End the Torture of Marian Price

Tonight The Pensive Quill features guest writer Sandy Boyer, the co-host of Radio Free Eireann [1] on WBAI in New York City. In the following piece originally carried at http://socialistworker.org/2011/12/06/end-torture-marian-price, he reports on the unjust imprisonment of Northern Ireland political prisoner Marian Price.

MARIAN PRICE is the only woman political prisoner in Northern Ireland. She has been in continuous solitary confinement, except for three visits a week from relatives, since her arrest in May.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan E. Méndez, called for the abolition of solitary confinement in an October 18 report to the UN's Third Committee. "Considering the severe mental pain or suffering solitary confinement may cause, it can amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment."

He called for a total prohibition on solitary confinement for more than 15 days. As this is being written, Marian Price has been in solitary confinement for more than 7 months. She has been charged twice under Northern Ireland's special security laws.Each time she was released on bail.

Each time Owen Paterson, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland who was appointed by the British Prime Minister, overruled the judge and ordered her back to prison. He said that he was revoking her license (parole). This means that Marian Price is being interned without a charge, trial or release date.

In May, she was charged with "encouraging support for an illegal organization" after she held up a piece of paper from which a masked man reada statement. Perhaps only in Northern Ireland could holding a piece of paper be a crime.

Then, in July, she was charged with "providing property for the purposes of terrorism." The allegation was that she gave a cell phone to someone who participated in the killing of two British soldiers.

She was questioned about the killings and released 18 months before she was charged. Her lawyer, Peter Corrigan, told the BBC that there was no new evidence against her. Many saw this as an attempt to discredit Marian Price, especially since the initial charge was so ridiculous.

Once again she was released on bail, and, again, the secretary of State for Northern Ireland said he was revoking her license and ordered her back to prison.

BUT MARIAN Price is not actually on license. Convicted of bombings in Britain, she received a full royal pardon when she was freed in 1980 because she appeared to be on the brink of death from severe anorexia nervosa.

The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) has been unable or unwilling to come up with a copy of the pardon in three successive court hearings. Peter Corrigan, Price's lawyer, told The Sunday World "We've asked the NIO to produce the pardon which would free her. They've told us this important document is lost and probably has been shredded. It's all very convenient."

The judge could have released Marian Price in November when he was told that the pardon had been lost. Instead, there will be no hearing until December 21at the earliest. Unless there is a ruling in her favor, Price could be imprisoned indefinitely even if she is acquitted on all the charges against her.

Marian Price's health was permanently damaged because she was force fed over 400 times when she was on hunger strike in a British prison. She described the force feeding in an interview with Suzanne Breen which was published in The Village in Dublin:

Four male prison officers tie you into the chair so tightly with sheets you can't struggle. You clench your teeth to try to keep your mouth closed but they push a metal spring device around your jaw to prise it open. They force a wooden clamp with a hole in the middle into your mouth. Then, they insert a big rubber tube down that. They hold your head back. You can't speak or move. You're frightened you'll choke to death.
The force-feeding takes 15 minutes but it feels like forever. You're in control of nothing. You're terrified the food will go down the wrong way and you won't be able to let them know because you can't speak or move. You're frightened you'll choke to death.

One day, a doctor put the tube into Price's lung, not her stomach, and water flooded into her lung:

I felt like I was drowning. I passed out. They carried me back to my cell. The doctors were standing over me when I came round. If it had been food, not water in the tube, it would have killed me. The medical and prison staff told the authorities they wouldn't force feed me again.

Price's husband, Jerry McGlinchey, told Radio Free Eireann on WBAI (99.5 FM) that she has never recovered from the force feeding. It caused tuberculosis that had to be treated again just last year. The anorexia has returned and she suffers from such severe arthritis that she can't even open her hand. McGlinchey said that he is "very, very worried" about his wife's health. He believes that it will get steadily worse as long as she is in solitary confinement.

Marian Price has devoted her entire life to ending British rule in Northern Ireland. She firmly believes this can only be won by an armed struggle. She told Suzanne Breen in The Village interview "Sometimes it's necessary to do something just to let it be known there are people out there who don't accept the status quo. Being a minority of a minority is nothing new for republicans."

Very few people in Ireland would agree with Marian Price. Even many Irish republicans who share her opposition to British rule believe that armed struggle can't accomplish anything in today's Ireland. But Marian Price's political isolation makes it even more important to defend her human rights. People with unpopular opinions are usually the first victims of government repression.

