Fascist Bill

Tonight The Pensive Quill carries a letter from RNU Ard Comhairle member Tony Taylor.

A Chara,

On behalf of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU), I’d like to claim
victory as the draft Public Assemblies Parades and Protest Bill surpassed
its dead line and fell flat on its face.

The Bill spouted by Provisional Sinn Fein as having far reaching
benefits for the republican & nationalist community. Protecting them from
orange feet served only to facilitate Loyal Orders in their discussions
during and after the draft of the Bill.

The outcome was a fascist Bill scribed and promoted by Sinn Fein & the
DUP. That was designed to curtail resident’s rights, criminalise
Republicans and ostracise anyone else opposed to orange feet trampling
through vulnerable communities.

Furthermore, the Bill was to criminalise Nationalists and Republicans who
exercise their legitimate right to oppose abuses against the public by the
RUC/PSNI who regularly carry out unjustified abuses against women and
children. (Highlighted during discussions with Derry Priest, Fr. Paddy O

Only the following were consulted when putting the Bill together; the
RUC/PSNI, Spike Murray (senior Sinn Fein Activist), Mervyn Gibson,
(Deputy Grand Chaplin of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland & a
former Special Branch Officer) and finally a number of community and resident groups. Although, they failed to properly represent the voices of communities that have been forced to endure unwelcome parades.

Considering the working group had been advised by the Human rights
Commission when drafting the Bill. It is shocking that Stormont
Politicians did not feel the need to take identified violations of our
human rights into consideration. Which again demonstrate, just how arrogant
these Political Parties truely are. In their attempts to demonise and
criminalise those who oppose the current institutions.

Due to the back lash by communities across the North and responses like that
presented by R.N.U. opposing the Draft Bill, Public meetings will now be
excluded from the draft Bill. "The primary change will be the removal of
all public meetings from the remit of the legislation. The public
consultation process indicated concern that open-air and other similar
public meetings would be captured by the legislation...........”.

R.N.U. sought just how much this Bill would cost to implement through a
Freedom of Information Request (FOI). We were astonished to find that No
Cost Analysis had even taken place. In light of the greatest economic down
turn in our history, how can Sinn Fein and the DUP explain this? How
much has this Bill cost in its entirety to date?

In addition, No Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA), No Regulatory Impact
Assessment was carried out. No evidence was held as to how the working
group came up with the figure of limiting the numbers to 50 to parade or
protest thus criminalising other demonstrators.

No information was provided, as to how the working group extended their role
to implementing draconian legislation. There was also no information as to
why Sinn Fein and the DUP reintroduced the Emergency Provisions Act. Which
was supposed to be ended under the devolution of Policing and Justice powers
from Westminster. No answer was given, why other elected Parties were
excluded from the process but not the Loyal Orders.

The bias displayed by both Parties towards the working- class, had the
draconian Bill actually been introduced, demonstrates just how far removed
Sinn Fein and the DUP are from the communities they claim to represent.
It is unmistakable that they now wish to please their British masters at any

In conclusion, R.N.U. believes that the Nationalist and Republican
community have been misled by Provisional Sinn Fein. Throughout the
process, senior Party figures had repeatedly claimed that the RUC/PSNI and
the British Security Services had not been involved in the drafting of the
Bill. However, according to the information obtained by our Network, in
the Freedom of Information Request (FOI). The British Crown Forces
clearly played a central role.


  1. nice wee rant by tony taylor he who likes to protest in the middle of the road now that the armed british army were removed from our streets,
    tony claims victory along with the orange order, it seems both are now happy with the way parades are
    managed now,
    a big letter about some-thing that was never going to happen, do not play poker mr taylor me thinks the bluff will be lost to you.

  2. Michaelhenry,

    you can hardly dispute that the bill was a major attack on civil liberties which some Sinn Fein members were deeply unhappy about.

  3. Michaelhenry

    "he who likes to protest in the middle of the road now that the armed british army were removed from our streets,"

    I'm trying to get my head round the logic here..if there's a war and one side surrenders and destroys its weaponry at the behest of the victor and the victor then removes it's unrequired military from the field..let me get this correct..THEY ACTUALLY LOST? What a strange place it is inside your head.

