Positioning for the Presidency

Sinn Fein’s decision to throw the black beret of Martin McGuinness into the presidential election ring has certainly spiced up what was up until this point a lacklustre contest. That none of those vying with the North’s Deputy First Minister for residency in the Aras stir the public imagination is probably the strongest card he has. His weakest may be that the type of interest he generates could bring him more opprobrium than approval.

It was certainly within Sinn Fein’s strategic vision to make a bid for the presidency in 2011. The Dublin Government was well aware of it and abided by a rule of thumb – follow the money. It knew what the combined finances of the party and its alter ego were being prioritised for; a place in government in the North, a place in government in the South, gazing over both from within the Aras which would allow it to convey an overarching sense of national unity. Partition would still be there but would seem less relevant and thus less objectionable to nationalists. Yet Macmillan’s events intervened and the 2007 election debacle put matters on hold.

Since then Sinn Fein has made a remarkable recovery. Its fortunes are linked to the implosion of Fianna Fail. Its electoral success earlier this year came in the wake of Fianna Fail’s disastrous management of the economy. Votes that could otherwise be expected to go the way of the Soldiers of Destiny instead landed in the laps of the Soldiers of Decommissioning. The opportunity to make further gains has been gifted to the party because Fianna Fail, having botched the Gay Byrne option, then pulled up short in the warm up to the race for the presidency. Fianna Fail left dangerously exposed by its own ineptitude can hardly claim to be taken aback by the appearance of a menacing Sinn Fein U Boat alongside its own rudderless vessel.

Moreover, the identity of Fianna Fail with government austerity programmes has the effect of eroding its oppositional credentials. As one Fianna Fail TD argued, every time his party’s finance spokesperson Michael McGrath ‘says the government is right it makes us look like Fine Gael lite. It creates the view that Sinn Fein is the real opposition.’ Adams may be less than inspiring in the Dail but Pearse Doherty is a far cry from his economically illiterate leader.

Martin McGuinness hopes that with this backdrop a disaffected Fianna Fail grassroots in search of a mast to which it could nail its colours might just throw its vote his way in opposition to either of the government parties’ presidential hopefuls. A year down the road, when the current governing coalition would certainly not be as popular as it now is, McGuinness’s chances would be considerably increased. Now, the balance of forces is not in his favour.

At this juncture the McGuinness intervention is likely to galvanise the Fine Gael constituency against him. He risks uniting the camp of a leading rival. It is a much heftier constituency than Sinn Fein’s. The last thing the Northern Catholic party wants to be doing is inadvertently calling out a large constituency against itself. That constituency is already adding its shoulder to the wheel that pushes the question ‘will the Irish people want someone who conducted a murder campaign in the Aras?’

The experienced journalist Liam Clarke, author of a book on McGuinness, has argued that the decision to field the former IRA chief of staff is a master stroke by Sinn Fein with no obvious downside. This may not be so straightforward. If the media watching the event has started as it means to go on, then the line and tone of its questioning today has the potential to turn the presidential election into a very divisive issue, not only in the South but also in the North. Unionism is bound to be angered by the move which it will interpret as an attempt by McGuinness to seek reward throughout the country for his IRA past. The work McGuinness has done in recent years in forging unity within the political class may be undermined by his current venture. The more he is vigorously questioned about his IRA past the greater the potential for instability within unionism.

What a strange turnaround it would be if one of the main architects of the peace process was to face accusations of undermining it.


  1. From Helen McClafferty

    Statement from Gerry McGeough on September 19, 2011 regarding Martin McGuinness:

    “I am asking Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness to issue a public statement for my immediate release as my incarceration makes a mockery of the peace process. If he does this, then I will wish him well in the race. I urge people to ensure that this grotesque injustice against me and my family be made into an issue throughout this Presidential election campaign.”

    Gerry has also been informed, by an outside doctor, that he will be moved to hospital before the end of October as there has been a mix up with his health records which will delay his move for follow up medical treatment. Gerry also mentioned that he is not getting his mail in a timely fashion anymore. He has not received any of the letters I have written him in the month of August yet? He feels this is a further attempt by the screws to keep him in isolation from what’s going on outside.