There are probably hundreds of former political prisoners in Northern Ireland who were released on license. Many have given up on politics. Others remain republicans. Some are even socialists. If the British government succeeds in interning Marian Price, any one of them could be locked up indefinitely at any time for any reason.

Everyone who believes in human rights and civil liberties needs to do whatever they can to help free Marian Price.

[1] http://www.wbai.org/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=354&Itemid=42


  1. Great piece Sandy. More attention needs drawn to this despicable situation

  2. Whatever ones views about Marion Price or her politics what is occuring here is all wrong. The Judiciary have ruled one way and a Politician overides that ruling?? Diplock Courts were one thing but Executive Courts are something else altogether --certainly no proclaimed Democracy has them; in fact arbitrary executive decisions usurping the role of the judiciary and common law in order to imprision anyone I would have thought would be an anathema to anyone who aspires to the said values of a United Ireland or United Kingdom.

  3. PS: Instead of bail applications why do her lawyers not pursue a writ of haebus corpus?

  4. Great piece Sandy, will forward on. As Anthony says not enough attention is being brought to Marian's plight.

  5. Good article Sandy. I personally don't think armed struggle will work anymore, but I understand where people who think it will are coming from, especially when they see despicable and vindictive behaviour like this. Have the brits learned anything about the Irish people? SF may have surrendered to them, but other people won't.

  6. Let her go home. Totally OTT vindictive approach by the Stormont regime.

  7. Good article Have reposted it on my blog. Just gross what is & has been going on. The solitary confinement number is deliberate of course and intended to wreak havoc psychologically and physically on her... Marion Price is being used as an example to warn others (same old same old)and to dumb down they hope any expressed dissent verbal even.
    Martydownunder it is always worthy to post up vids/blog on issues like this in Australia to heighten awareness over here & also worldwide.
    Imo Marion Price is an Irish woman of great courage and uncomprising convictions. Whilst as stated in article many may not share her convictions she does not deserve this. It is slow format murder of a human being. Disgusting.

  8. @ Marty (sa Ireland Marty) - i bet the Thought Police r falling over themselves on this one monitoring responses... chinless wonders in overdrive...

  9. Why doesn't he write about the thousands of prisoners who have been held in Guantanomo and other hell holes sponsored by the US govt ? Consistency ? She should of spent easter eating choc eggs.

  10. Sandy as everyone has said great post a cara and it cant be said often enough, the degrading and inhuman treatment of Marian is disgusting and the lack of any effort from former comrades now british administraitors(my spelling)is all the more sickening,Marian,s incarcreration will not imtimidate those who believe that the only way this country will ever achieve real peace with justice is by forcefull means, if anything it will harden their resolve. while Adams and cronies relax in either their country retreats or top flight hotels and as they munch their way through endless rounds of the finest christmas fare(in their case everyday is christmas) I hope they spare a thought for the 12 dead hunger strikers and the thousands who suffered so much in the name of the republican movement,like Marian to be betrayed by these carpetbaggers makes me think of the line from the Patriot game"And I wish that my rifle had given the same,
    To those Quislings who sold out the patriot game."

  11. SMH if you have any spare boke left maybe you can nicely wrap it up and post it to the fuckers in that dept,their activities over the years have caused me to use up all my reserves , p.s. Nollaig shona duit a cara x..

  12. SF wont annoy themselves. SF stands for submissive fenians. There is no security threat. The roads are significantly more threat to personal safety. Let the woman go home.

  13. Tiarna,

    PS: Instead of bail applications why do her lawyers not pursue a writ of haebus corpus?

    I think you answered your on question as you correctly stated…
    “arbitrary executive decisions usurping the role of the judiciary”

    Even if they did execute the great writ, the “arbitrary executives” Would still object to her release.

    The fact that the courts fail in their decisions and are overruled would highlight that the authorities are holding her as a “political internee” and not as a criminal.

  14. Tain Bo

    Writ of haebus corpus is an immensly significant application, not only in British constitutional history, but throughout the common law world.

    For any UK Minister to defy a judicial writ of haebus corpus could send shock waves through both houses of parliment.

    While solitary confinment is not classified as an act of torture it can at least be seen as punitive or contributory --something which I think can best be addressed by writ of haebus corpus where mere bail applications cannot.

