Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry Resume Protest Action.

Tonight the Pensive Quill carries a statement from republican prisoners in Maghaberry who have recently embarked upon a protest.

Over one year has passed since republican prisoners commenced a protest to end strip searching and controlled movement in Maghaberry. The protest ended on the 12th August 2010 after a facilitated agreement was reached between prisoners and gaol admin/NIO which was supposed to have ended strip searching and “phased out” controlled movement within the landings of republican prisoners. As with previous agreements between republican prisoners and the British, the British immediately began to claw back on their position and in the case of this agreement even introduced new and more degrading measures. As a group of non-conforming republican prisoners, we fought against these measures and have worked tirelessly to have the 12th August agreement implemented. To achieve change we have to resist. To challenge such a regime comes at a cost.

Since the signing of the August agreement over 60 forced strip searches has taken place and the phased ending of controlled movement hasn’t materialised. By this stage, May 2011, we should have unfettered access to our two landings with cell doors remaining open all day. Instead, ten screws have to be in place before movement begins, with a maximum of six out on landings at any one time. A “forum” involving prisoner representatives and gaol admin was put in place as part of the agreement to sort areas of contention, meeting on a monthly basis, but as non-conforming prisoners, we refuse to take part in this “talking shop” whilst forced strip searching and controlled movement remain in place. Other areas that need to be addressed are too numerous to go into detail but one example is that when a republican is arrested, he can expect to spend up to 28 days in an interrogation centre, then if charged, he’s brought to Maghaberry where he can expect to be held on landings with loyalists and drug dealers for weeks (in some cases months) before being transferred to the republican landings. This is only one of many disgraceful issues that have been allowed to continue unchallenged for too long. We will not stand idly by as comrades suffer.

In recent months, we have released two separate documents relating to the agreement of August 2010 and conditions within Maghaberry. In both documents we called publicly for unity between all prisoners, stating that we believed unity was our
strength and would benefit us all if we moved forward collectively. We asked the other groups of prisoners and anyone outside with influence and aligned to them to help to achieve this unity.

Unfortunately several months have passed and we have received no response from either. We are conscious of the fact that a significant number of POWs who agreed with our analysis and actions required to obtain our objectives were fully supportive of us but withheld that support. We now believe that most of those now have the confidence to vocally show that support and indeed join us in our struggle. We openly and genuinely welcome those comrades and any others who share our view regarding gaol struggle.

Our objective is to establish a republican wing with republican principles at its core. As republicans we will do whatever it takes to achieve this. This will necessitate the ending of strip searching and controlled movement per the agreement of August 2010. We cannot and will not allow or facilitate any attempt to criminalise republican prisoners any longer. We ask families, comrades and republicans at home and abroad for renewed support as we enter protest action to secure our rights as republicans. Strip searching remains! Controlled movement remains! Our determination to end them also remains!

Protest action has commenced at 10pm, Friday 6th May 2011.


Colin Duffy
Damien McLaughlin
Kevin Barry Nolan
Harry Fitzsimons
Gerard McManus
Brendy Conway
Seán McConville
Brian Cavlan
Gavin Coyle
Dominic Dynes
Brendan McConville
Mark McGuigan
John Paul Wootton
Brian Sheridan
Joe Barr


  1. There is something incredibly sad and sickening about this.
    There is a terrible irony in the fact, that those who plucked the voters heart strings with poignant images of Bobby Sands can at the same time detach themselves from this issue.

  2. This unfortunate situation was totally avoidable has the NIPS implemented the agreement of August last.

    I would also point out that responsibility for the prisons was devolved to Stormont therefore the solution to this problem is in the hands of local politicans.

    Thr prisoners simply want what they were promised last year; no more or less.

  3. Has there ever been an instance of a dissident republican prisoner concealing a weapon in his body and then attacking a prison officer? If not, then what is the point of these strip searches? It can only be to degrade the prisoners.

  4. This prison has been fraught with problems that have nothing to do with any prisoner... Republican, Loyalist or General Population.

    For example, in 2009 a note containing personal information details about the(now former then new) prison Governor was found in one of the above listed Republican prisoner's cell. The press and HM Government had a field day over this discovery.

    Republican prisoners' supporters demanded an investigation.

    At the end of March, 2011 the prison revealed a screw (warder) planted the note and that this screw did not act alone.

