Chris Bray: Boston College And Reckless Negligence.

The historian and blogger Chris Bray has crafted a discerning piece that gets beneath Boston College dissembling. Bray has followed the case since the early days of the subpoena being issued by the British police and has offered some of the most piercing commentary on the affair.

Bray’s piece shows how Boston College ignored proposals to protect the oral history archive in the wake of the first subpoena. After that subpoena Boston College was totally aware that its ironclad guarantees amounted to little. Yet it persisted in creating the circumstances whereby an already endangered archive was made even more vulnerable to an assault by British police.


  1. Just a message to let everyone know Bridget Hanna ,republican stalwart passed away within the last hour,

  2. I have been following his blog and he is doing an excellent job exposing BC.
    For anyone interested his blog is well worth following.

  3. Once you became Tom Mc Feely's bagman , you lost credibility as a commentator.Why give space to galvin who supported the Omagh ATROCITY ? Why doesn't he campaign for the Gauantanimo detainees routinely raped and tortured ? You promised that Priory Hall would be sorted 2 years ago !

  4. Alan one can say that at least Martin Galvin did not give the order for Omagh,unlike those muppets Adams and Mc Guinness who are responsible for countless war crimes and yet are feted like statesmem,mind you most statesmem are some form of lowlife anyway,

  5. Alan if Anthony has lost all credibility as a commentator,then why do you bother commenting on TPQ,do you think anyone here takes your comment seriously I for one dont,

  6. Alan,

    It is the Pensive Quill and not Dear Abbey.
    You should take it up with Mc Feely, Galvin and Obama they could give you the answers.
    Why ask for censorship especially from someone you find has no integrity yet ironically gives you space to post an, albeit childish rant?

  7. A couple of points,a chairde.
    Try standing back and examining what is and has happened without any prejudices.
    Boston College..what is it and who funds it?Center of Jesuit operations for North America.John Hume,Peace Process,Derry etc.
    Stand back and step outside the paradigm.
    There are many what ifs.....

    For the past number of years my gut is telling me that we have been played.
    Possibly since the beginning of the second Hunger Strike.
    Martin Galvin...a true Republican.
    Shafted by Donaldson and whoever sent him to the US.

  8. Marty,

    Really sorry to hear about Bridie Hanna, last saw her was 7/8 years ago. She must've been a big age I remember her from when I was a kid.

  9. MDU Bridget was a lady, who always seemed to have a smile and a kind word,proud to have known her ,

  10. I didn't know Bridget Hanna personally but I am led to believe she was a fine lady.

  11. Mackers

    I know the testimonies were given with certain understandings regarding their release for public consumption but what exactly could they contain which would lead to prosecutions. Surely the statements could be denied or are there parts of the statements that would seriously implicate the interviewees with regards to prosecution.

    It appears now that there was a certain amount of naivety shown regarding the promises given especially given the subpoenas issued and the BC's willingness to hand over anything they can.

    Do you think that you have possibly been duped ?

    Why has it become public knowledge that people still alive have given testimonies? Surely the disclosure of interviewees names should have been forbidden until their deaths.

  12. Section 408,

    the duplicity comes directly from BC they went ahead with the project knowing full well they had their legal loophole embedded in the contract just in case they needed to wash their hands of the project as they did with great expediency.
    Academic institutions are notorious recruiting grounds for agents.

  13. Section 408,

    Apologies for the delay in responding. Simply been too busy.

    There are limits as to what I can say about the interviews. But the cops would seem to be looking with a view to prosecute.

    ‘Do you think that you have possibly been duped?’

    Have to allow for the possibility that this is what BC did. Not a nice scenario to ponder but if that is what it is then ...

    ‘Surely the disclosure of interviewees names should have been
    forbidden until their deaths.’

    Anyone identified has done so of their own volition.