The Case Of Gerry Daly

It is very distressing for my mum and dad, Gerard and Bridget. They are very concerned about him, as we all are at this point. Not knowing anything is very distressing. Hopefully this appeal will help somebody to remember something that may lead to whereabouts – Belinda Daly.

In recent weeks Prime Time ran a feature, Hidden Dead on the re-emergence in Ireland of a phenomenon better known for its association with the North’s violent political conflict. The use of unmarked secret graves to bury those who had transgressed some code outwardly respected only by those who devised it, was one of the most barbaric features of the Provisional IRA’s campaign.  The IRA, while the prime mover behind the fate of the disappeared, was by no means the sole practitioner of the dark art. The INLA and UVF on occasion too killed people and placed their bodies in secret burial locations.

With the drawing to a close of the Northern conflict the IRA began to open its secret graves, allowing them to yield up their dead so that bereaved families could attain some degree of closure. It was welcome if limited measure which brought considerable relief to many although not all families who had this appalling gratuitous cruelty inflicted on them. 

Now the criminal fraternity appears to have stepped in to fill the IRA’s shoes, and its graves. Attention was drawn to this aspect of gangland activity by the very public kidnapping of Ciaran Noonan in broad daylight. He was seen being bundled into a car by a group of men in Dublin in October. His heartbroken mother’s appeal for information brought the case to national attention. A week into November saw the recovery of Ciaran’s body, retrieved from a field reportedly after vital information was provided.

Prime Time decided to dig deeper. One of those behind the production of Hidden Dead, RTE’s Barry Cummings writing in advance of the broadcast claimed:

Of the dozens upon dozens of people who are missing in this country, there are at least thirty who have actually been murdered and their bodies hidden. Those victims include at least 12 cases of people who have been killed and secretly buried by Ireland's criminal gangs.

Of the disappeared profiled in the Hidden Dead there was one person at least did not feature.

On Boxing Day father of three Gerry Daly will have been missing for six months. On Sunday the 26th of June he left his home at Bailieboro, Co Cavan never to return nor be heard of nor seen again. Formerly from the Tallaght area of Dublin he was well known in the world of dogs. He had bred Alsatians and sold the pups as well as training the animals. Shortly after his disappearance, his younger sister Belinda appealed for information. In an interview she pointed out that the home he left behind showed no sign of disturbance as might be expected had he been involved in a struggle. His clothes, passport and wallet were in place. A couple of lights were on in the house, as was the television. While his keys and phone were missing, his personal belongings seemed to be untouched. His car was where he had parked it. Family members who had been in his company in the weeks and days prior to his going missing reported no signs of unease.

What fate actually befell Gerry Daly, no one other than those who presumably spirited him away is certain of. His family, weighed down with worry when they approached me, were by now convinced that there was no innocent explanation for his disappearance. According to Belinda Daly the GardaĆ­ had ruled out suicide. Nor did they consider it likely that Gerry Daly had taken flight and left the country. At the same time the force appeared to rule out the possibility that he had been forcibly taken against his will. ‘The GardaĆ­ have not indicated anything like that to us at all’ said Belinda. That seemed to leave little in the way of explanation other than the highly improbable proposition that Gerry wandered off into the summer night and inadvertently met a fate not yet disclosed.

In their bid to unravel the mystery of Gerry Daly having joined the country’s growing missing persons’ list the Gardai used a helicopter as well as dredging local lakes. The search, despite being aided by local people, has thus far turned up no sign of Gerry.

The family believe that Gerry was not forcibly abducted from his home in the sense of him being physically and violently manhandled. Whomever he left with he did so of his own volition, or at least without resistance. At the same time the possibility remains that he was confronted at gunpoint outside his home by those he stepped outside to speak with and calculating the odds acquiesced in their demand to go without a struggle. However, the family are certain that at some point shortly after Gerry ventured outside his front door he was forcibly held against his will, most likely at the destination he travelled to with those he met outside his home. After that the family can only fear the worst.  Its severe trauma is compounded by the fact that it has received no information as to his whereabouts. Family members are at their wits’ end.

Shortly after he was reported missing Belinda thanked the Gardai who she felt had done a ‘brilliant’ job. Now she is not so sure. Tosh Laverty a former garda diver underlined this concern of Belinda Daly when on Hidden Dead he claimed how quickly a missing person investigation goes cold. It is not he argued the result of a lack of will but more one of resources. Belinda Daly knows that as each week passes, given what Tosh Laverty had to say, the ‘brilliance’ of the Gardai effort diminishes and the case grows cold. The more that is allowed to happen the less chance the family have of ever discovering what fate befell Gerry that June evening six months ago.