  2. This guy's got some balls that he would wanna risk dragging up his past. Many people from Martin Ingram to Raymond Gilmour, Denis Faul believe him to be an informer, could that issue be brought up again by this campaign??
    In the words of the late Denis Faul-
    "it will sooner or later emerge that your commanding officer was a tout, and that his commanding officer was a tout too. And whilst you’re rotting away, they will be getting off scot-free.”

  3. Ryan

    It seems crystal clear that rather than permitting 6 men to die needlessly in 1981 in order to bring the 6 counties to ungovernable chaos, the clique did so for nothing more than populism.

    When marty stands asking people to tout and his designated replacement was nowhere to be seen during the 'troubles' but calls physical force people murderers, do you really think SF give a fuck about being identified as the tout party?

    They revel in it with a smug, 'we've got away with it' smirk. Bush and Bliar rubbed off well during the SF time at Westminster.

  4. If your info is based on what Ingram,Gilmour,Faul have said, then it being flawed is an understatement.

  5. Saddened,

    it is about 13 years since I read the Gilmour book. Can't really recall what he said about McGuinness. I always wondered why he did not give evidence against McGuinness during the supergrass trial. I think it was the same reason Bobby Lean did not sink Adams. The Brits knew who they wanted to keep for political reasons and who they wanted to get rid of. But I would not take any account of Gilmour accusing him of being a tout.

    Faul genuinely believed him to be an informer. But I never saw any evidence from him to allow me to agree with him.

    Ingram in mhy view got it wrong about McGuinness. I think he inferred too much from too little and may have been misled himself.

    Over the years I have spoken to people in casual conversation about the issue. A few in particular loathe McGuinness for where he has gone. But they are adamant that he could not be a tout. They insist it is simply not possible. Given their close association with him over the years, their case is hard to refute.

  6. McGuinness' candidacy is another clever Machiavellian move by the clique.

    They have wrong footed Fianna Fail, their main electoral rivals down south and severely damaged Michael D. Higgin's chances.

    If Fianna Fail fail to field a creditable candidate it could become a two horse race between Gay Mitchell and McGuinness. Mitchell would win, but SF would get a lot of publicity and extra credibility as a possible government party.

    Down south SF are still seen as a serious republican party and issues such as what went on during the second H-Block hunger strike or McGuinness asking people to inform on other republicans are not raised in the media or elsewhere. The Dublin media will focus on his IRA past which will only bother people who would never vote Sinn Fein anyway while it will not bother Sinn Fein or most dissaffected Fainna Fail voters at all.


  7. There would of been no gain for Grizzly or Marty becoming touts.If they had turned, they wouldn't be around today.Neither had any skeletons in the closet which would of compromised them.Adams Snr doesn't count.

  8. Since I wrote my last comment Fianna Fail have decided not to support or endorse any candidate.

    This means that neither Dana or David Norris can stand, making McGuinness by far the most high profile opposition candidate.

  9. The Irish News carries a story today under the headline 'No-one died by my hand' and quotes McGuinness answering no to the question whether he was responsible for any deaths during the conflict.

    We, and I mean anyone in the wider republican 'family', all were. We supported the war, we attended marches and rallies to show that support, we funded it - even through buying ballots, making donations etc so we're all as equally as responsible for it as the man or woman who pulled the trigger or planted the bomb.

    He can be as candid or evasive as he wants but the fact is, as a member of the IRA he was responsible for deaths.

  10. Belfast Bookworm,

    they have got off to a bad start. It was always going to be difficult for them but to stumble at the first hurdle is self inflicted.

    He cannot honestly claim no one died by his hand. That is to deny the whole IRA campaign and strip it of legitimacy that it might lay claim to. He directed that campaign. He should not suffer legally from it but he cannot prevent a public discussion of it.

    I don't think everyone was equally as culpable. I think there are degrees. That said there is a collective responsibility. Trying to blame it on everyone else is not going to wash

  11. AM,

    I honestly believe we were all as equally culpable.

    'We' gave the IRA the mandate to wage war by our support, we gave it the means by which to run the war - not one of us can say we didnt know where the money was going or what we were supporting.

