The Master Cometh

Out this morning on my way to meet an Austrian researcher whose project it was to write an essay on the Good Friday Agreement, I noticed a lot of activity at front doors of houses close to where I live. This part of County Louth is pretty quiet on a Sunday morning, especially before 9. There are few shops open and the small splattering of people out and about on their feet seemed to be mass goers. So the hustle bustle of activity puzzled me.

Having passed three or four doors I paused and approached a neighbour, who looked as if he too had caught the busy bug. I inquired of him why everybody was up so early attending to their front doors and windows. I didn’t think there had been overnight storms that had prompted a spontaneous collective inspection for water ingress. ‘Surely, you must have heard’, he said to me, ‘the Master is threatening to represent us in Louth so we are putting garlands of garlic bulbs around our windows and nailing crosses to our front doors to ward him off.’

I thought about that before commenting. It might have seemed novel in Louth but the Master had not been deterred from forced entry in the past by anything less robust than a drop bar. Crosses and garlic seemed no match for a sledge hammer. ‘The garlic might work if he doesn’t like French cuisine but forget about the crosses, that’s all superstition.’ Not in the mood for scepticism he barked that it was alright for me, the Master had bitten my neck so many times that I had grown immune to his nocturnal plundering. ‘There is something of the night about that fella. A man with family and young children can’t take chances.’ Certainly not if Brother Liam is on the canvassing team I thought.

Sensing how ill at ease he was I sought to reassure him. I explained that as there was a small stream at the back of his home, it would act like a moat, a sort of natural barrier. The Master’s type can’t cross running water. He looked at me, eyebrow raised, uncertain if I was being helpful or yanking his chain.

To lighten things I told him the Master might not turn out all that bad. He had been a public representative for quite a while, and might bring something to the constituency. ‘Folk dread he might represent us as well as he does West Belfast.’ Not much I could say to that. What the good people of Louth did to have that visited upon them is the stuff of vampire movies. As if he had read my mind he continued, ‘Folk say he will parachute Liam in and you know what that means.’ Not for the first time, I thought.

Still, every cloud has its silver lining. There seems to be no situation however dire, that some entrepreneurial spirit cannot turn it to their economic advantage. As I progressed further on my town bound journey a number of wooden notices hastily hammered into the ground were on display in front gardens: ‘Plot for sale.’ Not being discerning enough, I asked one man why so many plots were going on the market at the one time. ‘There’ll be a good price to be fetched for it once the Master arrives to solve the nation’s crisis.’

I knew the Master had recently told documentary makers he enjoyed gardening in his spare time but I failed to work out how he could tend to so many allotments at once. He could hardly do so given the time he would need to spend in the Dail. But then double jobbing was nothing new to him so maybe he could manage.

‘What sort of vegetables does he intend to grow?’ I knew he had an abundance of turnips in West Belfast Sinn Fein so Swedes had to be ruled out. The response was dismissive. ‘Ah, you Nordies are a quare lot. You lecture us down here about our backward ways and there’s you thinking we want to sell the Master plots for growing fruit and veg.’

Feeling sillier by the minute and not eager to put my ignorance on display, I just nodded and said ‘suppose you are right.’ I hastened on my way but had made only a few steps before the would-be plot seller, sensing he had one over me and not happy to let me escape his superior knowledge, called after me ,‘the Master might need a place or two to bury unwanted things. For the man that knows how to turn a penny a killing can be made in selling secret graves.’ Very much so I thought; literally too. Still, I couldn’t resist commenting, that ‘sure, if you advertise them in advance they won’t be all that secret.’ Evened the score with the smartass. We Nordies are not so stupid after all.

On that I sauntered into town, pondering on the make up of the next Coalition government. Depending on the electoral arithmetic Ireland might produce the EU’s first Minister for the Disappeared.


  1. 'Ouch'
    Loved that. Didn't a big smart fella take a wee drive to Cork once? Ah sure, we can only live in hope.

  2. I,m away to fill myself with the fallin down water, just in case the master beater changes his mind and stays lodged in Belfast,

  3. Whats the betting psf now takes another big step and after the next elections they take their seats in Westminster

  4. Mackers, what have you ever done to deserve this, what did any of us ever do to deserve this.
    Not satisfied with the shit he has left up here, he is now going to mess up someone else's little part of the universe.

