections from members of Óglaigh na hÉireann from "the war of independence" and it was amazing to hear their accounts of actions carried out in that time,Dixie has said in another post if history cant be told by those who actually lived through it,then how can future generations know what actually happened ,Boston College had undertaken a truly worthy project recording histories from both sides of the conflict,future generations would have applauded this project and the people who had the vision to initiate it,now it seems we shall have nothing but a revisionist history and you can guess who will write that...

  3. Pied Cow,

    What is so incomprehensible about breaking away from white-knuckle textbook history penned to express the view of the victor?
    It is a unique exercise in deconstructing the past as seen through the experiences of both former Loyalist and Republican combatants.

    Probably for the same reasons former Loyalist participated in the project and I assume felt that Boston College was safe ground or I should say given the American government was instrumental in the peace process and without said involvement, a project like this would have been unthinkable.

  4. Pied Cow is correct BC is a cesspit of Vatican and US intelligence.