Bangers Babble

Danny Morrison must long for the time when he could still write with a pen, when he could still command an audience's attention, when he could still damage an opponent with a quick turn of phrase, when a good idea was not stillborn due to impaired ability.

There is little point in my feigning hurt or offence that Bangers should wield his crayon against me, Ed Moloney, Boston College or the interviewees who have so vexed him by deciding to follow his advice and not allow others such as him to become the authors of their own history. When have I ever concerned myself with what he thought, whether it be on Scappaticci, decommissioning or anything else?

He has been so hopeless on the lot of it, that The Wrong Man would be a much better title for his biography than the novel he hung it on. A person of extremely limited foresight who managed to learn nothing with the benefit of hindsight, what credibility has his persistent inconsistency not robbed him of? Slow on the uptake, he seems determined to drown in his own drivel, to the sound of the gurgling nonsense he is now renowned for.

One of West Belfast's better known bluffers, Danny Morrison would appear to carry his grievances heavily and sorely. For the most part his spites against slights are hurled in the direction of those who have persistently proved him wrong over the past two decades, leaving him looking as daft as a baldy brush. Even his big black hat can't disguise that. Yet proving him wrong is nothing for any of us to boast about - that's hardly the most daunting challenge we could face; just as hard as showing that England are not world soccer champions.

In Tipperary on Thursday morning I got a text from a friend informing me there was a nasty piece on the Bangers website directed at myself and Ed Moloney. Later in the day, with no great sense of urgency, I rang my wife and mentioned it to her in passing. She has experience of Morrison, having turned his baldpate purple on more than one occasion, and treats him with even more disdain than I do. After she read it she called and told me it was so boring that if I bothered reading it I should only do so in shifts.

But let's cut to the chase. The latest output from this angry old man finds him hurling invective at the oral history project sponsored by Boston College. In spite of his brouhaha and transparently fake concern about the ethos governing the project, his anathema towards the college project is deeply personal. That is why he seeks to weaken the college's case against handing over its oral history recordings to British authorities. It also explains his lack of invective aimed at the British for seeking the recordings.

He blames Boston College for having unlocked the real story behind the 1981 hunger strike which uncovered his malign role and destroyed what remained of his credibility. Had that pesky college not been willing to allow activists of all stripes to author their own history he could still be living on the wounds of those whose lives he helped end.

People like Danny Morrison want only, if at all, a managed and massaged ‘truth recovery process’ in which invidious activities such as his own will be airbrushed out of the narrative. The Boston College project did not provide that. He has been found out, hence his unhinged fury.

One point raised in the lengthy Bangers article which should be addressed is that Ed Moloney and I took a leaf out of his book by emulating his shafting of the hunger strikers of 1981. On that occasion he deliberately withheld information from republicans on hunger strike, effectively sending six of them to their graves. Had that information been in their possession they most certainly would have ended their protest, a satisfactory outcome reached.

Morrison's case is that both Ed Moloney and myself (and presumably Wilson McArthur, who interviewed the loyalist activists) aped him by withholding information; that we, acting in bad faith, failed to tell the people interviewed for Boston College that their interviews could not be protected from certain forms of legal action and that as a consequence they could be endangered.

Now, were it true that we withheld any information of such a nature from those interviewed that would be a grave offence; one which would place both myself and Moloney on the same lowly moral plateau long occupied by Morrison, making each of us a louse in the locks of humanity, just like him. Were we to have been guilty of such a betrayal we would have behaved both abominably and unpardonably and would justifiably be condemned, pilloried and lambasted out of hand by all those who would have been victims of our nefarious shafting. We would deserve no quarter. But then, typical for Danny Morrison, nothing of what he says is true.

For the record Ed Moloney told the interviewees nothing. He had no contact with them. Wilson McArthur and I told them that their interviews would be protected in all circumstances. We were convinced beyond doubt that this was true, otherwise no interviews would have been initiated. The irrefutable evidence for the basis of my belief is available to all who were interviewed. None thus far have contradicted it.

Thanks to the Boston College Project we now know that Danny Morrison amongst others helped foreclose an alternative route to six hunger strikers and subsequently steered them down a path where only the silence of the grave awaited them. He has lied about it ever since, sure that his sordid secret was safe. But like with much else that proved so wrong. An alternative history emerged that rained on his parade and the sun has not shone on his baldpate since. Does this deceitful hypocrite seriously expect to raise a head of steam against those involved in the Boston College project? More chance that he will raise Sammy Llewellyn from the dead. Pennies for your thoughts on what Sammy might tell.