  15. SMH,

    Irish Australia would be totally oblivious to Marian's case or indeed anything which goes against what the powers that be would have us belief. Just last week was talking to someone who was unaware she was even back in jail.

    It appears to me that is the way they wish it to remain and the likes of Slick here would it seems agree.

  16. Going to call with Marian,s sister tomorrow to leave in a card and some dosh for Marian, and if I may I,ll pass on the best wishes of most of the contibuters here on TPQ.

  17. Tiarna,

    I am familiar with the writ and I understand what you are saying.
    The problem with using the writ in her case is the British deem her detention lawful and consider it necessary under national security so I doubt there would be any eyebrows raised in outrage over her detention I am unaware of any protests from either side of parliament over the case.
    As for solitary confinement being punitive, this failsafe mechanism would render habeas corpus ineffectual; it would work if she was being held in incommunicado though her visits would cancel that argument out.

    The courts have already granted her bail overruled by a higher authority in Northern Ireland/ British law. So why is there no outrage at this non-judicial authority that is actually nothing new, as did any person who faced a judge without a jury have a fair trial.

    I am confident that her legal advisors have discussed every avenue open and are well aware of dead-end legal streets.

    The problem is there is little in the way of publicity or educating people on this obvious unlawful internment.

    Considering the higher authorities of the State have dismissed the court rulings, I can only surmise that the State holds the more sinister reasons for her unusual punishment.

  18. Tain Bo

    I think you are very mistaken on many counts. The writ cannot be ignored and it was introduced as a means of addressing arbitrary state excess of authority or abuse of the prisoner -that is not the role of bail. Neither side of the House, or neither House, give two hoots about MP but disregard of a ruling of habeas corpus many in both houses would be concerned about.

    Even when the troubles were at their hieght if a writ was issued it was never defied.

    Maybe her lawyers do not think her conditions serious enough to apply -or maybe her lawyers do not share Sandy Boyer's sense of urgency. Or maybe her lawyers are unwittingly following the SoS' ruse that the right paperwork cannot be found --in which case habeas corpus is maybe the only prudent way to go --if it is not then the Judiciary are best placed to make that decision --that is what they are there for and it is their jurisdiction not the SoS's.

  19. Tiarna,

    I may well be mistaken and I am sure it would not be the first or last time.

    The writ is limited and being a procedural remedy, it allows for an argument against any detention forbidden by law. There is no guarantee that it protects or entitles any person to the right to a fair trial. The fact is under our laws she is detained lawfully.
    The Brits could easily suspend the writ by saying Marian Price is a danger to national security or simply based her detention is lawful.

    I would not dismiss the legal complications her Lawyers face, as they are not just fighting legal case in a court but a hidden agenda by the State.
    I would not be so naïve as to believe any writ would not have a loophole and considering it is English law, they will always find a way to squash anything that threatens their better interests.

    Honestly, Tiarna I wish I had your faith in the law but British law in Northern Ireland to me is one injustice after another.

  20. Tain Bo

    I do not have your faith in lawyers... there are solicitors who got their own clients life sentences... and how many people pleaded because their lawyers persuaded them too --look at Beechmount 5 Case --the only one to plead not guilty was found not guilty --the other four followed their lawyers advice and had their lives messedd up. There is a long history of such bad advice.

    As it stands under European case law MP's right to a fair trial has already been breached, I quote, "Execution of a judgment given by any court must therefore be regarded as an integral part of the “trial” for the purposes of Article 6..." And bail applications qualify as part of the process. European case law is explicit that the whole pre-trial process from moment of arrest to any trial, or Appeal, Article 6 is to be observed.

    I equally do not share your confidence that she is being held lawfully. The SoS is trying to create a grey area between bail and revocation of licence --its smoke and distraction --if the SoS cannot produce her pardon suggesting it may have been 'shredded' means that he cannot enforce revocation of a licence is moot.

    Thus far the Courts have not shown any bias against MP or her past because more than once it has granted her bail. The days of Carswell and his like are gone, or at least that extreme level of injustice and bigotry.

  21. Tain bo a cara I,m inclined to agree with tiarna here, after all the behind the scenes manipulation of the legal process by those faceless wonders it may be the way to go even if its just to show the world who really pulls the strings,an example is the slap in the face to the Finucane family over a public inquest.these bastards may be above the law and accountable to noone ,but that doesnt mean we shouldnt expose them at every given opportunity,that is something that qsf(quisling sinn fein) has failed so miserably to flag up.if we dont get Marian released or this issue of slective internment dealt with satisfactorily,then I, afraid there will be many many more Marians before this is over,

  22. A wee aside I see the qsf have invited bus drivers to the city hall to honour them for their services during "the troubles" I hope no one hijacks this event..