    I agree the garlic and the cruifix would be no match, the stake might do the trick though. You would sort of have to get him asleep for that one and he probably sleeps with one eye open.

    So Arthur is standing down, wonder who's idea that was. He caused the Master a few embarrassing moments last year. Clearly never learned his lines, sort of messed the Liam Adams story up.
    In other words he foolishly told the truth.
    Well before he reneged and told the official party truth.

    Maybe people should put a copy of the Dark's or Richard's books in their windows could work, if not the cover of your book Mackers that would definitely scare him off.

  5. what is it with Ireland where someone who is not actually from the constituency can just one day decide to run for office there even though they are not actually from there, never lived there and have no connections to the place not to mention probably don't know the first thing about the local issues. Here in America they're known as carpetbaggers and are usually kicked to the curb. Hope the people of Louth do the same to the Dear Leader.

  6. Just watched berdy talkin at Edentubber. What is it with this egitistical git. Pople blew themselves up there when there was no mandate saught or required. Now 'god almighty' is walking all over their graves.
    I just hope that he gets hammered. There's a load of us going over to canvass for the opposition. See ye for a wee Harpic Mackers when it's up and running?

  7. good man ryan-
    you hate those that voted a foreigner to be governer of the suuny state-

    you like or hate those american
    scum killing in anothers country.

  8. Larry, what does a wee Harpic mean? no doubt showing my ignorance as usual.
    Wish he would just piss off to America, sorry Ryan. He could re-vamp 'Gone with the Wind' him and Babs Streisand. 'Frankly my dear it was'nt me I was not in the country at the time.'

  9. Now Ryan,

    it is all very well for you in America to be upsetting one of the Master's disciples. We have to share this blog with him!

  10. With vampires all the rage, well-timed, AM. Contae Lú abu

  11. Fionnchú

    A victory in Louth I will go with the Buddy Holly song... that will be the day.

  12. used 2 get off the train at dundalk the odd time Fionnuala, Harpic is brewed beside the station. Harp lager.we used to calll it after the cleaning agent.
    Could be worse mackers, we cud be sharing a 'bogg' with him b4 its all over. ha ha.
    i detect some prickles rising on a very early stage too, hope he's still around during and after the election.

  13. Larry,

    Michaelhenry is one of the boys. Leave him be! He brightens up the place.

  14. I thought michaelhenry would have been down in Edentubber to hear the Master announce his departure from West Belfast.
    He and Arthur Morgan actually enjoyed an endearing clinch, from what I hear it would be hard to know which back the knife was going into, probably both.
    The Master is apparently going South to sort out the economic situation, well why not, he done such a wonderful job up here he must be out for hire.
    Where next? world domination no doubt.

  15. Adams coming down south because of the crisis? Anyone see his performance in 2007 on economics? Hope he went back to skool since then.
    A.M. must say i'm a tad perturbed at ur recent buddiness, but relax, as our U.S.of A. blogger can no doubt verify, us Apatches are afraid of the insane.
    Michaelhenry is just dandy. i enjoy his posts immensely.

  16. michaelhenry,
    no I don't support any imperialism whether Yank or Brit not sure what that has to do with this discussion. Arnold lived and worked for 30 years in California before he ran for governor, he did not just decide one day hmm I am bored and my political career is going nowhere so I am gonna try to be the TD for Louth, a place I have no connection to. But maybe I am mistaken Perhaps the great leader has 2 or 3 of his holiday homes located there? Didn't he have a paedo brother who lives there?
    Nuala- Gerry better not piss off to AMerica but It seems like every other week he is visiting here, makes me a bit worried he will start running for office here. He does have a street in Oakland named after him after all.

  17. Larry Mickeyboy is from the Wherethefuckarewe tribe,these people a only 4ft or a mtr in height,the plains they inhabit is covered in tall elephant grass which grows to over 6ft or a mtr and a half high ,and as they move about their land they can be heard shouting "Wherethefuckarewe"bit like Mickeyboys thoughts and politics really

  18. This is the real Gerry Adams coming to the fore now, he is so out of touch with even his own party he is even prepared to sacrifice a sitting TD just satisfy his lust for power . Arthur Morgan worked tirelessly for his much loved Cooley peninsula and made great progress for Sinn Fein and it must be unbearable for him to watch a power hungry man shunt him to one side just to feed his cravings .Sort of runs in the Adams family “cravings”.

