An Appeal to People to join the Campaign to Abstain from Voting Sinn Fein

Today The Pensive Quill carries a statement from the Justice For Gerry McGeough Campaign released a few days after McGeough’s conviction in a Diplock Court.

20 February 2011

It was blatantly noticeable that there was no Sinn Fein elected representatives in the Diplock court on Friday, 18th February to support Gerry McGeough. However, ordinary people filled the public gallery to capacity in support of Gerry and his family.

At the same time, Arlene Foster, Roger Burton and Maurice Morrow, from the DUP, cheered and smiled as a father of four was jailed. After attending their crown court in support of Sammy Brush, they walked out of court and past a mother and four crying children left on the side of the street. Now after four years, and Gerry out of the way, Sinn Fein decides to pay lip service to helping him? However, it is very apparent to those following this politically motivated trial and incarceration all these years, that this is only an attempt to salvage votes come election time.

The Justice For Gerry McGeough Committee are now launching a campaign, north and south, asking people to abstain from voting Sinn Fein in all areas, most importantly Fermanagh and south Tyrone, until Gerry McGeough is PERMANENTLY released from jail and back with his family where he belongs. "LONG LIVE THE IRISH NATION".

For further updates on this campaign and other campaigns to release McGeough, please go to the 'Justice for Gerry McGeough' facebook site and the "" web site.


  1. Helen-

    Shout your appeal from the hilltops
    but there will not be to many paying you attention- let me tell you why- gerry mcgeough is the
    grand master of the A.O.H in county tyrone- a organisation which supports the p.s.n.i- which is there right

    You are now having a campaign for a
    p.s.n.i supporter- which is your right- or maybe you were not told this fact- you missed the elections
    in the 26 county's by the way but
    do try not to abstain from the facts in the future

  2. A Chairde.

    The introduction of the AOH issue into this, is a red herring, people are intelligent enough to work that out for themselves.

    As someone who campaigned vigorously for PSF in the last election in Fermanagh/SouthTyrone because of the unique sectarian status of that constituency and would conservatively have brought in a couple of hundred votes, I will be calling on all of these same voters to vote against PSF in the next election, if the fail to resolve this matter.

    They are are quite capable of resolving this, if they they have the backbone and principle to stand by their ex-colleague, who helped put them in power. It would be such a shame because their party president just made a fine speech in Leinster House.

    beir bua,

    brian clarke

  3. Why would anyone who still harbours any republican values vote for them anyway?
    I was discussing the prison stuation today with my son and the conversation turned to votes and voting patterns.
    I was teling him, that not one republican friend of mine votes Sinn Fein, however I have friends who voted SDLP for years and they vote Sinn Fein.
    My son was of the opinion that any republican who could cast a vote for Martin Mc Guinness was 'pretty pathetic'
    But then you only have to look South to see how pathetic people behave during elections.

  4. The only people who vote PSF in Tyrone,that I know of, are former Stoops. I haven't voted for British SF for many years. I will only vote if there is a Republican candidate.

  5. John,

    you must have heard your opponents pining for you! I think anyone who would abstain on the basis of this appeal has already done so for some time.

  6. A Chairde,

    "Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis,"- Brendan Behan. When it comes to the Zionists , they may fight like hell among themselves, we may hate their politics but does anyone else think that we Irish might learn something from how they stick together and vote tactically ?

    We Irish all 80 million of us should have an even stronger lobby both at home and abroad, if we could just learn how to feckin work together and bothered to organize it ! There's tactics and there is strategy, sometimes we have to lose a battle to win a war ?,.

    Can we not have a broad front and co-operate on what is win, win and differ on principles!. I don't think there is anyone who has given Adams more stick than I have over the last six months but I do recognize he made a good contribution in Leinster House and the people of Louth knew exactly what they were voting for! Let's not fool ourselves ! Why not use them when they are useful and challenge them when they fail the people who put them in power like their ex-colleague Gerry McGeough ?

    beir bua,

    brian clarke

  7. Brian the problem with your post from my position is this,a hell of a lot of people trusted Adams and the others not only with their liberty ,but their lives,and have been left wondering what the hell the last 30 odd years was about,those who survived that is a lot didnt, ask most republicans who have been at the coalface of the recent dirty war,and they,l tell you Adams is not a man you can trust the idea of national unity among us ie., the Irish and the disdispora is an excellent idea but when the likes of Adams is promoting it I for one would not be willing to give that mans ego any more for his performance in Leinster house, mo cara he,s only been there a week ,

  8. Marty, a Chara,

    I agree with you entirely but in the long run and in the bigger picture, this is much bigger than Adams or anyone of us and the truth will win out in the end.

    In the meantime does as much unity as possible not make sense, along with using our curbs on their power addiction in every sense, something none of these politicians can ignore. I believe we have an opportunity with modern technology to mobilize the Irish international peacefully, in the same way as the Jews have, we just need good organizers along with committed people.

    We can I believe collectively influence & curb those who are addicted to power. We also need to steer clear of those who are stirring the pot of personalities unconsciously for the British, we need be smarter and more unified than we have been in the past I believe.

    This may sound nuts but the best format for Irish unity to fit the Celtic spirit internationally, that I have come across, are the 12 traditions of a certain programme some sober ppl would be familiar with.

    A group of cross party Irish republicans with a track record credibility need to organize this and explore the principles of gene Sharpe from Boston, I believe. Principles before personalities for the sake of Irish Unity !

    beir bua,

    brian clarke

  9. As I have said Brian ,its an excellent idea and frankly its beyond me why its hasnt been pushed long ago,other than dirty tricks and divide and conquer at play,if there was for talks sake a new republican congress organised on a worldwide scale and based on the reunification of Ireland by peacefull means but with a will and purpose,and organised by fresh and credible people and not the usual suspects,I for one would commit my energy.