Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Ye Royal Energy Programme

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. Breaks my heart wondering how the poor royals will survive another bitter winter.

  2. Christ Marty
    I actually posted first will have to take this up with our Mickeyboy see if I broke the rules.

  3. Marty seems distracted. Maybe he retrieved the wrong clothes from the charity shop..ouch.

  4. Its ok Tain Bo mo cara I was in the fridge trying to get warmred up.F##k the royals they can always throw another peasant on the nothing left to burn !

  5. Tain Bo, it is very touching to know they are warm and safe.
    Kind of gives you a nice feeling knowing that our taxes are contributing to their upkeep.
    Bah Humbug to those 'dole-lites' living it up in scrounge valley.

  6. Wonder who shot that tiger thats on
    the floor between those two creeps

    was it Larry- the manila hunter
    durng his special forces training

    those two creeps grandson is away looking about a world cup bid to-day, if england gets the go-ahead
    there will be a few of the 22 fifa
    members who will get a royal award.

  7. michaelhenry, glad to tell you they did not get it, it went to Russia.
    They were not included in the 2022 draw so they cannot apply until 2026.

  8. Mickeyboy those 22 fifa boyos had better be careful driving through tunnels in the near future!the dummy tits didnt get the sponsership of the world cup...The wife has done nothing but look through the window since the snow started,if it gets much worse I,ll have to let her in!....Gerry Itwasntme and Bob Doh Brains were talking in Thatcher house Anytout rd.Gerry says to Bob "do you know christmas is on a Friday this year?" "is it "says Bob "Doh lets hope its not on the 13th doh"...

  9. Mickeyboy thats not a tiger on the floor silly boy in this politically correct age!,no thats Robert wearing his sash, after the leader of the kkk decided to change colours when going for his world record breaking jump driving a road roller,I refer you to a previous post of Roberts many months ago about the very same!

  10. Ps Mickeyboy they were wearing their sashes at the time hence the orange!

  11. Michaelhenry
    where my mrs comes from the endangered species list is the menu. She asked me if she sponsored a tiger on tv for 3e a month does she get the fur coat?
    NO or DIE!
    i dunno if i shot that tiger was it a DUP or a HUN' tiger? if so...ya never know.

  12. Martin Mc Guinness,s statement re the garda thwarting a motar bomb attack I think says it all "all they really do is see people go to prison for an aim that is simply not achievable" When did Marty come to this conclusion,was it when he was on the army council, did he tell the other volunteers his belief ! the Irish news page 4 there you have it Mickeyboy from an Army council members own mouth,"it is simply not achievable" I,d use language to tell you what I think of Mc Guinness and the rest but ladies read these posts!

  13. Marty,

    Looks like the'Celtic Tiger'to me -tatty bread.

  14. Fionnuala-

    great news about the england bid geting the chop
    i never believe those in the brit
    media, but i was took in- i thought the fcuks had it,


    golden balls and prince william of
    orange failed with their personality bribe's, maybe those two should avoid the dark tunnels
    for a while-
    lets up mi6 are that dumb
    [ or that smart ]

  15. The bid went wrong when one of the committee asked­ Beckham to spell SUMFINK

  16. Robert lol and no not the lodge,brill mo cara!

  17. Michael

    Who shot the tiger? In your book it wasn’t the RIRA so they are in the clear.
    The tiger is used metaphorically to depict the brutal destruction of one of her majesty’s former colonies. In case you have failed to notice Brain is extremely creative in his use of symbolisms.
    Note the placement of the tiger behind the two obliviously royals as they sit and moan about the hardships they face unconscious to the trail of death and destruction committed in their name.
    In these harsh economic times maybe the media will have use of the winter of discontent referring back to 1978-79 though fear not as your leaders shall not suffer as Gerry is always on the sunny side. To your credit PETA will commend you for your concern questioning who killed a cartoon tiger.
    In a related story Tenpole Tudor is being questioned by Scotland Yard regarding the unsolved crime of who killed Bambi.