  1. wow
    the fact that the hunger-strikers were lied to is now recorded as historical fact. It is out there in many books.

    SF lying? That's their 'ronseal trick', it's what they do. Political opinion is one thing, but lack of class is another.

    you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear or a gentleman out of a scabby dogs arse, i learnt that recently.

  2. Mackers,
    anyone who would slide out a persons back entrance without telling them their home was surrounded is capable of anything.

  3. Morrisons article would put you to sleep. Babbling on with technicalities about TOUTS... Really? Boring as McGuinness at Stormont or Glibney in the Irish News on a Thursday.

    Those sad oul farts in SF are all living in a wealthy wee bubble, like the Unionists of old.

  4. Not surprising that Mackers jumps over the ball and goes for the player.

    The fact is that a number of people who took part in your little project were not adequatley informed that such material could legally be seized and used against both pro and anti-GFA republicans.

    There are certain individuals who were interviewed and who have not been active since their release from prison who are now worried that some of their former comrades could end up in gaol over the content of these tapes.

  5. Yeah Anthony I agree bangers rants are as ridiculous as that big hat he wears,maybe he should relocate to Montana where there is lots of other cowboys.

  6. AM-

    I read what bangers wrote on saturday-but no comments are allowed on his site [ unless i missed something ] but i read the hate about you- and to be fair- the hate you wrote about him here-

    I like the way you's both write-

    you's remind me of two boxer's at the press conference- keeps the rest of us on our toe's-

    Who is right and who is wrong- the future will answer that Question-

  7. You have to admit.. Fair play to Danny.. He dosnt let a wee thing like the truth get in the way of a good yarn!

  8. AM,
    Hope you, Carrie and family are all doing well. Where can I find that article to read by Morrison? I'm just back to the Quill now trying to catch up on all your articles these past 2 months. I've missed the interaction on your site. I find it absolutely unforgiveable that these men died unnecessarily. The truth is out now so what damage control will Morrison and his handlers try to implement next, besides trying to pass the buck?

  9. Re Mash 12:08 AM, June 20

    ‘Mash’ makes a very disingenuous point about former prisoners fearing a return to jail on the back of these tapes. This is a ludicrously irrational observation, given that republicans are already being thrown in prison on political charges, and having licences revoked.

    Increasing numbers of people are aware that this ugly situation is partly due to the Shinners involvement in a corrupt puppet government and is compounded by their sitting on policing boards touting about republicans.

  10. Mickeyboy I for one found your statement interesting "who is right ,who is wrong" that suggests to me a cara an element of doubt, of which I and lots of others here are of no doubt,that bangers is a lying ,treacherous toerag!

  11. youd really think SF would steer clear of any debate on 'inteligence'.

  12. I read Morrison’s article and also read AM’s response. It would seem that Morrison is more aggrieved at the scandalous lie of being thrown out of his uncle’s house in Dublin (could have been raining that day!) than the implications the tapes have for him and his ilk. One thing though, in his tirade he doesn’t actually refer directly to the outing of his role in the 1981 Hunger Strikes and his responsibility for the death of 6 POWs but AM refers to this and uses it as the mainstay of his rebuttal of Morrison and eludes to Morrison’s anger and attack on him and Moloney as stemming from his ‘dirty little secret’ being exposed.

    If it was a secret who let it out of the bag? And drawing on that answer why did they hold on to it for so long?
    Also, as Morrison rightly points out are we expected to take what the recordings on the tapes state as the truth? We can’t question those who were recorded but we can question the tapes. Irrespective who was recorded it would be very silly to take the tapes at face value?

    But there is one aspect of it that for the life of me I can’t get to grips with;

    Why did the Brits ever feel the need to recruit touts when so much loose talk was freely available? I’ll never understand that.

  13. Nial
    the Brits recruited the SF leadership to dismantle armed resistance and confirm partition. An end to the conflict is logical and in the modern era necessary. Lying self serving spineless judas rats as nationalist negotiators were not necessary.

