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On the One Road

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  1. Mickeyboy mo cara in the next few days I,m sure you,l be knocking doors and asking people to vote for psf,maybe yourself or someone close to the scullery squad can answer a question that has been broached more than a few times here on TPQ and indeed by our Nuala in other media outlets,the reason I bring this up is because last week I ran into an old friend ,a thourghly decent man (I know I know but I do know a few people who havent flipped their bin lids)a gaelgoir,and a committed republican,a man who has spent part of his life banged up for actions related to "the cause"on release this man tried to care and provide for his family,like so many others,and in the course of his employment he was wacked[shot] nine times by psf,s newest mates,so as an ex pow he was barred from a claim I think the term is TOUGH SHIT PADDY, anyway he was telling me he tried to take the family to America for a holiday,when they arrived at Dublin airport before they left he was pulled by American agents and given a rough time,they wanted to know all about his time in the prm ,he told them to fuck of so the mate didnt get to visit the good ole us of a unlike Gerry and Martin the nazi party Bin Ladens family and the looney Jap scientists from ww2, he told me that he appealed this decision to refuse him entry and was granted a meeting at the consulate in Belfast, this he said was a nasty affair and again he was asked to divulge his role in pira again he told them to fuck of, so it now transpires he is personna non grata,and his is not an isolated case actually more the norm,for republicans who dont sing from psf,s hymn sheet or employed by them /brits,as Nuala has pointed out many times before this does not just apply to travel but things like employment ,home insurance etc, so mo cara the question is what are the peace dividend benefits we hear so much about for those who have given so much at the coalface of the "struggle" on behalf of the republican movement? Iawait an answer with baited breath.

  2. Marty-

    I'M a knocking boss-

    You are right of course- anyone who
    was / is involved in the political
    war in Ireland are not criminals,

    It can not be a family holiday if
    one member is banned because of
    his / her politics

    Volunteer's died to remove the criminal brit tag so its hard for
    any republican when going to the state's to write on their travel
    permit that they were involved in a
    terroist group-

    But if a individual does not believe in the peace process or its out-come [ as is their right ]
    then why do they want a peace divident benefit- as you call it-

    All the Provo's were promised when they fought was the grave or the prison cell-nobody fought to make
    sure that people who would oppose the movement could go on a foreign trip with their familys some day.

  3. Mickeyboy mo cara you start your post agreeing with me re;that those who fought and suffered for the "cause"are neither criminal or terrorist,and yet when the mention of peace dividend ,which my friend is a psf term one the bearded one has used, you finish your post denying the people who were the backbone of the movement in the darkest of days the same right as Adams/McGuinness and the cease fire hero,s who flooded psf post 94because they had the nerve to disagree with the volte face of the leadership of the prm.had Bobby Sands lived I assume he to would have agreed with your last statement ie; that nobody fought to make sure that people who would oppose the movement could go on a foreign trip with their family some day,I doubt it ,I think that statement says a lot for the mentality of those like yourself in psf, Stalin would have been proud of you,the people you would deny access to foreign travel are the people who made the republican movement, shame on you.

  4. michael henry,

    I have a question for you too. After Irish-Americans fought for the right of Gerry Adams to be granted a visa to the USA, why in turn did PSF actively campaign against the right of Republican Sinn Fein President Ruaire O'Bradaigh to be granted a visa to the USA as well?

    Tell me that was not hypocritical? I happened to be a PSF supporter at the time and it turned me off.

    It just goes to show you that even during Clinton's presidency; PSF was trying to silence the opposition.

  5. Marty-

    You asked for my view and i give it
    i will never understand why anyone
    who opposes the peace process would
    want any benifit from it- this is my view- others could have another

    Helen McClafferty-

    Thats the first i heard that
    Sinn Fein ran a campaign against rsf x president ruaire o'bradaigh-
    why would they as rsf is no opposition to them in america or
    Ireland- ruaire o'bradaigh and his team also visited number 10 in london and i heard no complaints about that visit either.

  6. Mickeyboy your party psf has downgraded a liberation struggle into an equality issue,to which they have proclaimed loud and high that WE are all equal,now your telling us it aint so,as a ranking player ie,"a knocking boss"we can take it that your statement is in actual fact party policy,it will come neither as shock or suprise to anyone outside the machine,those republicans who have turned their back on the prm are only to well aware of the discrimination and chinese whispers carried out by people once described as comrade,and as has been stated so many times in the past those who remain mostly do so for personal gain,now that you and your masters can put your nose in the trough and swill with the ex enemy everyone else can f##k off.are you really telling me this is what so many died for?

  7. Michaelhenry,

    never knew that O'Bradaigh visited No 10. As a matter of historical interest can you source that for me?

  8. Mickeyboy I,d love to know when Ruairí O Brádaigh was in Downing st as well it certaintly wasnt as part of the surrender process your so fond of.

  9. AM-

    ruairi o'bradaigh led a six person
    rsf delegation to 10 downing street
    on may 20th 1998- i did not think it was that far back- o'bradaigh
    mentions this visit in his 1999
    ard feis address-

  10. Michaelhenry

    I do not recall having heard of this before. But if it is in his ard fheis speech of 99 then it must be true. Do you have a ink for the speech? I can't see why he would have visited the place or why the Brits would agree to meet him at that level.

  11. (From ROB's 1999 Presedential address.)

    "On May 20 last, a delegation of six Ard-Chomhairle and Comhairle Uladh personnel visited London and delivered a letter to 10 Downing Street for Mr Tony Blair. The communication included copies of É I R E N U A - A New Democracy; Towards a Peaceful Ireland and S A O L N U A - A New Way of Life.

    The letter submitted that there was only one way out of the impasse (which is still there six months later). That was that all other options had been tried down the years with the exception of the sole alternative which would really work in the long-term - final British disengagement from Ireland

    The answer came publicly from Mr. Blair in Belfast three weeks later on June 15. "The constitutional issues" had been "resolved", he said. The British government - with the support of the Dublin administration - was staying in Ireland. One factor, no doubt, made him sure, for the time being: the position of the Provisionals.

    Their spokesperson, Francie Molloy, as reported in the Sunday Times of March 28 last, described that position very accurately: "We are prepared to work an Executive. We are really prepared to administer British rule in Ireland for the foreseeable future. The very principle of partition is accepted and if the Unionists had that in the 1920's they would have been laughing"."

  12. Anthony there is an interesting article in todays Vatican Times,in the weekend interview section ,you might like it,its an interview with Jo Nesbo and it features his latest book The Leopard,he is described as the next Stieg Larsson, I,ve not read any of Larsson,s work so I,ll pass here mo cara my favourite author is Joseph Wambaugh author of the Choirboys and lots other novels re. the LAPD. anyway Jo Nesbo,s stuff looks interesting,

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  14. Michaelhenry,

    good job. Have no memory of it but it is a useful bit of knowledge for history buffs.


    thanks for providing that detail.

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