Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Legends of the Fall

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. A head-less leader- reminds me of a few groups-

    Wonder if labours M.D Higgins will last untill 2016- looks like one more clean shirt would do him-

  2. michaelhenry,
    your own leaders seem to struggle with the normal functions of the head, memory etc.
    Maybe if McGuinness had kept his head and what shred of integrity he had left, it may have turned out different for him.
    Anyway, their loss is our gain I'm sure he will be returning to the bastions of Unionist power asap to claim his industrial wage.

    I agree with you about Michael D though. He does look the worst for wear, I heard he is overly fond of the tipple and I'm sure you and Marty would both agree that takes it's toll.

  3. Marty M doesn't have to learn Gaeilge.Lucky man, Gerry would of taught him.Worse than a Reg Empy speech.MMG looked happy on Friday, back to Robbo and co.

  4. Michael,

    Conas tá tú mo chara?

    A headless leader seems appropriate when the body of voters sided against Martin. Fortunate the mythical legend has not so far to fall.

    A closer look at the painting you might well see that perhaps Brain is pointing out the American influence on our wee Island(RIP Irish Free state) if he had wanted to insult Martin he probably would have used the traditional Turnip rather than the unmistakable American Pumpkin.

  5. Tain Bo-

    Sinn Fein were the story of this election- another came first but thats politics- thon fianna Fail stooge would now be president if he had not been outed-


    Hard waiting and seeing election results without a few- or in my case a lot of tipples-

  6. Michael

    Then what would Martins excuse be for such a poor result?

    A political blunder that weakened and will slow the advance south.

    Without doubt he had no faith in his run as he kept his soft cushion.

    It is all fair-game and it's not the special olympics no medals for 2nd or 3rd place.

    The same spin, salvaging a victory from a very clear defeat that tactic is thread-bare.

  7. Michael,

    Didn't you tell me that McGuinness would walk it? How are Sinn Féiners the story of this election if their candidate only got 13.7% of the first preference vote? That's not much more than they got in the last general election; indeed, it was a poor performance by McGuinness relative to the showing by SF in the latest opinion polls. I mean, in this election, he even finished behind the pseudo-Fianna Failer!

  8. Alfie-

    You were right about the election and i was wrong-

    Maybe if Martin had of stayed dumb like higgins and not said the truth he would have got a lot more votes- but a whisker of a quarter of million votes was ok for now-

    President higgins voters will be proud that he agrees with the new pay-off today of the peoples money-