  19. "Sort of runs in the Adams family “cravings”."

    They,re creepy and they're kooky. At night their house is spooky...cause daddy wants his nookie..The Adams Family! They're into paedophilia..their icy hands would chill ya and Gerry wants to kill ya..The Adams Family! Allegedly.

  20. He's coming down because of the crisis ok. His attention defecit crisis. He's saying the country needs change. 'Change' was the Obama buzz word, so Gerry appears to be as up to date topically as he is economics wise.
    I'll be sick as a dog if Louth vote him in. I'm hoping this will be his ill considered 'last trip'.
    Marty, with my own deminitive stature i'll stay away from michaelhenry's stomping ground..i'll be confuzzed meself.
    Ryan, you are spot on, but Adams believes as i've said before that he is the physical embodiment of 800 yrs of Irish resistance. Surrounded by psychophants for so long he has no reason to think otherwise. COME ON LOUTH!!!

  21. Is it possible like the rat he is Adams is jumping the west Belfast ship ahead of the backlash that the changes to the welfare system will cause to possibily the majority of his constituents,as an mp mla Adams record of job creation to this area is woeful with the exception of a few cushy numbers for the right boys and girls,good ridance to bad rubbish,and condolences to Louth.

  22. I have followed your Quill and come to know it and thought it pensive; your latest, while is hardly instructive. It is called turning the knife.
    A more eco-poli-socio approach would appreciated by myself on this subject.

  23. Now, now, Robert. The Master is not his brother's keeper; you can't expect him to know what's going on in West Belfast/Dundalk youth centres or even in his own party. The Master is above all these things - even common decency. And anyways, you're a unionist and possibly a securocrat and thus have no right to an opinion.

  24. Robert

    When they get their (ill) realty TV show you should write the theme music for it… hilarious!

  25. Kevintyrone,

    What sort of bolloxology is an "eco-poli-socio approach"??? What in hell has it got to do with Adams running for election in Louth?

  26. Alfie

    I looked up bollixology in Mickey Henrys dictionary it is an eco friendly political term for socially recycling the same aul shite.

  27. Tain bo-

    Alfie wanted to know what
    " eco-poli-socio-approach meant"
    me and my dictionary have no answer
    another mystery,

    eco-friendly, can't abide it
    im whiskey- friendly if that helps,

    nothing wrong with recycling the same old shite if thats what the people want- most writer's are at it to.[ you know what i mean AM ]

  28. Michael

    Mo chara, it was bollixology that had me laughing.
    Just included your dictionary as you are now a staple here one of the friendly dysfunctional family.

  29. Anthony,

    A very humorous piece, I enjoyed it even if Kevintryone did'nt. I will say no more lest I corroborate a contributors description of the Quill, on slugger, as being twelve nodding dogs salivating over your every word.

  30. Michaelhenry,

    "im whiskey- friendly if that helps"

    “What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for"

  31. Ah, now Robert, that not right. There's only about 5 or 6 of us nodding dogs. But since you're here too, you must share our unique eco-poli-socio-canine perspective.

  32. Read a bit on slugger. Have to say this 'Adama' standing in Louth has re-awoken my political interest. Can't wait for it all to kick off. Is he quaranteed selection? Silly question i suppose, it's HIS belfast/32 county mafia. The 'up' side is if he did get elected it could be the death knel for SF in the 'Free State'. He and his crap are ok 'up there' but when he gobs off in the Dail it will be a major turn off for the southerners in general. imo.
    Anyhow, all those who are anti 'Adama' grave hopper careerist Adams have plenty of time to form a strategy, joint or otherwise.
    one slogan could be:
    keep ur kids safe keep adams out!
    maybe take a random name off a local headstone as campaign spokesperson...tramping all over the dignified dead seems to work for berdy!!!
    ok 7.30am ive me curley worley skool uniform on, time to run for the bus...

  33. As I said before Adams is getting out of west Belfast before the majority of his constituents who would be in receipt of welfare benefits,through no fault of their own I may add but rather years of discrimination and neglect by the old Stormont regime,and the worse than usless m.p,s mla,s that followed.he knows that these coming cuts are going to severly impact on the lives of an already impoverished people,the other reason he is jumping ship imo is that the ego needs to be inflated again, he is no longer the big story,and a seat in the Dail would help him on his way to a crack at the presidency,as for psf meeting to decide who will be his successor,s who are they kidding that has been already decided,if anyone is looking for nodding dogs then they need look no futher than psf.