    Imagine the pressure that was put on this particular prisoner (and the rest of the Irish Republican prisoners for that matter) from the time that note was "found" until vindication arrived via the investigation results! In addition, this particular prisoner is on remand at Maghaberry; he's convicted of nothing.

    I would invite all readers to Google away and read up on HMP Maghaberry, former Maghaberry Governor Steve Rodford,the Prisoner Officers' Association (POA) and the Loyalist Prisoner Officers' Association (LPOA).

    More about the present protest situation can be found at:

    These prisoners need help from us on the outside as they are truly helpless and at risk on the inside.

  5. Fionnuala
    bang on the money. Whether we agree with physical force at this time or not the SF inaction is a further insult to the very graves they continually stand upon whilst thay spout their crap.

    A segregated Republican wing for these guys is logical. I can only imagine it would benefit the jail too. Why are SF not pushing for this? You would think in the longer term it would be to their benefit. Defuse the situation.

    Perhaps there should be pickets at Stormont and at SF offices to highlight their double standards.

  6. Same old, same old unfortunately. It will always happen if the administration is not open to public scrutiny and held to account.


    how would Marty justify supporting 'traitors'? His hatred for them is because he is an under achiever and they remind him of that.

  7. Alfie,

    it is always about power over the prisoner. It was always to degrade. The mirror search during the blanket was a more pronounced form of it. And it provided the opportunity for brutality.

  8. Alec,

    unfortunately it wasn't avoidable. Hard experience taught us that the only way to have a violence free wing is to have the screws on the backfoot. When the prisoners call the shots there is rarely violence. When the screws call them violence comes with the turf.

  9. Fair comment, Mackers.

    It was avoidable in the sense that had the NIPS stuck to their side of the agreement and followed the blueprint for change then the prisoners would not be on protest now.

    You make an interesting point though. When republicans had the run of their own wings it was a largely violence free environment for both prisoners and screws.

    The screws felt so much at ease on republican wings that they preferred to work with us rather than the loyalists.

    Indeed, relations with the turn keys were often cordial and the atmosphere relaxed.

  10. Anthony,

    Granted the NIO agreed a regime that should be honoured but why should Republican prisoners be facilitated with an enhanced regime over and above other inmates? If the high proportion of eastern european inmates were to agitate for segregation should this be granted and on what grounds?

  11. Alfie,

    "Has there ever been an instance of a dissident republican prisoner concealing a weapon in his body and then attacking a prison officer?"

    Not in the case of what you term dissident republican prisoner Alfie but there is history of concealment and attack. The Maze escape in 1983 saw four officers stabbed and two shot most notably one of which by now junior minister Gerry Kelly. Moreover two Loyalist prisoners were killed in Crumlin Rd in 1991 with a second attempt being made in 1992. In 1997Billy Wright was killed in HMP Maze by virtue of concealed weapons.

  12. Your post only serves to show your ignorance.

    The systemic violence directed against prisoners far outstrips acts of individual violence directed against the screws.

    Your reference to the 1983 escape proves the point why republican prisoners see themselves as a special case. Could you point out to me a similar occurrence involving a group of eastern European "inmates" acting in unison and being prepared to use exterme violence to escape from prison?

    It is because of people like you failing to understand the mindset of republicans that the jails become a battle ground often spilling unto the streets.

  13. @ Robert

    The Prison Ombudsman said this about the note planting I described in my previous comment:

    Her investigation has accused the officer of seeking to push Steve Rodford out of Maghaberry prison in order to halt his proposed reform programme, which was unpopular with officers.

    At this writing, Maghaberry has no permanent Governor despite the fact the position has a salary that tops off at £80,000!

    Like I said, the prison has problems.

  14. For some reason blogger went down and some of the comments posted have gone down with it. Whether or not the glitch at Blogger works itself out I don't know. If so the comments should reappear.

  15. Anthony,

    That explains things.I thought I had been ejected with Brian!

  16. Alec,

    "Your post only serves to show your ignorance"

    My post served it's intent, providing historical precedence to Alfie's question. My comments have been erased by the blogger issue but if there was anything erroneous in pointing out that concealed weapons and explosives were used in the 1983 Maze escape, the 1991 killing of two Loyalist prisoners in Crumlin Rd, a secondary attempt in 1992 and the killing of Billy Wright in 1997 I will retract the error/s and offer an unequivocal apology.