The family, having made its own private inquiries, now believe Gerry has been taken by criminals he had either dealings with or a confrontation.  Some have mulled over the possibility that there may be a republican connection although it is felt that this seems to be the least likely option. However if there is any republican involvement the family earnestly request that it be told so that its anguish may be brought to a close.

As Barry Cummins points out that the experience of the IRA yielding its own hidden dead has shown that:

The recovery of such bodies is clear proof that people with information can still help find bodies even thirty years after a body is hidden ...  there are people out there who have the answers, who can help bring an end to the torment of families.

The family is aware that this holds the key to unlocking the mystery of Gerry Daly’s vanishing. The anguish of the family is palpable on its Facebook page Appeal for Missing Gerry Daly,  where the following heartfelt plea was made:

Christmas is approaching fast and it's hard not to think about our missing brother and whether we will have him home with us on Christmas Day. If ever there was a time to reach down deep and do the right thing, it's now. All you have to do is make an anonymous phone call to someone who can pass the information along - a priest, doctor, teacher or the confidential lines 1800 666 111 or 0852092119.

Sadly, it is most likely too late for anything to be done on behalf of Gerry Daly. He will not spend Christmas Day in the company of those who love him. But the people who took him know what happened to him. Someone amongst them urgently needs to step up to the plate and release the family from their pain. There is any number of ways in which this could be done without risk to those providing the information. If Gerry is dead the family seek a burial not a court room trial.  Whatever grievance may have been harboured against Gerry Daly from whatever source, there is no reason for his family to be punished. Its anguish, despair and pain should be brought to an end.


  1. What can anyone say to this,tragic to lose a loved one compounded if their fate is unknown or there is no body to grieve over and say farewell to,I hope that family get the peace they so desperately seek.

  2. Marty,

    it is so difficult to observe the anguish of the family yet be able to do so little about it. Even putting this article out is a shot in the dark, hoping that it might lead to something positive for the family. But in spite of all the other pressures I am under in relation to Boston I will do my best to keep this live for them

  3. Easy to say I know but to all I say is keep your chin up and hope wasnt that the last thing in Pandoras box and without it we would be lost a cara .

  4. The so-called disappeared was one of the most heartrendering aspects of the recent conflict!

    So many good families destroyed without the opportunity to bury their relatives...

    Now we have many of those Leaders who ordered these executions and secret buriels openly endorsing informing and working within a British Political Police system..

    Nothing but hypocrits!

  5. Season's Greetings to you and your Clann as well Mackers!

  6. Ardoyne Republican

    Everything you write always ends up at the same point / conclusion!!!

    The disappeared was most definitely one of the most "heart rendering aspects" of the struggle but as republican we should all look in the mirror as I believe many of us condoned it at least by our silence especially in the latter years. Hopefully the families will get the required information and support to bury their loved ones to give some form of closure.

  7. Ardoyne Republican,

    As much as I loathe it, we cannot blame the British Political Policing Service of Northern Ireland for the disappeared. Nor can we blame it for La Mon, Enniskillen or Bloody Friday. But, enough of that. Let's put aside all our differences for one or two nights at least - happy Christmas to you and your family!

  8. All the best to everyone on the quill

  9. Mackers,
    Happy Christmas to the entire McIntyre clan.
    I hope everyone else has an absolutely brilliant Christmas.
    I hope Larry stays of the sauce and I hope Tain Bo remains the voice of reason.
    Not forgetting the other woman SMH, happy Christmas everyone.

  10. Nuala,

    the same to all of you from everyone here. Best wishes to Albert

  11. Nuala,

    Best wishes to you and your family and here’s to a healthy happy 2012.
    I am not sure about the voice of reason our dear friend Larry might think you have been on the sauce ha.

    My thoughts go out to the Daly family and I hope someone will develop a conscience and end their suffering.

    Solidarity greetings to all the POWs weather we agree or disagree on the reason they are in jail they should not be forgotten.

  12. Sorry,
    it was a bit insensitive to come on earlier and not comment on the relevant discussion.
    I agree with the sentiments that, this family deserves closure everyone does, hopefully somewhere someone will listen to reason and conscience.

  13. Tain Bo,
    I think you comments always sound sincere and reasonbly worked out.
    Over the year I really enjoyed a lot of the discussions and writings on the blog.
    Some good stuff by Liam, Dixie, Alfie, Alec, Mick and Sean Matthews.

    Tain Bo,
    I agree totally with your sentiments in relation to the prisoners. This must be a terrible time for the families of republican prisoners and the prisoners themselves.

