Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Mon Colonel Adieu

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. Is that fur coat and no knickers,and Marty Mc Gutless does the judas as well to auld mate Gaddafi,he tells all "I never backed him,I was never a supporter of Gadaffi, I never met him,I never travelled to Libya,what he forgets to tell us is that without Gadaffi,s support he and his mates wouldnt be living the lifestyle they have at the moment,whats the betting Joeanne Mathers ghost will come back to haunt him.

  2. Marty,

    that was the young census woman the IRA killed and then denied it?

  3. Correct Anthony and it happened on his watch in his town.say no more nudge nude ,

  4. Forgot to mention mo cara the weapon used was previously used in two punishment shootings claimed by pira if I,m not mistaken.

  5. "President Barack Obama, speaking at the White House, described specific demands set in coordination with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Qaddafi must immediately stop attacks on civilians" [and leave that task to the US/UK/France]. It's not the right time to make jokes about Gaddafi/Adams relations while NATO planes are on their murdering mission. It's a bit the same like the Protestant community worrying about what will happen when their possible compensation from Gaddafi while the Yanks, the Brits and the French are shamelessly attacking a souverain state and bombing women and chilren claiming that they are doing it "in order to defend civilians". People here are so narrow-minded (including the local "great leaders"), and it's very sad.

  6. Tulyachka 1000 you can bet your last penny that if Gaddaffi,s Libya produced nothing more than carrots,then the western powers wouldnt give a f##k how many died.


  8. Just so transparrent and sickenning how they're not so fast to impose a no fly zone over Gazza when it's getting hammered. Irish nationalist and Palastinian communities obviously don't have civilians.
    Marty mi6 sure up the Brits arse now. Whole duck or no dinner.

  9. The french have joined american and
    british terroist's to bomb and bomb
    again anothers country

    The terroist's have some bought media to help them be anti-peace-
    their awards will be sent by the queen

    Hospitals can not be build-there is supposed to be no money about-
    but at a cost of 1 million each cruise missils will tear another land and people apart by the terroist crusader's

  10. Mickeyboy mo cara when it comes to war the dummy tits will always find the money,then after they make the people pay.

  11. Marty,

    there were enough cuts made in the North's budget to buy a few missiles.

  12. Marty-

    So true- the people will pay for the war's [ where is all this oil money ] we will be hit in our
    pockets but many others will be hit by the falling brit bombs and pay with their live's


    A few missile's can be bought by the budget cuts- true- but a fleet
    of war-planes can be bought by the Irish money that the party that you voted for will hand over to the
    imf at the european union

  13. Michaelhenry

    true but the party you support would hand it over just the same, much as id did the guns it promised never to hand over.

  14. AM-

    Not 1 bullet not 1 ounce will ever be handed over to the brits

    The brits never seen the colour of
    any RA weapon- The movement kept it's promise-

  15. Michaelhenry

    unfortunately it did not. Its promise was no decommissioning either through the back door or front. It decommissioned and broke its promise. But that is like so many other broken promises. And you, like most others, don't know what form the decommissioning took. For all we know they could have been handed over, every single round.

  16. Dear Gerry., need that gear back asap.
    love Col Gadaffi

  17. Dear Mr Gadaffi,you must have the wrong person,everyone knows I was never in the pira,it must be Gerry Kelly your after,you,l find him at Havlock house.

  18. AM-

    You say handover i say no handover
    we can surmise over freedoms weapons but what did happen if anything- took place away from prying eyes and ears- the unionists
    stopped huffing [ for once ] the
    media seemed happy and the brit army took down their barracks in public- the brits have no shame

    If the brits want to establish a no fly zone in libya then why are they dropping bombs on people

  19. Michaelhenry,

    decommissioning should have been a public event. If the IRA was not ashamed of it why hide it? I believe it was to conceal it from its own grass roots and maintain the pretence in private that decommissioning never happened.

    On the no fly zone Larry made a good point today - why none in Gaza?

  20. Ken reid utv- as just said on his twitter that the west belfast by-election will be at the end of june

    Why no fly zone in Gaza- because the peace loving yanks supply isreal with free jets

  21. Larry and Anthony are right - why not a no-fly zone in Gaza and the West Bank? Personally, I believe the UN should have intervened to stop Israeli agression long ago. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't support intervention in Libya when Gaddafi is doing the exact same thing to his own people as the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. Just because the Americans and the British are hypocrites does not mean we should be too.