    If I recall correctly you queried my ability to provide an example of eastern europeans acting in unison and using extreme violence? The recent killing of Ukranian national, Dmytro Grysunov, in Kilkeel is a good example. In relation to the accused, on what basis, in your opinion, should a demand for segregation and an enhanced regime be granted if demanded?

  17. Anthony & Robert,

    This was no internet glitch. It was clearly the revenge of The Shit Man. We have mocked him too much. Time for us all to eat some humble pie... or at least a few arse biscuits.

  18. Robert,

    Do you really think the 1983 Maze escapees or the killers of Billy Wright actually concealed knives and pistols up their arses? If not, why the need for strip searches and cavity searches?

    The republican prisoners in Maghaberry have genuine political motivations for the offences they have committed. While we may object to their claim to wage war on behalf of the Irish people, I think we ought to respect their right to political status.

  19. Anthony,

    I think it might be the Blog has a glitch. I have been trying to post.
    Keep getting Error on page.

  20. The unforunate part not only about the plight of the prisoners in Maghaberry but the reality in the 6 counties is it doesn't (in general) reach a wider audience....

  21. Robert, do you know the difference between a political act and a criminal one? I don't think you do, and you should go and read a few books on the matter.

  22. It's a wonder that Mickyboy (michaelhenry) hasn't been on trying to justify his party's (SF) stance on this issue. They should hang their heads in shame!

  23. belfastgit-

    Sinn Fein went to those prisoner's,
    held a meeting in the prison with them and talked on a way forward-
    so some prisoner's have left their groups and have decided to hold another protest- that is their right- they should be supported- no
    matter about any dissident- Sinn Fein argument-

  24. Robert, You know exactly what I meant; an example of eastren Europeans acting in unison within the precints of the prison.

    I'm afraid you totally fail to understand the mindset of republican prisoners which is unsurprising.

    We could debate this forever without reaching an understanding. Suffice to say that the actions of ten brave young men thrity years ago should answer your question.

  25. Robert
    perhaps if corrupt screws were weeded out there would be less 'contraband' in the jail. Screws have set up their own coleagues as well as republican prisoners.

  26. John,

    CIRA have achieved nothing and will achieve nothing. Surely rather than sending young people out to take life and worshiping violence its leaders should be trying to chart a republican future that allows Irish people to be free from the blight of violence.

  27. There we have it-

    uup tom elliott- and john continuty
    both saying scum - thank fcuk they are anti- john will be telling us next that the continuty have got of there arse and put a tonne bomb in london- no- wait- the lying english reporters have already said this- lie for the dissidents-like english reporters-

  28. michaelhenry,
    You are such an idiot! Yes, Sinn Fein did go into the prison and help reach an agreement.
    The agreement was never implemented and the shinners never went back, too busy playing bit parts as chief mourners.
    Why do you never bother about facts! Must get in the way of a good story do they?

  29. Mackers

    In light of the charges brought against Marion Price and two others from Lurgan, all blog sites should carry a warning to inform posters of these new draconian measures.

    Wouldn't want any of your contributors finding themselves before a British court for encouraging or glorifying violence/terrorism.

  30. Alec,

    I think you are right to draw attention to this. People should remind themselves when posting that the blogs and websites are certain to become a trawling zone for the state in its bid to charge people. While it is important that people be allowed to debate nobody should be going to jail for expressing an opinion and nobody should hand the state an opportunity to jail them.

  31. Alex, AM et alia,

    'In light of the charges brought against Marion Price and two others from Lurgan, all blog sites should carry a warning to inform posters of these new draconian measures.'

    Is it true you can get 7 years for saying;

    'Up the RA?'

  32. That's really spooky. Who were the 2 from Lurgan? I didn't see that online anywhere. SF have us in a real democracy now eh?

  33. Alfie,

    Enjoyed the humour - I think I will excuse myself from the table and allow you and Anthony my share of Brians biscuits - enjoy!

    Republicans by their own admission have smuggled and concealed all manner of items by this means. The truth is I do not know if this was the means employed in these specific cases. Reduced to component parts such items become a feasible proposition. Strip searching is a universal facet of prison life. Colin Duffy accepted it without protest on all other occasions of imprisonment. I am not questioning the political motivation of these prisoners but the basis upon which special category status is demanded and afforded.The use of violence as a means of persuasion to a viewpoint still entails law breaking, why should motivation entitle Republican or otherwise a regime not afforded to other groups?