  14. Gerry Daly is missing six months today. His family are going through awful turmoil. I endorse Nuala's comment on the matter.

  15. Anthony,

    Apologies for putting my Christmas greetings to the Quill on this post. It was incredibly insensitive to the Daly family and I very much regret that. There is no excuse. I hope an end to their suffering comes soon.

  16. Alfie,

    people tend to put greetings etc onto the comment section of the latest article and no harm is meant. I am sure the family of Gerry will appreciate the fact that the article is up and that people have made kind comments. We can only hope they get a speedy resolution.

  17. Nuala, Alfie,

    I do not consider it insensitive posting a goodwill message I had a twinge of guilt myself posting on the article, which would imply sensitivity to the gruesome suffering of the Daly family, and all the other families that have had this hellish punishment inflicted upon them.

    The article highlights the suffering of the Family not to mention there are several other families who suffer the same plight. These cases lose value to the media, and end up in the vortex of yesterday’s news. The only people who gain from this are those who perpetrated this evil. Regardless of what these people may or may not have done this form of barbaric, street justice is horrendously sickening.

  18. Nuala,

    I find the PQ educational and always learn something from the posts and articles. The way I view it is no matter how much I think I know (which is not much) or think I know it always pales in comparison to that which I learn here.

    It is usually the first thing I read in the morning, as people here tend to be more open, honest, and willing to discuss issues in a more reasonable manner.

    My only complaint being Anthony is a proficient writer and turns out articles faster than my aging gray matter can keep up with that is a backhanded compliment.

    Best wishes to all for 2012 and I look forward to reading, enjoying the posts.

  19. On behalf of the Daly family a sincere thanks to Anthony and everyone for their support. As you can imagine, our family are devestated by the ongoing situation we find ourselves in. Gerry has been missing for six months and we are desperate for information that may give us some closure. Gerry is a father, brother, son, husband and friend. He is dearly missed by all and his dissapearance has left a gap in our hearts. Thank you for your support in our search. -Belinda Daly

  20. It was always stupid, nonsensical and downright dumb (and I mean the word “dumb” in it’s American sense), i.e. no brains involved. I am of course talking about the conflict in the north to take people away kill them and secretly bury them. I think I seen in that book about the ”Dark” that he argued against it, i.e. if somebody is an informer, leave them at the side of the road, burying them secretly will have no effect on present or potential informers. It was crazy and was always going to come back to haunt people (especially those who “had nothing to do with anything”). In this case, just tell the family (through a priest or some-one else) where his body is, and let the family have a decent funeral and burial.

  21. Belinda,

    hopefully the New Year brings some sense of relief for your family

  22. Thank you all for your kind words and support. Please just tell our family where his body is, and let the us have a funeral and burial'.

    We have been through a horrific six months and spend each day comforting Gerry three young boys who wonder where their Daddy is.

    We are looking to end our nightmare, to give his mother somewhere to go to grieve for her son and to insure that his children know that he is in heaven and not that he left them because he doesn't love them. Kids can be cruel and these children have suffered enough.

    Our family are not seeking retribution, but rather closure on this nightmare, closure to Gerry's life and the begining of our grieving process.

    Thank you for any assistance that you can give us.- Belinda

  23. Belinda,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I can only hope that someone out there who knows anything will come forward and help end your suffering.

  24. Tain Bo,

    No one just vanishes into thin air. Someone knows exactly what has happened to Gerry and it is our hope that they will find it within their heart to allow our family to bury Gerry and work toward rebuilding our lives. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. Belinda

  25. Belinda,

    I do not know if you have had contact with other families of the “disappeared” since they have suffered the same ordeal they might be able to give you more insight on how to keep this is the public spotlight as well as helping you and your family deal with the mental anguish.

    Again, my sincerest hopes that someone will provide the information that will bring you and your family some peace and relief.

  26. Obviously there is more to MR G Daly, the Alsatian breeder, than meets the eye!

  27. Niall G Daly could be the biggest paedo tout drugdealer gangster in the country and may have indeed crossed people but and this is the but,, any issues with G daly should not include his family they do not deserve the heartache such action if he is dissapeared bring to their lives

  28. Niall,

    I agree with Marty on this whatever the man done he has paid the price for that does not mean his family should be tortured and denied their right to bury a loved one.
    It is a gruesome practice and with all the cases of the disappeared, the punishment of families does not fit the (alleged) crime of their loved ones.
    We are hardened with street justice but to defend the practice of secretly burying a body to me is abhorrently sociopathic.