    SF will have to live with the truth. Their 'strategy' of duplicity and deception is outed.
    Thanks to yourself, others and those books, resources are available for truth seekers. Historical fact can be written not 'Deluded Danny' propoganda. 'HATS' off to you and others mackers.

    Check out forthcoming dissertations and PHD thesis'. It's only getting going. SF will reap wat they sewed. Unionist fart suckers.

  14. Consider this.Why if anyone involved in the war from either side but in this case with particular reference to Republicans wishing to record for posterity their role and opinions on their experiences and only have them published after they have departed this mortal coil fear prosecution now.It is tantamount to leaving a will lodged with a solicitor only to be published in the event of your death. If I was a Republican with a history of actions in my past that could be deemed as prosecutable I would be more concerned that this information was known to members of SF'S politboro.With their cosiness to their new best friend ,the PSNI,my worries would be more with the pillow talk going on there, than any conversation taped for Boston Colleges living memoir. If a Truth and Reconciliation commission was set up is this not the type of information that would be brought out into the public domain in the search for peace.Would anyone bearing witness to such a reconciliation process with the aim of gaining understanding and peace be liable to prosecution.I should hope not. If the Truth Justice Peace Reconciliation , call it what you want ,commission was ever properly set up, then I for one would love to see as its first two participants a certain Messrs Adams and McGuinness.Lets see if the boyos are so keen to have the truth delivered.Oh and Danny Boy you can go next.

  15. Most folks will not be that concerned about the twists and turns of the hunger strike negotiations:
    At a time of paranoi, mistrust, what can be said:
    It was messy, it was ugly, good men died in agony in pusuit of political status.. incidentally fully granted as part of the GFA.

    Were the hungerstrikrs cynically manipulated?
    Was it SF's idea to have headlines across the world?
    No doubt the first election of Bobby Sands began a process of armalite and ballot box.

    Its also a fact that most people connected with this episode in Irelands history are divided into two groups.

    anti-GFA republicans claim they were lied to .
    Pro-GFA republicans are happy to go along with the SF narrative.

    That must make anyone concerned about "sour grapes" , from people who feel betrayed anyway.
    I don't know !

    However I picked up a slippery line in Morrison's piece; about "D company" .
    Here he muddys the waters, clearly to help Gerry Adams, who must be thinking : will this ever go away?

    I understand how Adams had to lie about his involvement in the IRA, its part of deceving the enemy, and Lao Tzu would probably agree.

    Now though Adams has a problem.
    If he admits he was in the IRA, the questions will continue, if he doea not admit his involvement the questions will continue ..

    Between a rock and a hard place ..

    Better to tell the truth methinks.
    the continued story is damaging SF credibility, as well as an insult to his comrades .

  16. Don't know if any-one has read this insanity, (and I use the word deliberately).

  17. John just read that shit ,I,ve just wasted a few minutes of my life,

  18. John McGirr,

    The Shit Man strikes back! And now he's siding with the paedo fish rapists! I wonder if his new buddy Danny Morrison helped him with his tirade against Anthony McIntyre, the "noted fascist censor". Perhaps Danny and the Shit Man shared a packet of arse biscuits while writing that wonderfully insane piece.

  19. John McGirr,

    at least we agree on something! Carrie read it to me and I laughed throughout.

  20. Helen,

  21. I could not find the article, Albert said it was because I was on Kenny Rodger's blog, could have sworn it said Danny Morrison though.

  22. It is interesting that Morrison begins his tirade by alluding to 'touts' re people telling their stories for posterity because they realise that if they don't a very one sided story will emerge. If Morrison allowed comment on his piece I'd like to ask him his opinion on IRA members talking to the Smithwick tribunal about the assassination of high ranking RUC officers especially since Gerry A seems to be boasting of S.F's role in getting them to do this.

  23. Mackers,
    Found it! I never knew Bangers was such a sensitive soul. Must be such a burden though, being perpetually blamed in the wrong. Even his uncle must have mistaken him for someone else. Maybe that's why Danny demanded of the arresting Brit, 'have you any idea who I am?'

  24. Sometimes I wonder if PSF have left Danny Morrison behind and he finds himself having to say something; anything even, just to be heard?

    Being heard in PSF, as we know, is saying whatever is expected and repeating what the leadership said. And there's also the clapping like seals, but that's reserved mostly for Ard Fheiseanna.