  34. Larry,

    'Who were the 2 from Lurgan?'

    Cáit Trainor and Seán Maloney.

  35. Belfastgit,

    " you know the difference between a political act and a criminal one? I don't think you do, and you should go and read a few books on the matter."

    Oh dear - not another Aristotle!
    Having taken umbrage with my opinion I'm at a loss as to why you have chosen to disguise your annoyance in a superficial manner rather than confronting me with what you see as your pre-emminent intellect and bookish knowledge?

    Could you suggest anything from your voluminous library that might aid my education in this area?

  36. Fionnuala

    Don't let anyone kid you. Sinn Fein played absolutely no part in bringing about the agreement. Their visits to the jail have been more for the optics than anything useful. Of course, the simple fact they have went into speak to the prisoners allows them to pretend they have contributed to improving the situation. Nothing of the kind.

    Please accept this from someone who has been deeply involved with the issue for sometime now. It would be interesting to hear what the prisoners have to say on the matter.

    I'm sure one day all will be revealed.

  37. John, the CIRA has not kept the Republic alive at all but has alienated people from the idea of CIRA's Republic. The Republic if it is to come will do so whether CIRA exist or not. It is of no consequence to the question.

    The Irish people have the right to choose what they want to be free from. And it is clear they want to be free from CIRA violence.

    Theological republicanism concerns itself with matters of Leinster House and fidelity only to what was declared almost a century ago. Strategic republicanism would look at what exists now, real living people who have as much right as any previous generation to determine their future.

    Armed struggle proved itself futile. There is no republican solution to the issue of partition. So we are stuck with it until such times as a non republican solution comes about - consent of the majority in the North. Problem for we republicans is that republicanism rather than the Northern state proved to be the failed political entity.

    IF you are rally committed to the freedom of the Irish people John rather than an abstract ideal let them be free to decide what it is they want to be free from.

  38. John McGirr
    saw that on BBC website. Having an opposing viewpoint to the state is now a criminal offence. WOW. progress at last.

  39. John after a long sojourn in the hills of Leitrim where the sheep have minds of their own unlike the ones we find around this part of the world a few extra cold dips in the icy waters of the lake made the mrs see that there is worse things in life than a f##ked up back, my return was dampered by the refusal of the blog to accept my posts,however your last post was a joy to read mo cara couldnt agree more.

  40. John,

    Your last post is spot on. I had to check for a moment that I hadn't written it!

    Truth is truth whether accepted by the many or the few.

  41. John,

    as there is no god there can be no god given right. Your argument amounts to people having no rights other than the rights you choose to give them. Few are going to buy into that in this day and age.

  42. AM,

    'as there is no god there can be no god given right.'

    How do you square that one with the Proclamation?

    'In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom.'

    'We place the cause of the Irish republic under the protection of the Most High God, whose blessing we invoke upon our arms...'

    I'm with the men of 1916 and the generations since on this one. What do YOU mean when you say or hear those words?

  43. Anthony the god john speaks of in his post is our FSM same thing mo cara which reminds me of the man who went to confession after twenty years he sat in the booth and looked around he said to the priest"confession is different these days father I dont rember a leather chair,bottles of whiskey, guinness on tap,gay porn mags and a box of kleenex being in the booth before,the priest replied "thats because your on my f##kin side"

  44. John,

    "Republicanism needs to hold firm with the past in order to secure the future."

    It has been said that we should not look back in anger, forward in fear but around us in awareness. In doing so there is no escaping the conclusion that it is the presence of armed Republican factions and not the 'British' presence that is objectionable to the Irish people today. John McGirr captures that in observing that,"Truth is truth whether accepted by the many or the few."

  45. Anthony,

    I cannot help but draw an anology here with John's view and that of the Japanese soldier, Hiroo Onoda, who had to be coaxed from a cave on the Philippines 29 yrs after WWII!

  46. Alec,
    apologies, I was told no later than a few days ago that Sinn Fein helped broker the agreement in Maghaberry.
    I was told by a Sinn Fein MLA, that Carol ni Chuilin and Raymond Mc Cartney had played a significant part in getting the deal.
    I totally believe your version of events, but why are people letting them make this claim?

