This & That. Take 1

Government is Good. 

In the face of looming home repossessions it is worthwhile revisiting the thoughts of the late George Carlin on the matter.  He looks at some possible solutions which the Dail is bound to consider. In a spirit of generosity it might drop the household charge and hand out crates and cartons instead.

Murph Massacre

As part of Human Rights Week the Ballymurphy Massacre Relatives Group has taken its case to Dail Eireann in Dublin. The body demands the truth behind the killings of 11 innocent people at the hands of the British state’s security forces in August 1971. As in Derry some months later, British paratroopers were the vicious trigger men who with the sure certainty of immunity slaughtered the innocent. 

Gerry Adams the former MP for West Belfast, the constituency in which the massacre occurred, in this instance supports the call for truth.

Ballymurphy has had many victims about whom lies were told by those who gunned them down. One such person was unarmed father of four Joe O’Connor, shot dead by armed men in October 2000. At the time some reports were so brazen in their dishonesty, a reader could be forgiven for thinking O’Connor had killed himself. In that instance Mr Adams did not support the call for truth.

The dead man’s mother Margaret despite asking for truth got little but abuse and prevarication.  Perhaps Mr Adams, now that truth is a new found passion, might spare her a thought, have a change of heart, and facilitate her family’s quest for truth at the same time as he supports the efforts of the Ballymurphy Massacre Group. Parity of esteem could settle for nothing less. 

Song Song Blue

No Song Here. Progress of sorts in as far as it represents a change from No Pope Here. These days they only hate you if you are a musical Catholic.

The DUP has a new Gerry A in its sites, Anderson rather than Adams. Gregory Campbell has expressed outrage at Gerry Anderson having aired a song Weekend In Amsterdam by Christy Moore. There were some words in the Moore lyrics that offended the moral majority. The thought of somebody enjoying a weekend in the Dutch capital would enrage them.  Louis Mencken once defined puritanism as 'the haunting fear that someone, somehwere, may be happy.' He need look no further than Gregory Campbell to have that confirmed.

The BBC with its usual fortitude in these matters folded and has apologised to its listeners. Despite the apology Campbell wants Gerry Anderson to explain himself. Expect a demand for sackcloth and ashes to follow.

There must be many people in the North who far from wanting the BBC to apologise to them nevertheless might feel the Corporation should apologise for having apologised in the first place. They endorse Gerry Anderson and reject the self appointed committees for public decency.

More verses from Moore and less from Moses.


  1. Great post Anthony as usual,there is more chance of the bearded one admitting he let six comrades die on hunger strike needlessly than calling for the truth re vol J O Connors murder.
    I listened to that Gerry Anderson interview with the one and only Christy Moore it was brilliant and the weekend in Amsterdam song was superb ,classicly Moore at his brilliant best,as for Greg Campbell well ya gotta watch what ya say about him,so I,ll just say fuck you Greg,you give ginger a bad if you,ll excuse me I gotta throw another qsf,er on the fire,got to keep the kids warm somehow ..

  2. With the calls for an independent inquiry into the events of 81 gathering pace, surely the beard's silence and that of QSF speaks volumes in itself?

    Have been thinking though, how damaging would it be to the bearded ones reputation amongst Republicans anyway, many have long since copped onto the cult of Adams, a lot of the new voters they've picked up wouldn't have been around then either. So it would leave only those with a vested interest and the brainwashed.

    The truth will come out and it's close, we owe it to those brave men who sacrificed so much.

  3. Marty Down Under your going to love this book by our women ex pows .Anthony hurry up and get a review written up on this wonderful piece of work a cara please.

  4. Marty,

    as soon as I get a copy

  5. Tomorrow soon enough a cara ..

  6. Would someone please print the lyrics to “Weekend in Amsterdam” on here as I don’t think I’ve ever heard it (shame on me). I want to see the words that so upset Gregory Campbell and revel in them.

  7. Belfastgit,

    here it is on youtube. If some pastor had been on reading out murderous passages from the bible the same mob would be a mute mob

  8. I see in todays paper a report on the passing of Christopher Hitchens rip a light has went out,I hope it all passed peacefully for him and his family.

  9. Marty,

    he was a great writer. There was so much of his stuff to disagree with but he made me think. I always found his material stimulating. I never viewed him as Mick Hall did - see his obit at Organised Rage - a pen for hire but rather a pen on fire that set debate and discussion alight and with which he roasted quite a few of his critics.

  10. Roasted quite a few Anthony,sharp and quick as a surgeons knife,

  11. Good song. I owe Gregory Campbell a debt for bringing it to my attention.
    Maybe he's part of some publicity stunt with Gerry and Christy. They're probably great mates behind it all.
    Though he can't admit it just now - it would spoil the effect.

  12. The last time I was in Amsterdam I dumped our clothes to make room for a rather large Geschenbox case containing a glass AK47 bottle filled with vodka,and a grenade shaped bottle of a liquer vodka and six shot glasses.who needs clothes when you have the price of three bags of coasl in ya... I love Amsterdam...

  13. A teacher says to her class "ok kids I,d like you all to tell me what you need at home" Susie says "we need a computer" Wendy says"we could do with a new car" Johnny says "we dont need anything miss" teacher says "come on Johnny everyone needs something" "no miss my sister came home with Mickeyboy and my dad said thats all we need ".....

  14. This is just a friendly reminder about drinking and driving over the festive period.I went out last night and left my car at the pub and took the bus home.I am very proud of myself this morning as I,ve never driven a bus before....just had a sneak look at one of mt christmas presents a bag of f##kin rice ...cheers uncle Ben....Bob doh Brains was busy in Thatcher house Anytout rd sending out rent notices to the parties tennants,,anyway Gerry Itwasnt me asked him would he like a drink? Bob accepts and soon Gerry Itwasnt me returns with a mug of coffee,"excellent coffee to be sure doh" says Bob "Aye" says Gerry"one of the lads brought it back from Colombia" "thats great doh and its still warm as well"..

  15. George Carlin is Just brill Could barely breath from larfing so hard He nails it good from all sides...
    Couldnt focus on the rest after watching that!
    Nollaig shona Anthony, Marty, Fionnuala, martydownunder, belfastgit etc etc. Thanks for such a great blog Anthony... I am gonna be reading Death of Irish Republicanism by you! over Xmas hols - friend posted it to me!

  16. SMH Nollaig SHONA DUIT and I know you will really enjoy (if thats the right word ) THE Death of Irish republicanism by Anthony and as a follow up may I suggest our women ex pows book In The Footsteps Of Anne. have a crackin hol hon and go easy on the old boking....

  17. Bob doh Brains was painting Thatcher house .Anytout rd,when Gerry Itwasnt me walked in and cant believe how well he is doing,but the sweat is pouring of him,Gerry Itwasntme asks "why are you wearing a leather jacket and a parker"?,,Bob replies "DOH HELLO read the label it says..for best results put on two coats doh "..

  18. SMH,

    George Carlin was brilliant on everything he did. I thought he was a great comedian. Fred Phelps announced that George was in hell when he died!

    Merry Xmas to you too. Have a good one

  19. The wife and I got arrested for fighting over a calender...we got 6 months each....

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