  23. Great piece in defence of Marian but it does beg the question how has she ended up inside to begin with.
    This woman nearly gave her life on both fronts for her beliefs outside and inside jail.
    My question to a 57 year old woman with kids is how you ended up inside this time.
    Forget all the rhetoric about her treatment and ask what or how she gets arrested for.
    She made a grown up decision to hold a piece of paper with a declaration of intent from an unknown masked and faceless man who hadn’t the guts to hold it himself at a so called republican outing.
    Has this woman decided or has it been years of war weariness that to keep the good fight going jail is the best place to continue with such nonsense.
    I have great sympathy for her as a person but her beliefs and her path in life completely dumfounds me, why would she want jail instead of freedom

  24. Boyne River

    I do get what you are trying to say but you miss the whole overarching issue --did she do anything knowingly illegal? That is a matter for the Courts to decide; but whether innocent or guilty the Courts have ajudicated that whatever the truth may be she did nothing so serious that she could not be released on bail. She is not merely being held prisoner for longer than the Courts seem necessary but is held in isolation for prolonged periods of time.

  25. Boyne Rover I,m afraid to say peace at any price jumps to my mind when I read your comment.

  26. I was of the opinion that she was arrested for holding a document for a masked crusader which clearly had a declaration of intent to go to war on all things British.
    Maybe this display of bravado by herself to hold said document should be passed of as a silly deed and did not mean any harm. Don’t think its holds any water with victims who have fallen foul of such declarations
    If you are insinuating that what I have posted is that we should accept peace no matter the cost, take a look back over the past 40 years at what was achieved through violence, fronting up for another IRA makes little sense what so ever

  27. Marty a chara,

    I posted a comment here about five months ago I cannot remember which article. I said that Marian would not be seeing the light of day for a long time.
    The charge against her is ridiculous but the Brits have achieved precedent and will in the future use ridiculous charges to detain anyone they see as an enemy of the State.

    Outside of any legal argument, they are holding her as a political internee. I am sure they have passed by the stage of caring about gaining a conviction, as they will psychologically continue torturing her in an effort to break her mind and will. That is the only reason I can see for the Brits to keep objecting to her release.

    What is just as alarming is the silence either people do not care about this injustice or hold a fear that if they say something on the matter could easily land them in a court on a ridiculous charge of having an opinion.

    If she were fortunate to have a trial tomorrow, she would be free.

  28. Marty,

    I should have said fair trial.

  29. Boyne Rover,

    I think it comes down to how one interprets “freedom.”
    Losing one’s freedom for holding up a statement might beg the question how free are we?

  30. I believe the statement "its better to die on your feet than to live on your knees"Zapata,express.s the spirit of resistance shown by so many here over the decades,age and experiences,convince me that armed resistance is not the way to go, but if I was 30 years younger I might not listen as did that generation of 69.Marian Price is a proud and noble Irish woman and is a victim of a nation divided,she is not the criminal here,the brits are the occupiers of this stolen land and that fact even with the passage of time remains the fact,and as Pearse rightly said Ireland unfree shall never be at peace..

  31. Tiarna,

    I am not arguing against your opinion I am just stating my own as a layperson without any legal qualification and as opinions go I do not see them as necessarily right or wrong.

    The writ does not need a solicitor, any interested party can petition habeas corpus. I am sure after 7 months in detention Marian and her counsel have probably discussed available legal recourse considering Marian is no stranger to the British judicial system and its abuse.

    The fact that she is still detained at the request of higher authority than the courts would suggest that the Brits could care less about legal procedure and would be even less deterred by an insignificant punishment from any European human rights court.

    There cannot be any justice for Marian as the injustice has and is already taking place. Her unusual punishment definitely exceeds her alleged crime.

  32. Most people, veteran republicans included, rely on their lawyers to know what is best. Bail applications were the obvious choice at first but when successful applications have been frustrated then only one other type of application is available.

    Anyone can take any legal action they feel appropriate but most rely on lawyers to do it for them -application for writ of habeas corpus is no different.