  4. that bill was a bluff which worked
    thats politics, it was never going
    to see the light of day,
    it could not be a attack on civil liberties when that bill had no power,
    SINN FEIN members are happy and un-happy each day the same as everyone else.

  5. Michaelhenry,

    the whole power sharing executive is a bluff in that it has no real power either.

    A further difficulty with the line you take is that some Sinn Fein members were so certain it was not a bluff that they actually commited themelves to writing on the matter.

    If it is a bluff we can expect to see SF condemn the whole thing.

    In terms of the erosion of civil liberties parallels exist between it and the extended arrest and detention powers of the state These are all dangerous mechanisms to allow a state behind which the real power remains Britain.

  6. the d.u.p needed a fig leaf to bluff there own over the police matters being devolved, its getting unreal now when SINN FEIN has to tell the d.u.p how to get over hurdles, they lie for our gain
    the orange order now opposes the fig leaf,
    some of those barracks which were swept away were a 100 years old like the one that used to be outside miltown cemetery, yes the brits did surrender in june 96,
    did you see weopons being destroyed

  7. Tony, Sinn Fein would sell their grannies if there was a currently a market for them.

    Sinn Fein backtracked on virtually everything they had formerly proposed to stop orange parades.
    Their reluctance to tackle a situation which had previously been a vote catcher became all to apparent here on the Springfield Road.

    A few years back, local people were encouraged to assemble and actively hackle and face down loyalist parades.
    Then a few backdoor meeting led by Spike and the other might and shite, led to an unbelievable turn around.

    Residents were allowed to go and stand along with the shinners as the parades past, however, a disgruntled look was all that was now permitted.

    These people are so out of touch with the communities they claim to represent it is unreal.

    Mr Adams was recently spotted being wined and dined in the very exclusive Princes Grace Suite of the Shelbourne Hotel.
    Accompanied by the former disgraced American president Clinton and the equally disgraced Blair, Adams apparently partook of the finest on offer.
    Is this man in touch with the disadvantaged who stupidly vote for him! I think not.

  8. Michaelhenry,

    this equates to what the DUP tell their own supporters as well. 'We have to get the Shinners over a hurdle.'

    'they lie for our gain'

    Is this a reference to SF?

    Few people ever argue that the Brits surrendered. The discusson is usualy framed around a different question - 'did the Provisional Movement surrender?' The notion of Brit surrender seems never to be on the agenda. The most SF say is that the outcome was a stalemate - victory for no side. Which is a far cry from a Brit surrender.
    One criterion for republican surrender was decommissioning - and few now deny that decommissioning took place.

  9. Mackers, up until a few years ago they were denying decommissioning took place. Some sort of David Copperfield illusionary hoodwinking tactic was being sold to the mass.

    'We want to take all the guns out of Irish politics' was the old Sinn Fein line.

    Just wonder, how many brit, udr, uvf, ruc, guns are lying rotting in cement filled bunkers?

  10. Nuala,

    as I was pointing out to Michaelhenry, there were some in the DUP who did not want the issue played up in the way that Big Paisley was doing it with his sackcloth and ashes demands. They were arguing that the party's strategic task should be to assist SF con its grassroots.

  11. My maternal grandmother, believed totally in the power of the banshee and the fairies, yet I don't think she would have been as easily conned as michaelhenry.

    Maybe it was the fairies that took all the guns away!

  12. Mickeyboy I see the old mushrooms have finally melted that brain,apart from that eejit Cahill who claimed victory in the armed conflict,the rest tried to sell it of as a draw, most of those who I know who were involved with the prm from the start through the most dangerous of times,have long since parted company with the carpetbaggers who pass themselves of as s/f these wannabes have done everything in their power to erase the memory of prm/psf even dropping the provisional title,which a good few people gave their lives /freedom for,since respectability and safety ie,post 1994 an influx of wannabes like P.Maskey, Lennorad,etc the demise of a once vibrant group of republican agitators has blended into a pale version of the sdlp, psf tried to sell that parades bill to the people and when the shit hit the fan they did what they always do lied like fuck, Mickeyboy may I suggest you put the concerns that republicans have on the direction psf is now heading to Marty boy on the plane over to the conservative party conference,I wonder will the fisherman be wearing a dog collar when they lead him onto the stage, yip a stooge on the stage at the conservative and unionst party conference this is where the prm have finally come to,

  13. If anyone can claim victory,it is only the Orange Order. As for victory in a so called war. The Brits are still here,that must mean they have won.