  18. Marty-

    re-read page 4 of the IRISH news
    seen nothing wrong what McGUINNESS

    those groups stated aims are to get the armed brit army back on our streets and to get rid of equality and the rest of the good friday agreement which is not going to happen,

    the IRISH news thinks it was onh-
    [ the new brit lovers who will not fight, example- they dont kill brits or cops ]
    i dont take advice from them.
    and they are something MARTIN would
    scrape of the bottom of his shoe.

  19. Marty

    “The wife has done nothing but look through the window since the snow started, if it gets much worse I,ll have to let her in!..”

    I was a wee bit suspicious reading that line I could hear the sad violin music playing as I overdosed on mickeyboys concern for the cartoon tiger thinking Marty is being unusually nice got to the punch line and had a fit laughing, suckered in as I did not expect a joke. I think I will have that lobotomy soon.

  20. Nula

    I knew you have a heart of gold your shared concern for the royals is touching as for the dole-ites what do they have to complain about they should be grateful their meager Giro’s are being slashed again and happy knowing the money will be well spent on yet another fairytale wedding.

  21. Robert

    “Looks like the'Celtic Tiger'to me -tatty bread.”

    It looks familiar but the real Celtic Tiger is buried underneath a certain building on the Falls road.

  22. TainBo,
    surely you do not mean the deserving poor? Are they not grateful that they have shoes and a bed can't believe they think they should eat and have heat, 'Let them eat cake.'
    Could you make the lobotomy a double booking, know I know what my granny meant by getting you head showered.

  23. Mackers,
    yourself and Robert have to be in line for the best one liner of the year!

  24. Tain Bo,
    God only knows what else is buried under that building on the Falls Road.

  25. Marty ladies read these posts...have you seen some of the language?

  26. Marty, you are truly such a sensitive soul!
    Letting Marie come in on those cold winter nights, fear was it?
    or just plain terror?

  27. Nula

    Are you referring to those rich poor people who have shoes and a decent bed the upper class poor who look down on the lower class poor who wish they had decent shoes? Oh I forgot we only have the imaginary poverty in our wee Island we should be grateful as a Giro goes a long way I remember it can almost last an entire day that is if you can avoid the people who give you a tap during the week.

    I wouldn’t answer the door just in case Jeeves the tickman is there!

    As for what else is buried under the Falls rd republican mortuary dignity independence anything that hints at an utterance of truth and a stash of valium for the shovel brigade.

  28. Nah Nuala I wanted me dinner

  29. Marty,

    Proceed with caution - I hear 'her indoors' dresses to kill and cooks the same way!

  30. Tain Bo,

    "It looks familiar but the real Celtic Tiger is buried underneath a certain building on the Falls road."

    Along with the proceeds from a Tiger Kidnapping.

  31. I was going to write a book on the benefits of an oriental wife but decided it would take a rainforest to provide the paper.
    Then i thought about writing about the benefits of a western wife and ....nothing came to mind. Marty you have my total sympathy.

  32. Michael,

    "..and they are something MARTIN would scrape of the bottom of his shoe."

    And what a fine shoe Martin now wears - have to be 'Oxford Brogues'. Did you ever get the feeling that Republicanism is a tuxedo and Martin is a pair of brown shoes?

  33. if less shysters on the dole had been getting dodgy morgages maybe the banking system wouldn't be in such a state. But of course it's the bankers fault for giving giro jockeys 300k morgages they never applied for them or anything. There were guys on the dole with 8 houses.
    But of course keep up the 'poor Irish' victim gunk at all cost. It's the eternal cottage industry..BELLYACHING.

  34. Who says the tiger is dead??? I have a cat that sleeps just like him or her.

    Marty I want to thank you for putting a smile on my face every time I read your posts. Your sense of humor is fantastic. have some great posters on this site. I depend you and them to say it like it is.

    I hope you all have a warm and peaceful Holiday season


  35. Robert

    Now you are going to cause our mickeyboy a severe mental quandary I checked his dictionary and proceeds is something a farmer uses when planting crops.
    I am waiting on him saying it was Shergar the race horse that was kidnapped.
    You and Marty should pen the first prod taig joke book one thing we can all agree on is a laugh.

