Report of NIFC's Annual Fenian Commemoration 2011

Tonight The Pensive Quill carries a report of of the NIFC's Annual Fenian Commemoration 2011

Queens, NY - Irish Republicans and supporters of the Fenian Graves Association met to celebrate the National Irish Freedom Committee's Annual Irish Republican Commemoration. The event was held on November 20th, marking the second year at the historic Fenian Monument in Calvary Cemetery. The crowd turnout was larger than anticipated, and as the speakers took turns under a beautiful sunny sky, a strong sense of kinship and purpose was highly evident. Maggie Trainor chaired the event with Jane
Enright. Famed artist and senior Republican in America, Brian Mór O Baoighill & Patrick Frawley were Honorary Co-Chairs. Speakers included Liam Murphy, Seamus O'Dubhda, Bob Bateman, Vic Sackett, Joe Flaherty, Gary Delaney, and Tom Abernethy. John McManus of the Tyrone Pipe Band was the piper for the event.

Maggie Trainor was Master of Ceremonies and read "The Fenian Faith" on behalf of Brian Mór O Baoighill who regrettably could not be present. Brian Mór called on attendees to remember both the history and the principles of those commemorated by the Fenian Monument.

Liam Murphy gave an interesting and informative message on the significance of the Fenian Monument and what it represents. Liam Murphy is historian of great renown who specializes in all things Irish American. Liam in now a regular on RFE every Saturday keeping listeners world wide aware of events of historical significance in the current time period

Seamus O'Dubhda recited Forogra na Caisde as Gaeilge.

Bob Bateman gave an exciting and spell binding speech about what he said were amongst the two most important events that helped change important events in Irish History in the month of November. One in Manchester on November 24th, 1867 - the execution of the Manchester Martyrs: Allen, Larkin and O'Brien. The other in Kilmichael in West Cork on a rainy and wet day on November 28th, 1920 when Commandant General Tom Barry laid the perfect ambush, wiping out an entire patrol of Auxiliaries – proving once again to the British that serious resistance still existed.

Vic Sackett, a lifelong supporter of the Republic of 1916, read from Ruairí Ó Brádaigh's essay, "What is Irish Republicanism?", reminding all present what the ideals were that these men and women strove for.

Vic was followed by Joe Flaherty (organizer of this year's Hunger Strike Commemoration in Hartford, CT and Éire Nua activist) reading excerpts from "40 Years Of Éire Nua" by Sean Ó Brádaigh, explaining Éire Nua's continued relevance in contemporary Irish politics.

Veteran Irish Republican and long-time supporter of the demands of Irish political prisoners, Gary Delaney, read a statement from the Irish Republican Prisoners of War in Maghaberry prison, who are currently on dirty protest due to sectarian harassment of their families and deteriorating conditions in the prison.

Tomas Abernethy, noted Gaeilge speaker and scholar gave a thorough, informative, and entertaining oration on the importance of Gaelic Irish culture; past, present, and future. The roles of cultural organizations, such as the GAA & Conradh na Gaeilge; music and song; and especially the language Gaeilge were all discussed.

An unexpected and most welcome guest was Derek Warfield (of The Young Wolfe Tones); a man who has devoted much time to researching and publishing long lost music, songs, and history highlighting the true role of the Irish & their full-hearted support for the American revolution and in each threat to the republic since. Derek has an excellent new CD out soon entitled "Washington's Irish", keep an eye on on for availability.

Derek continued his informative discussion at the Kettle, a local Restaurant that served a terrific Irish breakfast. Thank you to all who attended!

Photos, video and more information at:

Cumann Na Saoirse Náısıúnta
National Irish Freedom Committee


  1. Always good to follow events further afield

  2. Mackers,
    It is nice to know, that there are flames of Irsh Republicanism flickeing both at home and

  3. Nuala no flame flickering,but rather a bright shining light with the launch of the women ex-pows book Footsteps Of Ann which is due to be launched before christmas,its been a long time coming but well worth the wait.their story like yours is an inspiration and I for one couldnt be prouder to call them a cairde agus comrade.

  4. Anthony a date to keep ;The most comprehensive archive of republican women ex-prisoners stories. In The Footsteps Of Anne. book launch 15th Dec 2011
    Eileen Hickey Irish republican museum.Conway Mill,Belfast 6.30 PM

  5. The Hitler sketch was superb a cara laughed my nuts off, I was waiting to to hear big Bob doh the Brains say "ya doh mine whore"