  14. Willie, the people here are the losers. Sinn Fein have gained politically and financially, it is the people who have lost out.
    According to them, there never was a war, if you listen to them speak, everything is framed around an intercommunal conflict.
    I suppose you cannot lose a war, if you are now claiming there never was a war in the first place.

  15. A Chairde,

    I believe there are quite a few Provos who staring at long las to see the light. I notice several "ould stock" joining THE CAUSE.See link at bottom of the page!. Maybe I am naive but I believe there are still a few dacent ones left and there will be an internal coup soon, hopefully. Mind you I am not holding my breath. Anway the link is at the bottom of this page !

    beir bua,



  16. Irishblog I checked that out and spot on ,the pic by Brian Mor of the new Boyne Harriers is so close to the bone its unreal, go raibh maith agat for that a cara,

  17. checked that site as well, absolutely hits the nail on the napper!!

  18. Checked the sight also, very amusing and very very true!

  19. IRISH blog-
    a internal coup soon, is that all that some who wallow in defeatism can come up with, still want the PROVOS to do the fighting and the dirty work.

  20. Mackers, someone has nicked the bin!
    We are not all as accomplished at the writing as Marty!

  21. Mickeyboy the fighting is over ask Seanna Walsh aka P.O.Neill the provos are no more,or is that another lie any do try and keep up Michael.

  22. Bemused I am that the contemplative michaelhenry on the site The Pensive Quill responded so swiftly to my elation of the failed Draft Bill. Forget does he not, that like minded people as I protested against the same inequalities and brutality of prisoners in the gaols in his day as is now, and to suggest these actions are ridiculous shows how far he would go to diminish the will of those fought for these same rights.

    However to suggest almost that the Draft Bill was a bluff is not surprising from the ambivalent Republican whom once believed white line pickets etc were the way to go. He having lost his way and by his response to my article, bought into the totalitarian state stage managed by the British Government appears to forgot all of this

    I guess his next illusion is the British armed forces are no longer on the streets, at least not when they are flown in from England to raid houses in Derry or operating under the guise of the RUC/PSNI in their recruitment of informers and agents .Next you will be telling me is the RUC have gone away and that the PSNI is an acceptable force or that policing and justice have been dissolved to Stormont and that Sinn Fein have the final say in policing or finally as some would like to see it that the past 40 years didn’t really happen at all.

    Let’s not be fooled the draft Bill was no bluff. It was designed to create the conditions to silence the voice of those who opposed to the Good Friday Agreement and the Stormont Executive. To blockade those who wished to commemorate those who courageously gave their lives for this country, to negotiate the term for the Orange Order to march down nationalist areas, and to create the biggest illusion of all “that Ireland is at Peace whilst the British have a hold of it. I don’t think so.

    Dissention is synonymous within the ranks of republicanism especially when unclear as to the path to take in pursuit of the agreed goal a united Ireland, but without a cohesive strategy which is clear to all in pursuit of this goal; it is evident that this strategy alone cannot deliver the desired outcome based on the actions of others.

    And to you Mr. Michael Henry for those who do not understand, no explanation is possible and for those who do none is required

    Good bye

    Tony RNU

  23. well fcuk me-
    does contemplative mean to meditate
    rnu tony writes the way yoda talks in the star wars films,

    i still say that it was a bluff so do not get all worked up,
    SINN FEIN got what they wanted and the d.u.p got nothing but orange hate,

    guess who does not need the d.u.p any-more,

    IRELAND is at the peace process stage because individual's like rnu tony and like me are not at war, i was never at war at any stage- just saying.

  24. Mr. Taylor,

    Thanks for the update on this situation and I'm very happy to hear the bill fell flat on its face. As for michaelhenry, I think he is paid by PSF to be a pain in everyone's side who think outside the box.