  36. Larry, thank God you don't live in West Belfast, you remind me of one of those curtain twitching people who actually writes down what your neighbour has for breakfast.
    All those morals and high horses gives me the creeps.

  37. a saying springs to mind about all those dodgy morgages and people with big ego's and countless houses now looking for sympathy and help, correct me if i get this wrong but here goes
    'The last refuge of the scoundral is patriotism'.

  38. Robert I was wondering who was shouting Norman!

  39. Finnuala
    west belshaft eh...they musta giv u the royal pardon then?
    Are you guys allowed out to play up there? Maybe you go to Roberts local?

  40. Marty,

    "Robert I was wondering who was shouting Norman!"

    Reminds me of two great film lines.
    From Physcho:-

    "She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?"

    From the Godfather;-

    "In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns"

  41. Tain Bo,

    "You and Marty should pen the first prod taig joke book one thing we can all agree on is a laugh."

    You're not adverse to the frequent quip yourself - although I think the DUP and Sinn Fein have beat us to the first prod taig joke book aka Programme for Government and Budget.

  42. Larry,

    "Are you guys allowed out to play up there? Maybe you go to Roberts local?"

    Thankfully, and with no personal slight intended, my local is far removed from the urban decay of Belfast, Dublin or any other centre. Nestled in an idyllic valley and rolling countryside, even I was not immune to the promise of financial advancement through the property boom. Probaly the mother of bad investments and no doubt the very reason why the small investor in city terms are referred to as 'sheep'. On the verge of dispair but comforted in the knowledge that "we'll not starve" I remain confident in the power of the markets to come good.

  43. Bloke asks God "why did you make women so beautiful?" God replies "so that you would find them attractive" then the bloke asks "well why did you make them so dumb?" God says"so that they would find you attractive"!!! women will never be equal to men untill they can walk down the street bald and still think their beautiful.Mickeyboy and his other half were asked to write a sentence using the words sex and love. Mickeyboys other half wrote,when two people love each other it is ok for them to engage in sex.....Mickeyboy wrote ...I love sex!!!!! JIm phones his work and says to his boss"I wont be in today I,m sick" the boss says "just how sick are you?" Jim says "well I,m in bed with my sister?"!!!!

  44. Larry,
    you must have taught some great values to the kids in Asia.
    Didn't know you could teach without a degree, wouldn't imagine you would be qualified.

  45. Larry

    “If less shysters on the dole had been getting dodgy mortgages maybe the banking system wouldn't be in such a state.”

    As a former long time Belfast dole “shyster” “an unscrupulous person, especially a lawyer or political representative.”
    I have been following your exchanges with Nula on the issue of poverty down to your last discourteous post ending in how you find her void and rude.

    Not to upset your blissful ignorance and utter arrogance blaming the victims rather than the actual financial shysters and lawmakers who always turn a blind eye to high finance criminal schemes but can you really with sincerity blame people for wanting to better themselves and own a property?
    You admit not being much for the mathematical world so naturally you pick on the lowest common denominator in this case the poor and working class.
    Have you ever read a mortgage contract?
    I had a bloke from a mortgage company visit me I listened intently and when it came time to discuss the numbers he took out a calculator I laughed and showed him the door as why indeed would he need a calculator?
    Most people get blindsided by what sounds like a good deal especially those who have to rent.
    Your anger is misdirected you would benefit from questioning the fraudulent shysters who created this current global mess rather than siding with them.

    As a home owner like many I face losing what I own after crawling out of the poverty trap unlike many I can add up the numbers and prolonged my uncertain ownership.

    Nothing personal Larry as you are entitled to your opinion but you can’t blame the bullet only the person who fires the shot and this financial shot will echo round the world for the foreseeable future claiming more victims each day.

  46. Robert
    If my mind was that sharp I would be out flogging dodgy home loans to the shysters.

    I remember listening to big Ian back in the day he certainly fired up the people a skill Adams lacks.
    I was just trying to promote cross community industry but once again your right the DUP and PSF have that line in the bag too.

