Chris Bray: Boston College and Jack Dunn

Last Chris Bray wrote a piece about the hapless attempts by Boston College PR man Jack Dunn's unenviable task of trying to get the the college off the hook. As always with Chris his observations are well worth a read. Universities taking responsibility for their actions is not the done thing it seems.


  1. No matter how this all ends,BC must have lost all credibility with anyone interested in the collecting and recording of Irish history,personally I wouldnt let them their jobs...

  2. Should have read keep their jobs,sorry about that texting and watching Whale Wars all at the same time to much for my wee head...

  3. After reading the article in the Irish Times:

    “College has fought to deny access to interview materials.”

    I was amazed at how these so-called academic intellectuals are so ridiculously stupid.

    The headline reads like a parody of a parody.
    They are so incompetent they never bothered to properly archive the material I wonder exactly how secure the martial is or should state was.
    Are they trying to say the only archived material was that of Brendan Hughes and David Irvine apparently they had no trouble in finding those interviews without the assistance of the interviewer?

    I wonder how Thomas E Hachey & DR Robert K O’Neill can be so blatant and continue to make outrageous statements obviously they say they put up a fight but how could they have put up a fight when they couldn’t even be bothered to find the material requested by the court.
    Their intellectual collective reason,

    (“Thus, the court has articulated a legal and procedural basis for possibly denying the disclosure of the materials. No one knows more about the contents of the interviews of former IRA members than the interviewer himself, Anthony McIntyre, who declined the court’s request to disclose which of the interviews were potentially responsive, thereby requiring Boston College to provide all the IRA interviews to the court for its review.”)

    blame the interviewer for not doing their job are they that desperate to find a scapegoat for their obvious incompetence.
    The article is very volatile and completely irresponsible giving this is a project about Para-militaries. Both Hachey and O’Neill know and understand Para-militaries do not play within the parameters of law.

    Their pathetic excuses may read well in the intellectual world but the translation in the everyday world of Northern Ireland is completely different.