Highlighting Imperialism In Ireland

Tonight the Pensive Quill carries the reflections of Martin Óg Meehan of the RNU as he ponders Sinn Fein's efforts to undermine alternative strands of republicanism.

Over Easter, influential members of Sinn Fein were pretty vocal in assassinating the integrity of so-called Dissident Republican Groups. As such, I felt the need to respond.

Firstly, let me inform your readers about the origins of the The Republican
Network for Unity (RNU). We were formed in 2007 as a direct result of Provisional Sinn Fein’s endorsement of British policing in Ireland. Since then, our Network has become a Socialist-Republican political pressure/lobby group. We are not a political Party and are not constituted as such.

Although relatively a new group, RNU is firmly rooted in the Republican Struggle with many ex-Political Prisoners and former Combatants as valued members. We are committed to the democratic socialist Irish Republic as outlined in the 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Declaration of Independence. RNU opposes the Belfast Agreement and all other British attempts to subvert the Irish people’s right to national self-determination.

Each and every Easter, Irish Republicans march to graveyards and monuments to commemorate our Patriot dead, not to engage in the demonisation of former comrades. According to the Provisionals, RNU and other political groups are the same as the various armed groups. Something which the same people used to strongly argue against, when Unionist Politicians claimed that Sinn Fein is the IRA. Nowadays, senior SF figures use the same type of damming language to describe alternative Republicans. I’d like to remind those engaged in felon setting, it was wrong in the past and is still wrong.

In spite of the electoral growth of Sinn Fein, the Irish working-class continue to suffer huge social and economic problems. Whilst failed politicians, corrupt bankers and greedy developers still live in luxury, Imperialism and the British occupation continue to ruin communities throughout this island.The Leinster House and Stormont Parliaments have done nothing to end centuries of criminal enterprise in Ireland.

RNU has no interest in ‘targeting Sinn Fein’, we are dedicated to highlight the truth behind imperialism in Ireland. We cannot accept a bleak future for the young, limited wages for workers, inadequate housing for families, lack of funding for Students and no proper pensions for senior citizens. Our Network will continue to expose oppressive British laws to subjugate Irish people, Non-Jury Courts, Internment by Remand, Plastic Bullets, Political Policing and MI5 on Irish soil. Instead of engaging in the demonisation of Republicans, Sinn Fein would be better helping them achieve a restoration of our national sovereignty.


  1. Cant argue with the argument here.

    Perhaps the recent vote highlights that people just want 'it' over. Radicalism is going to be marginalised for a very long time. The population are tired and fed up with it all. SF were savy enough to see that and take a job in Stormont.

    Why would people think any new group would take a different course? History repeatedly shows they all end up doing the same thing.

    Brits were not the reason for the IMF entering the free state. Irish greed and criminal negligence did that.

  2. all groups that oppose british imperialism should be welcomed,radicalism is whats needed. sinn féin is an obstacle to progress in that it supports british and irish capitalism and as such will align itself with those forces when it feels it needs to, for example the touchy feely picnic they are organising for the queens visit,and the 'protest' they are asking for permission in cork,pathetic,how they sell that to their members as republicanism i'll never know,maybe they are all smoking crack!
    on another note i hope the prisoners in maghaberry gain the support they need in their new protest.
    the struggle goes on.