  47. I have been a wee skitter all day winding it up. Just for the record, NO i do not want to see any family lose a home. My ire was directed at those guys with numerous houses or huge starter castles.
    Apologies for tramping on ordinary folks sensitivities.
    Be honest, we all know the people im talking about. It was rampant.
    marty once again you hit the note!! priceless.

  48. Fionnuala
    some countries require a degree and some don't. Demand was so high in japan and korea that they just pulled the arm off you to get you in. I did the TEFL Certs' and headed out. Thailand requires no degree period, and they pay a TEFL teacher 4 times a Thai teachers wage WITH a studio apartment.
    It's tightening up now hence I'm doing an MA in order to be well qualified.
    There, i can't be much more forthcoming than that, can I?

  49. Larry, Fionnuala & Tain Bo,

    Merits to all the arguments here - hard sometimes to side desisively.

    Tain Bo,

    "I remember listening to big Ian back in the day he certainly fired up the people a skill Adams lacks."

    Back in the day, Big Ian had the oratory skill to fire up many in the Unionist community. I was among their number. There are many within my community who claim that their actions were a direct result of what Paisley had incouraged although personally I think people need to take more resonsibility for their own actions. That is not to exonerate Paisley of the consequentces of his utterances. I think that Powell has been validated time after time in his assertion that, .."all political careers end in failure." Whither, it's 'Smashing Sinn Fein' or 'United Ireland in 2016' the 'Ordinary Joe' needs to be very,very careful when considering the rhetoric of career politicans.

  50. Tain Bo,

    "If my mind was that sharp I would be out flogging dodgy home loans to the shysters"

    According to you're definition of sharpness, you would be up in Stormont flogging a dodgy peace process to the beleagured. But do not dispair there are wiser out looking in.

  51. Robert "the ordinary Joe needs to be very very careful when considering the rhetoric of career politicans" how very true mo cara,and for sure the one thing I notice about our young people today is that they wont be fooled by the weasel words of politicans as easy as we were!

  52. Tain Bo,
    A few years ago we did lose our home, it was only temporary and it was the result of a bad fire. However for one terrible day we literally had no where to go.
    Our insurance company had offered us a hotel, however we could not avail of the offer as we had a dog and two cats.
    We sat amongst the charred remains most of Sunday and then two friend s called, one with a considerable amount of money the other with the keys to a second home they owned.
    To the day I die I will never forget their kindness, but not everyone has that. Maybe I am more than a little touchy because for a very brief time I knew what it was like to lose everything and literally have nowhere to go.
    Long may you keep your home Tain Bo, however as my son rigthly says we are all only a few pay cheques away from the street.

  53. F##k it all Nuala hon,property and possesions mean nothing.there,s no pockets in a shroud hon,we have never starved a winter yet.

  54. No pockets in a shroud Marty, I would say Marie will have your pockets well emptied before Healeys arrive.
    Funny, when I first looked at the cartoon you and Marie were the first people I thought of, seeing how you and her like the finer things in life.

  55. Nuala the finest thing I,ve ever had was a Triumph 600 speed twin alas we parted company many years ago and I,ve been married ever since! have to go now the fire needs another neighbour!

  56. Marty, nearly ended up on the fire myself. Albert caught me feeding the small birds an out of date sponge cake, diaster said he was going to eat half of it after his dinner.
    He has gone for the shopping so I'm away to do the dinner.

  57. Robert

    Indeed I would be there flogging the “dodgy peace process” if I thought it was beneficial to the people of Ulster or the dual Ulster we share.
    I give the British architects credit for playing two political chess games at the same time and putting both camps in political check mate even if Sinn Fein are touting their game as a stalemate. Now we have the Unionists and Republicans playing draughts in Stormont vying not for the people but for their own political gain competing for the crown title of the new kings of Ulster.
    As for the great venture of 2016 well unless you are superstitious the Mayan calendar predicts the end in 2012 so I remain confident that neither shall come to fruition.
    I wouldn’t say independent republicans are out to smash PSF I believe we are trying to debunk the mythological status it has superimposed upon itself.

    As always Robert I appreciate your input, as the learning process is ongoing.