    Having said that, 'we' assumed we knew exactly what we were supporting and paying for. That it turns out our leadership had something else in mind entirely doesnt take away from the fact that we subscribed to a conflict and are therefore accountable for the actions that arose from it.

  12. Belfast Bookworm,

    I take the point but tend to feel there are degrees of involvement and responsibility.

  13. Martin never was the sharpest knife in the drawer. No matter what people say. Gerry had a ring around his nose and gave it a slight pull now and again,just to let him know what direction to go in.

  14. If Martin and Gerry claim that no one died at their hands then who was responsible? This public washing of the hands infuriates me. Surely, there is a line to be drawn in the interests of defending the actions of IRA volunteers, many of who suffered greatly as the direct result of their involvement in the conflict. Of course, he is not obliged to defend every IRA operation, particularly those that resulted in innocenth deaths, however, there is the important issue of legitimacy. The politics of decommissioning, designed as it was to delegitmatise IRA, lay at the heart of the demand for weapons to be handed over. Today we see that delegitamisation process being reinforced by the public denails of MMcG et al. They are shameless!

  15. Interesting, McGuinness just won a text poll of the 7 candidates (only 5 of whom are certain of being nominated).

    22,000 people voted on RTE's Liveline programme. McGuinness got 28% of the votes, narrowly beating David Norris (27%) who is not nominated and is highly unlikely to get nominated.

    One wonders are FF being really clever and giving tacit support to Martin in order to humiliate the government, or are they just burying their heads in the sand?

  16. Rory,

    are Fianna Fail ready to sign their own death warrant?

  17. The following in an interesting quote from a book entitled 'STALINGRAD', by Joachim Wieder and Heinrich Graf Von Einsiedel.

    This book deals with the issues of culpability and responsibility of the German High Command for the total annihilation of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad:'

    'The closer a person stands to the top of the leadership pyramid and the higher he rises above the mass of the ordinary peopel, the more he becomes an active element in the decision-making process, the more he is accountable for it, and the less does his responsibility become transferable'.

  18. Anthony,

    A party of Fianna Fail's stature not contesting the election for head of state IS signing it's own death warrant in my opinion.

    Elections are the life-blood of conventional political parties, giving the rank and file members and supporters a chance to get involved in the political process.

    What are the Fianna Fail hacks going to do when all their rivals are out canvassing and postering and debating?

    When it comes to policies, there is little to separate SF and FF, I can see many of the few remaining foot soldiers of destiny jumping ship to Sinn Fein.

    Fianna Fail is utterly demoralized and this decision not to contest the election could be the end of them.


  19. Rory

    totally agree about FF. Their decisions today are incredible. Marty's use of the west brit jibe at media people like O'Toole and Mayers and their ilk was cute. With 'Mother inferior' Dana and 'up-bum' Norris out of it, it's a fair bet marty the tout will be voted into the park to keep the FG out of it.

    That's all FF faithful have to aim at now.

  20. Alec,

    good quote which gets to the essence of a responsibility denied. McGuinness should never be allowed to transfer his responsibility. None of them should.


    it is a retrograde move by Fianna Fail. They might just have got away with it in other circumstances. Were they so blind that they failed to see SF coming out of the water at them?

  21. Larry,

    "...it's a fair bet marty the tout will be voted into the park to keep the FG out of it.

    That's all FF faithful have to aim at now.

    Spot in IMHO, the big egos in Fianna Fail can't handle the prospect of losing to Fine Gael. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face.


    "Were they so blind that they failed to see SF coming out of the water at them?"

    Astonishing, it would seem YES.
    I could see this coming two general elections ago but Fianna fail were so fond of themselves and their false boom that they failed to spot the danger.

    I live in Wexford and I think active, enthusiastic Sinn Fein members would easily outnumber their Fianna Fail counterparts. I'm only guessing from my observations though which may be skewed as a republican.