    Of course the Brits aren't going to charge the most powerful propaganda weapon in their arsenal, Gerry Adams. The man, who with McGuinness made touting an acceptable part of his new brand of Republicanism.

    No, this nonsense is an attempt at deterring others who might record their part in the struggle and expose the truth others might want to remain hidden.

    Anyway lets say the cops arrest Such-and-such and say "Whats-his-name said on a tape you did this or that." Would Such-and-such not say, "Never heard of him or her" or "That's a wile lie" or....?

    Danny the 'republican' [choke!] who shook Prince Charlie's hand and who now [choke! Cough! Spit!] thinks that the Queen's visit was a good visit.

    Maybe thats because, Marty forgot to tell those too busy saying what is expected to notice, that any future Police Ombudsman is 'formally appointed by HM The Queen on the recommendation of the First Minister and deputy First Minister'

    Paving the way again Danny, only this time it's for curtsying Shinners.

  25. Jim
    your observations make me less inclined to accept the invitation of a few beers down there these days. Who would ever have believed men in that area would 'go there'. I'm shocked+sickened. Bye the way, what ever happened to the Patten Report?
    I see no water cannon used in Belfast last night. As in Portadown with Hammil, the RUC reverted to spectator mode.

  26. Mackers,
    take heart, read on the bold Banger's blog that Seamus Heaney has also made false accusations against him.
    According to Danny, Seamus lied about an encounter they had on a train during the 'Dirty Protest'
    Heaney reports, that at the time he considered dedicating a poem to the protesters. After an 'aggressive' encounter with Morrison on the train Heaney claimed he felt he was being 'commanded' to do so and subsequently changed his mind.
    Danny's recollection is somewhat different, surprise, surprise!
    He challenges the poet's account saying, had Heaney written this down somewhere like a diary then it might have been more credible.
    Danny then goes on to provide his version of events, which seriously sounds like the 'Wrong Man' syndrome again.

    It would prove extremely interesting to know who Banger's has lined up to challenge the Dark's accounts?
    If it is the people that Banger's claims were spoken about in unflattering terms in the book, he would be best letting those sleeping 'dogs' lie.
    Everybody and their granny knows Brendan Hughes told the truth.
    He was a legend in his own lifetime and you don't get that reputation slithering out the back door.

  27. I know the information is out there, but it is always tinged with a large dollop shinner spin. Anthony, can you do a full and in-depth article, laying out all the facts of the hunger strike. Then ask Morrison and any shinner to refute the true events. That is the only way to shut them up tell the people the truth not the shinner spin.

  28. John McGirr,

    the shitman came back to you but I didn't even read it and just hit the delete button

  29. AM,

    'at least we agree on something!'

    That is true.

    'Carrie read it to me and I laughed throughout.'

    I wondered if he might not be Danny Morrison's 'alter ego'!

    I see he is spamming the internet with it. It is all over the place.

  30. John McGirr,

    it will probably get the same treatment it gets here

  31. Marty-

    No element of doubt over the hunger- strike- the hunger-strikers
    got their demands- the argument has moved on to when was the demands got- After 4 volunteers died- or 10- Can't understand why some-one would bring this up- yet fail to say that the hunger-strikers won-


    Are you off the shit-man's christmas card list- he's going bonkers about the Quill-

    Two invader's shot last night in the short strand- hope its at peace

  32. Yes Mickeyboy mo cara two invaders were shot in the Short Strand ,now we wait for psf to tell that community to inform on the defenders of that community,after all its what psf have been calling for,

  33. Michaelhenry-
    Marty brings up a good point. Were those gunmen traitors to Ireland? Should the people of the Strand report them to the PSNI?
    Eagerly awaiting what Deputy Leader Bozo the Clown has to say bout that one.

  34. Marty + Ryan-

    The only people who should be sore
    about any Sinn Fein comment is the
    volunteers defending the short strand- if they are ok about what-ever comment is made in public- then its no-one else's worry-

  35. Mickeyboy your comment is like your reply re;psf giving full support to the psni,even though those who were involved in Rosemary Nelson,s /Loughinisland/Finucane murders still remain in that force, as stated for psf to be consistent then they must call on the community of Short Strand to inform on the volunteers who risk life and liberty defending them,or maybe the hypocrisy in psf is only retained with yourself and the leadership,

  36. P.S. re your last reply Mickeyboy,I wondered how Harry Fitz and the other vols who are currently banged up in Maghaberry and suffering horrendous conditions,who are there because they to were only obeying orders would feel about your leadership,s loyality to the ordinary vol on the ground?

