This & That 𐃉 Take 3

A Baptism of Rape

There are more things to be concerned about in Holland than those hedonistic pursuits in Amsterdam that Christy Moore sang about that so annoyed Gregory of God and his bible bashing devotees. A report just released by the Deetman Commission has found that Dutch priests abused 'up to 20,000 children'. Deetman reported that ‘to prevent a scandal, nothing was done.’  A culture of silence meant that dirty washing was not to be cleaned in public. Sort of sounds familiar.

Archbishop of Utrecht Wim Eijk made it clear in his comments on the report that the Church hierarchy knew but, as usual, failed to act, something which now ‘fills us with shame and sorrow.’ That sounds familiar too.

Over a four decade period up to 1985 a total of 800 priests and monks shared the sensual side of their religion with the nation’s children.  And as usual the hierarchy pretended not to know what was going in. As a consequence a victim’s body, Klokk, claimed that the institutional attitude of the Church left victims bereft of confidence that anything would change in the Church. And for some strange reason that also sounds familiar.

The Universal Church is a term whose meaning which grows clearer with each new report. Clerical rape of children is a universal Church practice.

The Immigrant

The recently evicted Fine Gael mayor of Naas is now considering emigrating if he loses his job. He is currently suspended by his employer. Tough times and I would not wish a job loss on anybody simply because I do not share their politics. 

Councillor Darren Scully who as mayor of Naas was forced to resign from office after he had publicly vowed not to represent the interests of ‘Black Africans’ in Naas. Mayor of the Honkies: white dudes only need apply for assistance. 

The Africans should not complain too much because the way things are at the minute it seems that Fine Gael represent neither Irish nor Africans living in Ireland but are eager to front for the bondholders and bankers to which the party is of course colour blind.

While ex-mayor Mr Scully has at least the decency to say ‘I can't blame anyone but myself’ it will nevertheless be ironic if he does emigrate only to find himself in a foreign town where the mayor will not represent him because he is a ... foreigner. Paddy go home. 

Sometimes what goes around comes around.

Smarm Offensive

Any lingering belief on the part of the people of Louth that they might just have quality representation from their TDs in Dail Eireann were quickly and cruelly dispelled on last Thursday’s Prime Time. Smarmy Fergus O’Dowd of Fine Gael sneered and mocked as Claire Daly of the Socialist Party sought to protect the most vulnerable in Irish society from the latest austerity assault launched by the governing coalition.

O’Dowd – ounce for ounce the most condescending tosser without a beard in the Dail. €100 deducted from his bulging pocket will hardly leave him hungry, cold or both by the weekend. While he can hardly claim to be gainfully employed, by virtue of his trade he is not dependant on job seekers allowance. 

Claire Daly was having none of it and illustrated how neither O’Dowd nor the government he supports is worthy of belief, pointing to the pre-election promises that have since been broken with gusto. She pressed the issue of a wealth tax which the eel like Blue Shirt sought to wriggle out of answering, pretending that fairness and equity were to be achieved through treating rich and poor alike through the imposition of a property tax.

Anatole France long ago explained the logic of that. ‘The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.’

Fergus O’Dowd won’t be breaking stolen bread along the banks of the Boyne this evening.


  1. I,ve said it before and I,m sure I,ll be repeating it for the rest of my days but I firmly believe that the "church "is nothing more than a great big international paedo ring,with maybe a few gullible fools who are innocent to help give it a veneer of respectability..

  2. AM-

    A few bad apples involved in church rape has instead been found to have many bad orchards in their ranks of evil-

    7 years it takes to be a priest- and nobody seen or heard evil from the thousand rapists in all that time-

  3. Paisley was right asbout the catholic church .Anyone disagree ? Why are republicans so in favour of mass immigration to ireland ? Are they all landlords ??? Any chance of writing about Suarez ? Merry cmas every1, Shakin Stevens sings it better !

  4. Global evil. Interested in nothing more than preservation of its wealth. A wealth created out of selling hope.
    Pure evil through and through. Any other institution would be wound up and its leaders jailed. Well apart from the banks.

  5. Oneinamillion,

    feel free to write about him.


    not overly fond of it myself!




    has to be the greatest con in the history of humanity. Selling people the afterlife. As George Carlin said nobody does bullshit better than the clergy. Superleague bullshitters, they are

  6. Imagine Darren Scully had left Naas to go to London in the 50's. No Blacks , No Irish , No dogs would have been his welcome. He's a credit to his nation.