  22. If fisherman Marty gets the key to the big house in the park,would it be a cui bono question,ie will we see not a push for reunification of this island but rather a push for a return to the commonwealth! just a thought folks after all,for the fishermans real bosses that would be the ultimate victory over those" troublesome paddies"

  23. " the question ‘will the Irish people want someone who conducted a murder campaign in the Aras?"


    I do not think that is the question, the real question may be will enough of the Souths population consider what the Provos did a murder campaign, or will they conclude it was something far more honourable. I feel given the distance from that campaign, 20 years now, they may opt for the latter, especially in the privacy of a polling booth.

    If the tout stuff gains legs it might be another matter.

  24. Ryan-

    God knows what the brits had on those in charge of religion in these parts- the abuse started years ago but only got made public during the peace-
    like- wise God knows what Rome had on the brits- they fed of each other- but like most arguments this is easy to say with-out prove-

    Election posters going up for Martin across the 32 counties- some doors to be knocked-

  25. and so the debate continues
    irish daily star


  26. Mick

    "the question ‘will the Irish people want someone who conducted a murder campaign in the Aras?"

    I do not think that is the question.

    That was a direct quote that I used to underline the fact that the question is being asked and pushed by some of his critics. But of course I think you make a good point.

    'If the tout stuff gains legs it might be another matter.'

    I simply don't buy into that allegation. I have never saw anything that would substantiate it.

  27. I personally don't subscribe to the tout allegation and I am highly suspicious of Ingram's claim that he was. In the absence of hard evidence the media would get very little mileage out of this line of attack. Much safer to continue to push the IRA line in the hope he will wither under the pressure.

    Could it be that he could produce the biggest political upset since the foundation of the State? A former IRA man as President! The clever money will be watching how the betting markets shape up as the campagin unfolds. Reading and listening to some of the commentary Marty is firmly in the race.

  28. Saddened,
    I have no idea whether the guy's a tout or not. But do you not find it strange that he was at the forefront of the IRA throughout the war and barely spent any time in prison? Endured no assassination attempts? No close relatives killed? Every time the cops wanted to bring charges they were mysteriously overruled from above.
    Cant remember who it was but Someone said about him-"the man is so lucky he should be buying lottery tickets."

  29. Alec,

    he would not be the first former IRA man to serve as president.

    As for his chances don't let fear be father to the thought

  30. Anthony its there in black and white in todays Irish News, both Gerard Hodgins and yourself have zero credibility when it comes to commenting on psf,a psf anonymous spokesman,and as for Marty leaving the ra in 74 maybe he will in the coming days explain what exactly his role was in persusding Frank Hegarty to return to Derry to face execution.like Adams who was never in the ra Marty is also a liar and suggestions that he is a brussel sprout,I dont find hard to believe when as stated earlier his history of being untouchable by the brits leaves me to wonder! and now he is being endorsed by that other true Irishman Jackie Mc Donald.well it says it all for me .just a parcel of rouges the fucking lot!

  31. P.S Marty wouldnt be the firs tout on the AC,nor indeed the only one.

  32. Marty,

    I am so interested in what they have to say that I am just ready to rush out the door to get the paper!!! Don't hold your breath on me telling you I have read it!

  33. Ryan
    agree on mcguinness. It can be no accident that it was always him mi6 went through in secret talks, secret that is from the volunteers.

    just too dandy a time for marty all down the decades.


    If you stand shoulder to shoulder with the RUC head honcho calling for people to inform, yer a tout.
    Take off the blinkers mackers, martyMi6 has the confidence 20yrs later to give 800yrs of history the middle finger. Are you afraid of offending him?

    Was in Glasgow at the weekend and half of Donegal SF were on our bus. Had great craic and conversation. Any points i raised re McGuinness were not shot down. Seems the foot soldiers are pretty dismayed like many others at how SF got to where they are.

    Sad really..i've a feeling he'll do very well in the Presidential election...VERY WELL.

  34. Ryan,


    'If you stand shoulder to shoulder with the RUC head honcho calling for people to inform, yer a tout.'

    That is not the issue. It is was he working for them as an agent? I see nothing to show that he was.

    'Are you afraid of offending him?'

    It must just be a fear I have developed in recent days!