  34. Just when the bearded one was getting all the publicity he so desperatly craves,along comes Willieboy and his engagement announcement and the bearded one is relegated once again to yesterdays news.

  35. Thomas Sharkey the man who should’ve being replacing Arthur Morgan announced to the world that Gerry (the noble prize winner all but in name ) Adams a man who carries the good name of Ireland across the globe a man of international respectability is an excellent choice to represent the people of Louth . If elected maybe he can fulfil his duties as Minister of the Disappeared and tell the relatives of same were their loved one’s are buried.

  36. He should be minister for social welfare and family 'affairs'. I saw wee nudy sammy wilson put him in his box, tho he's scootin about drogheda and dundalk already.
    I think i'm close puking.

  37. It'll be interesting to see, what will happen with the campaign of 2004 A president for All (, now that Gerry will be in Louth

  38. Consensus on the politics and history degree course is Geraldo has lost the plot...few comments suggest he may get 'cemented' rather than voted in down round that area...and there was me thinkin it was only me having thoughts like that.

  39. Larry I think its safe to say the bearded one had flipped his lid a long time ago,however as far as getting elected in Louth I think its a safe bet for him,after this forthcoming budjet in the republic the politicans will be public enemy no 1 (the bankers have already got away with it)and the people will elect anyone even Adams as a protest vote, I hope I,m wrong but if I was a betting man thats the way I,d go.

  40. So Kate Middleton and prince William have announced a date for their wedding,I have a little bit of advice for the happy couple to aid them in a long and happy future...........SEATBELTS!!!!

  41. marty- only you

    kate has two choice's-

    toe the royal family line
    or avoid dark tunnel's.

  42. Things really are absolutely fucked in the Republic - the Master is at one door and the IMF are at the other. Well, if the Master does win a seat and get into government, he'll have a much harder task of disappearing the IMF than Jean McConville.

  43. I had a look at the 'Troops Out Movement' website recently, on it was a link to a video of the master giving his reasons for throwing his hat into the Louth ring. The volume of waffle in the film has to be seen to be believed!

  44. Ryan,

    Liar’s Lane is it?

    Tain Bo,

    ‘A victory in Louth I will go with the Buddy Holly song... that will be
    the day.’

    He would not have gone for it unless he was absolutely certain.


    Just watched a woman on TV tonight saying all the politicians were lying. Just wait until she hears the Master. He’ll tell her lies the like of which she has never heard before or thought imaginable.

    Arthur is paying the price I guess for his expression of unha[pines at the Master’s cover up of the child rapist.

    Put those books in the window Nuala and the Masters servants will hurl bricks through.

    Did you read that sycophantic tosh of Gibney in yesterday’s Irish News? Why do people belittle themselves?


    Back channel talks are going on to allow them to find a way around the oath.


    I confess to never knowing what you mean!


    He was hopeless in the 2007 election campaign. New policy to tackle joblessness – mass graves for the unemployed.

  45. Larry,

    Of course he is guaranteed selection. It will be a sad reflection if those opposed and still in the Louth party do not speak up after the way he allowed Liam to rise to positions of prominence in the constituency. More than anything else he did in his endless pursuit of power that stands out. Those not opposed don’t rally care about Liam, simply hitching their wagon to anything that will raise their boat.

    He will get elected. I can’t see how not. A credible republican candidate is unlikely to make any substantive difference. The Master’s problem is that he will always be open to sordid scandal. No matter what deodorant he sprays the smell of decay and death is always going to make its way through. What difference it makes is another matter. But imagine the impossible happened and he somewhat like Hitler came to power and took the Presidency on the back of an economic recession, could you imagine the country represented by that abroad? Total embarrassment.

    I am far from persuaded that your suggesting for campaigning against him is a good one. If all that energy could be generated it would be better to put it into combating the IMF and suchlike rather than seeing it dissipate chasing a ghoul through the graveyards of Louth.


    There is no doubt that the reasons the Master says he is coming to Louth are anything other than the real reasons. Of course he would love the presidency. But for something so politically catastrophic to happen a situation would need to exist like that in Germany in the 1930s. There would need to be the widespread abandonment of reason and a surrender to emotion which places faith in a ‘great leader’ who hasn’t a clue about serious economic matters.