  37. Michaelhenry
    no disrespect, but it is becoming more obvious by reading your posts just how confused the average SF member must actually be at this stage. Hardly likely to improve.
    An objective study of the trajectory of the Unionist and SF 'negotiations' would be interesting and also a study of the purported bottom lines of each camp and what they actually settled for. NOT what the spin tries to tell us, what the reality is.
    The PSNI seem to have retained all the RUC loyalist empathies. That's for sure.


    interesting site.

  39. Larry,

    'the fact that the hunger-strikers were lied to is now recorded as historical fact.'

    Not just the hunger strikers but everybody involved in the movement. The peace process was a massive lie that we were supposed to acquiesce in otherwise face the wrath of the bully boys.

    They have all become very dull writers. When you move from challenging the establishment to defending it you lose much in the process. Standing up for the status quo rarely makes for exciting copy. I actually used to be envious of Bangers' writing, and thinking to myself 'wish I could write like that.' Haven't had that thought in many a year.


    'anyone who would slide out a persons back entrance without telling them their home was surrounded is capable of anything.'

    That is probably the mildest of his transgressions.


    'Not surprising that Mackers jumps over the ball and goes for the player.'

    There is no way to lift a turd at the clean end.

    We will see how this all pans out. Doubtless, given your admirable desire to keep people out of prison you must be furious at Sinn Fein for consciously trying to put them in.

  40. Marty,

    'I agree bangers rants are as ridiculous as that big hat he wears.'

    The hat is ok but the writing has gone off the boil. He lacks the coherence and artistry of before.

    'bangers is a lying, treacherous toerag!'

    The more he lies about everything the fewer there are to believe him on anything. This is how O'Rawe got his nose in front in the hunger strike debate. In the first radio discussions Richard's charges were so new and shocking that people were bewildered. But I recall sitting in the green room of the BBC shortly after it and being told by journalists that the reason they believed Richard was because they couldn't believe Morrison.


    enjoy the view


    I don't know what Mash feels about it but there is certainly a strong impulse in SF to inform on republicans to the British authorities. It is so clear that there is no denying it. I accept that, as a Shinner said on an earlier post, there are people like him who would never inform. I know some of them myself. But party policy is to inform. And it is not possible to be consistent and at the same time display concern about republicans possibly going to jail as a result of the Boston College tapes abut applaud SF calling for republicans to be jailed on other grounds. This is why SF has been for long so eager to censor. They want to silence anything that flags up those contradictions.


    'It is interesting that Morrison begins his tirade by alluding to 'touts''

    particularly when he and others gave cover of sorts to Scappaticci when he was uncovered. And now he is batting for a party that openly endorses touting on republicans so that the British authorities might prosecute them. This is where the whole thing falls down around their ears. So they try everything to put their critics down. All the critics have to do is ride the storm and eventually what they say will become the established truth. It is like the Scap case, decommissioning, Northern Bank, Bobby Tohill, Robert McCartney, Joe O'Connor. Their position invariably fails to withstand an opinion determined not to be suppressed by them.

  41. mackers
    i avoid anything they write. I prefer a bedtime story from my wife, there's more truth in it!!

  42. Mackers,
    there is more going on under that hat than a fine tooth comb would ever unearth!

  43. Dear Anthony or anyone else commenting on this, I have a question.

    I read about this murder with revulsion. What I'm interested in knowing is this. What makes an IRA operation an IRA operation? It seems too vague to say one that is carried out by IRA members or with IRA weaponry - does it have to have some kind of sanction? And if so at what level?

    This is a fascinating article and following discussion.



  44. SO,

    reflecting on your comment, and beginning to write something, I concluded that it varied so much within the organisation and regionally that it would require quite a bit to write on it. There is at least a chapter in an academic publication there, perhaps even a book. What procedures were in place varied over time. Degrees of autonomy played a part also.

    But generally it needed to be carried out by IRA personnel within a pre arranged framework so that it would not be carried out arbitrarily. The organisation would have to stand over its volunteers, if not in public, then in private. It would not sanction them (unless negligence took place).

    There were rules that had to be adhered to. They were bent at times.