  47. John-

    You think that Eirigi is wrong to take any council seat in the six counties-[ they would never get the peoples vote to do so ]
    but that is still there right-

    But you agree that r.s.f members can take there 26 county council seats- my-my- i smell a partition lover-

  48. John et al,

    If people don't want a war for a 32-county republic, then what right have armed republicans to wage one on their behalf? In the absence of repression, whence does this licence to go against the wishes of one's fellow countrymen come? I mean, if today's armed republicans can ignore the will of the people, then what would be wrong with unionists/loyalists doing exactly the same thing in a hypothetical united Ireland?

  49. Michael,

    "my-my- i smell a partition lover-"

    You must recognise that smell from having your nose up the Big Lad's arse so much!!!

  50. Alfie,


    "If people don't want a war for a 32-county republic, then what right have armed republicans to wage one on their behalf?"

    The two Johns have resorted to invoking God for the purposes of justification. But even allowing for divine approval there is a certain illogical basis to the insistence of liberating people who do not want to be liberated from that which they have expressed a desire not to be liberated from.

  51. John McGirr,

    "I'm with the men of 1916 and the generations since on this one."

    It is 2011 John, the majority of people today are exercised more by the RPI than the GPO. The Proclamation is'nt paying anyone's mortgage, filling up the car or putting clothes on their children's backs or food in their bellies. Treat it as a revered Republican icon but don't let it be a justification for ,"...cowardice, inhumanity, or rapine"

  52. John McGirr,

    'How do you square that one with the Proclamation?'

    Anyone who wants uses god's name. It tells us nothing about what god thinks. Just what those who want to use his name think. Did god ever tell any of them anything? Tony Blair thimnks god told him to go to war in Iraq. Bollix, the lot of it.

    When I hear those words you refer to in the Proclamation I think as Marty does; may as well invoke the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  53. Alfie
    SF always refered to the 1918 election. SF today brought us the GFA and a huge majority 'today' in favour of what we now have. Stormont elections recently further endorsed that.

    Using the 'no need for a mandate' dissident rationale now, would leave Unionists with a much stronger justification for recourse to 'war' than the nationalist fantasy island/united Ireland bunkum we've been fed.

    SF brought us to where we are and somehow missed the celebratory dinner. No one misses them i dont think, ironically wonderful.

  54. John-

    Hope i have not hit a soft target-

    You said- " As long as there is no oath it is alright to take a council seat "
    There is no oath now in stormont- so is it alright with you that those assembly seats are took-

    I don't mind the name-calling [ i have been called worse ] but where are your good arguments-

  55. Robert,

    "I'm with the men of 1916 and the generations since on this one."

    'It is 2011 John, the majority of people today are exercised more by the RPI than the GPO.'

    I was referring to the belief of the men of 1916 in God, as expressed in the Proclamation. I don't think His existence can be annulled because it is 2011, a date calculated on His entry among us.

    'Treat it as a revered Republican icon but don't let it be a justification for ,"...cowardice, inhumanity, or rapine"'

    Of course it isn't a justification for those things. They are precluded by its terms.

  56. Fionnuala

    The agreement was thrashed out between the NIPS and the prisoners with the help of two independent facilitators, none of whom are members of Sinn Fein.

    Sinn Fein were simply not involved in any of this bar raising it with the "minister" as a matter of concern. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    I would pose two questions: if they were instrumental in securing the deal, as they claim,then why do we find ourselves back in a protest situation? How do they explain the failure of the NIPS to implement what was agreed to last August?

    The families of the protesting prisoners will be seeking a meeting with them soon to find out what they are doing. Watch this space.

  57. The problem with we the Irish has not been the lack of willingness to fight the British but our inability to remain united in seeing the fight through until the end.

    Irish history has endless examples of this going back beyond the Easter Rising and the United Irishmen. O'Donnell and O'Neill almost drove the English from Ireland after the Battle of Yellow Ford but couldn't get the support of other Irish lords to help achieve victory.

    And beyond that again the story has been the same; disunity. That has always been our downfall.

    And what is the point you may well ask. The point is; today we have various factions all claiming to want Unity but can't even come together as one group to begin to rebuild what remains of Republicanism.

    And to be brutally honest the leaderships of these groups are all doing one thing, just like Adams and McGuinness before them, they are lying to their grass-root membership by claiming that armed struggle can remove the British.

    It can't and won't remove them without the support of the Irish People. And attempting to recreate the past won't change that. Young Republicans spending the best part of their lives in jail won't change that, their lives will have been wasted by the time they get to realise they've been part of another misled generation.