    In the North he doesn’t need to worry. Look at the economic status of West Belfast. I never thought he was as bad an MP as Squinter claimed but it is hard to point to any real success achieved. He would get in for ever and a day. He has a party who - in trade union terms – was told by him they could work a six day week for lower wages. Barely a word of dissent. Amazing. The South wouldn’t put up with that for long. They want work not waffle.

    I agree with you on his prospects rather than Larry.


    Thanks for that. It is a matter of choice for Kevintyrone. He is free to like or dislike as he chooses. Every time a Shinner refers to a nodding dog I laugh. It is like them calling somebody a liar. If you want to se a real nodding dog read Gibney in Thursday’s Irish News.


    Satire, it doesn’t please everybody nor should it. A more political/economic analysis would be welcome. Fancy submitting one?

  46. Anthony,

    "I am far from persuaded that your suggesting for campaigning against him is a good one. If all that energy could be generated it would be better to put it into combating the IMF and suchlike rather than seeing it dissipate chasing a ghoul through the graveyards of Louth."

    Maybe Adams cannot be stopped, but neither can I see how we can do anything to prevent the IMF et al. calling the shots here in the Republic. We need money and no one else will lend it to us at a manageable rate, so we have to do what we're told. No amount of street protests and civil unrest will change that; they certainly didn't work in Greece.

    Incidentally, I don't understand why we couldn't let insolvent banks go into receivership. Couldn't the government have guaranteed only ordinary deposit holders and let the shareholders/bondholders take the hit? I mean, this is supposed to be a capitalist country, isn't it? How come its shitty rules apply to ordinary people but not to banks?

  47. Anthony

    I would engage the fatalistic approach “nothing is certain but death and taxes” remaining optimistic with the law of probability the variables being many in this election.
    I am sure they have been planning this for a long time yet I would like to believe the people of the south may well vote on issues of concern.
    Adams undoubtedly can carry west Belfast, as the vote is still the old vote against the Brits.
    90 years of separation might prove interesting, as I am sure people notice Adams is keeping his theme of abandoning one cause for another.
    I will stick by that will be the day as I like my odds if he wins I will join the minions and gladly abandon all hope.

  48. Anthony, just saw these posts am in spain..i have a sick feeling that he will possibly get elected bcoz S.Armagh has been docile for so long. Had just hoped this might ignite some anger. However looking at FF you are correct about IMF etc..God help patriots who put that mob fat greedy gits in to see to themselves. UK obviously still controls much of the nations financial wealth. How embarrassing that they not only had the need to bail us out, but the decency and dignity to actually do it.
    Put one off politics here for ten life-times.

  49. Alfie

    ‘if the Master does win a seat and get into government, he'll have a much harder task of disappearing the IMF than Jean McConville.’

    The Master has not the slightest intention of disappearing the IMF. He will tell you he will be going in to face the IMF and look at the white of their eyes and lessen the impact of the cuts that are going to be made anyway and which he arrived too late to stop; that if he wasn’t cooperating with the IMF and keeping them in check the cuts would be much worse. We have heard it all so often. Watch what they do about cuts in the North – will they oppose or implement? That is the decisive question.

    As I said in an earlier comment if you are thinking of campaigning against him in Louth, I would suggest you could do worse than reconsider directing your time and energy to combating the situation we are in nationally. It is much more important than his career enhancing initiative in Louth.

  50. Mackers,
    According to Storey, 'Gerry's going to Louth to sort out the South.'
    Done sweet fcuk all for the North and he will do sweet fcuk all South of the border.
    They promised people here, they would fight against water charges when they had already signed up for them?

  51. Tain Bo

    Emotional times. And there is bad feeling down here. If you watch how the Nazi party progressed during times of recession you can see how the rank outsider can come up on the inside track. While The Master and SF are not the Nazi Party, Germany showed that a party on the margins that was formerly odious to wide swathes of society can rapidly expand if the climate is right. I think he will win the seat in Louth. I might be wrong. It is a SF seat in terms of quota. It is a border county, the more Northern parts of it anyway which working the Master’s favour. The factor militating against him is the economic concerns of the electorate. And he is very weak on the economy when interviewed. ‘The peace process cures all’ doesn’t work in the South. It is seen as a panacea for the problems in the North.

