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The Bangers Bulletin: Scoop of the Year!

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  1. There is a debate currently on TV chaired by Vincent Browne. The other candidates have done less damage to Martin McGuinness than Vincent Browne who pretty much ripped McGuinness to shreds. He continues to leave himself open to being mauled because of this silly insistence on maintaining he left the IRA in 1974. People may well not care about him having been in the IRA, but they may care about being lied to on such a grand scale.

  2. I wonder will sinn fein release the "attack dog" to burn those dozen or so authors of the books Vincent Browne just pulled from under the counter.

  3. David Norris is now getting it hot and heavy from Browne

  4. mackers

    tell the only served 6 months lol

    dont get upset or jump to conclusions now!

  5. Browne battered McGuinness. If Martin mentions the peace process or Peter Robinson again in this campaign to evade a question about his past, I think I will shoot him myself!

  6. Alfie,

    good to see you back. Missed your take on events. It was a battering alright. It is hard for McGuinness to respond to this line of questioning. He can only do it honestly by saying he is not going to discuss his IRA past at all until there is a truth recovery process which will ensure he shall not face prosecution.

  7. i must have been watching another show

    in this one Martin walked all over Vincent- did not read those books- brown

    seems like the Irish were watching the same show as me- Martin as come on top of yet another poll at 34%- the
    rest were also rans- poor Vincent is still in shock-

  8. Can anyone provide me with a link to browne battering McGuinness?

  9. Thanks, Anthony. Unfortunately, I haven't had much spare time recently, what with Open University assignments and the upcoming exam. Indeed, I haven't even read the paper much in the past couple of weeks!

    I think what you outlined would have been a good strategy for McGuinness going into this campaign, but it is probably too late for him to backtrack now.

  10. link

  11. Michaelhenry,

    I think you were watching another show. I thought this was his worst outing yet. It was equally as bad for David Norris.

  12. Michaelhenry,

    it may have even been worse for Norris. While McGuinness silently fumed Norris got flustered and tried to bluster his way through.

  13. AM-

    Never a lender or borrower be- but it looks like norris was a theif against the Irish people for 16 years when he was tring to give Republicans moral advice-

    poor wee higgins had to stand on a box during the t.v debates- the only solid structure that he or labour have ever stood on-

  14. Michaelhenry,

    unfortunately despite your good advice, many are forced to borrow. And quite often people lend with no interest to their friends rather than see them go down.

    Higgins was the best on the night. Despite being small in stature he stood above the rest.I think it suits him to have mcGuinnes and Mitchell tear lumps out of each other. Norris was far too evasive, McGuinness completely dishonest. People see all that. Whether they prioritise honesty in political life is another matter.

  15. Hey Michael, just out of curiosity, do you yourself believe that Martin McGuinness left the IRA in 1974?

  16. Michaelhenry

    The wife and i are going to the cinema tonight. I wanted to watch the life story of Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Danny Morrison and John O'Dowd, "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", the wife insists we watch Charlie English, she said it's more realistic....argument over then!! women eh? Too cute by far.

  17. wifey says it's Johnny English...i just identified the wrong agent... silly me.

  18. and marty saying he's only on £300 quid a week
    but this says it's £400

    Martin McGuinness's bank statement shows income and expenditure
    Martin McGuinness said it was time those at the top "shared the pain" Continue reading the main storySinn Fein has released a bank statement which it says shows the monthly income and expenditure of its Irish presidential candidate Martin McGuinness.

    Mr McGuinness said, if elected, he would only take the average wage and give the rest back to the Irish people.

    On Monday, another candidate, Mary Davis released her P60 to show her earnings in 2010.

    The president will receive a salary of 249,014 euros.

    Martin McGuinness said he believed it was "high time those at the top shared the pain and showed a bit of empathy with the rest of us".

    He claims he receives an income of £370.38 per week after tax.

    PDF download Martin McGuinness's bank statement[860kb]

    In a letter from the Bank of Ireland's Strand Road branch in Londonderry, dated 4 October 2011, commercial branch manager, Sean Hegarty says Sinn Fein currently pay £1,605 into the account of Mr McGuinness and his wife, Bernadette.

    Expenditure Mr Hegarty also said that apart from "very occasional expense funds, this appears to be the only funds received into this account on a regular basis".

    Sinn Fein also released a bank statement for Mr McGuinness and his wife, which details their expenditure from 31 March 2011 until 27 September 2011.

    During the period, Mr McGuinness received a monthly payment from Sinn Fein into the account, which ranged from £1,515 on 21 April to £1,605 in August and September.

    There are seven candidates bidding to become the ninth Irish President A payment of £500 for expenses was paid into the account on 17 May 2011.

    The statement shows that 24 purchases were made by debit card at the supermarket Asda.

    Two purchases were made at Tesco Stores and three at B&Q.

    Mr McGuinness also made three purchases at Fosters Man clothes shop, but it is unclear if he or his wife made the one purchase at Next, and the two at JJB Sports.

