Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. Brian,

    why did you put Maskey in a bowler?!!

  2. Mackers,you know that old saying might actually have some meaning.
    If the hat fits wear it.Who better than one of SFs most bumbling,Mr Bumble himself to adorn himself with a bowler.This is in keeping with the collectives policy of having many hats and many faces to supplement the fork tongue.

    It does give him a tinge of respectability in loyalist circles and of course that inner circle of the SF dictatorship.I do wonder how these people will reflect on their lives when the guage is fast approaching empty and the motor is in terminal decline.

    Ah well each of us to live with our own conscience.

    Mackers those cynical poems you refer to from gaol,were fun,educational and assisted to individual empowerment.As you know now and knew back then,you did not have to be a nodding dog just because that was the easy option.

    Glad you remembered me.

  3. Bob Doh Brains lost his dog ,he was inconsolable! Gerry Itwasntme said "put an add in the Anytout news I practically own it"..2 weeks later no sign of the dog,Gerry Itwasntme asks Bob "what exactly did you write" Bob replies "doh here boy".....Gerry Itwasntme says to Bob Doh Brains "what the fuck are you doing talking into an envelope"? Bob replies "doh I,m sending a voicemail ya thick git"...

  4. The wife and I walked past a fancy restaurant last night,"did you smell that lovely food?" she said "it was absolutely incredible and its our anniversary tomorrow" "fuck it" I thought "I,ll treat her" I walked her past again....
    There is a medical distinction,we,ve all heard about people having guts or balls but do you really know the difference between them?
    GUTS-Is arriving home late after a night out with the boys,being met by your wife with a broom,and having the guts to say "are you still cleaning or flying of somewhere?"
    BALLS-Is coming home late after a night out with the boys,smelling of perfume and beer,lipstick on your collar,slapping your wife on the arse and saying "your next"

  5. Things that are difficult to say when drunk;
    Things that are very difficult to say when drunk..
    3..passive-aggresive disorder
    Things that are downright impossoible to say when drunk; thanks I,m married
    2..nope no more booze for me
    3..sorry but your not really my type I dont want to see your boobs.....Interesting Fact..More money is spent on boob jobs and viagra than on Alzheimers research! by 2040 the elderly will have perky tits, stiff tools and no fucking idea why...

  6. hmm saw quite a few black people at the Ballyronan Twelfth this year

  7. Eddie,

    If you were to see him marching down the Crumlin Road in one you would hardly express shock.

    ‘Ah well each of us to live with our own conscience.’

    For those that have such a thing.

    The poems … those were the days!