  35. As for Martin leaving the army in 74 maybe he means he stopped handling weapons and found a desk job.

  36. Unless there is real evidence someone is/was an informer, folk should not make accusations. Other senior people went right through the campaign without serving much prison time. One name especially comes to mind, like MMcG a very careful man, but I would bet my pension he was not an informer.

    If you accept McG is an informer you will equally have to accept John Major allowed a large part of the 'city' of London to be devastated and given what I know about Major I find that hard to accept. Blair maybe, but Major no.

    It could be the Brit intel used McG as an 'agent of influence' having targeted him at a young age, as a man without ideological baggage and unknown to him they gave him a helping hand down the years.

    I forget its name but back in the 1980s a TV programe about him was broadcast, whilst there was opposition to it, I thought at the time this is strange as it was more like a powder puff.

    Mind you these accusations are the fault of senior Provos as they have consistently refused to make public the minutes of the meetings their representatives, (mainly I understand McG) had down the years with Brit intel.

    I'm sure wikileaks would oblige them.

  37. Mick,

    if they were using him without him realising that would not make him an agent of influence. An agent of influence would be someone who consciously works for them and agrees to spread their ideas. There is no evidence that McGuinness was that either.

    The ease with which the allegation is thrown at him is worrying. It devalues any genuine claim. Because the Provisionals were extensively penetrated it does not follow that they were all working for the Brits.

    The problem with an agent of influence is that if the Brits get one at leadership level then it has a knock on effect. As the Provisional movement was a body of people all too willing to believe what its leaders told them no matter how much it jarred with their experience, an agent of influence could easily have the lot of them spreading his ideas for them. They could end up all spreading the same ideas and influencing people but the agent of influence would still be the person recruited by the Brits to do that not the rest who just swallowed the line.

  38. The programme was called real lives and also "starred" Gregory Campbell.

  39. The entire SF leadership are brit agents, have been for ages. Lift your heads and look where they are and what they are saying and promoting.

    Delighted to have zero to do with them. Anyone with principles or a concience couldn't be part of that unnecessary crawling.

  40. At least the original Judas hung himself out of shame, not those guys.

  41. Larry,

    'The entire SF leadership are brit agents, have been for ages.'

    It might make for a nice conspiracy theory but in the end hardly complements any serious critique.

  42. Mick ,Anthony fair enough if we accept that there is not enough evidence to prove Mc Guinness is a tout ,we surely can agree the he like Adams is a liar,and if they both have lied about their membership of the ra,then what else have they lied to the movement and republican community about?I think Mick has a fair point about Mc Guinness and the AC releasing the minutes of their meetings,but I bet thats never going to happen ,maybe we,ll hear they had to be destroyed due to asbestos contamination,the accusation re Mc Guinness has been about for quite a number of years now maybe its time Marty steps up to the plate and proves that these allegations are groundless.it would be something else to see Mc Guinness put under the microscope. hopefully this upcoming election may turn over a few more stones that psf hadnt banked on .

  43. Talking about liars Marty,s wife threatened to leave him over his compulsive lying, he said "he didnt buy that,he thought it was that she found out about him and Beyonce...

  44. Marty,

    we have no difficulty in agreeing that he is a liar on a grand scale. Although in political life he is hardly alone in that. We know both he and Adams lied to us throughout. For calling them out on it we were hassled and villified.

    A/C minutes. An interesting tale to be told there no doubt by whatever fly on the wall was present.

    On him being a tout it never struck me that he was. I was not persuaded by the case Martin Ingram made against him. The evidence was of a different category from that against Scap.

    I think also when you operate at that level of the movement you are always going to be sailing close to many things that go wrong and that leaves you vulnerable.

    I think when the tout charge is levelled the leveller needs to be on strong ground otherwise the real tout will take cover amongst the false allegations.

    There are people in SF now who the leadership knows are touts but who got by because of the swirl of allegations and outings.

    And at all times I take into consideration the views of those who loathe him, have much more knowledge of him than me, but feel that the tout thing does not add up at all.

  45. Mackers

    I know Marty would not be the first IRA man to hold the job but there is two types of IRA: the good old IRA of the distant past and the bad IRA of recent vintage.