  29. Tain Bo & Marty- Thank you for your support.
    Niall- While I am a firm believer that we all have a right to our own opinion, I as Gerry's sister can only write of what I know.
    And this is what I know...
    Gerry was, like many people, a man who made it to 42 with some of the scratches in life we all aquire.
    He has never been arrested or convicted of any crime. He was not a gambler, peadophile or gangster. He has friends and family who love him dearly. He has three young boys who miss their Daddy and a mother and father who spend every day searching for him, every night fighting their imagination as to what may have happened to him and when they are exhausted and can think no more, cry themselves to sleep.
    So whatever my brother has or has not done to end up with this fate, his family do not deserve the nightmare they find themselves in.
    My hope is that one day soon we will find Gerry and that you and your family never have to experience the torture of loosing your child. And if you do find yourself in any kind of a horrific situation, we, the Daly family will be here to support you and help you get through the dark days.

  30. Belinda,

    you have been so gracious in the face of that type of innuendo from people who conceal their identity behind some pen name. Having the courage of their convictions is not for everyone it seems

  31. Belinda,

    It is sickening that any would make an unsubstantiated claim. I would be more concerned with the perpetrators who are still at large and could possibly inflict the same on another family. I wonder if Naill would consider their actions justified and not the sociopathic people they are without a shred of human conscience.

    I suppose it is simple for some to be callous though they like the rest of us would not begin to understand the misery inflicted upon your family and would only be concerned god forbid if it happened to a loved one of theirs.

    You have been extremely gracious and brave under the circumstances and I for one would like to be kept informed of your hellish nightmare.

  32. Thank you all for your kinds words. As we approach the 200th day since Gerry went missing, all our family asks is for him to be returned and for us to be alllowed to bury him with the respect he deserves. - Belinda

  33. As you are aware, skeleton remains were found this weekend very close to our family home in Dublin.

    While our family gathered and waited nervously for the idenity of this person, we could not help but wish for the best and worst news of our lives. It is bitter sweet to hear that this was not to be our time.

    However, another family now get the opportunity to bury their loved one and begin rebuilding their lives.

    So rest in peace James Kenny McDonagh.

  34. Belinda.

    I sincerely hope you get closure, im sure it is heartbreaking for your whole family circle, please disregard those who write such stupid things, as you stated, someone knows something, and if they would just cut some words and numbers out off any newspaper and post the same to a newspaper or tv news station the location of your brother.
    God Bless you all.

  35. Hugh,

    Thank you for your kind words. All our family is asking is for Gerry's body to be returned.

    As hard as this may be for some people to understand, our family as most of the families in this situation, are looking for our loved ones and not for retribution.

    There comes a time, when the who and why do not matter. The thought that our parents will themselves complete the circle of life not knowning where their child is, is a heartbreaking senario that may become reality if no one has the courage to tell us where Gerry is.

    An anonymous tip to a church member, newspaper notice, letter to the family or any other means possible would be a gift our family would never forget.

    Thank you all for your continued support.


  36. Belinda,

    it must have been a stressful moment when you heard that news. That familt at least now have some closure

  37. Thank you Mr mcIntyre for all you have done,to help Keep Gerrys Story alive.I know my Son was no Angel But Ido know THE Passing of my Good an Wonderfull Wife was from a Broken Heart,Which no Mother Deserves,and back to GERRY the Loss of our Son and is so hard for all my Family and IF Icould Iwould Change Places with him.Whoever has caused this Misery God Forgive them.I will Pray for there Souls. Thanke you once again and God Bless you.From a greatfull Father .Gerry Daly SNR.

  38. Gerry,

    your very generous words mean a lot. You have been through a terrible time. I hope you get closure on the matter.


  39. For anyone to be disappeared is a devastating crime on its own, whether they deserved to die or not ,but the sad fact is, Its the families who are left behind who suffer, awaiting a call to say remains have been located, I'm so sorry to here of Mrs Daly's passing away, that on top of everything else adds to the burden.
    I hope closure comes to the whole family circle of the Daly family, then they can rest there son/Brother/uncle in peace.

  40. To Mr McIntyre. May I once again Thank you.I dont know if you read an Article,Published in the Evening Herald 23 April 12 About aDrug dealer and an X Cop ,In The Article the Reporter Implyied That Gerry my Son was the Biggest Gangster in Ireland. Gerry was never Involved with Gangsters Drug Barons ,or anyone in that Field of Activity. But like everyone else he new some bad Boys as do I But if that makes me a Criminal ,So be it, So thank you Foy for Printing this Next time get your Facts Right G D S THANKS AGAIN MR MC

  41. Gerry,

    no, I did not manage to read that article you referred to. We will continue to do what we can to highlight the case and the blog is available to all who want to use it for that purpose. Keep well