  22. Is a foreigner allowed a comment here? Something contraversial might stir up some interesting conversation re the "no-fly" zone, add a little spice to this dull conversation.

    About those nasty Brits & French dropping bombs on innocent people;
    that's dead wrong, folks!

    When Crazy Gad.daffi sent his tanks and armoured personnel carriers into the 700,000 civilian population of Benghazi, he promised "No pity, No mercy!"

    Show us any Arab nation that admires and supports this international criminal, that is willing to slaughter his own people to maintain his dictatorship.

    Shame...Go hide your heads! I don't believe that St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland!

    ___ ___

  23. Snake Hunters-

    God only knows what you are being told in the states- but you are supposed to check a few facts out
    for your-self-

    Gaddafi's top ass licker-
    staff general sir david richards
    the brit army chief said that Gaddafi was not to be touched- and he was absolutely not a target for military action= arab oil buys brits

    The arab league said that the brits lied to them and they oppose
    the brits bombs along with china india and russia- thats half the world- still think yous are the big boys.

  24. michaelhenry,
    the brits down down their barracks in public because they had nothing to hide.
    IRA, decommissioning took place in the midst of lies, secrecy and inuendo.
    'Not a bullet, not an ounce!'
    A load of shit, they handed over the lot. Just because de- Chastelain allowed for the whole event to be done far from their supporters gaze, does not mean it did not happen, wise up!

  25. In foreign affairs, each nation is expected to behave in a manner that
    will defend their own national interests, and protect its people from outside influences that have openly advocated the violent overthrow of legitimate governance.

    Of course, most people are aware of Communism, Nazism and Fascism, but how many have read anything about Sunni & Shi'a Islam' passion to subdue and dominate the world?
    Or, Iran's 12th and last Imam, the return of the Madhi Prophet?

    Does anyone here at Pensive Quill believe that Moammar Gad.daffi is interested in protecting/ defending his people from the brute oppression and persecution by -- Jews & Christians -- or those nasty, oil-thirsty Brits?

    For much of my adult life I've been told stories of the 200 yrs of Christian Crusades, and had to dig through factual history to find anything about the 1400 yrs of Jihad Holy Wars, in India...and a dozen European Nations.

    Violence personified, in Allah's Apostle..Mohammad!

    It's a damn shame that Islamic History..with it's continuum of wars, is avoided in the USA, and most of Europe..and in Ireland.

    I suppose it's a truism.. "all politics is local" - have fun with your inane fantasies of the many blessings of Irish Socialism.... until reality hits you.

    Adios, Amigos!

    ___ ___

  26. Alfie

    the type of question you pose goes to the heart of the debate about intervention. A major worry is that these governments never seem to intervene out of humanitarian concerns. A clear cut case crying out for minimal intervention to save hundreds of thousands of lives was Rwanda in 1994. The US suppressed the term genocide so that it would avoid pressure to do something. France intervened but on the side of those behind the genocide.

  27. Snakehunters tells us "each nation is expected to behave in a manner that will defend their own national interests and protect its people from outside influences that have openly advocated the violent otherthrow of legitimate governance"a cara would that statement apply to the native Americans and Mexico in regards to some of the other states,America is a bully in world politics and as godly fanaticial as Al-Qaida,clean up your own house before you lecture anyone else.sin é. slan mo cara

  28. Snake Hunters -

    That last comment sounds like your last volley on the Quill- but like those f-15s you are firing blind

    If it is a true that all politics
    are local then it is a great pity to the world that america or britain could not keep there armed
    forces local- what those two dope's
    think they are going to win
    30.000 ft in the air is beyond me.

  29. 'Not 1 bullet not 1 ounce will ever be handed over to the brits'

    As the sign said in Strabane:

    'Not a bullet, not an ounce, WHAT A LAUGH!'

  30. John McGirr-

    the Provo's never handed 1 bullet or 1 ounce over to the brits- unlike the sticky's or the loyalists-

    I don't know who you support- but they must embarrass you a lot because you never talk about them-
    do tell- i'll not laugh

  31. michaelhenry,

    'I don't know who you support- but they must embarrass you a lot because you never talk about them-
    do tell- i'll not laugh'

    Maybe they would do better if they weren't betrayed by former comrades who even now are backing the RUC against them.

    It is somewhat ironic for the TRAITORS to mock those they have betrayed.

  32. John McGirr-

    One person's traitor is another's

    Don't know who was betrayed as the british army never killed any of their dissident's over the last 20
    years- would make you think- is this why the brit news calls the dissidents hard-line-