  46. Alec,

    McGuinness has fashioned a rod for his own back by signing up to an agreement that delegitimises the IRA campaign and allows the cops the right to investigate it.

    Moreover, what is he going to say when he is asked if those who killed garda at any point since 1969 should be turned in?

  47. AM

    I do not disagree with the points you made about Agents of influence, but according to Agee their recruitment is often a very delicate business, especially when the target is deemed unlikely to respond positively to a back hander or threats. In todays language they are gradually 'groomed' to become convinced their aims run in tandem with the spooks political masters.

    When I look back to the type of trade unionists who were involved here with Catholic action in the 1960s and 70s, although they were reporting to the branch and in some cases Mi5, in no way would they have considered themselves touts, they were anti communists and so was HMG and they were both engaged in the same way. Total crap of course, in reality they were pliable fools who shit on their own.

    Whilst not a member of CA, Orwell, who in the post war period informed on leftwing journalists, is a good example of the type of mentality I mean.

    This type of stuff was rife throughout Europe, especially in countries like the UK which had close links with the CIA and in nations which were predominately catholic.


    Nice one.

  48. Mick,

    some good points there. I was unfamiliar with Agee on the matter. I would just refrain from terming them agents in that sense.

  49. I know this has been asked a million times, but what was it all about, and in your opinion will we ever have unity.

  50. The catholic church has been agents of influence here since the foundation of Maynooth Mick,

  51. Did Scap state that Mc Guinness was a tout or what did he say when he was secertly filmed by,was it by John Ware? I remember he said something but I cant remember what was said?

  52. Saddened it was about ambitious politicans with bombs,unity is now futher away than ever thanks to the gfa,and the inept negotation skills of psf who surrendered the republican movement, its volunteers, arsenal, and in turn criminalised 30 years of struggle, we,re gonna have to breed like f##k to get the border lifted,so I,m going to do my bit and start at the bottom of the street and work up.its now time for the men and women of Ireland to lay down not their lives but on their beds and think of Ireland...

  53. AM
    Are the entire SF leadership hypnotised cult-ish under the masters spell or did they conciously facilitate the shift to partitionism, stormontism, murderers-ism and inform-ism...

    No excuses. SF were in the councils and had MPs elected before decommissioning and all the above. They never needed to pish+shite on 800 yrs of history to go into Stormont.

    They think they are going to do the same number on FF as they did on the SDLP. Will be interesting viewing.

    End of the day, they conciously chose to crawl up unionisms arshole.

  54. Larry,

    career republicanism fuelled by the power of patronage is a powerful incentive to go anywhere that enhances the career

  55. AM
    you nailed it, they're truely brazen and shameful.

  56. Anthony,

    "I do not disagree with the points you made about Agents of influence, but according to Agee their recruitment is often a very delicate business, especially when the target is deemed unlikely to respond positively to a back hander or threats. In todays language they are gradually 'groomed' to become convinced their aims run in tandem with the spooks political masters."

    Mick Hall's citing of Agee brings to mind McGuinness` meetings with Michael Oatley. As I recall Oatley is alleged to have told McGuinness that a United Ireland was inevitable and the Unionists would have to accept it. Could it be that MI6 through Oatley were tasked with creating the idea of a synergism?

  57. Robert,

    Oatley and MI6 were oiut to protect British interests. That meant getting the IRA to halt. He sold McGuinness the line about a UI. Did McGuinness believe it? I doubt it.

    In discussing McGuinness's links to MI6 (which are unavoidable given that somebody has to be in contact with somebody) with a unionist one time, he explained to me that McGuinness was not an agent but where he had messed up was in allowing Oatley/MI6 to see how little the IRA was prepared to settle for.

    I don't believe he was spreading Brit ideas in the manner that an agent of influence would be. I think he told the Brits the IRA needed a way out

  58. Anthony,

    "I think he told the Brits the IRA needed a way out."

    But he has always claimed that the author of the famous,“The conflict is over, but we need your advice on how to bring it to a close.” statement was the invention of Denis Bradley.

  59. cozy little office at westminster may have served its purpose for both mi6 and SF 'leaders'.