    'Clarity' Mr McGuinness released details of his bank account for public scrutiny a day after independent candidate Mary Davis revealed details of her P60 on her campaign website.

    Ms Davis said she had done it for the "purpose of clarity".

    Harry Magee, the political correspondent of the Irish Times, said, this forced the other candidates to do the same.

    "It all started with Mary Davis, who came under pressure to show the income she gets from the many state boards on which she sat," he said.

    "In the end she decided on the nuclear option and published details of her salary and of all the incomes she has got from boards over the last 10 years.

    "Sean Gallagher quickly followed suit and published all his public income. So immediately the pressure fell on other candidates to do likewise, Martin McGuinness has now done that and David Norris has come under pressure to explain some of the income that he made over the past 20 or 30 years.

    "It has become a dominant theme of the campaign. At the moment each candidate feels compelled to be as honest as possible with the public about their income and outgoings."

  19. AM-

    You are correct about people who lend or borrow to keep their familys head above water- i was just on about norris- but i know that the only way that higgins can stand over Martin- would be if he got a bigger box-


    Wish you well in your exams-

    Do i believe that Martin McGuinness
    left the IRA [Provos- O.N.H ] in 1974- the honest answer is i dont know- but i do know that he fought for peace all is life-


    There were never any George Smileys about- a bit like james bond- fairy tales- good books-

  20. People aren't taking into account the fact that there is still a lot of anger in the South. And I wouldn't be surprised if the self proclaimed people's president and peacemaker gained on that.

    Oh the pain!!

    Not only that if we look at the 1990 presidential election the arch-asshole himself Austin Curry took 267,902 votes.

    And he was nominated by FG only because no one wanted to run for them....

    Marty says the Colonel in Chief of the Parachute Regiment wants to meet him and looks pleased about it.

    Charley will probably say. "So your the chappy who left the IRA after Bloody Sunday when everyone else was joining it?"

  21. "In a letter from the Bank of Ireland's Strand Road branch in Londonderry, dated 4 October 2011, commercial branch manager, Sean Hegarty says Sinn Fein currently pay £1,605 into the account of Mr McGuinness and his wife, Bernadette."

    Does anyone know why a 'Commercial Branch Manager' would be providing information relating to a private current account?

  22. michaelhenry

    "There were never any George Smileys about- a bit like james bond- fairy tales- good books-"

    smiley was the guy who flushed out the rats. you are correct, there was no smiley in the 'SF CIRCUS' they were and are all on the make.
    The film is great by the way, obsorbing, totally sets the tone of the era and shows the casualties that fell like flies in a slow moving apparently lacking in action 'conflict'.

    recommend you go see it michaelhenry and see where your blinkers are taking you.


    for no other reason than to fabricate marty mi6 a clean bill of health. I doubt that account is coca cola.

  23. Michaelhenry,

    'Do i believe that Martin McGuinness
    left the IRA [Provos- O.N.H ] in 1974- the honest answer is i dont know-'

    So you agree he MAY be a LIAR! I detect a shift in your Marty (or Gerry) says it so it must be true attitude.

  24. Alfie,

    As long as you are pressing on with your studies. This is exam month too. I remember preparing for it every year in the blocks.

    The lie has them in its grasp and they are not for turning

  25. impongo 2,

    you need to rephrase. There could be a libel issue here

  26. Impongo2,

    it needs to be stated who alleged and where the allegation appeared in print. Otherwise they could move legally to close the blog.

  27. AM
    ill check where i got it and ask

  28. Impongo2,

    I have no doubt it is true but we are not going to be outflanked by them

  29. Anthony,

    " McGuinness completely dishonest. People see all that.Whether they prioritise honesty in political life is another matter."

    If the results in todays Irish Times survey are correct it would seem that Martin's dishonesty is of no consequence to those who are prepared to support him. Nick Cohen, writing in the Observer recently, observed of the mendacious nature of the McGuinness campaign " As always, the surprise is not that the politician lies, but that so many in Ireland and beyond want to be lied to."

  30. I think the much talked about bank statement was the one for public consumption.
    Do people really and seriously believe McGuinness is paid 1,600 a month?
    I'm sure there are a lot more banks and a lot more statements and probably not in his name.
    Maybe he took the wrong career path he would of earned more if he had remained in the butchery department.

  31. mmcg obviously doesn't have a joint account with his mrs, she has a very successful business.

  32. Unlike Dana everyone remembers Marty,s hits,

  33. Dixie,

    ‘People aren't taking into account the fact that there is still a lot of anger in the South. And I wouldn't be surprised if the self proclaimed people's president and peacemaker gained on that.’

    SF could well have written themselves off were it not for the anger induced by the crisis. They were lucky in that regard and availed of the opportunity. But that is what happens in politics – it takes a certain skill to seize the opportunity and they made the most of it. Yet they will change nothing. Does anybody seriously believe they would default? Not a hope of it. All we would get is something mumbled and muffled about the peace process and how it is important not to upset it by giving the ECB and the IMF an opportunity to undermine it.