  58. Nula
    I am sorry to hear about the fire I wouldn’t describe you as being touchy as events like that are devastating fortunately your friends are decent people (though Larry might not approve considering they own one than one house) I can understand that feeling of total loss as when I was a kid my family were one of the many politely asked to leave our home at the behest of those decent loyalists.
    Your son is correct most of us are closer to the streets than we like to believe.
    Thanks for the kind thoughts though as Marty said processions in the end mean little we have been through worse. I was just trying to make a point as Larry’s war against the poor is convoluted and his hostility towards you is blatantly obvious.
    I only joined in as his posts are in general at times almost in the styling of Michael Henry.

  59. Tain Bo, you have probably opened up a can of worms here, you will be next in the firing line.
    God help Oz!

  60. Tain Bo gawdalmighty no no no no one Mickeyboy is one to many the thoughts of two of them doesnt bear thinking about, if it turns out to be so mo cara would yould like to join me at Iris,s clinic!

  61. larry's war against the poor ffs how can ye be poor with 10 fraudulent morgages? give me a break guys pick up the pace...get with the programe...
    shysters, swindlers, fraudsters, in my book does not equate with the 'poor'.

  62. Nula
    I think I might have had better luck using a worm as I went fishing for some answers from Larry.
    To my dismay my challenge was dismissed I remain unrepentant though shall trudge through the confusing comments once more just to make sure I am reading them correctly.

  63. Marty

    As always you are a fair referee I stand corrected, as I was unfair to Mickeyboy as at least he sticks by his comments and never back tracks. As for Larry it’s nothing personal but reading the wee spat he is all over the place.

  64. Tain Bo
    no idea what you are needing to know. Are we now in cheltenham GCHQ? conversing in code?
    i'm not mono political "ireland is never wrong", thats bunkum.
    I'm not 'anti' assisting people in need.
    I think my attitude about property speculators has hit a raw nerve with some of you guys and girls.
    i can't help that. i dont have sympathy for multi property adventurers who fell foul through their own greed.
    Socialism and marxism etc all getting an airing here and me taking the mick about speculators has raised heckles.
    All joking aside, THAT IS INTERESTING.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Larry

    Paranoia is a great friend perhaps my grammar is less than eloquent, as you seem to assume myself and Nula conspire against you in some sort of secret code.
    I have made no secret and had the common decency to address you by name until now you have denied me the same courtesy.
    I have been patiently waiting your personal invitation for an exchange now you have addressed me I will without doubt define and defend anything I have said.

  67. Tain Bo
    i respect everyone on this blog out of respect for mackers and his way of going.
    i can take the piss/devils advocate a bit ott and forget print leaves the recipient without bodylanguage or tone of voice or facial expression/
    it can be awkward at times. i enjoy the blog. its great craic.
    i dont take myself or politics too seriously.

  68. Dia duit Larry

    Nietzsche once quoted “In a time of peace a war like man turns upon himself.”

    “Tain Bo
    i respect everyone on this blog out of respect for mackers and his way of going.
    i can take the piss/devils advocate a bit ott and forget print leaves the recipient without bodylanguage or tone of voice or facial expression/
    it can be awkward at times. i enjoy the blog. its great craic.
    i dont take myself or politics too seriously.”

    If I may throw my tuppence in admittedly perplexed though shall make a genuine effort to deconstruct what you said and what I translate from it.

    Reading the first line I can ponder the definition of respect as I pointed out in a previous post
    “I have been following your exchanges with Nula on the issue of poverty down to your last discourteous post ending in how you find her void and rude.”
    A question if I may how exactly can one claim respect for another they find void and rude?

    “Out of respect for Mackers and his way of going.”
    Are you implying that he is somehow responsible for your comments?

    As for the ribbings I don’t think anyone minds a bit of well delivered stick as Robert pointed out I am not short of a quip myself his style and delivery are always well executed.

    When reading a book do you have the same problem as they lack body language and facial expression?

    Finally for one who claims to be laid back and easy going, you certainly have me fooled reading your aggressive serious position on poverty and the self-pitying Irish.

    In fairness Larry it is nothing personal I enjoy the quill and stated before that it offers certain freedoms though that is not a license to abuse the freedom and in my humble opinion you have been well out of order with Nula. If you read through your comments the jibes were not relevant to the issue.