    Like I said before maybe MP lawyers do not see the same sense of urgency or are so concerned with her position that habeas corpus is not appropriate and only bail applications are? Their approach appears to conflict with the senitments expressed by Sandy Boyer in this blogg.

    If I have read things correctly and the SoS has confirmed a possibility that her Pardon was shredded --then that would be an admittance by the SoS that he is aware that she was not on license --tehrefore that would amount to immediate and unlawful detention --where only habeas corpus and not bail would be appropriate.

    A Government Minister or Prime Minister do not hold higher authority than the Court.

  33. Excellent point tiarna,and imo well worth investigating,I would hope the Marian,s legal team have looked at that,

  34. Tiarna,

    You did read correctly the pardon was mysteriously (allegedly) shredded below is a link to (Suzanne Breen, Sunday World) article.


    The silence on the issue is deafening as society does not appear to question or object to a female prisoner interned in a male prison.
    Selective “legal” torture is acceptable as there is no public objection to her inhumane treatment.
    The failure of Northern Irish politicians to defend her human rights is a silent endorsement of selective internment.
    In my opinion, the British could care less about the legality of her case as they are holding her as a political (hostage) internee.

  35. I was talking to Marian,s sister a little while ago,she said she was concerned about Marian,s health,so much so she asked her doctor to have a look at her and this was refused by the governor,now Marion is being held illegaly and on no charge worth laughing at yet today we hear the results of the HET,s latest inquiry into the Miami showband massacare, which we are told of agents, collusion at the very top,and no proper investigation or charges, we see geriatic prison screws well past retirment age getting £100 K plus handouts (and whats the betting they and their mates are already on DLA) and the qsf said as usual zilch not a dickeybird,justice? how are ya my arse!

  36. At least one politician is doing his job without bias.


  37. Tain bo thanks for that a cara its a credit to Pat Ramsey that he recognises the injustice that is being meted out to Marian,and a disgrace that the other Ramsey and her mates in qsf can think of nothing more than stuffing their faces and lining their pockets.

  38. It should also be stated that whereas Pat Ramsey and the sdlp in general owe nothing to Marian or the republican community ,their concern for this injustice that is forced upon Marian is a breath of fresh air compared to the stagnant silence and actions of qsf who as a body politic owe everything to Marian and the republican community.

  39. Marty,

    It is a bit of positive news hopefully his voice will light a fire under the arses of all the politicians regarding the excessive powers of the State.

    I think Nula answered it best in another article stating that qsf were too busy with more important issues namely the Union Jack flying over city hall.
    I hope that this will shame them into objecting to Marian’s detention. Wishful thinking on my part.

  40. The butchers apron isnt just flying over the city hall Tain bo in fact thanks to qsf its flying all over this place and here to stay due to the negotation skills of those wasters,carpetbaggers ,agents...

  41. Boyne Rover
    i find it difficult to reject your viewpoint on this. She should be let go home and hopefully think twice in future. Those trying to start more trouble would then have to dredge deeper for a new issue.

  42. Bookworm a cara re;qsf the ex psf who I from now shall refer to as qsf can mean..
    Quisling Sinn Fein ..self eplanatory
    Quadruplator SinnFein..Tout Sinn Fein
    Quae Sinn Fein..What cant be avoided must be endured Sinn Fein
    Qualiscumque Sinn Fein..whatever you want it to be Sinn Fein...
    Did you hear Deccie Kearny on the Steven Nolan show this morning I,m still laughing what a wally and not a mention of dear old da-in -law amomg all his moaning about mi5 and agents,sure he neednt look to far around him in qsf to see loads of the f##kers..

  43. Tain Bo
    I have been trying to work out your reply and don’t seem to grasp what you mean by people being arrested for holding up a statement.
    It’s not the act of holding a statement up for someone to read that would get someone put in jail, but maybe the content.
    Maybe you will now try and convince me that when the Masked Crusader spoke to crowd whom had gathered, was not what was written on the page Marion held up in front of him. I hope for her sake it wasn’t.
    My idea of achieving freedom would certainly not be holding a page in front of some dummy that wants to wage war on someone.

  44. Boyne Rover,

    I am trying to hunt down the statement or should I say rhetoric, I do not believe I am trying to convince you are anyone else on the issue. Your post in my opinion was reasonably fair and well thought out.
    I would have to read or listen to it before I could answer your fair question.
    It is still a bit of paper until the courts deem it otherwise and so far, they have not concluded the trial.