    Just prior to the 1994 cease-fire, PSF did the same thing to their supporters back in the USA. They are still blowing smoke at those back here that remain loyal to them, even after the GFA was put in place. US supporters, who challenged them on the honesty of the information they were feeding us back then (namely Joe Cahill, Caoimhghin O'Caolain, and Pat Doherty) were later labeled as "US trouble makers" or "hard-core republicans" who needed to be marginalized.

    I can remember attending a luncheon in the north, with other US supporters, hosted by PSF just prior to the cease-fire. Pat Doherty happened to be at my table and there were some very hard questions being asked by us of the PSF leadership back then. In fact, Mr. O'Caolain was the speaker that day at the luncheon and he was extremely coy in his answers, as was Mr. Doherty.

    Not everyone in the USA, who supported PSF, was buying what they were selling. Some of the more astute and long time supporters could see the subtle changes taking place and were not convinced it was going to lead to self-determination with a re-united Ireland. Even after the cease-fire, and prior to the GFA, Adams and McGuinness made the rounds in the USA and further ensured there was “no sell out”. Unfortunately, like over there, PSF made sure they replaced a lot of good people back here who were long time supporters. It was then necessary to replace them with their own “yes men”and "puppets". Those who they could trust to follow party line regardless of the consequences. It was now important to keep tight control over those “dissenting Irish-Americans”, who by the way helped to legitimize them in the first place. Anyone in Irish-American circles questioning Adams and Company going forward would now be ostracized as well.

  25. Helen, a friend commented to be today, that in spite of everything he still believed Sinn Fein to be the best of a bad bunch! Hopefully I never witness the rest of the bunch.

    That is the type of apathetic statements that have been doing the rounds since the 'Belfast Agreement' They are bulit on the half a loaf better than none theory, which the 'Sticks' promoted with the don't bake a cake with the same ingredients in the early 70s.

    Except it is not the early 70s and the reality is we got nothing.
    Not even political power. Look at Mc Guinness, he wears his shackles with a degree of pride but he still wears them.

    Helen, they have to defend the indefensible, be it here or on the other side of the Atlantic, they have to be acutely aware of all perspective questions and the same old response 'no alternative'

  26. Nuala,

    ‘Sinn Fein would sell their grannies if there was a currently a
    market for them’

    When I snatch the time I am reading through a massive work by Alan Bullock. It is a comparative analysis of Hitler and Stalin. It is a fascinating reminder of how people in authoritarian movements can jockey for power and turn everything on its head in the pursuit of it – people, goals, beliefs.

    ‘These people are so out of touch with the communities they claim to
    represent it is unreal’

    I think it is the opposite Nuala. I think they are in touch. They are in touch with the ‘common sense’ of the communities which doesn’t give a toss for republican ideals. That common sense has long been willing to settle for much less than what republicanism stood for. That is why it votes SF.

    ‘According to them, there never was a war, if you listen to them speak,
    everything is framed around an intercommunal conflict.’

    This is where the Brits won a major symbolic victory. To have the conflict settled on terms which reflected the Brit depiction of it – an internal conflict between ‘tribes’ which required agreement between the tribes which amounted to an internal solution.

  27. This doesn't really get to the heart of why the Bill was so bad - the CAJ response was perhaps the most informed - but it does throw up some interesting points.

    - Would it be possible to scan and publish a copy of the FoI response(s)?

    - I hadn't realised that RNU had recourse to FoI. I realise that as an organisation it is subject to the same laws as everyone else, but this form of active engagement with Stormont, as well as a Westminster-based law, is surprising and seems contradictory with some of its other policies.

    - Does RNU also participate in the consultation process? The phrase "and responses like that
    presented by R.N.U. opposing the Draft Bill" makes it appear so. Again, is there not a contradiction here?

    Anthony, thanks again for my article a little while ago, 'twas v interesting indeed.

  28. Helen,

    anybody still thinking there was no sell out could be sold anything

  29. Nuala,

    a Shinner councillor once said to me no sadder sight than the slave kneeling down to kiss his chains!