Today the Pensive Quill features a short piece by guest writer Helen McClafferty, penned by her immediately after the conviction of Gerry McGeough.

February 18, 2011

The politically motivated arrest and now conviction of Gerry McGeough was a set up. As soon as Gerry challenged PSF in the 2007 elections on an anti-PSNI platform at the time Adams/McGuinness were telling everyone to 'cooperate' with them. It's more than a sell out, it's treason. They worked hand and hand with the Brits to silence McGeough.

The only way to pay PSF back is at ELECTION TIME and I would expect that anyone who is against injustice will give PSF the shaft they deserve when that time comes. Their blatant absence in court today, while the verdict was being handed down, was a tell tale sign of their complicity with the British government to silence McGeough and their out and out cowardice.

I can't begin to explain the sadness and disgust I feel at this time. If all these Irish republican groups here and abroad can put their egos in check, there is still work to be done on behalf of McGeough and all other Irish political prisoners. McGeough's conviction is in direct violation of the GFA.

In the USA, Gerry would be entitled to an appeal. I'm in the process of contacting his attorney to see what can be done.

Please continue to monitor the web site for updates and action items. An injustice of this kind (being sold out by his own comrades) should only serve to bring about a more united front against PSF as they have proven to be the cunning cowards they are.

I realize there are a number of people who do not share Gerry’s religious or political beliefs and that’s fine. However, they should not allow that to get in the way of them standing up to injustice, regardless of who the person is or what they believe. I have not been a PSF supporter since the signing of the GFA, but I didn’t let McAnespie hang out to dry in the last 4 years because he is a Shinner.


  1. Helen I still hold out hope for Gerry walking free,its not as you know that I have any faith in the justice system on these islands, more a pragmatic /political decision from those on high,if this farce continues to its apparent conclusion,then the cops are going be busy lifting all around them,the courts are going to be swamped under with historic cases,and Stormont and the "community safety sector" will be missing a brave few members.the silence of the lambs is now a fitting title to any new psf propaganda,they are well aware whats going on in this case and their silence given how that party rose to power i.e, on the backs of prisioners makes them all the more contemptible.

  2. Helen,

    good that this is being maintained. It is a political conviction and that fact needs highlighted.