Windsor Visit

Tonight The Pensive Quill features guest writer David Mc Sweeney, commenting on the visit to Ireland by the British queen.

The 26-county state held a National Famine Commemoration ceremony on the 16th of May 2010, it was held at the Murrisk Millennium Park at the foot of Croagh Patrick.

At the ceremony an observation was read by Seamus O Connell of the Humanist Association; he said “as we remember the greatest calamity ever to befall this country, we may ponder on the mismanagement and neglect, as much as the failure of the potato crop”.

One group of people who could not take this chance to ponder the Irish holocaust was the representatives of the British state in the 26 counties. They chose not to attend.

Dublin government sources confirmed at the time that an invitation had been forwarded to the British embassy in Dublin.

As shameful and calculated a snub as you will find in international diplomacy.

Fourteen other nations among them China, Nigeria and Latvia sent representatives.

The Scottish Justice Minister Mr Kenny Mc Askill described a match held on the 20th of March 2011 at Hampden Park, Glasgow as “a great advert for Scottish football”. Assistant Chief Corrigan of the Strathclyde police stated “the atmosphere at the match was excellent”

At this particular sporting occasion thousands of those present sang songs among the lyrics of which are “we are up to our necks in Fenian blood, surrender or you die”. Another song audible from the television coverage mocks the Irish Famine and tells those of Irish extraction in Scotland “the Famine is over go on home”

It is an accepted norm in human relations of any kind that for people or groups to move beyond a certain level of relationship, issues which have caused hurt and conflict must be addressed. This requires honesty.

Today relations between Ireland and Britain are still blighted by British Imperialism and anti-Irish racism.

Those who really want to move the relations between Ireland and Britain on will commit to addressing the fundamental issue of British interference in Ireland.

The 23rd of March 2011 with a backdrop of rugby international between Ireland and England saw the following written by Martin Samuel being printed in one of the largest circulation newspapers in Britain, the Daily Mail.

Indeed there is a lot of history there(the relationship between Ireland and Britain). Like the European Union 73.7 billion bailout for the failing Irish economy last November, that could end up costing British taxpayers in the region of 6.07 billion. Not many songs about that on Saturday though, just the usual ones about prison ships, prison walls and a terrible famine which took place 160 years ago, yet is still thrown in the face of every visitor in an England shirt, as if it was cooked up in the Harlequins dressing room last Tuesday. Maybe next time Martin Johnson (England manager) visits he could give a rousing and equally relevant speech before the game based on vengeance for all the little kiddies abused by Ireland’s paedophile priests.

Samuel could write this without any fear of falling foul of hate crime legislation in Britain.

Given that the British monarchy is unavailable to certain citizens of Britain, because of their religion, out workings of that institutional discrimination are no surprise.

An apology by the British state and a withdrawal from the six counties would be a meaningful way of moving things forward.

A year ago, the same week as the proposed Windsor visit, the British state had an opportunity to make a small act of reconciliation. They chose not to.

Parading the largest landowner in Britain through the streets of a city mired in poverty, which will only get worse under the IMF regime, is shameful. It will move not one thing forward. What it will do is deny 8 million euro to youth, health and education services, to name just three. Among the costs is a banquet at which Windsor will be joined by the native elites, who have sentenced this generation and future ones to despair. The Windsor visit is wrong in many ways.


  1. A cĂșpla focal from Liz the brit and the gombeen class led by Mc Alease are salivating, what a parcel of rouges the whole f##kin lot,I thought the warm welcome Liz the brit would recieve in Ireland would be from semtex,I believe it gives of a colosal amount of heat when ignited!

  2. I can see some acuracy in Samuels remarks. Celtic support becoming tiresome too and i'm a fan, with their chants non stop. British withdrawal would be a step forward? oh yeah? Can norn iron or the free state go it alone? Not from what I see. EEC pick up the pieces....? they already are!
    I was astonished to fnd myself actually enjoying the coverage of the Queens visit. I'm for the present at least going to give eternal bellyaching a miss for a wee while.
    What a fukn depressing article mackers!!
    Bright side...a SF rep shook the Queens hand, but it's ok michaelhenry..she wasn't wearing the crown at the time. GET IT RITE UP YE!!

  3. Larry,

    we don't do good news on this blog!

  4. ffs mackers, i saw a glimmer of 800 yrs crocodile tears bein sank it BAD MAN lol

  5. Larry,

    this blog likes Leonard Cohen. Any more depressing than that?