    Sláinte mo chara agus ádh mór

  69. Marty

    I might need that clinic after all but can skip the lobotomy I was out on a wee dander through the hills and for some daft reason decided to climb a rock face.
    Made the climb to the top about 70 odd feet no bother coming down until the last 15 or so feet, then the girl I was with said something I looked over my shoulder lost my balance and took a well deserved dive.
    Landed and burst out laughing now I am aching the great thing was the concerned look on her face as she give me a load of what for and was so worried that I ripped my new coat now if that is not wife material I don’t know what is.

  70. Tain Bo,

    on the question of the exchanges between Nuala and Larry, both are adults, and are free to handle the matter as they choose. It has got sharp at times and an element of acrimony has crept in but nothing to the point where the pace of the exchange should be cut by a moderator's chicane. I don't particularly like the tone that has developed but it is not for me to police it. I think the points raised by Larry are views out there that we are somehow meant to politely pretend do not exist or where they do are only on the margins. I am totally at one with Nuala on her interpretation of the issue but that amounts to no reason to muzzle Larry. I think he will pull his own horns in if he feels he has overstepped the mark. Nuala has handled it in her own way and has certainly given no indication that she wants it policed.

    I realise the point you are making and I appreciate that you are calling for some self-restraint on the part of posters and not making an argument for intervention. I also take on board your desire to keep the discussion civil. I just want to set out my position.

    The whole time the blog has been running only one person has been struck off it. That was to do with sockpuppeting and not the views expressed, the tone used, or the trolling deployed. Elsewhere some comments have not been approved because they appeared libellous. In those cases a form of words chosen by the poster puts the matter right.

    So in that spirit may the exchanges continue.

  71. Tain Bo,
    Totally appreciated your input, I think Mackers is right though, I think Larry and I both dealt each other a couple of low blows, think we will survive it though.
    Is there wedding bells in the air? 'wife material'
    I think Marty is the best one for marriage advice.

  72. Anthony

    I appreciate and understand your position as a rule I generally don’t get involved in exchanges between two people. On this issue I made a comment directly to Larry which was ignored or overlooked depending, as following comments can get confusing.
    I would have liked to dig a little deeper on the subject and posted the comment below.


    Paranoia is a great friend perhaps my grammar is less than eloquent, as you seem to assume myself and Nula conspire against you in some sort of secret code.
    I have made no secret and had the common decency to address you by name until now you have denied me the same courtesy.
    I have been patiently waiting your personal invitation for an exchange now you have addressed me I will without doubt define and defend anything I have said.

    The reply was not exactly what I expected and I assumed my challenge was declined with his post excusing himself as being on the wind. Which left me confused, as he had no problem hashing it out with Nula again under my own assumption I thought he would have defended his position rather than dismiss it with his last post?

    As I said I will without doubt define and defend anything I have said. As far as I am concerned that was the matter dropped as I have nothing personal against Larry or anyone who posts here.
    Definitely no hard feelings on my part otherwise I would take the huffs and take up watching the telly.

  73. Tain Bo mo cara sounds like youve fallen heads head over heels for that lady ,you,ve my deepest sympathy for your now on the slippy slope to hell!

  74. Tain Bo
    i think fionnuala was more than able to express herself, lady like or otherwise. And good for her. Maybe you had your blinkers on at those times.
    Yes respect for mackers, i was in a H-block with the man and until recently had no idea of his connections in the movement. Also his book will turn out to be part of a historical alternative to the SF lies when future kids are studying irish history. It's necessary and good.
    Anyhow, i'll know where to go when i need a shrink eh? bit early in the morning Tain Bo, ill try a cup of tae instead.
    I'm just interested to know why some people on here got their knickers in such a twist over multiple property owners. And the intensity of the reaction to my views on it. That's what i noticed from the entire exchange. Amazing.
    As i say respect to all on here and sincere apologies if things got a bit out of hand. Especially to you fionnuala.
    I shall continue to enjoy, and who knows, maybe get an explanation on the multi property defence league may be forthcoming??? or maybe i'll just be dismissed as a tosser?
    Thats not a great political stance.
    Good morning all.