    They weren't over there out of sight promoting Irish tourism, or even Irish 'terrorism'.

    Slumdog millionaires sold the farm.

  60. 12 noon today on talk-radio fintan the fool and eamon duncey are debating the marty mi6 bid for president. could be good.

  61. Larry,

    They are like bishops and he is their pope. He can lie to them all he wants and they will praise them for it.


    As it went on most of it was about the acquisition of power.

    I will never see a united Ireland


    ‘Did Scap state that Mc Guinness was a tout or what did he say when he was secretly filmed?’

    He did not say he was a tout. Said he was not a person you could get close to. Had no friends, only comrades.

    The Cook Report filmed him. John Ware later played the original recordings which Cook had dubbed over. That’s my recollection of it anyway.


    That is true but it was something I long suspected was not accurate. What do you think?

  62. Robert on a wee visit to Castlerea once that was the line those nice men in suits took with me i.e. that a united Ireland was inevitable,inbetween rearranging my dental structure, had they given me loads of dosh and talked nice to me I may have been tempted to become an agent of influence,come to think of it I was and still am an agent for a socialist republic.

  63. danny morrison and kevin myers on the last word at 4.30pm approx today fm

  64. Saddened,

    got that too late. Heard the closing minutes of it but not enough to make a judgement. There was a very interesting exchange between Fintan O'Toole and Eamonn Dunphy on earlier

  65. You can listen back on last word archive.

  66. Anthony,

    "That is true but it was something I long suspected was not accurate. What do you think?"

    Churchill`s "..riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an
    enigma." covers much of the process. Bew, Frampton and Gurrachaga in "Talking To Terrorists" quote John Chilcot as having verified the authority of the message for Major. Credibility is stretched to destruction in believing that Bradley made a statement of that magnitude without authority. It's significant that the validity of the statement was never questioned only the source and Adams/McGuinness have managed the PRM in accordance to it's essence ever since.

  67. Marty,

    "..,inbetween rearranging my dental structure,.."

    I expect a position on your local policing board would be out of the question?

  68. Robert,

    most succinctly put. Nothing there I could disagree with.

    John Chilcott could throw light on quite a lot of things I imagine. I shared a panel with him once at a debate in London. He knew the IRA was defeated by the 90s.

  69. Robert

    i recall the statement about 'helping us bring it to an end' coming out and i recall a few 'heads' in Dundalk suggesting Mcguinness could get himself killed. The brits landed him in it. Sadly it was the only time i observed the 'process' questioned.


    the IRA wasn't defeated by the 90s, it had been successfully and deliberately run into the ground by two men, one of whom was never even in it and another who never killed anyone directly or indirectly. What a shitty wee outfit.

    perhaps decommissioning was a greater priority for those two than for the brits.

    we have two choices now for president.

    1. A rampant obsessive liar and judas masquerading as a nationalist patriot.

    2. An honest, gay, apologist for a statutory rapist.

    I wont be voting for a filthy judas lying dog. Go-go Noris, get in there!!!

  70. In a text poll run by the radio station, Cork 96FM, this morning, Martin McGuinness emerged with 61% support, followed by David Norris on 15%. All other candidates came in on single figures.

  71. Fintan O'Toole actually defined what a west brit is today. Someone who can say for Nelson Mandela to set up the armed wing of the ANC does NOT suggest he was involved in terror or violence. But who refuses to give the same benefit of doubt to McGuinness. West brits also start from a point where IRA, nationalists and nordy taigs are BAD and unionism was a snow white wee entity that was blissfully minding its own business in 1969 and before and since that date.

    West brits should be made to emigrate.

  72. anyone know who this rocket is


  73. Larry,

    "Fintan O'Toole actually defined what a west brit is today"

    Does McGuinness qualify as a "North West Brit"?

  74. Robert

    ABSOLUTELY. it's amazing we are deciding on a gay rape apologist, a wanabe nun or and mi6 entertainer as president. Anyone but FG.

    It could be highly entertaining tho. I might have to vote marty mi6 but only if it causes enough grinding of teeth and angst in D4.