    Do the present leaderships wish to become as guilty of deceit as were the leadership of PSF?

    1969 wasn't a rising against the British occupation it was a rebellion against Unionist misrule. The IRA was reborn because of it and they used the atrocities and injustices of the Brits that followed as the recruiting call for war against them.

    The rest is history I've no need to repeat what we already know.

    However the Brits have learned from the past. You can bet they'll not repeat what they see as 'mistakes'. They have the Provos sitting happily with the Paisleyites in Stormont running the statelet on their behalf. And people are happy; even while they pass on Tory cuts, that former enemies are doing it together.

    Old Queen Maggie visiting Republican monuments in Dublin and speaking Gaelic is also part of the plan to, as Connolly said, rule by fooling.

    So where do Republicans go from here? Do they continue to give the Shinners the smokescreen they need to hide behind which keeps them in power and that is continued armed struggle? The people want peace so why not give them what they desire and in turn leave the Shinners exposed for what they are?

    Republicanism needs forward thinkers who can lead into the future not back to the past. It needs to realise that unity means all groups coming together to win the support of the people.

    Republicanism doesn't need to enter Stormont but it can be shook to the foundations not by bombs but by the people.

  58. As a footnote to what I wrote above.

    Could you imagine the impact of the type of protests against the Queen in Dublin, if the IRSP,RNU, 32CSM, RSF and Eirigi were doing similar protests against Tory cuts outside Stormont or City Hall? And we were seeing similar protests down the centre of Shipquay Street or Free Derry Corner, Dungannon, Newry etc?

    Without the shackles of armed struggle such minor things would send shock waves through Stormont as far as Westminster and I believe it would see the derailment of the PSF gravy train and more beyond.

    Given the right leadership that is.

  59. Dixie a cara cant fault your post or opinion,its as Ernie O Malley said "give the people effective leadership and they will follow"sooner rather than later the different factions of republicianism must sit down together to form one cohesive organisation that can effectively challenge the psf/dup charade,I think personally that Eírígi may be the nucleus for such .

  60. Alec,
    Sinn Fein has gotten away with lying about this issue for a year.
    Were they lying to their own members about their role in supposedly reaching an agreement?

  61. Dixie said: Without the shackles of armed struggle such minor things would send shock waves through Stormont as far as Westminster and I believe it would see the derailment of the PSF gravy train and more beyond.

    Dixie, I completely agree.

    For many years I've read news accounts of IRA (all versions) attacks. I often suspected that many of these were actually the black flag ops of others. These attacks make for bombastic headlines that sway voters in Ireland as well as the opinions of the international community.

    And, these black ops lead to arrests and convictions. It's a trap.

    I would love to see all the armed groups stand down. Disarmament would throw a huge monkey wrench into the Brit (and others'!) machines.

    In addition, it would lead to certain groups coming off the US FTO list which would make these groups eligible for US donations.

    I feel the AGFA groups would be very pleasantly surprised by the support they'd receive.

    A win-win-win situation for sure.

  62. Tain Bo

    a lot of people have had problems as of late getting on. There was a glitch on this article and we lost some comments which I hope to retrieve at some point.


    the shit man has been screaming fascist censor at me. Has me in stitches. He is eating too many arse biscuits methinks.

  63. Mackers,
    I thought nuj had done a runner with the professor. More than likely they are trawling the net looking for unsuspecting sites, what about 'Leargas'?

  64. Thanks Anthony,
    I also had a glitch on my end that is sorted out now until the next time.
    As for the shit-man he is still on the loose burning everything British. It would serve his rants better if he posted in Irish.

  65. Robert,

    ‘why should Republican prisoners be facilitated with an enhanced regime over and above other inmates?’

    No reason that would persuade you. For republicans it underscores the justified resistance to the manner in which the British have long maltreated prisoners whether in Ireland, during the Boer War or in the American War of Independence. History, tradition all play a part in it.

    ‘If the high proportion of eastern European inmates were to agitate for segregation should this be granted and on what

    I would find no problem with it. It might make a lot of sense administratively.

  66. Robert,

    ‘The two Johns have resorted to invoking God for the purposes of justification.’

    Crazy stuff. But god is often used to deny people their rights.


    I am just glad somebody did a runner with the professor.


    ‘Governmental authority was passed to successive Army Councils in 1938,1969 and 1986.’

    Are you seriously suggesting that the Continuity IRA is the government of Ireland?