  75. Forgive me guys for returning to the 'housing' issue. But mise eire posted there and it made me reflect upon the situation of the people of Fatima Mansions and my own inconsequential experience in comparison.
    The people of fatima have new government housing built and they have the option to buy price depending upon length of previous tennancy in the flats. These guys were seriously happy with the houses built and i'll be honest they were great houses. I was delighted for them. That was 2006.
    Today i find myself on the dole in the free state in a rented house after the work ran out.
    The point i'm making is the assertion we are only a wage or two from the 'street' doesn't wash in my book. As i say, my wife is very thankful ...for the welfare state.
    Perhaps i'm wide of the mark here but would i be at least close if i suggested some people are a wage or two from 'rented' acommodation?
    How ghastly!!

  76. Larry, read your recent post and I must admit, I do not have a clue what you are speaking about.
    'Who is on the dole?'
    Larry the saying, 'we are only a few pay cheques or direct debits whatever, of the street.' is quite a sensible statement.
    If our pay stopped going into the bank I would lose my home very quickly, would I get another one?
    I honestly don't know. Could a person end up on the street? Yes they could.
    I don't think anyone on the blog objected to you slagging off the rich, we all do it.
    What you were saying at times however, appeared to be inconsistent and muddled, because you then started slagging off the poor, people on the dole, the whole country quite frankly.
    Then the dissidents got a touch the aboriginal people, everyone only Marty.
    I think Tain Bo intervened in defence of the poor, which is a good quality in my book.
    michaelhenry fell a few times yesterday and the Tain fell, are you at the old voodoo doll trick?
    Only I am going out later and I am now sort of nervous!

  77. yer well safe fionnuala
    ive learnt my lesson locking horns with you.
    probably nothuing much wrong but interpretation.
    i was revelling in the fact that after counting eggs and 5 bhat rice portions between wages in thailand myself and my wife feel secure and insulated on the dole here.
    We don't see reason for too much complaint.
    i can assure you 'paddy' would have different views on poverty if he spent some time in other places, believe me we are greatful for the dole, there isnt one in bangkok or manila.
    i may have seemed heartless and gloating, even, at people with multiple houses [many of whom i know never worked before or after swindling the morgages] losing a few or being stuck with them and huge debt, im sorry i cant have empathy for those people.
    once again fionnuala my sincere regards and apologies, if we got our wires crossed. I have TOTAL empathy for people in danger of losing a family home,even for those who bought a second rather than trust a pension. But 'dolites' sittin in the boozer with 10 houses...nah. not bending on that one.
    BTW im available for a dinner date if you promise not to wear ur blue doc martins.

  78. Larry, there are people who bleed the system. I have never been on the dole and hopefully never will so I honestly do not know if it is an amount that people can cope with. If your family gets by then I am genuinely glad to hear that. My friends have never coped in the South, they had to leave here and had it exceptionally hard, bits of work here and there but nothing serious.
    He cannot return here, he never got the Royal seal and because he is totally against Sinn Fein, he thinks it is highly likely that he would be put on trial if he returns.
    I have seen serious poverty here in Belfast, I know people several of them ex-prisoners who choose between eat and heat and that's bad.
    Larry, there is no need to apologise, I think Tain Bo came out worse than either of us and that is unfair.
    Albert said if this ends in a trial on the TPQ, he will have to be called as a witness for the prosecution, and 'list all the names he gets called'
    I'm away to polish my claws or maybe I will sharpen them for my nite out.

  79. Nula

    “I think Tain Bo came out worse than either of us and that is unfair.”

    On the contrary I am none the worse for wear I don’t consider Anthony’s post as a yellow card in general it is fair and accurate and well intentioned.

    I will clarify my position as indeed I was siding with you on the poverty issue however I was not rushing to your aid, as I am well aware you are more than capable of defending your posts.

    My position was defending the poor as I consider it a social disease with many serious side-affects it is a subject I am well versed in so in my book anyone who escapes the poverty cycle fair play to them.