    On a side note, I believe one of the masked men did not encounter the same treatment as Marian as bail was granted in his case if it is the same statement then I would assume considering his military garb he would pose more of a threat?

    If it was, a Loyalist female prisoner held under the same circumstances I would still argue against her unusual punishment and demand her release and the right to a fair trial.

  45. I would agree with Tain Bo. And add that the printed words on the paper were not visible to MP, nor might they have been specifically illegal, what was on the paper may only have been an outline requiring the creativity or embelishment different to how they were written/printed.

    But that is a side show that will, in time, be addressed through formality of a trial.

    The real question revolves around the legality of the actions of the State and the SoS. Has the SoS usurped the role of the Judiciary and fair trial process? It looks like he has.

  46. One thing for certain Marian will be well pleased with the mention and support shown for her plight from her fellow sisters and comrades the ex pows authors of IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ANNE, which had its launch in the Conway Mill last night and judging by the number of books sold and the requests for more this book is going to be a much sought after collection of womens stories for anyone interested in the recent struggle.

  47. Boyne Rover,

    I read the statement and watched a video clip for the first time yesterday. I was expecting to read a well-executed document that would inspire or incite nationalists.
    My initial reaction was I found the statement bemusing and self-contradictory, as I am still unsure of its intent.
    I read it several times methodically and did not find it as one fluid statement but rather mishmash hastily put together resulting in a mixed message with none too little propaganda value.

    Upon watching the video clip the only thing that made any sense to my ears is the helicopter hovering.
    The orator appears to be as confused as the statement as he does not deliver it with any fluidity it seems his mind is preoccupied, as he is clearly nervous maybe the drone of the helicopter enhanced his nervous appearance as it looks like he is waiting for the security forces to move in and scoop the lot of them. That in my opinion would imply a psychological weakness on their part, as their enemy is already victorious does the orator actually sound convincing. I say enemy though after reading the statement I am unsure which enemy.

    The only thing it inspired me to do was shut down the computer and make a cup of tea.
    I would venture to say that the Brits have probably inspired more nationalists than the actual statement did. If they had not arrested Marian, the statement would have gone unheeded and I certainly would not have read it.

    Sooner rather than later one can only hope they will give up the gun and enter into the political arena.

  48. Tain Bo
    I appreciate that you took the time to look at the said video that is being used as evidence against Marian following discussions on here
    I have read your last post and I think after reading it you are beginning to understand what my point is .At no time have I condemned her for anything other than what is a person like herself still trying to seek out life, she has done some of the hardest miles imaginable in jail and being let down very badly by the very army and supporters that she fought for, they sold her out as she has said publicly.
    Why does she think this current crop of freedom fighters would not let her down in the same way.
    They will probably let her down even more than the Provo’s.

  49. Marty,
    I think you have got the wrong Kearney, it is Ciaran who is connected to the Donaldsons.

  50. Boyne Rover a cara one thing that can be said for republicans is that the penny does eventually drop so to speak, I dont believe any republican would put the same trust in a clique or individual as we have in the past.the focus imo should not be on what Marian did or didnt do rather it should be on the illegal actions of sos Patterson and the faceless securicrats .

  51. Nuala I caught that on after I posted ,but he,s still a gobshite,and Nolan ripped him to bits.

  52. And he,s connected to Ciaran who,s connected to mi5 agent ex qsf big (well nearly) wig Dennis Donaldson,funny how their all connected dont ya think ..

  53. Boyne Rover,

    I understood your original position on the article and stated that I thought it was well thought-out and reasonable not to mention sympathetic.

    I appreciate your input on the subject and that TPQ affords us the ordinary people to have a say regardless if we agree or disagree the discussions and opinions are usually amicable.

    I am unsure now after watching the footage of her “intent” is she guilty of poor judgment or of merely holding a confusing statement up in order for the nervous orator to read it, as clearly, if he was holding it his hands might not have been so steady.

    Her unusual confinement and punishment only serves to promote more distrust in British law.
    I do not understand why the Brits decided that her interment was a necessary move. If she were out on bail, the issue would have not become controversial.

    Clearly holding up the statement is the catalyst a very weak charge but the State has already displayed it has more sinister intention.

    Unfortunately, the only person that could answer your questions is held in a form of incommunicado and for her alleged crime, as she has not been proven guilty of anything yet should make people at least question why she is being interned.