  52. Anthony

    If Adams had the oratory proficiency that Hitler had he would definitely motivate people.
    It sounds as if there is more to Adams exiting west Belfast where politically he is a major voice yet if he carries the day in Louth he becomes a minor voice in a completely different arena one where he holds no leverage.
    I can understand the pessimism within independent republican circles but I remain optimistic that the people will not want the trouble that comes along with Adams.
    I enjoy a bet so if I lose I will join the intrepid Mickey Henry and post in his unique style.

  53. Alfie,

    I guess you are right that there is not a lot we can do about the IMF fait accompli. Yet if we were to invest energy in something it would be better for it to go to a project aimed at combating poverty rather than frustrating the Master’s ambitions. He offers nothing other than the promotion of himself yet there are more important things to do in this current climate.

    The banks and bondholders should take the hit but we are all equals now in the sharing of pain!


    Not that Bobby would discern an awful lot about politics in the South or anywhere else. Very clever in many ways but politics is not among them. It is not the way he thinks.

    Tain Bo,

    I think part of it is to ensure no alternative leadership in the South emerges. There is but one great leader and there will be no false great leaders before him. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Lou is sent North for the West Belfast seat. Also, if by some chance he could squeeze a ministerial seat from one of the right wing parties he will certainly jump into government with, if they allow him, he will proclaim Ireland as good as united and tell any f us who query it to ‘catch yourselves on.’

  54. Anthony

    Undoubtedly they will try and silence any republican voice one way or the other.
    Herein independent republicans fail slowly but surely accepting the defeat of the armed struggle and now replacing that defeat with a defeatist attitude when it comes to voicing political objection to the power of Sinn Fein.
    I don’t believe the independent republican voice is as marginal as the media would have us believe understandably many of us view a continued armed struggle as a non-starter yet it is more of a slap in the face of PSF as it is a continuation of their former strategy and without doubt a great political embarrassment to the reformists.

    I am curious as to why independent republicans accept the label of political pariahs.
    With Adams heading south expanding the empire seemed to deliver a blow to the independent republican camp instead of embracing his departure from west Belfast which is fitting as his overblown ego that he alone will inspire a new wave of support for PSF in the republic.
    Loosening his reign in west Belfast means the more ambitious party members will have time to plan their own usurpation especially if he loses the party would like us to believe they are one uniformed family when in reality all they do is mimic their British masters.

    This may have been better implemented 30 years ago but now the haste in which PSF move seems more detrimental rather than constructive collecting numbers does no good for the people north or south even under the guise of a united Ireland.

    Independent republicans should focus on their role and voice in the political arena, as there is no stopping the expansionist policy of the failed PSF that will come about when it implodes under the weight of its own political blunders.

  55. Tain Bo

    ‘I am curious as to why independent republicans accept the label of
    political pariahs.’

    I haven’t seen where they do.

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  59. Mise Eire

    I am not pessimistic I don’t subscribe to the SF hype as they march into the republic with Gerry at the fore under the pretence of saviors they have absolutely nothing to offer the people.
    If anything it is a bold move but as a poker player I see it as a stone cold bluff.
    I am certain they would not play the hand unless they believe it’s in the bag, though even if they do win it is a minor victory which they will undoubtedly exploit.
    If they lose then expect a sob story of political trickery either way I am convinced there is more to it than meets the eye.

    Slan a chara

  60. Anthony
    ‘I am curious as to why independent republicans accept the label of
    political pariahs.’

    I haven’t seen where they do.

    Some independents’ still view the armed struggle as the way forward others view the political struggle as the way to go. I think the lack of unity amongst independents with many voices and no clear definitive leadership might imply an acceptance of being political pariahs. In my opinion this is the one area independents should hold a singular voice not just in opposition to British rule but also Sinn Fein rule.

    “E pluribus unum” from many one! I might be of the mark on this but that would not be the first time.

  61. Tain Bo,

    was just wondering why you thought that.

  62. Anthony

    Enough time has passed for formulating a cohesive independent political opposition. I know collectively it is there in many names and forms this renders the objective(s) ineffectual as it is a clear political weakness that SF the Brits and the media exploit and reduce to marginal.
    Without a clear and united political doctrine weakens independent republicanism in both the short and long term. Politically they have a voice that I think is muffled under the noise of its own din.

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  65. Tain Bo,

    ‘ Politically they have a voice that I think is muffled under the noise of its own din.’

    Agreed. I just didn’t think it equated with an acceptance of the pariah label.