  6. hmmm attic and rope springs to mind!!

  7. Mackers,
    look on the bright side, look what the visit has done for Irish trade and industry.
    Apparently, the shop that sold Iris Robinson her 'coming out' dress has been inundated with requests for the dress, the new fashion 'must have'.
    If copies of Iris's dress are exported to the South, I'm sure the Southern economy will recover in next to no time.

  8. Larry-

    I would rather shake hands with old lucifer my-self- nothing i can say about the crown-shaking- i must still be in shock-

  9. @ Marty yes the sight of fawning Irish kowtowing to the genocidal icon tottering along on Irish soil churns up the guts...

    RE: 'Seamus O Connell of the Humanist Association; he said “as we remember the greatest calamity ever to befall this country, we may ponder on the mismanagement and neglect, as much as the failure of the potato crop”.'

    No need to ponder - the facts are there It was genocide pure & simple. Personally I am glad it was not attended by them as the tokenism would be equally as appalling as the Croke Park appearance.

    RE. '...The Windsor visit is wrong in many ways.'
    Yes but the apathy en masse of the Irish people have ensured the shackles are tightened... Pathed the way for the travesty spectacle to take place.

    Larry & Anthony hehehe one must never lose their deep insights by succumbing to happiness!
    Leonard Cohen music is brilliant in a twisted way. Pass the razor blades someone. Fuell for the morbidly predisposed to angst ones. I wearied of hearing it after working in rehab places where middle class, navel gazing junkies reveled in the soothing morbidity of its silky doomed cleverness.

  10. Nuala,

    I tend to think of Iris without clothes (horrible thought that it is) rather than with them. In any event few would have cared about her affair - it is her own affair as we might say. Her hypocrisy pushed people over the edge.

  11. Saint?MaryHedgehog,

    always found Cohen brilliant and I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne, the inspiration behind So Long Marianne.

  12. michaelhenry
    think everyone a lttle sedated after those recent events. Except the professional protesters, they should take a half day off+ see what its like to be positive.

    The head of state of your country was here at the invitation of the head of state of Ireland. SF who recognise and participate in both partitionist parliaments resorted to abstentionism. Methinks Rory O'Braidaidh [excuse my spelling?] must be dizzy with confusion. Classic comedy.

  13. mackers
    do refrain from gazing into your middle class PHD navel.

  14. Mackers,
    'So Long Marianne' is one of my favourite all time songs. I never knew it was based on anyone in particular, so jealous, who was it?

  15. Mary I laughed at the sight of Brady head honcho of the catholic church in Ireland at the Dublin knees up for Liz the brit, I mean doesnt he realise none of his kids can ever becone king/queen?but maybe he was there to promote the churchs new brand of chocolate....under eights!

  16. Larry,

    middle aged more like it!!


    she is a German who was sixteen when she dated him, and Tommy Gorman used to give her dog's abuse about him being a paedo! She would just laugh at it.

  17. A good article. A few very strange days there with even stranger claims such as 'this visit means we have now matured as a republic'? or 'the visit has strengthened our sovereignty.' No explanation of what these claims mean or how they are to be proven.The 32 counties Irish republic is a distant, very, very distant, possibility at the moment and the 26 county republic is equally hard to se.

  18. Sent a post a few minutes ago and for some strange reason it went in under the name 'south'. I have no idea how this happened but it should have been under Jim McAllister. not the greatest on computers so I don't know what I have doneto cause that.

  19. Aye South some funny statements last week! my favourite was "god save the queen" or as she is known now Lady GAA GAA!

  20. Mackers,
    Iris and her hubby have shown themselves to be incredibly shrewd almost formidable.
    Who would have thought, that last years events could or would have turned so dramatically.
    They must have been reading Adam's latest, shit to roses best seller, well it should be a best seller the formula definitely worked for him.

  21. Good article David,

    I wouldn't worry too much about what Martin Samuel thinks.

    He that after the first game of the recently ended English Premier League season wrote the following balance and perpicatious article:

    Andy Carroll had his chance and blew it at Old Trafford

    Carroll since went on to play for his country (and score) before moving to Liverpool for £35million.

    There are a lot of useful idiots in the right wing media.

  22. Good one Marty - Lady GAA GAA.
    Must steal it.

  23. Nuala

    ‘Iris and her hubby have shown themselves to be incredibly shrewd almost formidable.’

    Not so sure about Iris, but Peter for sure.