    On a better note I am glad you pointed out that me and our dear Mickey have one thing in common falling down but in my case well deserved for showing off, made me laugh and ache at the same time.
    As for wedding bells well for the now the only bells I am hearing are the ones ringing in my head.

  80. Tain Bo,

    most definitely not a yellow card or a card of any description. All I was doing was explaining our position but there was absolutely nothing wrong with your own.

  81. Anthony

    I would have taken the easy way out if I thought it was a yellow card and took it personal although I might be transferring if I lose my bet and posting as a pro shin vainer. Now that sounds like taking the easy way out.

  82. Larry

    I considered my part in the issue dropped after you declined my offer. I was away for a few days and was not going to indulge your baiting until I noticed a jibe on another comment between you and Mickey.
    Firstly your opening is just mimicking what Anthony said I am never discourteous when it comes to volunteers and to my knowledge of posting here I don’t believe I have uttered any disparaging remarks though have condemned the leadership.
    I have a great respect for Anthony picking through his writings over the years has been educational.
    I posted long ago that the Blanket and the Quill would be picked over by the scholarly type.
    I have a signed copy of his book that I placed between a catholic bible and a protestant bible for a prod a taig and the atheist an unholy trinity personal joke.

    Regarding your posts can you expect to be taken seriously when you admit you are on the wind at the same time?
    Perhaps the above may answer your query as to why “some” took a stance against you.
    Again you should at least name the some; you’re in general reference sounds exaggerated as it implies you are harassed.

    “I shall continue to enjoy, and who knows, maybe get an explanation on the multi property defence league may be forthcoming???”

    Perhaps if you delivered a more factual account an explanation would be in order instead of tabloid-comments or articulated better as the dole is a general term.

    The ten house dole shysters you speak of are interesting though you never manage to show factual evidence of these hoards who sign on the dole and have ten houses. The issue is hardly new as I recall back in the 80s a number of people trading their housing executive homes for more opulent surroundings not a word was spoken then. I know there are those who have swindled but would keep the numbers to a minimum as exaggeration should be kept for fishermen and their tales.

    Regardless I am away to sit upon my couch and ponder as this is much like defusing a bomb after it has exploded in this case nothing much to do but assess the damage “none.”

    I understand the nature of the devil’s advocate so shall let you have the last word on the subject as I said my part was dropped.
    On a lighter note the only movements that impress me now are those of the bowel but that is out of respect for my own unhealthy digestive tract.

  83. Tain Bo
    no last word required. An entertaining post. Good morning to you too sir. Yes, i think the little bit of antagonism crept into things because it was possibly unclear that i was being the devils advocate. Hence 'politically all over the place'. But sure you have to aim the bellows at the fire to get a decent result.
    No harm done, sure holy moley much worse exchanges take place in the boozer among the best of friends.
    I too value mackers book and the others, voices etc that will provide 'the lie' to the SF spin. I will get Richard's book shortly too. A young man who had just graduated from the course i'm on now used Anthony's book as the basis for his thesis. So it has already begun.
    Don't be laying on your couch Tain Bo there are enough of us talking to ourselves already...

  84. Lucille,

    Not sure we say it as it is but we say it as we see it! None has a monopoly on being right and those that think they do are a danger to the rest of us. There are a lot of good posts coming through.


    ‘the 'Ordinary Joe' needs to be very, very careful when considering the rhetoric of career politicians.’

    So true


    A shocking account of losing your home. First I knew of it.

    ‘We sat amongst the charred remains most of Sunday and then two friends
    called, one with a considerable amount of money the other with the keys
    to a second home they owned. To the day I die I will never forget their kindness, but not everyone has that.’

    When that happens you never forget it. I have a friend who at crucial points in my life, when it looked as if the deluge was about to burst the damn, has stepped in and saved the day. That sort of thing you never forget. We carry it to the end of our days.

    ‘as my son rightly says we are all only a few pay cheques away from the street.’

    Well that is absolutely right. I take Larry’s point about getting somewhere else courtesy of local authority but he overlooks the figure of speech dimension. But those who repossess your house are indifferent to any of that that. You on the street is good enough for them. They will do nothing to sort your situation. And at that point you have little say where you go.